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WICKED 5) Piano/Vocal ! FOR GOOD [Rev. 8/25/03] Music and Lyrics b STEPHEN SCHWARTZ ‘cue: GLINDA: *Ob, Bip..." = = ELPHABA: You're the only fend I've ever had GLINDA: And "ve had so many Iriends. Wa 4 But only one~ that mattered. Tenderly iy 4 ‘ that peo-ple come in to our lives__ ee gy bbring-ing some-thing we must leam.__ And we are led ot Good - (Rev. 825/03) Piano/Vocal > 7 help us most (0 grow Hf we let them help them inte = tum, es co-met pulled from or - bit as it passes asm—— Like 5 by =, 2 be. ‘Fo Good - [Rex 8/25/03) Piano/Vocal a boul - der half - way through the wood, 5 $s suream that meets if T've been changed for the bet-ter? But be-cause I knew you, s Who can say Rit ATempo 1 have been changed for good. that we will nev-er meet a-gain__ in this Piano/Vocal say be-fore life-time, fet me wwe part So much of what 1 leamed fromyou,— hhand-print on my heat. ‘And now what-ev - er way » ox Good - (Rev. 825/03] is made @ Fat Good (Rev. 8/25/03) Piano/Vocal ship blown from its moor - ing ne — wind off the sea Like a seed dropped by a sky - bird__ in a dis - tant wood Who can sty if 've been changed for the bet-ter? But bbe-cause I knew you... Be- cause 1 knew you... have been changed Piano/Vocal 2 ELPHABA: And just 10 for the things I've done you But then; 1 guess_— For Good - (Rev. 825103) Piano/Vocal none of it seems ATempo For Good -[Rev. 825/03) to mat-ter com = et pulled from or - ship blown off its moor by a wind off the sea senza rit. — half-way through the wood, ForGood - (Rev. 225/03), Piano/Vocal if (ve been changed for in | Who can sty if I've been changed forthe bet-te? 1 do be-lieve have been changed 1 do be-lieve I have been changed Rit poco a poco be-cause I knew you... Be-cause I knew you... Be-cause I knew you... Be-cause I knew you... & For Good - (Rev. 828/03) Piano/Vocal 3 wor,