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Enter and format the worksheet title Aficionado Guitar Parts and worksheet subtitle
Monthly Accounts Receivable Balance Report in cells A1&A2. Changed font size of A1
to 28. Merge and centred. Changed the background colour of cells A1&A2 to red
standard colour. Changed the font colour to white. Draw thickbox border around the
range A1:A2.
2. Changed the width of column A to 20.00; Column B through G to 12.00. Changed the
heights of row 3 to 36.00 while row 12 to 30.00.
3. Entered the column titles in row 3 and row titles in the range A11:A14. Centre the
column titles in the range A3:G3. Bold the titles in the range A12:A14. Change the font
size to 12.
4. Entered all data in the range A4:E10.

5. Used formulas to determine service changes and new balance in both column F&G.
6. Determined the totals in row11.
7. Determined the max , min and average values by using formulas.
8. Assign the currency style with a floating dollar sign. Assign a number style with two
decimal places and a thousands seperator ( currency with no dollar sign ) to the range
9. Change the fonts to white colour on a red background in F4&F9.

10. For your information, i have changed to Microsoft Excel 2013 from Kingsoft
Spreadsheets because Kingsoft Spreadsheets doesnt contain 3D bar chart for the next
work. Changed the worksheet name from Sheet1 to Accounts Receivable. Changed the
sheet tab colour to red standard colour. Spell checked the worksheet.
11. Saved the workbook using file name: Lab 2-1 Part1 Aficionado Guitar Parts Accounts

Receivable Balance Report.

1. Using the CTRL key & mouse to select nonadjacent chart ranges A4:A10&G4:G10.
2. Clustered bar in 3D has displayed. Moved chart to new sheet. Clicked new sheet and
changed the sheet name to Bar Chart.
3. Deleted the rest of the bars. Selected orange colour as background colour. Then,
clicked one of the bar and click shape fill button, then select green standard colour.
Changed bar title to Accounts Receivable.

4. Drag the Accounts Receivable tab at the bottom of the worksheet to the left of the Bar
Chart tab to reorder the sheets in the workbook.

5. Changed the beginning balances, Olivier Danielsson to $702.12 and Lin Tuan to
$482.74. Changed the service charges from 3.25% to 2.75% and re-calculate by using
formulas. Total new balance equal to $3720.82.