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Criteria One: Community Members Support Children's Learning

Community members have been invited and have volunteered to support their childs
learning. The community attends excursions/ field trips, exit points and assemblies. Student
led conferences are held mid-year and are a great opportunity for parents to learn how they
can support their child in reaching their learning goals.
Year 1

Exit Point
Parents supported their childrens learning by attending a Year 1 IPC Exit Point in the Im
Alive unit. The community engages with learners as they ask about the knowledge, skills and
understanding the learners have acquired from the unit.

Year 2 Evidence
Student Led conferences reply slips
After the community attended the student led conferences, parents were given a feedback
form addressing what they learnt from their child's presentation on their learning. Parents
were also asked to write suggestions on how they can help improve and support their childs

Year 3 Evidence
Parent volunteers
Parents attended a Year 3 field trip to the Hong Kong Volcano Center as a learning
extension to the Active Planet Unit. The parents helped the children ask questions, aided
with enquiry explorations and guided knowledge acquisitions. The parents even modeled
how to ask relevant questions themselves!

Chocolate Unit Exit Point

Over 100 parents attended Year 3s Chocolate Unit Exit Point to support and encourage
children's learning. Each student set up a subject stand (history, geography, society, etc.) to
explain their knowledge, skills, and understanding acquired during the unit.

Year 4 Evidence
Year Group Assembly
Parents engaged with and supported childrens learning by attending a year group assembly
held before a field trip to the history museum during the Different Places, Similar Lives IPC
Unit. Parents were active participants, asking questions about the students learning.

Seniors Evidence
Parents responses about their childs learning
Parents were asked to answer several questions about their childs learning towards the
beginning of the year. This encouraged parents to support their childs learning outside of
school by talking with them about their learning.

Chinese Studies
Student-Led Conferences
Chinese teachers, students and parents worked together to reflect on the students learning.
We set goals for the students learning and discussed the ways parents can support their
child in reaching these goals.

Sharing Resources for Home Learning
Parents were given specific ideas for how they could be involved in their childs learning at
home. They were emailed URL links for students to access at home. Parents supported
learning by reinforcing the lesson objective at home.

P.E. Football Tournament
Parents attended this football tournament during the first term. They were very supportive of
the team and constantly encouraged the children to demonstrate good sportsmanship
through good cooperation and communication.

Parent Poster Donations

Posters are displayed around our school that were given to us by a parent who supports
Christian athletics. These have been discussed with students in PE classes and in ECA
sporting groups.

Learning Support
Parent meetings
The Learning Support department hosts regular meetings with parents of students on
learning support. Here parents can find out how their child is being supported and what they
can do to support them.