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Novel Update #2

Describe the cultural background of your characters. What new information that
you are learning about this culture that you didnt know before? Are there any
questions you have about the culture that the book hasnt answered?

The cultural of most of the characters described in the book is Mexican. It

continues to tell us the story of mexican narco history. It got me thinking how it
has not been that many years that the narco have taken over. It speaks of the
1890s and how with Carlos Salinas they began to take power. I had forgotten the
name Arellano Felix since I was only a child when he used to be Mexicos top
Capo. Right now in these chapters of the story it tells us how in Tijuana the
Arellanos had established themselves as the greatest drug dealers in our country
having only on clear adversary, Joaquin Guzman. It intrigues me because I must
confess I dont know much about this story, even though we should all by now. I
look forward to reading more on the subject.