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HOPPER April 26, 2010

Volume 1
Issue 30

Mrs. Hough’s Kindergarten Newsletter

yyyImportant Datesyyy Snack Schedule
œ May 3 – No School (Teacher Workday) Monday – Karlyn
Tuesday – Lily
œ May 6 – Book Orders Due Wednesday – Joey
(SeeSaw May; Firefly May; Summer Reading)
Thursday – Danny
Friday – Isabella T.
We will have a sight word test on the words
listed below on Friday, April 30th. Your child
should be able to quickly read these words by Homework
sight without sounding them out. Please make œ School-Home Links: Connects
flashcards to practice these words every night if Information and Events in Texts to Life and
your child is not yet able to do so. Life to Texts – Part 5; Part 6

œ Sight Word List œ œ Handwriting: I Know How The Letters Go!

œ where œ Math: Even and Odd Numbers; Ordinal
Numbers; Problem Solving Skill: Use a
œ yellow Model
œ away œ Decodable Book: A Hat I Like
œ all
œ be Spaghetti Dinner
There will be a spaghetti dinner and
silent auction on May 7 from 5:00 PM to
This Week 8:00 PM. To help keep down the cost of
Theme: Exploring Our Surroundings (Week 2) the meal, kindergarten families have
Skills: Sound Isolation; Sound Blending; Sound been asked to contribute one bottle of
Substitution salad dressing. If you are able to help
Letter: Uu with this, please bring a bottle of salad
dressing into the classroom. Thank you!
Dime; Problem Solving Strategy: Draw a
Picture; Morning, Afternoon, Evening; Problem
Solving Skill: Use a Calendar
œ We will have a quiz (midth chapter review)
on Wednesday, April 28 . Spa Basket
Our class is in charge of making a spa basket
*Science and Social Studies are for the silent auction. There is a sign-up sheet
integrated in reading and math concepts outside of the classroom. If possible, please
sign up to bring in an item for our basket.
Please contact me via phone or Example items include: candles, eye masks,
e-mail if you have any questions. bath salts/oils, manicure/pedicure sets, etc.
(352) 466-0990 Please remember to write down anything you bring in for the basket. Thank you!