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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

B.Tech. Second Assessment April 2014
Sixth Semester
Mechanical Engineering

MEC311 Introduction to Finite Element Methods

Time: Two hours

Maximum: 50 Marks
Answer all questions

1. What are direction cosines? When do we require?

(2 Marks)

2. Give the stiffness matrix of a torsional element.

(2 Marks)

3. Under what situations a three dimensional problem can be modeled as two dimensional
problem? Give some practical examples.
(2 Marks)
4. Using the concept of work equivalence, determine the nodal forces and moments (called
equivalent nodal forces) used to replace the linearly varying distributed load shown in figure.

(8 Marks)
5. For the plane trusses supported by the spring at node 1 shown in figure, determine the nodal
displacements and the stresses in each element. Let E = 210 GPa and A = 5x10-4 m2 for both
truss elements.

(12 Marks)
6. For the beam shown in figure, determine the nodal displacements and slopes.

(12 Marks)

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7. For the plane strain element shown in figure, the nodal displacements are given as

Determine the element stresses, and the principal stresses. Let E = 70 GPa and = 0.3, and
use unit thickness for plane strain. All coordinates are in millimeters.
(12 Marks)


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