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Why is He Ignoring Me

Why is He Ignoring Me

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Published by: jessicanichols on Apr 26, 2010
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Why is He Ignoring Me?

4 Possible Reasons The problem with being a girl is that we cannot pursue the guys that we like because of some norm in our society. And the worst thing is that there will come a time when we meet a guy that we went out for a date with for quite sometime and now seems to have disappeared from the radar. Why is he ignoring me? This is the first question that usually comes into our mind along with other things. Why is he ignoring me? I think I have asked that before and I know that it is never easy. But here, let us look at some possible reasons that he is doing this. 1 – His strategy Some guys want to play the game and this is their strategy to let you miss him. On a positive note, this works and torturing in two ways. He will miss you just as much as you do and it will be a matter of time before he give up or you give up and confront the situation. 2 – Easy to get Perhaps, he thinks you were just an easy to get conquest with no challenge at all. You must have been too easy to handle or too easy to even take seriously. This is really mean and knows but at least he lets you save face and let you wonder about the reason behind his behavior. 3 – No chemistry Sometimes, there will come a time when you are attracted to someone and yet there is zero percent chemistry between you. Starting a relationship based on attraction alone is not a good way to go. It would be better for the guys to ignore us than tell us squarely that they did not feel anything at all. 4 – First Impression For men, first impression really matters to them. If you have done something that make him think that you do not deserve more of his attention that just casual then he will be ignoring you from there. Why is he ignoring me? It is easy to speculate about the reasons why men ignores us but I know for sure that if a man likes you, he will convey his feelings in one way or anther.

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