Art, Human Development, &

Environmental Justice:
A Focus on Video Voice

Emily Lane -- NEJC March 10, 2016

Role of Art in Human Development
Personal development
 Art



 Art

has “transformative” power that
contributes to human flourishing.

Role of Art in Human Development
Community Development
 Art

helps us engage in
conversations about justice &

 Art

offers space/place for
community togetherness.

 Art

is a strategy for community
empowerment and activism.

Art & Environmental Justice

Art & Environmental Justice

Video Voice
 Capture

real-time narratives in the community.

 Acknowledge

 Share!

& give voice to those that are

Video Voice
Techniques & Tools
 Capture

with a smartphone or
consumer camera

 Upload
 Edit

to online editing application

video & add narration, music,
text, & links

 Share!

Get hands on!
 Learn

how to make & publish a photo slideshow.

 Learn

how to make & publish a movie.


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