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The project titled Job Scheduling is the software developed for the implementing various job scheduling Algorithm mainly for Shortest job first, Round Robin, First come First serve basis .The proposed software is trying to compare various job scheduling algorithm to measure following points : 1. Average waiting time per job. 2. Average completion time per job.

The basic objectives of making this Software System are as follows :Here, we will Implement various Job Scheduling Algorithm. Comparing the algorithm for average Waiting Time and average completion time. Finding the best algorithm for a given list of Jobs. Simulating the Job execution. To save the valuable time of the user while Scheduling the Jobs.

Project Description : First- Come, First- Served Scheduling (FCFS):
The process that requests the CPU first, is allocated the CPU first. These implementation of FCFS, policy is easily managed with a FIFO Queue.

Shortest Job-First Scheduling:
This algorithm associates with each process whereas the CPU assumes, that process whose run time is known in advance, in nonpreemptive batch algorithm.

Round-Robin Scheduling :
In this scheduling a small unit of time called time slice is defined. The CPU scheduler goes around the ready queue, which is treated as circular queue, allocating the CPU to each process for time interval of up to one time slice.

Priority Scheduling:
A priority is associated with each process , and the CPU is allocated to the process with the highest priority.

Job List ( Summary Per Job)
Job No. Job Name Average Waiting Time Average Completion Time

Algorithms List 1.First-come,first-serve Time Slice 2.Shortest-job-first sche uling 3.Roun -Robin Sche uling Status Bar 4.Priority Sche uling

Job scheduling limited to Operating System and not for Operation Research. The software is not implemented using Threads. Software is only the Simulation and not the actual execution.

CONCLUSION  is important to complete : Itthevery which is shortest. the job which is required first and job
Thus to Implement all these requirements this project has been developed using various algorithms.



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