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1ELBY THE UNIQUE SHEEP foo. After she re » had washed the paint off of her 1 back into the farthest comer ¢ t shelby the bam, hoping laid down in the else woul Sg ark comer. There at ier 15 no hope. Here is where she hiding from the world No and would ne rest of her life 2 small rustling maone there Shelt but nothing xy Was thinking h Rice ol 1g Gul lou as sitting i haystack ords 1p, Millie went to work ck-a-doodie-dac {to her. Oke UE bigp » the g of A 2 of pinkwool ne d. Millie w about my problet ck last night a iby looked down at he Ail! No more pink wool Millie must have been I || the pink wool off Shelby. T |. For the next few elby was happy age out in the er strange ing happer ed tha sf the other sheep. “Itloaks like ‘0 your wool Shelby?” asked nk!" a thing. tt Ww | what is happening t Shelby yelled in despair. Gutting off the wool didn’t chal ‘Oh, no, Once more Shelby ranto the barn to hide in shat How could she ever go out again with PINK we The barn door open d with a creak... Some was coming! As the tall figure came closer closer, Shelby recognized it as Farmer Bill id he think of her hiding | when he discover Oh no! What wou bam? What would he do pink wool?