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ABBEY PARK HIGH SCHOOL Phone: 905-827-4101 Fax: 905-825-5265 hupstaph dsbca To Whom It May Concern, itis with great confidence that I ean recommend Vincent Coneilla as @ teachor to any schoo! board who considers hiring this talented individual. Mr, Canela was a student teacher for my Grade 10 Enriched English class in the first semester of 2015. He proved himself to be independent, hued working and innovative in his teaching methods. His ability tom ‘lassroom order was impressive. Mr, Cancilla could engage an aray of students with many different nocd and skill levels ‘The students were extremely bright and wished tobe challenged, Me. Canilla was abe to design lesson plans that engaged the students consistently and helped them make connections from the literature to their own lives and the world, past and present in a meaningful way, He was not afad to take risks and discuss difficult issues with the students in ‘an impactfil, yet appropriate way. In addition, he struck the proper balance between connecting ith th students on their level, and yet keeping the rapport professional a their mentor, Moreover, Mr. Caneilla was able to incorporate multiple teaching styles inthe classroom forthe different types of learners, ranging from kinaesthetic ativities, artistic and dramatic endeavours ‘and innovative uses of technology that iuly maintained the students” interest. Duting essay ‘conferencing, his advice was invaluable othe students, He demonstrated strong organizational skills, nl vas able to keep oa top ofthe marking load and return assignments prompily to the students with clear and constructive feedback for future improvement. Offering students the ‘opportunity to lear from ther erors and grow as learners was clearly a priority for Mr, Canela, ‘Asa colleague, he demonstrated a friendly demeanour and was approachable. He was not afraid to ask questions in order for his teaching practice to improve. Also, Mr. Cancilla readily shared his resources an! lesson plans with other teachers and was able to adapt suggestions and ‘contributions from the English Department, thus proving he was a team player and wanting to ‘grow asa learner, not only asa teacher himself, I firmly believe that any schoo! would be extremely fortunate fo acquire Mr. Cancilla a part oftheir staff. Regards, Etiaball Unusches Blab lnc ‘Abbey Park High Schoo! English and Drama Teacher