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I sD District Office 728) sons Neus feedback@isd728.019 March 21, 2016 Greg Jacobson 2780 Main Street NW ‘Coon Rapids, MN 55427 Dear Mr Jacobson: My name is Kevin Jost and | am the Coordinator for the Work Experience Program at Zimmerman High ‘School in Zimmerman, MIN, which Is part of Independent School District 728. | am writing you in regards to creating a partnership between your business and my program. It is my intention in this letter to explain in detail the benefits that can be shared by both my students as well as your business. ‘Asa result of this partnership, my hope is that a number of my students are able to participate in a wide range of workplace experiences within your organization. Providing a variety of workplace responsibilities ‘and tasks is something that will nurture their vocational perspectives and ultimately lead to personal ‘career goals. In my classroom, students spend a great deal of time working on a wide range of workplace skils. Regardless of the workplace environment, learning about safety, responsibility, communication and effective workplace behavior/decision making skills are topics that are on the table every single week when I work with my students in class. My hope is that you see the benefit of working with a student who has already been prepared from a theoretical standpoint and as a result, the training process will be more efficient 11am extending an open invitation to our classroom anytime you would lke. There, you will be able to experience the types of conversations and learning the students are involved in. Interacting with these students in person will provide you with a clear picture of why | am so confident you would benefit from partnering with our program. Please see the enclosure for additional information regarding benefits from partnering with us. | very much look forward to speaking with you soon, Thank you, Enclosures aS Kevin Jost, Teacher Coordinator Work-Based Learning, Zimmerman High Schoo! 25900 4th Street West Zimmerman, MN 55398 kkk