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Construction Safety and Helth Plan

In order to minimize the occurrence of site accident, the provision of a safe working environment
for workers to work is essential. Accident record in areas where the roadway excavation is
done. In addition to the above, the following safety precaution must also be implemented in
achieving the minimization of site accidents while roadway excavation.

Site Staff and Labor

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety boots and helmets would be provided with
workers on site. In addition, adequate PPE (e.g. ear and eye protectors) should also be available
for construction works as required.
All tools, plant, equipment and temporary facilities and all other items use to carry out the work
should be in a safe, sound and good condition.

Alcoholic drinks and other substances, which may impair judgment, would be prohibited from
the Site.

Working Radius: Mammoties and jungle clearing knife should have working space to move
freely without hurting other employees.

Fall Prevention Measures: Investigation would be taken place to identify falling hazards and
preventive measures would be taken immediately.

Signalmen would be deployed if the work spaces disturb traffic flow in the main road. A traffic
supervisor would also be deployed to take responsibility over the traffic control.

First Aid Facilities: First aid facilities such as a first aid box would be made available for in case
of minor injury treatment.

All workers involved in the blasting work at the site would be informed to stay at a safer distance
before start the blasting work.

Safety Control
Safety control and verifications include the periodic verification of a clean and tidy working
environment, of adequate safety equipment and safety belts, of adequate first-aid facilities etc, as
well as the verification of other items particular to the steps detailed in this method statement.

All workers would be educated in the use of excavators, bulldozers, & backhoes, such as the
excavator arm & bucket distance and buffer zone in order to prevent from injuries.

Operators would be thoroughly instructed to prevent pushing soil loads into the main road area.

Roots would be cut and removed using chain saw and backhoe within the barricaded area. When
a dump truck is positioned for loading debris signalmen would be deployed on either side to
control traffic.