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First Step in Public Involvement
Scoping is an early and open process for
determining the scope of issues to be
addressed and for identifying the significant
issues related to a proposed action [40 CFR
A basic concept in NEPA is that public
scrutiny (is) essential to implementing NEPA
Establishing a positive dialogue at the scoping
stage can enlist support and reduce conflicts
when an agency requests comments on draft
NEPA reviews

Scoping Can Identify

important issues to be considered
appropriate time and space boundaries of
the NEPA review
areas of uncertainty
information necessary for decision-making
significant effects and factors to be
studied in detail.

Informal and Formal Scoping

Informal Scoping conducted outside
of the formal scoping period
Formal Scoping conducted during
the announced comment periods
o Begins with NOI for EA/EIS in Federal
o Ends with NOA of draft EA/EIS in Federal

How can we inform & involve the

public besides the Federal Register?
J.Q. Public may not have
access to the Federal
Register. So, how do you let
him, or her, know about your

Methods Used to Include the Public

Post notices
Use existing organizations & events
Open a channel of communication
with key community leaders
Publish a newsletter
Hold public meetings

Other Methods to Involve the

Use an independent mediator/facilitator
(especially if controversial)
Use existing newsletters & other publications
Use existing institutions (i.e., school systems)
Develop an Advisory Committee (rare)
o Federal Advisory Committee Act (Public Law 92463, 5 U.S.C. )