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Career Development

Employability Skills


Instructional Activities
(4 pts)

(4 pts)

1. Career Exploration

1. iSeek

2. Have students complete a selfassessment in order to identify their

strengths, weaknesses and interests.

2. Meet with Career Development

Planner and begin to construct an
Individualized Learning Plan.

(4 pts)

(4 pts)

1. Have students work on workplace

foundation skills such as locating
information. This increases a
students skill in the area of focus and
attention to detail.

1. Work Keys

2. Research and practice the topic of

conflict resolution.

2. Use a combination of role-playing and

interactive lectures with guest speakers
from community businesses.

(4 pts)
1. Have students take pictures of
hazards in their workplace and talk
about how things could be improved.

(4 pts)
1. Cell phones, email

2. Have students read the MN Child

Labor Laws and identify any
infractions at their current workplace.

2. Explore the Minnesota Department of

Labor and Industry website.

Kevin Jost
EDUC707 Assignment 4
June 29, 15