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SIP Reflection before student teaching:

The data has shown me that I really need to focus on the math and
reading standards I need to work in more formative assessments throughout the lessons so I
can monitor progress throughout each lesson not just when the summative assessments are
given. It is obvious from the data that students struggle in fourth grade. Whether it is from the
students not being prepared from the year before or whether the content is difficult for the
students to understand. It is not just okay to give the formative assessments but they need to
be recorded in a manner that is easy to understand. This way I can use the data to improve
lessons and student learning.
When it comes to subgroups students with disabilities and LEP students are the
students that I need to focus on intensively. The data collected also has told me that Asian
demographic is the only demographic that does not need to be heavily focused on for
Mathematics. Our students with disabilities and LEP students, once again, need to be heavily
focused on. Followed, in order of, Blacks, Economically Disadvantaged students, Hispanic
students, Multi-Racial students and finally our White students. It has also shown me that fourth
grade math needs to be highly focused on before they hit intermediate school. Third grade still
needs a slight improvement but is on the right track. It shows me that the fourth grade math is
very difficult for these students.
Once again the formative assessments will play a big role in improving reading and
mathematics. As well as other forms of progress monitoring. I will incorporate lessons that help
students strive to challenge themselves when it comes to literacy. Incorporating literacy and
reading into multiple subjects will also help the students. Integration of this is important when
the levels of proficiency are so low. There is not enough time in the day to improve reading
proficiency without integration. This project has really taught me the importance of not only how
to read the data but how important integration is, especially when the scores are so low.

In the future I would use the lessons I have learned on how to read the data and how to
collect data in order to improve instruction for my students. I really believe that effective
formative assessments can go a long way if you use the data correctly and proficiently. This
also plays into the data that is collected and used to design a parent night. Before this
assignment I never really knew how much thought and effort goes into a parent night. I always
thought that they were planned to get parents involved by using fun activates. However now I
know that parent nights take a lot of time and effort. There is a lot of data that goes into a
parent night. Now that I have used the data and created a parent night I will be able to create
not only parent nights but also I will be able to use this data everyday in my classroom.

SIP Reflection after student teaching:

During student teaching I was able to continue to communicate with my CE, title 1
teacher as well as my EC teacher. This helped me greatly in aspects of continuing to improve
West Elementary and their students. Every Monday all fourth grade teachers were able to meet
and talk about data that was collected the week before. We used progress monitoring tools in
order to collect data. This helped us keep track of all the students that were being progress
monitored. We were also able to take formative and summative assessments from that week
and talk about any changes we needed to make with these students as well. I continued to
learn how important it is to keep data. I would talk with my CE weekly about students
summative assessment grades as well as formative assessment data. This would help us keep
track of our students progress as well.
I have attached evidence that our parent night was implemented. Students were able to
work with different elements of rocks and minerals. There were about 4-6 people per group.
Each group rotated throughout all of the stations and had to answer questions throughout each
station to keep them accountable. We then collected these answers to look over the information

that they gained from this event. This will help us improve the event if they chose to do it next