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1, 2015

Jim White
White Development Company
1801 S. Keene Road
Clearwater, FL 33756


Re: Publix @ East Hill - East Cervantes Street and North 12th Ave
Stipulated Requirements
Thank you for your continued interest in bringing a Publix to the East Hill neighborhood
in the City of Pensacola.
\Ve look forward to seeing this project come to fruition. Per
the approval granted by the City's Planning Board for the site plan and parking
configuration, please see below a summary of conditions that were agreed to during the
Board meeting:

Architectural style of Publix to match neighborhood.

Finish building on all sides.
Enclosed loading dock.
10-foot decorative brick screening wall along truck loading area.
Utilize decorative LED site lighting and control light pollution.
Repurpose the brick pavers from the corner house on new sidewalks.
Utilize ground mount sign age (monument sign)
Utilize existing brick wall on corner of 12th Ave and Cervantes.
Provide bike racks on site.
Landscape in green areas on right-of-way adjacent to site.


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Sherry H. Morris. AICP



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