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Chapter 2 KPI definition template

The template used to describer the KPI is listed as follows:

I. KPI name (Clause header)

This is a descriptive name of the KPI that is specified.
II. Description
This sub clause contains an explanation of the KPI.
III. Measurement Scope
This sub clause specifies the KPI work scope. If the scope is RNC, it means that the
KPI value shows the performance on the RAN and the related counters can be gotten
from RNC statistic directly. If the scope is Cell, it means that KPI value only shows the
performance in a cell and the involved counters can be gotten from cell statistic.
IV. Formula
This sub clause contains a formula used to calculate the KPI. Generally the formula
consists of several counters which shall be explained in other sub clause.
V. Associated Counters
This sub clause contains counters that used in the formula. It also contains the
description of the counters. Annex A provides the counter list.