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Code of Ethic (Malaysia)

1. Ethical responsibilities to students
a. Teacher will educate students to high
standards of
b. Teacher shall engage in practices and
materials that include all students.
c. The teacher is committed to developing
the skill
sets needed to best accelerate the
learning of the
d. The teacher create a classroom

2. Ethical responsibility to Family / community

a. The teacher shall inform families about the
philosophy, policies and personnel
and explain why they teach as they do, which
should be in accordance with their ethical
responsibility to students.
b. The teacher shall involve families in significant
decisions affecting their student and regularly
communicate student progress with families.
c. The teacher shall inform the family of accidents
involving their students.

d. The teacher shall maintain confidentiality and

shall respect the family right to privacy,
e. The teacher shall be objective and accurate in
reporting the knowledge upon which they
base their programs, assessments and
professional practice.
f. The teacher shall cooperate and teamwork
with other professionals who work with
students and families.
g. The teacher shall exercise care in expressing
views regarding students.

3. Ethical responsibilities to Colleagues

a. The teacher shall show respect for person
dignity found among staff members, and to
resolve matter collegially.
b. The teacher shall exercise care in expressing
views regarding the professional behavior or
conduct of co-workers and or students.
c. The teacher agrees to carry out the program
at the site to which he is assigned.

d. Teachers who do not meet program

shall be informed of areas of concern
and, when
possible, assisted in improving their
e. In making assessments and
recommendations, the teacher shall make
judgments based on fact and relevant to
the interest of students and programs.

Teachers Accountability


Teacher accountability refers to the responsibility

towards ones teaching profession
Job accountability:
a. Performs curriculum and co curriculum activities
b. Follow job procedures
c. Internalize ones work ethics
d. Responsible and perform job with dedication and
Accountability toward nation:
a. knowledge practitioner and educate citizens of



b. inculcate moral values, develop and preserve our

c. realization of the national philosophy of
and vision of the country.
d. instill national integration
e. develop a progressive generation.
Accountability toward students and parents.
a. disseminate knowledge and skills to students
b. educate and inculcate moral values
c. inculcate good behaviors
d. develop students potentials intellectually,
spiritually, emotionally and physically


Accountability towards self,

a. as a model for students
b. maintain good behaviors
c. update oneself on current knowledge and
d. perform ones job sincerely