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Bolivarana Republic of Venezuela.

Ministry of Popular Power for Education.

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Luis Beltran Prieto Figueroa

Enrique Campos.

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Barcelona, Octubre 2014

Luis Beltran Prieto Figueroa

Luis Beltrn Prieto Figueroa (1902-1993) was a Venezuelan

educator and politician. He was born in Asuncion (Nueva Esparta) on
14 March 1902 Son of Loreto Prieto Higuerey and Josefa Figueroa.
Prieto Figueroa made his primary studies in the Federal School
Francisco Esteban Gmez in his hometown (1918) and started
secondary school in the Federal College until 1925 when he moved to
Caracas where he completed his secondary education at the Liceo
Caracas (1927). Enter the Central University of Venezuela in 1934 with
a PhD in political and social sciences.
From a young age he devoted himself to teaching. He was
founder and first president of the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers in
1936 he entered fully into the policy to be one of the founders of the
Democratic Action party in 1941, he was part of the Revolutionary
Government that came to be overthrown President Isaias Medina
Angarita on October 18, 1945 in 1948 he was appointed by President
Rmulo Gallegos, Minister of Education.
On the literary side he wrote several books, mostly on
educational topics and poetry. It was also important collaborator of
Venezuelan newspapers. He died in Caracas on April 22, 1993.