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Dear Mr.

I write in regard to the investigation of Jason "Jay" McCleskey and his wife
Nicole McCleskey. Both of the McCleskeys serve as political advisors for Susana
Martinez, Governor of the State of New Mexico. At the request of the FBI, former
Martinez employees and contract staff were asked or subpoenaed by the FBI to
produce evidence and information related to this investigation being led by
Assistant U.S. Attorney, Tara Neda of your office. I was among those from whom
information and evidence was sought by the FBI and your office.
It is my understanding that the Deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates has
decided not to go forward with pursuing and indictment of Jay McCleskey. I further
understand that the FBI agents from New Mexico flew to Washington D.C. and met
with the FBI Director, James Comey, who reviewed the case and gave the pursuit of
an indictment his full backing.
During the course of the above referenced investigation the FBI also has
gathered evidence supporting probable attempted retribution by the McCleskeys
against individuals who responded to the FBI's requests for information, that is,
against potential witnesses. In my case, after I was publically acknowledged as a
FBI witness, 2 clients that I work for received calls expressing that I should be fired
"cut from the herd" for my participation and cooperation with the investigation.
These calls were placed by allies of Jay McCleskey in an effort to have several of my
contracts terminated. Furthermore, in January 2016 a call was made by an
employee of McCleskey Media inquiring about my physical whereabouts for that
evening. These instances have caused me to be fearful for my familys safety, as
well as my own personal safety. In several published stories, direct quotes by
Governor Martinez and through the social media accounts of her
staffers/consultants, I have been accused of conducting a smear campaign as a
result of my cooperation with the FBIs investigation into McCleskey and for giving
truthful comments. Recently, a very close ally of Jay McCleskey slandered me for
my cooperation with the FBI in front of a group of business/community leaders and
even tried to tie me to a man accused of possessing child pornography, though I
have never met this individual. In our conversation you expressed concern and
asked to be informed immediately of any further circumstances of Criminal
Retribution can you please describe what that entails is it physical harm only?

Naturally, under these threatening circumstances the potential witnesses

were concerned when they learned that a decision had been made not to pursue an
indictment. Several of them sought to learn where the decision not to prosecute
had been made, and why?
If it is true that the Justice Department in Washington made the decision not
to prosecute while your office and the FBI favored prosecution, this is simply deja vu
for New Mexico. This situation is very disheartening to many of us that believe so
strongly that our justice system should be free of politics and strictly about the
evidence gathered and testimony in a case.
I would appreciate some clarity on the above matters:

Where was the decision made not to prosecute the McCleskeys?

By whom was that decision made?
What was the basis for the decision?
If the authority to decide whether or not to prosecute McCleskey was pulled
from your office, what is the legal basis for the removal of authority of the
State of New Mexico to the DAG Office in D.C.? (I understand that the
prosecution of "National Public Figures" must be reviewed by the Justice
Department, but it would appear that the McCleskeys would not qualify for
that courtesy.)
What does your office intend to do in order to protect from retribution those
of us who cooperated as potential witnesses?

Very respectfully,

Andrea Goff
Cc: via email Senator Tom Udall, Senator Martin Heinrich, Congressman Steve
Pearce, Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham,
Deputy U.S. Attorney James Tierney, Assistant U.S. Attorney Tera Neda, FBI Agent
John Fay, FBI Agent David Backlund