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Q-Why was the ant fed up of being an ant?

A-The Ant was fed up of strict rules, Long queues and following orders.
Q-What did the ant want to be?
A-The ant wanted to be like the ladybirds and the beetles.
Q-What did she finally realise?
A-She finally realised that following rules, self-sacrifice, obedience & working
together enabled them to build an anthill that is something so much bigger than
any other insect could.
Q-Shelby the sheep was pink, when the colour of sheep is white, why?
A-Colour of sheep is white when there is no wool on it.
Q-Why did Calvin the cow wanted to paint Shelby in white?
A-The cow wanted to paint Shelby white to be alone & eat the grass in the
pasture in peace.
Q-How did the paint come off Shelby?
A-The rain had washed the paint off of the wool .
Q-Why did Millie the mouse cut off Shelbys wool?
A-Mille cut off Shelbys wool to solve her problem and get rid of pink wool.
Q-What did farmer Bill say to Shelby that changed her thinking?
A-Farmer Bill said to Shelby that she is unique and special.
Q-How was Shelbys pink coloured wool used?
A-Shelbys pink coloured wool was used to make expensive sweaters in a large
sweater company.
Q-What do we learn from Shelbys story ?
A-We learned from the story that each one of us is special , unique and different.
Q-When you care for others, what r u doing ?
A-We are making a difference by touching their life as better human beings.
Q-What value did u learn from this lesson?
A-We have learned that we need to do our best to overcome the challenges in
this world.
Q-What are the five key points you must remember?


You will do great things by alloying yourself to be held in Gods hands

Pain in life sharpens you to face difficult problems.
You can always learn from your mistakes and correct them.
Your Inner self is the most important part of you .
Whatever you do in your life, always do your best and leave your mark .

Q-Why did Martys mother go to bed?

A-Martys mother went to bed as she was feeling sick.
Q-Why did Marty feel bad?
A-Marty felt bad as he didnt help his mother in work.
Q-What did Marty do while his mother was rested?
A-Marty cleaned the very pan & pot, washed the dished and scrubbed all the
Q-When Martys mother woke up , why was she surprised?
A-She was surprised to see that kitchen was already cleaned up.
Q-What did Martys mother do to Marty ?
A-Martys mother thanked Marty for caring and helping in doing her work.
Q-What did Marty learn that day?
A-Marty learned that its fun to help others and make them happy.