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Job Description
Opens door for arriving and departing guests
Gives a friendly greeting such as "Hi, welcome to Texas Roadhouse"
and a heartfelt thanks, inviting guests to come back soon
Seats guests with bread, initiates conversation and the story while
leading them to the table (e.g., "Don't you love our fresh-baked
bread?" and "Which one of our hand-cutsteaks is your favorite?" or
"Is this your first visit to Texas Roadhouse?") You can even show off
our meat display.
Name Taker
Takes guest party information
Gives accurate quote times
Issues pager
Directs guest to waiting area or bar
Works hand in hand with Call-Ahead Host
Informs all walk-ins about call-ahead seating with magnets, business
cards, key chains, etc.
Constantly communicates number of large parties with Door
Coordinator and Leader at the Door
Provides the Board/Seating Coordinator up-to-date table availability
Works side by side with SAs executing quick table turns with a goal of
no open tables at any time. "Keep the seats warm."
Keeps moving throughout the dining room
Communicates with Large Party Coordinator
To Go
Takes, places, and completes all to-go orders
Has legendary menu knowledge, answering all questions regarding the
Acts as additional Seater or Food Runner
Displays legendary courtesy and has proper phone knowledge
Call Ahead
Takes all call aheads, getting all party information, while
communicating information to Name Taker
Maintains an up-to-date knowledge of accurate quote times for parties
of all sizes

Maintains constant communicationwith Name Taker and Board/Seating

Displays legendary phone courtesy
Board/Seating Coordinator
Receives table availability updates from Updater
Uses walkie-talkie and headset to communicate with Leader at the
Door, Door Coordinator, and Updater
Decides where each party on the wait list will be seated and then
directs sealers to achieve minimal open table time
Maintains constant communication with Name Taker and Call-Ahead
Host for accurate quotes
Maintains a good seating rotation if we are not on a wait
Pages guests quickly
Communicates with Large Party Coordinator
Large Party Coordinator
Takes names and information from guests strictly for large parties
Knows the next quote time for a large party before they arrive by using
the large party update sheet
Looks for open tables that can accommodate large parties while
coordinating where the parties will go
Communicates any issues with guests to Leader at the Door
Provides large parties with quote times (able to discuss options of
staying together or splitting)
Continuously walks the dining room updating where the next or current
party will go
Door Coordinator
Makes sure legendary greetings and farewells are given
Assists in Alley Rallies and Corally Rallies
Drives constant communication between Call Ahead, Name Taker, and
Board Coordinator for accurate quotes.
Shows good sense of urgency in driving table turns
Works hand in hand with board person, playing interference between
board person and guest and helping direct seaters to achieve
minimal open table time
Directs any issues or complaints to MOD or lAD
Works hand in hand and communicates with Leader at the Door
throughout the shift

Work-Based Learning Training Plan
Student Information
Student Name
Job Title
Assigned Supervisor
WBL Coordinator
Beginning Date
Ending Date

John Doe
Host Expanded Roles
Texas Roadhouse
Greg Jacobson
Kevin Jost
May 1, 2016

Learning Objectives Level of Attainment

Please assign the most appropriate response for each of the items
For example, when considering the criteria for Punctuality, how
would you rate the students performance or pattern of behavior?
3 = Always OR almost always
= Never

2 = Sometimes OR rarely

Please indicate the location by placing a check in the Classroom or

worksite column. Then, indicate the level of attainment under in the
Level column.
Customer Service
Self Image
Self Interest




Criteria for Individual Learning Objectives

Professional Appearance

Customer Service

Self Image
Self Interest


Arrives and is ready to work by the start of

their shift.
Arrives to school on time and arrives to
individual classes on time.
Presents self in a friendly manner to
Is clean and dressed appropriately for their
job. Uniform, if required is clean and neat.
Is clean and dressed appropriately for
Listens to customers/teachers and does
their best to be helpful.
Behaves appropriately under stress.
Maintains appropriate subject matter at
Addresses teachers/customer appropriately
Asks clarifying questions to best assist what
the teacher/customer/supervisor is
Demonstrates verbally or by actions that
they are proud of their work.
Advocates and speaks up for themselves
when they need additional clarification.
Participates in additional training/learning
opportunities when made available.
Can explain how gross/net pay is different
and ultimately how net pay calculated.
Creates a monthly budget based on income
and expenses.
Can explain and demonstrate how to
balance a checkbook as well as how this
skill is transferred to online banking.


Is attentive to potentially unsafe working

conditions that could harm
Demonstrates safe use of equipment.
Understands job related materials and their
uses (MSDS).