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Appendix 1


Year Level: 9 Time:

Students Prior Knowledge:


Have read The Last Spin

Paragraph construction skills
Comprehension and writing skills displayed previously.
Have an understanding of literary techniques

Learning Area: English

Strand/Topic from the Australian Curriculum:

Understand that authors innovate with text structures and
language for specific purposes and effects (ACELA1553)
Analyse text structures and language features of literary
texts, and make relevant comparisons with other texts
General Capabilities (that may potentially be covered in the lesson)
Critical and

creative thinking


Personal and


Cross-curriculum priorities (may be addressed in the lesson)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
histories and cultures
Proficiencies:(Mathematics only)

Asia and Australias engagement with Asia


Lesson Objectives (i.e. anticipated outcomes of this lesson, in point form beginning with an action verb)
As a result of this lesson, students will be able to:

Identify personal reactions to text

Recognise that authors make literary choices to influence emotional reactions

Identify themes / topics in text

Construct a creative piece of work based on the text studied.

Teachers Prior Preparation/Organisation:

Prepare online quiz for class

Answer Garden with link

Ensure ICT is working

Make sure Weebly is up to date with content
needed for students.

Provision for students at educational risk:

Students with visual impairments =
text on projector to be enlarged, text on
laptops to be zoomed in according to students
needs, seated near front of room.
Students who have physical mobility
issues are encouraged to use laptops
Students with below average learning
ability are engaged through class discussions,
scaffolding their knowledge through peer to
peer reinforcement and note taking what is
being said. At home paragraph can be edited
by teacher at school, provided with writing

prompts to assist.

LESSON EVALUATION (to be completed AFTER the lesson)

Assessment of Lesson Objective and Suggestions for Improvement:

Teacher self-reflection and self-evaluation:

[OFFICIAL USE ONLY] Comments by classroom teacher, HOPP, supervisor:

LESSON DELIVERY (attach worksheets, examples, marking key, etc, as relevant)


15 mins

10 mins

5 mins

15 mins

Motivation and Introduction:

Welcome class into room, have weebly link displayed at the
front of the room and ask students to get out their laptops and go to
the link First Spin
Have a brief discussion about what everyone remembers
about the text.
Explain that we will do a quiz up the front of the room based
on The Last Spin through Kahoot.
Finish the quiz and look at results.

Lesson Steps (Lesson content, structure, strategies & Key Questions):

Discuss the results of the quiz, focusing in particular on the
way the story made the class feel i.e the theme of the story, the
characters and why it made them feel this way.
Get students to go back to Weebly and click on the Answer
Garden link
Students need to click onto the link to Answer Garden and
enter words which describe the theme, the characters and their
Teacher will then point out which words are the largest and
ask following questions:
Why did a lot of people feel or react in this way?
Did the author do this on purpose?
If you read this story as a newspaper article do you think you
would have been as sympathetic towards Danny and Tigo or
would they have been shown in a negative light?

Kahoot Quiz,
whiteboard, Internet

Student laptops,
website, Internet

Students should be taking notes of these responses in their


whiteboard, google
excel document

Lesson Closure:(Review lesson objectives with students)

10 mins

Ask students to create a document on their laptops entitled

The Last Spin and explain that they will have to write a paragraph
for homework on the theme of the story and the characters of Danny
and Tigo as if they were journalists reporting on The Last Spin
Detail that there is an example on the website under Spin
One to look at for inspiration.
Pack up laptops.

Example Paragraph
uploaded into weebly.

Transition: (What needs to happen prior to the next lesson?)

Students need to complete their paragraph and review the text.
Assessment: (Were the lesson objectives met? How will these be judged?)
At the end of the week, the paragraph that the students have constructed will
be publish in the form of a newspaper article. Paragraph on theme and
characters will be reviewed then.
Oral discussion in class should also indicate any gaps in student knowledge.