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Developing and Maintaining a

Partnership for Community and

Environmental Health UNC Wilmington Model

General Framework of Our

Strategic Efforts
How the Partnership developed between all entities


Town of Navassa


Identification of the players and their roles

Adhering to the EPAs CUPP guidelines

Community Engagement and

Student Involvement
Town of Navassa needs matched with UNCW community
engagement strengths

Designation as a UNCW Signature Partnership

Identify Applied Learning opportunities for students via faculty
directed efforts

Key Partnership Personnel

Mike Burns US EPA, Region 4 (CUPP)
Mayor Eulis Willis Town of Navassa
Navassa Town Council
Bill Kawczynski UNCW Community Engagement Coordinator
Roger Shew Department of Geography & Geology, Environmental Studies
Stephanie Smith College of Health and Human Services
Angela Medina College of Health and Human Services
Lenis Chen-Edinboro College of Health and Human Services
Jennifer Biddle Public and International Affairs
Troy Alphin Center for Marine Science
Aswani Volety Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Martin Posey Assoc. VC, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Lori Messinger Assoc. VC, External Programs
Jess Boersma Director of ETEAL

Community Stakeholders

Biotic Impacts: Direct & Indirect

Address impacts of Superfund Site (contamination of biotic
environments); Geographic extent

Establishing Storm Water Runoff Planning and Projects

Monitoring sites along affected areas
Projects for mitigation/restoration

Areas of Concern

Areas of Concern

Areas of Concern

Biotic Impacts:

Biotic Impacts: Storm water

Community Health & Wellness

Building Trust and Relationships
Identification of health issues throughout the Town of Navassa
Establishing programs/ efforts with partners (Navassa, UNCW
and NCDHHS) to affect change

Community Platform: web-based tool that promotes

community collaborations via resources and assets

ENGAGE Southeast North Carolina Community Platform

Restoration Projects &

Environmental Sustainability
Match community wants with established needs regarding
restoration of local ecosystems leading to environmental
sustainability, education and economic development

Connect restoration projects to the historically significant

aspects of the area such as the Gullah Geechee Heritage
Corridor (part of National Park Service)

Restoration Projects &

Environmental Sustainability
Map of potential projects for restoration areas




Include proposals for restoration areas.


Eagle Island

Environmental & Social Justice

Provide applied learning opportunities for our students to
engage in dealing with identified health disparities and related
areas of environmental justice

Reduce health disparities in community and seek paths to

enhance environmental and community health outcomes

Applied Learning Via Public Administration

Coordinate with the Masters in Public Administration program
to involve graduate students in applied learning opportunities
with the Town of Navassa

Work on Long Range Plans to improve CAMA Land Use Plans

and address policy goals and objectives

Applied Learning Via Public Administration

Applied Learning Via Public Administration

The Way Forward

Complete short-term projects and assistance
Seek/apply for grants to increase assistance for future efforts
Be flexible with ever changing needs and resources
Use this Template for new partnerships throughout region,
and to share with other sister institutions regarding