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How to Become Your Own Cybersleuth

Conducting Effective Internet Investigative

and Background Research
Washington State Convention Center, Room 602-604, 7th & Pike, Seattle

November 20, 2015

6.00 General CLE Credits
Featuring Nationally Recognized Trainers
Carole Levitt, Esq. and Mark Rosch
Internet for Lawyers
In this fast-paced investigative research seminar, you will learn to create more effective Internet searches to
locate information crucial to your matters, which you might otherwise miss.
We will reveal hidden Google search features and shortcuts to speed up your research.
You will also learn to use free public record sites and sites with free publicly available information (including
social media sites), for discovery, trial preparation, background checks, and for locating missing persons.
Discover the advantages (and limitations) of data broker databases.
Dont be left behind in exploiting this gold mine of information that will assist you in meeting your
investigative research and due diligence obligations, in addition to meeting your ethical duty to be conversant
with the benefits and risks of technology.
Come join Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch, internationally recognized Internet trainers and authors of seven
American Bar Association Internet research books, who will show you how to be a Cybersleuth to unearth
information for FREE (or at low cost!) on the Net.

Each attendee will receive a copy of their 500-page book,

The Cybersleuths Guide to the Internet, 13th edition revised (2015) -- a $64.95 value!
Registration and Coffee Service
Mastering Google for Investigative/Due Diligence Research
(Includes 15 minutes break)
Learn How to Master for Investigative/Due Diligence Research
Discover if lawyers have a duty to Google
Create more effective searches to locate crucial information you might otherwise miss
Learn whats new in Google search
Discover hidden search features, secrets, and shortcuts
Key into Googles advanced search menu to create more sophisticated and targeted searches

Filter search results to find precise information

Find addresses, phone, fax, and cell numbers for service of process, etc.
Uncover news from current and archival sources
Keep on top of your research using free alerts
Find images and learn about reverse image searching
Locate information from the invisible Web
Learn why you need cache

The Wayback Machine

Track down deleted or altered Web pages
Find out how to get pages from the Wayback Machine admitted into evidence
Other Search Engines and Meta-Search Sites
12:15-1:30pm Lunch on your own
Investigative/Due Diligence Research Strategies
Learn How to Search Like a Private Investigator
Understanding key differences between public records, publicly available information, and
proprietary information
Glean personal information from search engines and blogs
Learn to use inexpensive data broker databases to create dossiers about your subjects
Develop more effective Internet investigative search strategies
Find out how you can uncover drivers license or vehicle records
Mine the Web for missing people
Dig up death records, birthdays, and Social Security Numbers
Extract background information from dockets
Unearth bankruptcies
Find Out Hot to Access Expensive Databases . . . for Free . . . to Find:
Factual information
Background information
Full-text newspaper and magazine articles
Press releases
Master Quick and Easy Methods to Retrieve Background Information
From Public Records and Publicly Available Data From:

Online telephone/address directories to obtain information for service of process, etc.

Public record portals

Criminal records and sex offender registries

S.E.C. filings

Expert witness directories

Discover How to Use Social Media Sites For Investigative Research

Find out secret ways to ferret out information from social media profiles

Successfully navigate through many social media sites to obtain

useful background/investigative information about parties,lawyers, judges, experts, jurors, and
current & potential clients
Find information to attack a party or witness credibility
Uncover fraud
Seek out the smoking gun

Explore whether you can obtain social media profiles by subpoena

Discover how to preserve the information you find
Learn about overcoming social media discovery issues
Find out how to authenticate social media profiles and get them admitted into evidence

Distinguished Faculty
Carole A. Levitt, President of Internet For Lawyers and Mark E. Rosch, Vice-President, have been
internationally recognized CLE seminar speakers--full-time since 1999 and best-selling ABA Law Practice
Division authors. Their areas of expertise are: Internet investigative, legal, and social media research; social
media ethics; Google search; and Google cloud Apps. Together, Mark and Carole have authored hundreds of
Internet research articles and co-authored six ABA Law Practice Division (ABA LPD) books. They have also
co-authored thirteen editions of IFL Presss The Cybersleuth's Guide to the Internet.
Previously, Carole was a California attorney, a law librarian in Chicago and Los Angeles, and a Legal Research
and Writing Professor at Pepperdine School of Law. She graduated with distinction from The John Marshall
Law School (Chicago) and served on the schools law review. Carole has a Bachelor of Science Degree in
Political Science and a Masters in Library Science, both from the University of Illinois. In addition to
presenting seminars and writing books and articles, Mark blogs and tweets about legal technology issues. He
developed Internet For Lawyers website, blog, Facebook Business page, and its online CLE education
initiative. Mark is a graduate of Tulane University. Mark is active in the ABA Law Practice Division. He
recently completed a three year term on the ABA TECHSHOW Planning Board and previously served on its
Education Committee and its State and Local Bar Outreach Committee.
ABA Books Co-authored by the Speakers
1. Internet Legal Research on a Budget (2014)
2. Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers (2013)
3. Find Info like a Pro, Volume Two: Mining the Internets Public Records for Investigative Research (2011)
4. Find Info Like a Pro Volume One: Mining the Internets Publicly Available Resources for Investigative Research
5. Google For Lawyers (2010)
6. 6. The Lawyers Guide to Fact Finding on the Internet (2003 and 2006)

Comments from Prior Programs

This was the most informative and useful CLEs I have ever attended. This is an area of knowledge that is constantly
Search tips. Features on sites that I havent heard about, especially free ways to search and obtain information.
Exposure to search tools and strategies that I wasnt aware of.
It opened my eyes to the possibilities of searching on the internet, and gave me insight into tools. Ill be much more
effective at searching.
Great presentation . . . and they were most accommodating on the questions and answers.
The projected materials were very clear, gave page references and pointed to pertinent materials so we could follow
Very knowledgeable about search functions & provided information unknown to me before, including public library

How to Become Your Own Cybersleuth
Washington State Convention Center, 7th & Pike, Seattle
November 20, 2015
6.00 General CLE Credits
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How to Become Your Own Cybersleuth
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