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Candidates Spar for Delegates

Trump and Cruz pull ahead in GOP; Clinton and Sanders fight for key demographics
REPUBLICAN DELEGATES (2,472 total at stake)

1,237 total needed for nomination





DEMOCRATIC DELEGATES* (4,765 total at stake)


2,383 total needed for nomination

Trump had managed to stir
up additional controversy by
re-tweeting a quote from Fascist Italian leader Benito Mussolini just days before voting
Many predicted that the

SeaWorld Admits it Sent
Employees to Spy on PETA
By Jimmy Irwin
Staff Writer
SeaWorld has admitted that
it sent in employees to integrate with and spy on animal
rights group PETA.
The CEO of the amusement
park company, Joel Manby,
owned up to allegations of
such activities by SeaWorld on
He told the press that the
purpose of the operation was
to “maintain the safety and security of company employees,
customers and animals in the
face of credible threats.”
Last year, PETA called out
a SeaWorld employee named
Paul McComb for creating
posts on social media urging
activists to engage in illegal activity. He used an alias online.
When interviewed about it,
PETA Senior Vice President
Lisa Lange stated, “SeaWorld
knows that the public is rejecting its cruel orca prisons and
is so desperate that it created
a corporate espionage campaign.”
SeaWorld has been greatly
harmed by the 2013 documentary Blackfish, a film targeted at
exposing the living conditions

of orcas in the parks, and the
ways that the company transports the whales.
The film generated public
fury and even protests at the
parks. SeaWorld has seen its
stock lose over 50% of its value since Blackfish was released,
with attendance and park profits eroding as well.
Responding to the animal mistreatment charged by
Blackfish, Mr. Manby replied,
“These allegations, if true, are
not consistent with the values
of the SeaWorld organization
and will not be tolerated.”
SeaWorld has been highly vocal in its response to the
film, engaging PR firm 42West
to counter the criticism.
The company pledged to
spend upwards of $10 million
to restore satisfactory profitability with targeted print, television, and other campaigns.
On March 3, SeaWorld officials reported that Tilikum, the
whale prominently featured in
Blackfish, had fallen gravely ill.
For a company already struggling to regain public trust, the
spying confession and news of
Tilikum’s ailment may prove
difficult to rebound from.


Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; data via Google as of 3/14/2016. (*Democratic
delegate counts include superdelegates, who can change their choice before the convention.)

By Brooke Kaufman
Staff Writer
As the Democratic and Republican conventions draw
near, the candidates are in
whirlwind campaign mode to
secure votes in nationwide primaries and caucuses.
On Super Tuesday, Donald
Trump and Hillary Clinton secured their leads to take home
the majority of delegates. In
the GOP race, Ted Cruz secured his second-place status
while Democrat Bernie Sanders won four states, scoring a
commanding 86% victory in
his home state of Vermont.
In the days leading up to
March 1st, commonly known
as “Super Tuesday,” chaos ensued within the Republican
The party’s frontrunner,
Donald Trump, faced multiple
attacks from his fellow candidates Ted Cruz and Marco
Rubio, who labeled Trump a
“con artist,” a “liar,” and “unfit
to run” against the likely Democratic nominee.

most damaging item to Trump
would be his support from
former Ku Klux Klan Grand
Wizard David Duke, and what
many described as his conflicted response.
After disavowing Duke’s


support (there was never a formal endorsement) at a press
conference, Trump went on
CNN’s State of the Union days
later and told Jake Tapper he
didn’t know anything about
David Duke or white supremacists endorsing him. Trump
later blamed his answer on a
bad ear-piece, telling the Today
Show he “could hardly hear
what [Tapper] was saying.”
As polls opened on March
1st, however, Trump’s supporters were unfazed by these
attacks and/or controversies,
and he managed to clinch a total of seven states by the end of
the night: Alabama, Arkansas,
Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia.
Cruz secured an unexpectedly close second place, taking three states and leaving
with only 35 delegates less
than Trump’s final 252. This
included his predicted victory
in Texas as well as unexpected
successes in Oklahoma and
Alaska. The latter coup for

Issue 6-March 18, 2016

Respecting Video
Games as a form of
Opinions, 3

The Coxless Crew
Rows Rugged

“During their journey, the
team endured a tropical
storm with waves the size
of houses, and a humpback

Sports, 4


Photojournalism, 7

Favorite Lyrics
Student Focus, 8-9

Rates of HPV
down in Women
Intl. News, 12

A Guide to
A+E, 15

See ELECTION, page 14

LJHS Increases Campus Security
A new guard will join Mr. Bueno on campus

Students overwhelmingly
voted for LJHS security
guard Mr. David Bueno as
the Staff Member of the
Photo courtesy of LJHS PTA

By Ariana Dennis
Staff Writer

English teacher Ms. Jane
Medrano (shown in her
classroom) was voted the
Teacher of the Semester
and was given her award
at the same ceremony later
that day.
Photo courtesy of Ryan Robson

La Jolla High School now
has a new security guard on
Shelly Villegas will be joining Mr. David Bueno (left)
in patrolling the campus and
keeping the school secure.
Principal Dr. Chuck Podhorsky said the process of hiring a guard has been a long
one. He has been working on it
since the start of the year.

He says that to his knowledge we have fewer security
guards than most campuses.
Mr. Bueno said, “It helps to
have someone else because she
can watch the 900 building
while I can stay at the lower
part of campus. That way we
divide the school and ensure
its safety.”
Bueno continued: “We really
need a female so she can monitor the girl’s bathrooms as I am
not allowed in there and there
is a lot of stuff going on.”

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High School Threats Are Increasing:
How To Tackle This Concerning Issue
By Sara Espinosa
After WWII, the fear of a
nuclear war led many facilities
to designate a shelter underground in case of attacks. The
cause behind these measures
was a matter of a national
threat from our enemies at the
time. The threats that plague
us today, however, often come
from our very own people.
On September 17th, 2015,
students and staff at LJHS were
forced to lock doors and crouch
under tables due to several
threatening calls that prompted 11 high schools around the
county to go into lockdown.
The calls were placed minutes
apart and contained bomb and
active-shooter threats. On February 9th, 2016, another wave
of threatening calls prompted
a lockdown in four schools.
Even though school violence
is not new to the world, it is
becoming more common and,
often, deadlier.
After the Columbine High
School massacre in 1999,
schools started to take more
precautions when it came to
threats. Lockdown procedures
were introduced to the usual
drill schedule, during which
students were taught to hide
silently in dark classrooms.
Even still, incidents such as
the one that occurred at Sandy
Hook Elementary in 2012 or,
more recently, Umpqua Community College in Oregon
in 2015, are still taking place
throughout the country. Some
blame guns; others blame the
mentally unstable. Umpqua
shooter Christopher Harper-Mercer, was a 26-year-old
student at the college. Sandy
Hook gunman Adam Lanza
was a 20-year-old who murdered his mother before going on a rampage at the local
elementary school. The fact is

that no matter who is to blame,
this is an ongoing problem that
will not go away if we don’t do
something about it. These are
serious incidents that involve
dozens, sometimes hundreds,
of injuries and deaths. Hoaxes
and jokes are only taken seriously because the lives of people are at stake.
A study conducted by The
Academy for Critical Incident
Analysis at John Jay College
showed that there were 27
school killing incidents in the
U.S. alone in the course of ten
years, while 36 countries combined together only experienced 28 in the same amount
of time. Schools are supposed
to be a safe place where students can learn without disturbances, not where they become
targets of hate and violence.
The sad reality is that mass
shootings, specifically those
involving schools, seem to
have become part of our regular lives.
People are taking advantage
of the hypersensitivity of today’s world to carry on often
elaborate but selfish plans, calling in false threats that disturb
the peace and force schools
to act. Punishment does not
seem to be severe enough to
prevent fake threats from being called in. For minors, penalties include long visits to juvenile hall, while for adults it’s
often large sums of money and
even jail time. Investigations
should be treated seriously to
find the culprit behind the act.
This will not only set the right
example, but it will ensure the
safety of school campuses, just
as airports do by not taking
bomb jokes lightly. We must
stop and reflect about the impact that these crimes impose
on our society because the boy
that cried wolf had the first
laugh, but the wolf had the last.

March 18, 2016

The Stigma Behind Prestigious
College Sweatshirt Names
By Brooke Kaufman
Staff Writer
Wearing college sweatshirts
has become a fashion trend of
Like Birkenstocks and Calvin Klein logo wear, dressing
oneself in a hoodie from your
favorite university has essentially become the sign of “cool”
among high school students in
In the past, students didn’t
begin wearing the fan gear
of their favorite schools until they were either admitted
or enrolled in the university;
it now seems, however, as if
teens from all grades of high
school are jumping on the logo-clothing bandwagon and
emptying their pockets for
gear from schools that they are
most likely to not even attend.
Seriously, if every kid that
wore a Harvard sweatshirt got
into the school, the university
would not maintain its present
acceptance rate of just 5.9%.
A hierarchy of sorts is also
involved in the college sweatshirt world. For example, wearing a Yale hoodie to school, as
opposed to one representing
a community college in Delaware, is obviously going to attract a lot more looks of appreciation due to Yale’s reputation
as one of the best and brightest
schools in the country.
It doesn’t even matter if you
want to go to Yale or not; what

matters is if you have the sense
to wear the sweatshirt that
symbolizes prestige and reputation, rather than the one
representing Delaware and its
community college system.
So, basically, the money
spent today by teens and their
parents on college gear is not
coming from a place of interest
in the school itself, but rather
from a place of sheer determination by teenagers to keep up
with high school and its ohso-ever-changing system of
And while the majority of
Harvard sweatshirt-wearers
have zero interest in actually
applying to the school, there
are the golden few that actually
care about the logo across their
chest and what it represents in
terms of their education and
An easy way to tell the difference between the fakes and the
true Ivy hopefuls? Check to see
if the clothing is from Urban
Outfitters or the university itself.
Overall, the stigma behind
college sweatshirts can best
be described as a passing fad.
While they will most likely
never be taken off the college
profit market, the probability
of their remainder as symbols
of status and popularity is slim,
and their significance is more
than likely destined to fade
away in due time.

USC and UCLA sweatshirts being sold at a Costco
Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons

How Your Opinion Can Affect How You Perceive Information
By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
In a newspaper, readers
generally expect an unbiased
stream of information to give
them background on a subject. From there, the audience
can form their own opinion on
rising controversies or news.
Some news networks, mainly
CBS and Fox News, show bias
in their stream of news concerning political and media
A study of news coverage in
2004 showed Fox News reporting more negatively towards
the Democratic convention,
and as a result many viewers
exhibited a change of attitude
that reflected a higher opinion of the Republican party. In
other studies, many Fox view-

ers were found to have misconceptions about some key
points concerning the U.S.’s
war with Iraq.
Why am I talking about Fox
news in our own newspaper,
the Hi-Tide? Recent complaints highlight one major
controversy in our paper: bias.
There are some sections of this
newspaper that have bias in
them - they’re supposed to.
Our opinions pages are full
of bias: that’s the point of an
opinions page. Our political cartoons are also biased;
they’re meant to artistically
and satirically show our opinions and try to persuade others
to form their own. Sometimes,
even our articles written for
the Features or Arts & Entertainment section are supposed

to be written with bias. How
do you write a movie review
with no personal opinion?
It is understood that an article published in our last issue has caused controversy, as
many of our articles do, but
this one was particularly problematic because it was placed
under the News section, an
ideally unbiased section. The
article titled “Bioscience Center: Ready To Break Ground”
was seen by some to show biased or faulty information.
The article, however, does
not include personal bias. The
authors of the piece did not
explicitly state their own opinion, saying “I think…” or “I
disagree…” followed by a personal statement. In fact, a lot of
the article takes care to address

both sides of the argument, including the complaints of the
teachers and also the positive
feelings they expressed. Had
the authors only explained
one side of the argument, regardless of personal statement,
then that would be biased. Instead, they showed both sides.
The only bias showed, in my
own opinion, which is a biased
opinion, is the fact that our
authors may have provided a
sympathetic tone for one side
of the issue and not the other.
In conclusion, I understand that our newspaper has
shown bias; where you see
bias, though, depends on your
opinion. In the future, we hope
to correct that and take care to
show an even distribution of


March 18, 2016

Why Apple is Right on Encryption

By Ryan Robson
News Editor
Apple CEO Tim Cook’s position
on the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone is as much about “national security” as the FBI’s.
Missing the background? What
the FBI has essentially asked Apple
to do is create a new operating system (OS) for use by law enforcement
on iPhones that would allow investigators to break into its data by “brute
force.” Once Apple delivers the iPhone with the modified software,
an FBI computer can rapidly enter
passcodes - 1111, 1112, 1113, and so
on - until it strikes a match.
The FBI says that this OS will be
used only in the case of Syed Farook’s
device, and will not create a “back
door” to encryption, the digital security process built into a locked iPhone.
If this OS is created, however, it
will have a broad and chilling effect
on the security of people against
hackers and surveillance worldwide.
The process of encryption functions much like a vault: some contents are present inside but nobody is
able to access these contents without
the correct code.
Unlike a physical lock that requires a person turning dials to guess
the combination, however, computers can feed a digital lock hundreds,
possibly even thousands, of possible
inputs per minute.
In other words, Apple will be creating a tool that would allow a safecracker to wire up a device to a vault
which will run all the possible combos and notify the cracker when the
safe is open.
This might sound like a useful
tool for our security agencies; after
all, we do want to collect any intelligence available about the shooter to
prevent more terrorist attacks in the
The problem lies in the fact that,
just like a locksmith’s universal key,
this tool has the potential to be very
dangerous if it is used outside this
terrorism investigation, and it will.

U.S. law enforcement agencies
already have hundreds of iPhones
lined up to be unlocked, likely ranging from terrorists to petty thieves,
and other judges will not hesitate to
ask Apple to use their OS “one more
time” in these cases.
Due to the borderless nature of
technology, however, the implications of such a system’s existence
would reach far beyond US jurisdiction. Such a tool would be the
beginning of a broad unraveling of
encryption - the technology that has
made our technology firms prosperous worldwide and ensured the security of our citizens and military.
Presidential candidates from
Clinton to Rubio have insisted that
they would get tech companies to sit
down with the government and figure out how to create a secure “back
door” to encrypted content, letting
agents such as those in the FBI in
(with a warrant), but keeping nefarious hackers out.
This would be virtually impossible and leave tremendous room for
We’ve already seen the damages over $35 million - to Sony Pictures
Entertainment as a result of a cyberattack that originated from North
Korea. If we were to create a true
back door, it would not be a godsend
for law enforcement; it would be an
open invitation for Chinese, Russian,
and domestic criminals and hackers
as well. Remember the celebrities
that had their private photos leaked
in 2014? If the U.S. were to loosen
personal device security, your credit
card details would be next.
Director Sam Mendes warned
viewers about the risks in the latest
Bond film, SPECTRE. Against Bond
and M’s wishes, British intelligence
erects a mass-surveillance apparatus
in London. Unbeknownst to them,
a criminal agency taps into the data
stream from a remote desert and
uses the powerful information obtained by the “good guys” to wreak
havoc upon the world. So it goes…?
More practically, an encryption

Meat The Future:

back door would cripple the U.S.
technology industry. In 2015, the
European Court of Justice invalidated the U.S.-E.U. Safe Harbor
framework. That decision forbade
companies from storing European
Union citizens’ data on American
soil, where it would be subject to
the surveillance revealed by Edward
Snowden. As a result of this landmark decision, Google and Facebook
have already begun building massive
new data centers in Europe, moving
technology jobs and influence away
from North America.
Another unintended consequence
would be the erosion of civil liberties in authoritarian countries. If
the FBI’s wish is granted, China and
a host of other nations would show
up and demand Apple provide them
with the same tool.
Perhaps most important of all,
we must realize that encryption
transcends legal or legislative restrictions. It is an outgrowth of the
field of mathematics. If we were to
(hypothetically) outlaw encryption
in the land of the free, exposing
our emails and notes and photos to
surveillance and cyberattacks, there
would still be absolutely nothing to
prevent terrorists from creating their
own encrypted apps and services far
further outside our control than Silicon Valley-based companies. In fact,
it would probably be a great revenue
stream for them!
There is a reason why so many are
standing firm against the FBI on this
matter. Google, Facebook, Twitter,
AT&T, and eBay are just a few who
have joined with Apple to resist the
FBI’s intrusion on our real national
“[FBI Director Jim Comey] would
like a back door available to American law enforcement in all devices globally,” said former NSA chief
General Michael Hayden.
“And, frankly, I think on balance
that actually harms American safety
and security, even though it might
make Jim's job a bit easier in some
specific circumstances.”

Could Our Meat Production Move to Laboratories?

By Alexa Kideys
Staff Writer
Today, meat is still part of a
central diet around the world.
As the world consumption rate
of meat grows higher and higher each year, it becomes harder
for food industries to keep up
with the rate of demand.
A solution to this, however,
appeared just last year when
a Dutch team of researchers
from Maastricht University
successfully grew the world’s
first burger in a lab. This new
lab grown meat is known as
in-vitro meat.
Even though this is a monumental triumph in the field
of science, the topic of actually distributing and consuming
this “lab meat” is quite controversial.
The main problem is that
most people are off-put by the
very idea of their meat coming from a petridish because
it’s “unnatural.” This argument
doesn’t hold up well because if
you think about it, isn’t most of
the food we eat on a daily basis even more unnatural? With
all the processing, GMO’s, and
chemicals we ingest day-to-

day, lab grown meat is far more
natural, seeing as it uses the
original stem cells of healthy
The idea that in-vitro meat
would be unsafe is also invalid
because the FDA would need
to perform numerous tests in
order to approve its safety before it could ever hit the market.
Another argument many
have is that producing in-vitro meat will be too expensive
since it is such a new technology. This is true, but although
the installation of this new
technology may be expensive
at first, it would eventually pay
off in a short amount of time
and thus provide a cheaper,
more efficient way to produce
meat since these industries
would now be able to cut the
costs of the maintenance,
space, and the time consuming nature of generating meat.
In-vitro meat would also produce less waste, which is great
for the environment seeing as
the amount of waste is increasing year after year.
Growing meat in labs would
also prove to be eco-friendly

because it would reduce the
land degradation that occurs
when we decide to raise livestock on areas with fertile soil
that could be used for growing
An additional benefit of lab
grown meat is that it is more
sanitary, since labs are cleaner than farms, where diseases
such as swine flu can develop
and be transmitted to humans
when contaminated meat is
eaten. It also would be healthier because scientists have full
control over the fat and nutritional content in the meat they
The positives of using in-vitro meat in place of naturally
grown meat largely outweigh
any possible “negatives.” If
you’re not convinced, just
think of how many animals
you’ll save by not ingesting the
meat of an innocent animal,
but something that was created by people without harming
animals instead.
Lab grown meat is likely to
become a central source for
meat within the next few years
whether you like it or not, so
prepare to meat the future.



Video Games
As A Form of Narrative
Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons

By Austin Iverson
Staff Writer
In today’s society we have
as many ways to ingest content
and media as we can think of.
Some prefer the episodic style
of television, the experience
of going to the theaters and
watching a movie on the big
screen, or the imagination and
freedom a reader is allowed in
books. My personal favorite
method of storytelling, however, is video games. Now before
you stop reading this because
of what I just said, hear me out.
The majority of people I’ve
met who I try to convince of
the legitimacy of video games
as a form of storytelling, laugh
in my face. This isn’t their fault,
though; this is just the way society views video games and is
similar to any other stereotype.
The only exposure they get to
video games are for the big
budget advertisements on TV
from games like Call of Duty.
They don’t understand how
something in the same category as Call of Duty, something
that to them seems like mindless gun worship and violence,
could tell a heart-felt story. The
truth is, though, just like video
games have the Call of Duty's,
television, movies, and books
have The Real Housewives of
(enter city here), the Transformers series and The Notebook. Every medium of storytelling has its version of “junk
food,” or things you might enjoy but know contain little to
no substance in comparison to
other, more substantial offerings available.
And just as video games
have their versions of junk
food, they also have substantial
offerings as well. The majority
of video games are made for
a more mature audience with
the purpose of telling a story or
bringing emotions out of the
player. The Last of Us is a game
about a man named Joel living
in a bleak depiction of society
overrun by zombies. His task is
to escort a girl named Ellie to
a laboratory halfway across the
infected United States because
she is seemingly immune to
the virus. In the beginning, he
views it as a routine smuggling
operation, but over the course
of the journey you watch their
relationship grow and blossom
to the point that they develop
a father-daughter type relationship where Joel would do
absolutely anything to ensure
Ellie’s survival.
In Red Dead Redemption,

you play as John Marston,
an outlaw in the Wild West
promised amnesty by the Federal Bureau of Investigation
if he brings the other three
members of his former gang
to justice. It’s a gripping tale
of revenge that puts the player
in the American frontier circa
1911, controlling a man who
fits the bill for the archetypal
cowboy hero as the wild west
fades around him and he is
surpassed by technology.
Not only do many video
games tell excellent stories,
their method of doing so is
also unrivaled by any other
medium. A video game can
run from around 4 hours long
to 200 in some extreme cases. This means that the player
has that much more time to
develop a relationship with
the characters. The Last of Us
took me about 20 hours to
beat, meaning 20 hours I spent
watching Joel and Ellie’s relationship evolve from strangers,
to friends, to father-daughter,
to Ellie gaining the confidence
she needs to support herself
while Joel is injured and Joel
eventually returning the favor.
When you spend 20 hours
with two of the best written
and acted characters in all of
storytelling, you become intensely attached and care that
much deeper about every little
thing that happens to them.
This aspect of bonding with
the characters for extended
periods of time is, in my mind,
one of the biggest examples of
what sets video games apart
from other mediums of telling
An aspect of story unique
to video games is interactivity. When you play a game, you
are immersed in the world and
believe for a little while that
you are the character projected
on the screen. In some games,
you even make the character’s
decisions within the narrative
that directly and immensely
shape the game’s story, adding
even another layer of identity
with the characters not offered
in film or books.
When the player is immersed in the game world,
relating with the characters
they control, and making story altering decisions, climactic
moments of triumph, sorrow,
and death carry that much
more emotional weight. Video
games are a form of art with
excellent narrative that deserve to be regarded equally
among other mediums.



Girls Water Polo
Swim to CIF

By Maia Pearl
Staff Writer
The La Jolla Women’s Varsity
Water Polo team has had a very
successful season consisting
of 25 wins so far. The season
started with two tournaments
in Orange County (El Durado
and El Nino). The girls placed
first in both.
The team remained undefeated until they played our
rivals, The Bishop’s School, on
the 14th of January. The game
was incredibly close, with La
Jolla leading the whole game.
Bishop’s managed to tie up the
score in the last couple seconds.
The game went into over
time (two 3-minute periods),
and both teams scored. The
game then went into sudden
death, where whichever team
scores first, wins. Unfortunately, Bishop’s was the first to
score, winning the game 10-9.
The next time our girls played
the Knights, we came out victorious with a 6-5 win. 

The season consisted of lots
of hard work and training, including swim practices before
school, lifting weights after
practice, and working with a
mental skills coach to improve
both their mental as well as
their physical game. Their hard
work has really paid off, as the
Lady Vikes seeded first in the
open division, for CIF. On Sat-

urday, January 20th, they beat
El Camino 11-3. On Thursday
the 25th, the girls played Valhalla, and emerged victorious,
the final score was 14-6. CIF
finals took place Saturday,
the 27th. The La Jolla Vikings
played the Bishops Knights.
The game started off with
Bishop’s scoring the first goal.
Ciara Franke scored the Viking’s first goal, the quarter
ended with Bishop’s in the lead,
2-1. Sydney Boland scored the
first goal of the second quarter.
It was an amazing shot, with
a girl on her back; she lobbed
it over the goalie, bringing the
game to a tie. Bishop’s then
scored 2 more goals, and at
half time the score was 4-2. In
the third quarter, Karli Canale scored our third goal. The
third quarter ended with Bishop’s still in the lead, 4-3. Bishop’s scored their fifth goal in
the fourth quarter.
Lexi Atwell scored the final
goal of the game, leaving us
at 5-4. The La Jolla Vikings
played their hearts out, and
finished as the second runner
up. Katy Koenig, a freshman
on varsity, is remaining positive about the situation. “We
worked so hard for the title
and it’s heart-breaking to not
come in first. I know we will
train very hard over the summer and next season, and kick
their butts next year at CIF!” 


March 18, 2016

Men’s Basketball, Women’s Baseball, Men’s
Tennis and Men’s Baseball. Just a few of the
sports “springing” into action this season.
Photos Courtesy of Karla Quevedo

Photo Courtesy of Muir Image Photography

The Coxless Crew Rows Rugged
British Women Row Across the Pacific Ocean, Only Stopping Twice
in Hawaii and the Samoan Islands

By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
Aboard the Doris, a 29 footlong boat, a team of six British
women, called The Coxless
Crew, endured the experience
of rowing tirelessly for 9,200
miles across the Pacific Ocean.
Their goal? To reach Australia in just 257 days, including
two stops at Hawaii and the
Samoan islands. These women crossed the finish line at
Cairns in Queensland city.
The founder of the Coxless
Crew, Laura Penhaul, 32, is a

physiotherapist working for
the British Paralympics Athletics, as well as a marathon
runner, cyclist, and triathlete.
Natalia Cohen, 40, is an adventure tour leader and manager
with experience in more than
50 countries.
Emma Mitchell, 30, has
rowed for England. She is an
ex-Cambridge Blue with experience from competing in the
Boat Race. Isabel Burnham, 31,
has also rowed for Cambridge,
and was with the team for the
first leg, from San Francisco to
Hawaii. Lizanne van Vuuren,

27, an osteopath, was with the
crew for the second leg, from
Hawaii to Samoa. Finally, Meg
Dyos, the youngest crew member at 25, helped the crew finish from Samoa to Cairns.
The expedition had originally been planned to only
take six months, but even after setbacks, the crew has set
two world records; the first
all-female team, and the first
team in general to row the Pacific with only four members
on board. The crew split into
pairs, with two women rowing
at once for two hours, while

the others took 90-minute
naps. This amounted to twelve
hours of rowing a day, and six
hours of sleep.
To keep energy levels afloat,
each woman consumed 5,000
calories per day via freeze
dried meals, protein bars,
chocolate, fruits, nuts, and desalinated seawater (and all the
women still lost weight).
Sleeping in a cabin the size
of a two-person tent, the crew
used this space as a kitchen,
living room, dining room,
and office. Activities like tooth
brushing and changing clothes

had to take place lying down
or leaning over the deck, as the
cabin was too low to stand in.
During their journey, the
team endured a tropical storm
with waves the size of houses,
and a humpbacked whale that
breached only yards from their
boat. Each member lasted
through painful sores, extreme
heat, and muscle fatigue. All of
this for a good cause; not only
did they set world records,
the Coxless Crew was raising
money for two charities and
filming a documentary titled
“Losing Sight of Shore.”


March 18, 2016


By Jenna Cunningham
Staff Writer
February 23, 2016, will go
down in NASCAR history as
one of the greatest Daytona
500 finishes in its 58 year-long
history. First time Daytona 500
winner Denny Hamlin was
able to hold off second place
contender Martin Truenx, Jr.,
in the final moments of the 4
hour race. Coming as an even
bigger shock to fans, the long
time leader and 2015 Daytona champ, Joey Logano, was
bumped out of 1st and finished
the race in the 6th place slot.
This win comes as a first to
both Hamlin and Joe Gibbs

Racing, and also stands as
owner Gibbs’ first personal
win in 23 years.
While speaking with reporters, Hamlin credited his teammate Matt Kenneth as someone who was a tremendous
help to him through the race.
Once in the final lap, Hamlin
was able to “get a run on the
outside and squeeze by setting
up the photo finish,” beating
out Truenx, Jr., by 0.011 seconds, the closest finish in Daytona history.
According to USA Today,
Hamlin was quoted saying of
his win: “I don't know where
that came from. I can’t even

figure out what I did. It all just
came together…”
Though the finish was close
and for some questionable,
second place contender Marti
Truenx, Jr., was nothing but a
good sport saying, “[I’m] really proud of everybody. Really
proud of the teamwork with
the guys. We’re team players,
and we’re in it for the long
haul. Congrats to Denny. He
beat me by a couple of feet.”
This win sets up Hamlin and
his team for the “Chase for the
Sprint Cup” on February 28, a
race that he has previously finished in the top 5 three of the
past 4 years.

By Maia Pearl
Staff Writer
The La Jolla High Men’s Varsity Basketball team competed
in the CIF finals against La
Jolla Country Day on Friday,
March 4. This was an epic way
to finish out their 19-11 season.
Head coach Paul Baranoski
had some interesting tactics
for helping the boys succeed.
As well as lifting weights, Baranoski had them practice yoga.
Charlie Gal, a sophomore,
enjoyed the yoga. He believes
that yoga is a nice break since
basketball can be exhausting,
both physically and mentally.
He also says that “It helps us
to stay fresh and be less sore
throughout the season.” 

Some of the big games that

the team took part in were
against our rival school, The
Bishop’s School, as well as
Lincoln High and University
City High. The Vikings prevailed against Bishop’s with a
59-51 score. La Jolla earned
their 14th victory of the season against Lincoln. Finally,
the team crushed UC, on their
senior night, coming through
with a 55-47 win. 

As the season wound down
into CIF, the boys played 3
games before their final match.
They played against Canyon
Crest Academy, Helix High,
and West Hills. The last game
was against La Jolla Country Day, which took place at
USD. The boys were up with a
10-point lead at half time, with
a score of 37-27. Somehow

LJCD took the lead, and the
score in the last minute was
64-59. After La Jolla Country Day managed another 2
points, Reed Farely was fouled,
stepped up and took 2 free
throws. This brought the final
score of the game to a devastating 66-61. 

This game was truly heart
breaking, although Reed Farely kept a positive outlook on
“It was an awesome season,
and one of the most successful
ones we’ve had in a while. We
were able to pick up the momentum going into the postseason, which is what really
mattered. I feel like we all grew
individually, and collectively,
which gave us the opportunity
to make it as far as we did.”

LJ Boys Varsity Basketball Takes CIF 

Photo Courtesy of Reyman Photography

After 18 Years, Manning Has Said His
Long-Awaited Farewell
By Jessica Penner
Staff Writer
After 18 incredible years as
an NFL quarterback, Peyton
Manning says that it's time to
retire. During his retirement
speech, Manning thanked his
family, his teams and coaches,
and, most of all, his fans.
He said that fans “are at the
core of what makes this game
remarkable.” He thanked them
for their continued support

and for giving him a voice on
the field and off. Not only will
people recognize and remember Manning for his playing
but also for his active role in
other public affairs. He has
been in numerous commercials, most recently the Nationwide commercials.
His career has been incredible and is a model for aspiring
athletes all over. He had a short
amount of time to thank two

NFL teams and the University
of Tennessee.
He also tried to summarize
his 18 seasons, 5 MVP awards,
two Super Bowl wins, and a
slew of records.
Manning summed up his
career briefly but memorably:
"Well, I fought the good fight.
I've finished my football race
and after 18 years, it's time.
God bless all of you and God
bless football.''



Is Bigger Really
By Nora Becker

Staff Writer
Are American football players obese? The short answer,
by BMI standards, is yes. Researchers Jeffrey Potteiger
and Maggie McGowan-Stinski
published a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research that concluded
that from 1942 to 2011 the
average weight of professional
linebackers has increased by
60 pounds.
Some refreshers: a linebacker puts the “tackle” in “tackle
football.” They’re tall and big.
BMI, or Body Mass Index, is
a measure of body fat. It’s taken by dividing the body mass
by the square of the height. A
BMI of over 30 constitutes a
person as obese. It doesn’t account, however, for the fact
that muscle is denser than fat.
A person gaining muscle may
gain weight, causing their BMI
to increase. For muscle-heavy
people such as NFL players, a
high BMI doesn’t necessarily
equate to being unhealthy. 

But being an athlete doesn’t
necessarily equate to being immune to disease either. Metabolic Syndrome is a collection
of at least three of the following factors, which raise the
risk for heart disease, diabetes,
and stroke: abdominal obesity, high triglyceride levels, low
HDL (or “good”) cholesterol

levels, high blood pressure,
and high blood sugar.
A 2008 study done by the
Cardiovascular Institute at
Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York found that
nearly 60% of former NFL
linemen had Metabolic Syndrome, compared to less than
one-third of the general population of the same age. Football
players also had a 52% greater
chance of dying from cardiovascular disease than the general public. 

While NFL players have
gotten heavier throughout the
years, so have Americans as
a whole, as the percentage of
obese citizens rises. Players
today also have conveniences
that weren’t available to those
in previous years: modern nutrition like protein drinks, improved training tactics, and an
overall better understanding
of body chemistry. No matter
the cause of this development,
the possibility of a debilitating
future is always looming. Risks
such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and the inability
to lose weight may exceed the
fame and glory of an NFL career. 

So while it is true that current NFL players’ BMI scores
are significantly higher than
they were 20 years ago, and
that the players are physically
much larger, the long answer is
more complex.

Steph... Back at it
Again With
the Broken Records
By Shayna Kobrinetz

Staff Writer
On Thursday, February 25,
Golden State Warriors star
Stephen Curry broke another
record: the most consecutive
games with at least one 3-point
shot, making it his 128th consecutive game with a 3-pointer.
He broke Kyle Korver’s previous record of 127 consecutive
When asked about the record after the game, Curry
wasn’t aware that he had broken the record and said, “That’s
a pretty outrageous number,
I think. That’s crazy—every
night you’re hitting a three.
Whether you’re shooting well
or not, you’re still finding a
way to knock down at least
one. The longevity of that record is pretty remarkable.”
In addition to a consecutive
game record, out of the last
204 games Curry has played,
he’s made a 3-pointer in 203
of them, and in his 471 career
games, he’s made a 3-pointer
in 437 of them. 

With the best all-around

player in the nation, the Warriors are certainly having an
exciting and memorable season, currently holding a 54-5
record and hoping to beat the
’95-’96 Chicago Bulls 72-10 record at the end of the season.
Despite Curry’s talents, the
star didn’t have the traditional big-name college experience like many of his Warriors
teammates such as Draymond
Green (Michigan State) and
Andre Iguodala (University of
Arizona) did.
Curry played for Davidson
College, a small liberal arts
school in North Carolina. Despite his somewhat humble beginnings, the 3- time NBA AllStar has benefited the Warriors
immensely. As a key component of the “Splash Brothers”,
a duo comprised of Curry and
Klay Thompson, he’s contributed to Warriors long string of
high scoring games (100 point
and more). Without the help of
his record-breaking ways, the
Warriors certainly would not
be the championship team that
they are with him.




March 18, 2016

Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan
Courtesy of Tanner Ford

“Are you new here?”

Courtesy of Natalie Miller
Courtesy of Tanner Ford


March 18, 2016








Photos 1, 2, 7, & 8 courtesy of Oliver Dillard
Photos 3, 5, 6 courtesy of Max Davey
Photos 4, 9 Julia Walton







March 18, 2016

Lili Davis (11): “All the money you made will never buy
back your soul”
- Masters Of War by Bob Dylan
Preston Weber (11): “He said me haffi work, work, work, work,
work, work! He see me do me dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt!”
- Work by Rihanna
Jakob Kerns (12): “You turn to me in all your worldly greed
and pride, but will you turn to me when it’s your turn to die.”
- Lord of This World by Black Sabbath
Sadie Lee (10): “Si yo fuera un chico”
- If I Were a Boy by Beyonce

Ally Lopez (12): “It’s the climb”
- The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Jillian Murray (12): “To be a true player you have
to know how to play”
- It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy
Ryan Robson (11): “Diamonds are Forever”
- Diamonds are Forever by Shirley Bassey

LeeLee Goodjohn (11): “Baby you’re a big blue whale”
- Badfish by Sublime

Shannon Howard (11): “Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis,
Fendi Fendi, Prada”
- Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn
Charlotte Riedler (12): “Pure, lovely allure a lady Aurora,
Monsieur my eyes are wide”
- Miss Amor by Azealia Banks
Roy Flores (12): “You can be this mean when you look this
- Classic Man by Jidenna
Finely Chen (11): “And she’s buying a stairway to heaven”
- Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

Tristan Macelli (12): “What do you believe in, heaven or hell
You don’t believe in heaven cause we’re living in hell”
-Heaven & Hell by Raekwon
Linda Nunez (12): “Don’t wanna let you down. But I am hell
bound” -Demons by Imagine Dragons

Vivi Bonomie (12): Softer than baby hair, why you
acting tough heard you work at Build-a-Bear”
- Muthaf**ka Up by Tyga
Mr. Essex: “And you read your Emily Dickinson, And I my Robert
Frost, And we note our place with bookmarkers, That measure
what we've lost”
- The Dangling Conversation by Simon & Garfunkel



Interviews by Staff Writers Austin
Iverson, Georgie Morris, Ariana Dennis,
Jillian Murray, Jenna Cunningham,
Maia Pearl & Shayna Kobrinetz

Sophia Ross (11): “So she buys instant cake and she burns
her frozen steak and goes running for shelter of a mothers
little helper”
- Mother’s Little Helper by Rolling Stones
Francois Ercolani (10): “I knew it as a child, that
this was my destiny”
- My Destiny by Logic
Khalil Eley (11): “The Shareef don’t like it”
- Rock the Cashah by The Clash

Xiao Bao Bao (12): “All I wanted was a pepsi, just one pepsi.”
- Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies

Austin Iverson (12): “Nobody’s perfect, I gotta work it,
again and again ‘till I get it right”
-Nobody’s Perfect by Hannah Montana
Lauren Hibbs (12): “Some people drink pepsi, some people drink
coke, the wacky morning DJ says democracy is a joke”
- Comfort Eagle by Cake
Malia Moore (12): “She loves the natural light,
captured in black and white.”
- Monday Morning by Death Cab For Cutie
Heloise Carion (11): You can’t see me, my time is now”
- John Cena Theme Song by John Cena

Ethan McArthur (11): “Sleeping all day, staying
up all night”
- Ocean Ave by Yellow card
Paul Vickery (12): “I’m on the highway to hell”
- Highway to Hell by ACDC

Shane Pauker (11): “There’s only music so that there’s
new ringtones”
- A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys
Jenna Simon (12): “You left your fridge open, I took a sandwich”
- Wolves by Kanye West

Mr. Bankert: “The best you can is good enough”
- Optimistic by Radiohead

March 18, 2016



Riley Vickers (11): “There ain’t no rest for the wicked”
- Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant
Aquarius Burke (12): “Heroes always get remembered, but
you know legends never die”
- Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At the Disco
Eric Haerr (12): “Heaven knows I’m miserable now”
- Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now by The Smiths

Annemarie Allen (12): “Some call it arrogant
I call it confident”
- Ego by Beyonce
Alex Drew (12): “Hello”
- Hello by Adele

Rebecca Ryan (12): “I like the in-betweens I like the time it
takes to get somewhere”
- Cough it Out by the Front Bottoms
Zerina Burovic (12): “And it’s hard to be a human being,
and it’s harder as anything else”
- Baby Blue Sedan by Modest Mouse
Ross Shepherd (12): “Keep away from-a runaround Sue”
- Runaround Sue by Dion

Alyssa Burnley (12): “Drop it like its hot”
- Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg
Ethan Lerner (11): “Living life in the fast lane, moving at the
speed and I can’t slow down. Only got a gallon in the gas
tank, but I’m at the finish line so I can’t stop now”
- Fast Lane by Bad Meets Evil
Steven Lee (11): “Come out ye Black and Tans
Come out and fight me like a man”
- Come Out Ye Black and Tans by The Wolfe Tones
Sara Shapiro (11): “Mind your own biscuits
and life will be gravy”
- Biscuits by Kacey Musgraves
Ian Rodriguez (12): “I ain’t happy, I’m feeling
glad. I got sunshine in a bag”
- Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz
Nessie Navarro (12): “If you’re going to San Francisco,
be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”
- If You’re Going to San Francisco by Scott McKenzie
Shealie Brew (12): " Just as every cop is a criminal, And all the
sinners saints, As heads is tails, Just call me Lucifer, Cause I'm
in need of some restraint
- Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones

Mr. Boyd: “Wherever there’s a cop beatin’ a guy, Wherever a
hungry newborn baby cries, Where there’s a fight ‘gainst the
blood and hatred in the air, Look for me Mom I’ll be there”
- The Ghost Of Tom Joad by Bruce Springsteen




Fashion Week Recap
By Brooke Kaufman
Staff Writer
New York, London, Milan, and Paris. These are the
“big four”, the fashion capitals of the world. Each year,
in these cities, and many
more, the fashion industry
presents its yearly phenomenon of fashion week.
During these times, various designers, brands, or
“houses” display their latest
collections in runway shows
to buyers and the media.
Like clockwork, A-list movie
stars, musicians, and models flock to the front rows
of their favorite catwalk parades to see what’s “in” and
“out” for the season.
This year’s fashion week
spectacular began in New
York. Designers’ presentations officially began on
February 3rd; however, the
big names of the industry,
like Vera Wang, Michael
Kors, Naeem Khan, and
Calvin Klein, essentially
saved the best for last by
holding their shows at the
end of New York’s parade of
all clothing items.
After a seemingly endless
marathon of catwalk shows

and presentations, fashion
critics laid out what they
thought to be the top new
trends. From velvet, off-theshoulder, and extra-long
sleeves, to the comeback of
logos and a whole lot of fur,
NYFW didn’t fail to deliver.
After NYFW, came London Fashion Week. With
a decidedly less big-name
approach, this British version of the fashion phenomenon has always been a tad

less flashy than that of New
York’s. Designers such as
TOPSHOP UNIQUE, Mulberry, Alexander McQueen,
and Burberry held some of
the week’s more heavily anticipated shows.
Up next was Milan- the

third of the “big four” to
host its fashion week. Popular designers such as Prada, Gucci, Fendi, and Versace presented their eclectic
Spring 2016 collections
through the rehearsed walks
of runway giants such as
Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner,
and Jourdan Dunn.
A variety of inspirations
were used when designers were thinking up their
presentations, as evident in
the diversity between catwalk shows. A marker of
today’s ever-present social
media obsession arrived in
the form of “Snapchat takeovers” at this year’s fashion
week presentations.
Multiple designers enlisted celebrities and models to promote their shows
through the use of the social
media ploy, which proved
largely successful for the
fashion brands because of
the app’s enormous following.

Overall, even though
Fashion Week 2016 came
to a close, the presentations
thus far have succeeded in
both delighting and shocking fashion followers from
around the globe.

March 18, 2016

Trendy Times

By Jade Moujaes
Staff Writer

Thrift Shops

brands, including extremely
discounted Free People and
Urban Outfitters attire.
As a busy high school Both men and women
student, there are plenty of clothes and accessories are
things to spend your money on sale. This is also a great
on including concerts, food, place to look if you need a
gas, and of course clothes.
one-of-a-kind outfit for any

Since most students that
have a job only make minimum wage, saving money
is essential to being able to
do everything you and your
friends want to do.
Thrift shops are a great
way to get unique, when it
comes to fashion clothes,
while at the same time not
completely emptying your
Cream of the Crop is a
vintage consignment shop
located on 4683 Cass Street.
The clothes are mainly
geared towards women,
but if you are looking for a
unique piece that brings the
past into the present, than
this is the shop to go to. The
prices ranges are very good

festival or concert.
If you have any clothes
you don’t wear anymore, the
store is constantly buying,
which means you can sell
your old clothes and use that
money to get new clothes.
While you are checking
out Buffalo Exchange in
Hillcrest, you might want to
stop by Flashbacks located
on 3849 Fifth Avenue.
Flashbacks is known for
their creative, retro clothes.
They are the place to go if
you are looking for a statement piece or a cool costume for a party.
Although you may not find
your everyday look there, it
is a fun store to look into.
Of course if all else fails,

for the genuine vintage wear
they sell, and the workers
are quite nice when it comes
to customer services.
Buffalo Exchange has two
locations, one on 3862 Fifth
Avenue and another on
Recipe Courtesy of Saveur
1079 Garnet Avenue. This
store offers modern day

there is always a Goodwill
around, such as the one on
7631 Girard.
Thrift stores are clever
ways to expressive yourself
without spending your entire paycheck. Hopefully
this time, the outfit will cost
less than the concert ticket.

Recipe of the Month:
Sweet Cream Scones

By Sophia Dorfsman
Student Focus Editor

flour until it forms pea-size
crumbles. Pour in the cream
and stir until the dough just
comes together. Scrape the
Makes 2 Dozen
dough onto a lightly floured
work surface and, using
5 cups all-purpose flour, your hands, form it into a
flat block and let rest for 5
plus more
½ cup sugar
Fold the dough in half
2 tbsp. baking powder
(like closing a book), press
½ tsp. salt
14 tbsp. chilled unsalted into a flat block once again
butter, cut into ½ inch cubes and then let rest for 5 more
2 ½ cups chilled heavy minutes. Using a rolling pin,
flatten the dough using a 1
7/8 inch round cutter, cut
1 large egg, lightly beaten
Jam and Clotted Cream for out rounds of dough and
transfer to parchment paper-lined baking sheets,
In a large bowl, whisk spaced 2 inches apart. Place
the flour with the sugar, the baking sheets in the
baking powder, and salt. freezer and freeze the scones
Add the butter and, using for 20 minutes.
Heat the oven to 400˚F.
your fingers, rub it into the

Remove the scones from
the freezer and, using a pastry brush, lightly brush the
top of each scone with some
of the beaten egg. Bake the
scones, rotating halfway
through, until risen and
golden brown, about 20
minutes. Transfer the baking sheets to a rack and let
the scones cool. Serve with
the jam and clotted cream.


March 18, 2016

Dear Donna

A New Face for


This Month’s Theme: Social Stress

By Rebecca Ryan
Staff Writer

Barbie dolls have been the
standard toy for young girls
for decades. With a recent
spike in body positivity,
Barbie dolls have been criticized for their unhealthy expectations placed on girls at
such a young age, and likewise young boys; representing Ken as athletic and buff.

Studies have recently
shown that if Barbie were
a real person, she would be
extremely unhealthy, and so
disproportionate she would
be forced to walk on all
The Mattel Toy Corporation, also owners of Hot
Wheels, has apparently
heard the cries of inequality, as they came out with a
line of new dolls with diverse body types, and have
changed their slogan to,
“Imagination comes in all
shapes and sizes. That’s why
the world of Barbie is evolving”.
Senior vice president Evelyn Mazzocco said in a press
release, “We are excited to
literally be changing the face
of the brand, these new dolls
represent a line that is more
reflective of the world girls
see around them, the variety in body type, skin tones
and style allows girls to find
a doll that speaks to them.”
The line includes three
new body shapes ranging
in height and weight. The
dolls also now are available
in seven skin tones, 22 eye
colors and shapes, and 24
The original stick-thin,
white, and blonde doll has
come a long way since its release in 1959, and it couldn’t
have come sooner, as their
net worth has been falling
in the recent years.
However, the company’s
shares jumped nearly 6 percent in after-hours trading
last Monday after the release
of the new line. While the
changes made and inspired
and finally inclusive, we can
only hope that the standard
of beauty will change sooner
rather than later.
This first step of reaching
all demographics is a great
start in helping young girls
understand that all body
types and skin colors are
beautiful, but our modern
society still has a long way
to go.


I’m going through a rough about being friends again.
breakup, how do I get over
Now it’s time to go out
with your friends, have a fun
time, and treat yourself to
your favorite foods. During
Breakups are always bound this time it’s essential to
to hurt, but I believe there have a supportive friend to
are a few things you can do remind you that relationto make getting over some- ships between friends are
one a little easier.
just as important as romanFirst off, the most import- tic ones.
ant thing to do after a breakup is give each other space. Love, Donna
Although the distance will
be difficult to maintain What steps do I take if I feel
when you are used to seeing threatened at school?
the other person so often, -Worried Student
not seeing the person every
day is the only way you will
If you ever feel unsafe at
be able to get them out of school, my advice would
your daily thoughts.
be to stay out of situations
I understand that going where you may interact with
to school with your ex may the people who are bullying
make this hard to do, but you or making you feel unboth of you need to pro- safe in any way.
cess your emotions before
If their are people who
you can even begin to think often yell names at you or

throw things, make sure to
avoid those areas and walk
away when they try to insult
I think that if you can avoid
confrontation that would be
best, but if they continue to
insult or bully you then it
would probably be best to
talk to administration anonymously. It is crucial to have
friends with you when you
go places that make you feel
The best thing you can do
is surround yourself with
a few good friends to keep
you protected and give you
Love, Donna
Want to ask Donna a question? Email her at with
your question. Your name
will remain anonymous.

Morality Codes Can’t Stop Women From
By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
In the Middle Eastern
state, morality codes prevent
young women from painting their nails too brightly,
wearing too much makeup
or essentially anything that
could be seen as enticing to
men. This includes dancing.
Before the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Iran had
funded their arts under the
direction of the Shah, or
emperor of Iran.

They especially liked
dance classes like Ballet,
which includes Western
discipline that was appreciated. When the Shah’s government was overthrown,
the Iranian National Ballet
Company was disbanded,
and Ballet was seen as sinful. The dancers of the company fled the country.
However, some dancers
refused to flee the country,
and despite the danger of
continuing to dance, they

did it anyway. The dancers hold classes secretly in
abandoned hospital basements, office blocks, or silently in teacher’s homes.
Most of the time, teachers
won’t even play music, because it is too risky. Instead,
they count for their dancers. It’s not only dance that
is banned in Iran, its also
music that makes your body
move or gives you any sort
of pleasure.
Sometimes, classes are
broken up by police officers,
many of whom didn’t get a
big enough bribe from the
teachers. The government
only seems to care about
dancing if they don’t receive
compensation; but if you
pay bribes, then dancing in
secret cannot be a sin.
For some students, taking
part in these classes could
mean expulsion from university. Some teachers even
become too open about
their classes, trying to advertise by handing out busi-

ness cards on the street.
The secret is closely
guarded from friends and
even family members, and
shoemakers have become
scarce and secret as well.
One shoemaker claims that
she cannot be arrested for
making shoes, for that isn’t
Recently, dancing has
become more public, and
some dancers have even
given shows-only for other
women, however, men cannot see the performance.
And just like the classes,
performance requires bribe
Dancing remains a sinful
practice in Iran, and genuine
progress becomes increasingly difficult as the line
between right and wrong is
challenged and blurred with
bribe money. But for now,
the dance classes continue in secret, and ballerinas
continue to move against
and resist the rule that denies dancing and expression

Everything Saint
Patrick’s Day
By Jade Moujaes
Staff Writer
Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th
and was originally made a
Christian feast day in the
17th century.
Saint Patrick is the patron
saint of Ireland, but is ironically not of Irish decent and
was born in Great Britain.
He was taken to Ireland
as a slave, escaped his captors, arrived back at Great
Britain, and then chose to
return to Ireland to spread
Christianity and help the
The reason shamrocks
are associated with Saint
Patrick’s Day is due to the
biblical story that tells how
Saint Patrick used the threeleafed clover to explain the
Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is a Christian ideology
that there is three persons
in one God: the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Spirit.
The color green is traditionally worn due to its
usage during the 1798 rebellion against British rule
where the United Irishmen,
a republican organization,
wore green as a sign of Irish
nationalism. Many United
Irishmen supporters were
executed for wearing the
color green.
There is also a reason why
people drink so much besides the fun of partying.
Because Saint Patrick’s Day
is a feast day to honor Saint
Patrick’s death, Christians
are allowed to put aside
their Lenten restrictions on
food and alcohol consumption.
If you are unaware of what
Lent is, it is a Catholic practice of giving up something
for the forty days leading up
to Easter Sunday. This interruption of fasting made
drinking a permanent part
of the holiday.
Whether you are Irish or
not, there are plenty of fun
activities to do in order to
celebrate the great nation of
Ireland. There are popular
Saint Patrick’s Day parades,
children look for leprechauns, and food starts to
look like its straight out of a
Dr. Seuss book.
Websites like,,
and have
great food and craft ideas to
make the holiday fun, exciting, and festive.




Rates of HPV Decreasing in Women

HPV rates in decline due to a new vaccine, which some parents oppose
By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer

anal cancer, genital warts, and
for women, provide protection
against cervical cancer.
In an interview with USA
Today, lead researcher Lauri
Markowitz explained that as

The Human Papillomavirus
(HPV) is a sexually transmitted disease that can be contracted through skin
on skin contact. It results in genital warts,
which can mutate into
both anal and cervical
cancer. It can be passed
even when the carrier
has no symptoms or
signs, and can develop a long time after
initial infection, making it difficult to trace.
The Center for Disease
Control and Prevention claims that 80 million people in the U.S.
alone are infected, and
about 14 million people contract the virus
Photos Courtesy of WikiCommons
HPV rates, however, are decreasing. The vac- expected, a decrease in HPV
cine administered to young has occurred as young women
women who have contracted have aged. She predicts a conthe virus, called Gardasil, was tinued decrease for the future.
introduced decades ago, and Despite this promising new
has since lowered the rates of vaccine, parents, doctors, and
HPV in both teens and women mentors are resistant to use it,
in their early 20’s. Gardasil was fearing increased sexual prooriginally created to prevent miscuity. When Rhode Island

tried to make the vaccine mandatory, it’s request was met
with forceful opposition. Many
claimed that the vaccine wasn’t
“safe” to be administered, and
also violates a parent’s right
to choose to vaccinate
their own child. Many
parents think it’s unnecessary to be vaccinated for HPV because
of its classification as
an STD, explaining
that it is not spread in
the classroom. Furthermore, most cases
of HPV resolve themselves with the help of
a few doctor’s appointments, pap smears,
and of course, having
protected intercourse.
It is possible to religiously opt out of the
vaccine, and no child
will be turned away
from an education
based on medical records.
Regardless, doctors urge
people to be vaccinated because while HPV is sexually
transmitted, it does have the
potential to become a much
more serious disease: cancer.
And unlike HPV, doctors do
not yet have a cure.

March 18, 2016

UK Police
Hacking Phones

By Alexa Kideys
Staff Writer
Recently, it has been brought
to the media’s attention that
United Kingdom officers may
now hack into any phone and
also browse Internet records
of any civilian. This practice
is now being considered as a
legal action under
a proposal brought
about by their government known as
Powers Bill.
It is no surprise
to civilians that the
United Kingdom
has been hacking into their cell
phones for years, but to actually make such legislation legal is leading to a huge uproar.
The United Kingdom defended that their reasoning for enacting such legislation is so as
to help investigate crimes and
primarily to prevent any terrorist activity. This bill forces
Internet providers to store data
within the past twelve months
so that it can be easily accessed
by the police.
Many argue that allowing

such legislation denies people
their rights but with the government’s strong adherence
to protect people from terrorism, it has proceeded to keep
this proposed bill intact. According to CNN, “The government aims to pass the bill into
a law by the end of the year.
Critics say many are trying to
push the legislation
through quickly to
avoid detailed scrutiny”.

Many feel that
the United Kingdom government
may be going into
this without considering the public reaction or legal issues
that are expected to accompany the new bill.
Research done by the shows that in the
first half of 2015, Apple provided information following a
UK request in 56 per cent of
cases relating to a device, Google gave out information in
75% of requests over the same
period, while Facebook met
78% of requests. This was done
primarily through payments
from the UK government.

A Year in Space

By Nora Becker
Staff Writer
American astronaut Scott
Kelly has returned to Earth after spending 340 days on the
International Space Station.
His journey started March 27,
2015, when he and Russian
cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko launched from Kazakhstan. Around 10 AM local
time on March 2, 2016, Kelly
and Kornienko touched back
down in Kazakhstan.
As Kelly
was living in
zero-gravity, his identical
Mark Kelly
(also an astronaut) remained on
Earth as a part of NASA’s Twin
Study. Scott was the “experimental group” of the study,
while Mark was the “control.”
Before sending any humans to
colonize Mars, NASA is studying the effects that long-term
spaceflight causes to the body
and DNA. Being in space for
long periods of time is known
to cause brittle bones, weakened muscles, and a change
in the body’s balance system,
among other things.
After landing in Kazakhstan, Kelly was flown back to
Houston so researchers could

compare the brothers. Kelly
has already reported that he
is 2 inches taller than he was
at the start of the mission: the
lack of gravity causes the spine
to lengthen, although it will
shrink back to its normal size
once on Earth.
It’s been a year of firsts for
Kelly and NASA. The 340
days endured by Kelly made
him the American astronaut
with the longest consecutive
amount of time in space.
NASA allowed those aboard
the ISS to try
had grown for
the first time.
Finally, Kelly
donned a gorilla suit to become the first
astronaut to wear a gorilla suit
in space.
Kelly wins the “most connected to the general public”
award for astronauts.
His breathtaking photos of
sunrises, sunsets, the Northern Lights, galaxies, and the
continents earned him over
900 thousand followers on
both Twitter and Instagram.
This mission could change
space travel as we know it, but
Kelly may never reveal the secret behind how NASA’s WiFi
could connect 249 miles above
the Earth.

“Kelly donned a gorilla
suit to become the first
astronaut to wear a
gorilla suit in space”

March 18, 2016


Mummy Found in
German Yacht
By Lucy Barton
Staff Writer
The mummy-like body of a
man has been found last week.
When it was discovered, the
man was sitting slumped over
in a yacht adrift in the Pacific Ocean near the Philippine
Islands. The yacht was found
during the week of February
21 by Filipino fishermen off
the coast of the southeastern
province of Surigao del Sur.
The body was found in the
cabin of the boat near the radio. According to The Star,
Police Chief Inspector Dominador Plaza said, “the grey
decomposing remains of the
man resembled a mummy,
adding mystery to his death.”
But there were no signs of a
gun shot or a stabbing wound
on the body of the man, ruling
out this case as an incident of
crime. “Initially, it looks to us
that he died of natural causes,
maybe a heart attack,” said Plaza. “And death appears to have
come suddenly because he was
still sitting by the table when
he passed away.”
Plaza guesses that the man
had been dead for at least sev-

eral days before he was found,
and according to The Daily
Mail, an autopsy confirms that
the man died from a heart attack one week prior to the discovery. According to The Star,
there were documents on the
yacht that identified German
adventurer Manfred Fritz Bajorat as the owner of the boat,
and the autopsy confirmed
that the man was indeed Bajorat. The family of Bajorat is
reportedly on their way to help
confirm the identity of the
body. According to The Daily Mail, forensics determined
that “a combination of tropical
heat, dry wind and salty sea air
can quickly preserve or mummify a corpse.”
“The cause of death is acute
myocardial infarction based
on the autopsy by (the) regional crime laboratory,” national
police spokesman Chief Superintendent Wilben Mayor
said. Police say they have no
idea where Bajorat was coming
from or where he was headed
to on the yacht. Bajorat has
spent the last 20 years of his
life sailing around the world
with his wife, but lost her to
cancer several years ago.

taking a significant step in
the area of health that is fundamental to our development
and quality of life, I am sure
that many patients will receive
appropriate treatment that will
offer them new hope.”
The government also plans
to list all of the specific uses
of medical marijuana that will
be authorized and the explanations behind each use. In
explaining the measures that
Puerto Rico will be taking,
Garcia mentioned the use of
marijuana in the US mainland
and its medical purposes for
treating migraines and pains
for other illnesses.
In addition to the legalization of medical marijuana in
currently 23 US states, there
are laws in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands that are


North Korean Missile Program Advances
to New Heights

By Khalil Eley
Staff Writer
10th North Korea launched two
short range ballistic missiles from
a location south
of their capital
Pyong yang,into
the sea east of the
Korean Peninsula.
This launch was
made following a
claim by the North
Korean state-run
Korean Central
that they could fit
miniaturized nuclear warheads to
their missiles.
that they would
cease economic
cooperation with
South and that
“all agreements on
economic cooperation and business
exchanges adopted by North
and South are invalid.” This
comes after the shutdown of
the Kaesong industrial complex,which is one of the few

Puerto Rico Legalizes Cannabis
By Julia Walton
Staff Writer
On Sunday, February 27,
Puerto Rican governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla signed
an executive order allowing for
the medical use of marijuana
within its territory.
Following a very long and
heated debate, Garcia finally decided to sign. The order
went into effect immediately, however Garcia has given
Puerto Rico’s health secretary
three months to give a report
on the specifics of the order
and the impact on the US territory.
Future steps in how to administer and control the legalization will also be included in
the secretary’s writeup.
In one statement to Time
Magazine, Garcia said, “We’re


working their way up the ladder towards full legalization in
its medical usage.
While some, like Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives
president Jaime Perello, support the governor’s decision,
there are many that were surprised in Garcia’s sudden action.
For a long time, there has
been a dispute over this topic. However, no decisions had
ever been made or appeared to
be near conclusion.
Despite the conclusion for legalization, the law remains, according to Jenniffer Gonzalez
in The Huffington Post, in “judicial limbo.” Questions are
being raised as to whether or
not it’s direct import will be allowed, or if licenses for growing will instead be issued.

that they would “never accept” this move and that they
would hold
for any damage done to
South Korean
owned assets.

This is only
the latest is
a series of
have elevated tensions
in the Korean peninsula
following the
detonation of
an alleged hydrogen bomb
and joint military including
and 300,000
South Korean troops,in
what is described as one
Photos Courtesy of WikiCommons
of the largest
ever joint milSouth. Pyongyang also stated itary exercises. North Korea
that they “will completely liq- said that they would launch
uidate all South Korean com- a “pre-emptive and offensive
panies and relevant assets.” nuclear strike” in response to
Seoul condemned this stating these exercises.

examples of economic cooperation between the North and

New Concerns Arise
Over Guantanamo Bay
By Maia Pearl
Staff Writer
Towards the end of his first
term, President Obama promised he would shut down the
Guantanamo Bay Prison. The
prison is located inside of the
Guantanamo Bay Naval Base,
on the island of Cuba. The
Guantanamo Bay detention
commonly referred
to as GITMO,
established specifically to detain
extremely dangerous criminals, to interrogate them in
an optimal setting, and to persecute them for
war crimes.
Many prisoners have reported that abuse and torture methods are common
throughout the camps. In
2011, President Obama signed
the Defense Authorization Bill,
which placed restrictions on
the transfer of prisoners to the
mainland or other countries.
This hindered the close of the
facility immensely. Congress
also was having issues with
moving the prisoners back to
the US for trial, release, or relocation.

Obama decided it would be
best, that during the process of
shutting down GITMO, that
the facility does not accept
any new prisoners. Although
it would be ideal to keep them
out, as we are already struggling as where to relocate the
current prisoners to, it is starting to form a problem. Recently, multiple ISIS
leaders have been
captured. Since
President Obama
has taken office,
he has refused to
place any terrorists in GITMO,
and instead has
tried and cleared
them for release.
With these Islamic State
terrorists, US government is
turning them over to the Middle Eastern government for
them to take care of the criminals. Some are quite concerned
about this process, as they do
not believe the Middle Eastern
government will take proper
care of the detainees, and may
just release them. This could
perhaps evolve into a larger issue, as US government wishes
to prevent further attacks from
ISIS. Released ISIS leaders are
entered in a national security

““ not believe
the Middle Eastern
government will take
proper care of the


ELECTION (cont.)

Cruz occurred despite Trump’s
strong endorsement from the
state’s former governor Sarah
Marco Rubio was deemed
the loser of the night with a
lackluster performance across
the board. He did secure a win
over Cruz in Minnesota, however, despite only winning a
few urban districts.
John Kasich, who wasn’t previously polling large numbers,
failed to win a state but finished a strong second in Vermont and virtually tied Rubio
for second in Massachusetts.
Ben Carson dropped out of
the race and later joined New
Jersey governor and former
GOP candidate Chris Christie
in endorsing Trump.
The Democratic side of the
presidential race garnered far
less attention on Super Tuesday. The results, however,
proved important to the Clinton and Sanders campaigns.
Clinton locked up a total of
seven states (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts,
Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia) while Sanders followed behind with just four (Colorado,
Minnesota, Oklahoma, and
Many believe that the most
significant outcome for Clinton was her win by 0.2% in
Massachusetts. Many had expected Sanders’ leftist message


to reach more voters in one of
the most liberal states in the
The circuit continued on Super Saturday, March 5th. Primaries or caucuses took place
in four states for the GOP
(Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,
and Maine) and three for the
Democratic side (Kansas, Louisiana, and Nebraska).
While Trump stayed on top
with wins in Kentucky and
Louisiana, Cruz proved the
race to be shifting towards a
two-man competition after
successfully securing the two
other states. And while Cruz
overtook Trump in terms of
delegates won on Saturday, he
is still trailing Trump in the
overall delegates count.
Sanders out-edged Clinton
in the popular vote by winning
two out of three states, Kansas
and Nebraska. Clinton, having
only won Louisiana that night,
still walked away with more
delegates: 55 to Sander’s 49.
On March 8th, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, and Mississippi
Republicans cast their votes
along with Michigan and Mississippi Democrats.
Trump was the clear winner, collecting three wins in
Hawaii, Michigan, and Mississippi. Cruz further secured
his place as eternal runner-up
with a win in Idaho.
On the Democratic side,
Clinton and Sanders each won

one of the two states up for
grabs. Clinton won Mississippi by a landslide, and Sanders
barely clinched a victory in
Michigan after a heated debate in Flint. Clinton, however,
once again proved her superiority in the race for delegates,
with 87 compared to Sanders’
What does it all mean?
In the GOP race, Trump
continues to lead but Cruz
could potentially beat him if
Rubio and/or Kasich were to
drop out. They are generally
expected to exit the race if they
do not win their home states of
Florida and Ohio, respectively.
Perhaps in a bid to make
himself more palatable for the
general election, Trump has
recently toned down the language and rhetoric of his campaign while still maintaining
the core views that have propelled him to success.
Clinton maintained her delegate dominance over Sanders
largely due to her support from
over 461 party superdelegates.
But these superdelegates could
change their candidate choice
at any time before the Democratic convention convenes.
The Republican National Convention (RNC) will
be held in Ohio first and the
Democratic National Convention (DNC) will then take
place in Philadelphia. Both are
scheduled for July.

March 18, 2016

El Niño Worldwide Outlook
By Tanner Ford
Staff Writer
Where is it hitting next? El
Niño 2016 has already proven
itself deadly across the entire
Pacific Coast, forcing many
out of their homes after severe
flooding. But exactly when and
where El Niño will hit next is
not certain.
“This definitely has the potential of being the Godzilla
El Niño,” said Bill Patzert, a
climatologist with NASA’s Jet
Propulsion Laboratory in La
Cañada Flintridge.
The World Health Organization (WHO) said the “unprecedented situation could devastate the world with severe
drought, flooding, heavy rains
and scorching temperatures.”
This killer, record-breaking
El Niño has already unleashed
“rapid” wildfires in Australia,
“terrible” mudslides in South
America, and “devastating”
storms in the United States.
These unusual weather patterns could even spark supreme conflict with other
countries, as scientists from
Columbia University recently
revealed that El Niño “had a
role in 21 per-cent of all civil
conflicts since 1950.”
The United Nations (UN)
also alerted record-breaking wild fires, “exacerbated
by El Niño-related drought,”

which could cause “hazardous
air quality” and travel chaos
throughout the world.
Raman Velayudhan, director of WHO’s Department of
Neglected Tropical Diseases,

Waves slam the Ocean Beach
pier in a storm.
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons

explained: “We could expect
more mosquitoes capable of
spreading the Zika virus because of expanding and favorable breeding sites due
to the weather effects of El
The Guardian adds that
droughts and floods have also
ruined harvests in many areas
across the world. Nearly 100
million people are in danger of
food and water shortages.
“Although it is expected to
decline in strength over the
next six months, its effects
on farming, health and livelihoods in developing countries
could last two years or more.”

San Diego Scientists Lead
Research for Ebola Cure

South Dakota Transgender Legislation Ends

By Jimmy Irwin
Staff Writer
Ebola is a rare and very fatal
disease. The outbreak in 2014
was one of the largest ever recorded, with a death rate of at
least 50% affecting many countries in Africa. There were few
cases recorded in the United
States, although the probability of a large outbreak was very
slim to begin with. Ebola is
spread through direct contact
of body fluids if the victim is
already showing symptoms. It
cannot be spread through air,
water or mosquitoes.
There have been eleven cases of Ebola in the U.S. Nine of
those eleven victims contracted the virus in other parts of
the world, then flew into the
U.S. Thomas Duncan had contracted the Ebola virus while
touring Liberia. He then flew
home from Liberia, with the
virus. His nurse, Amber Vinson, was the first person to be
diagnosed with the virus in the
states. Luckily, she survived.
Ebola takes over your blood
vessels. First, the vessels pop
and then start to leak. This is
why victims feel dehydrated
throughout the course of their
illness. Having ebola is a miserable experience. Victims get

By Lucy Barton
Staff Writer
Legislation was passed by a
20-15 vote in the South Dakota Senate the week of February
14th that states that students
of South Dakota “who don't
identify as their biological
gender may not use facilities
designated for students of the
opposite sex when those students might be present.” This
legislation will have a major
effect on many transgender
students throughout the state.
While many other seniors in
South Dakota may be preoccupied with college acceptances and graduation, Thomas
Lewis isn’t. Instead, according
to CNN, Lewis is “speaking out
against a bill that could affect
him and other transgender
students” and has appealed to
both the state legislature and
Gov. Dennis Daugaard.
Lewis is just one of the many
transgender students in South
Dakota that have been affected
by the recent legislation. Lewis was born female but now
openly identifies as male and
is supported by his friends and
family. According to CNN,
Lewis aims to persuade Daugaard to refuse to sign a bill
into law “that would restrict

a high fever, headaches, muscle aches, sore throat, stomach
pain, and a loss of appetite.
Doctors are hoping to find
a cure so no one ever has to
undergo this experience. Specifically, the researchers at the
Scripps Institute of Research
in La Jolla are helping tremendously. They are studying the
replication of the virus and
how it attaches to parts of the
Dr. Erica Saphire is working in one of the 25 labs across
the globe researching Ebola.
Searching for a cure was always going to be difficult but
now it will be especially tough
due to the mutations in the virus. The most recent strain of
Ebola has over 55 genetic mutations, making it incredibly
hard to find a cure.
The work of these scientists is really starting to pay
off. They have recently developed a new medicine called
Z-Mapp. So far, it has been
tried by two Americans with
Ebola. The drug has also been
tested on mice and primates.
The antibodies in Z-Mapp are
made using tobacco leaves that
are then put into a giant juicer.
Scientists then strain the antibodies from the juice.

State law establishes uniform rules for bathroom and facility use
the use of school restrooms
and locker rooms to students
of the same biological sex.”
Meaning that transgender students would be forced to use
the restroom of the sex they
were born with and not the sex
which they identify with now.
The legislation proposes that
in the case of transgender students, there will be a “reasonable accommodation” provided for them, which is defined in
the bill as "a single-occupancy
restroom, a unisex restroom,
or the controlled use of a restroom, locker room, or shower room that is designated for
use by faculty.” The proposal
also states that schools will not

be the subject of “undue hardship,” possibly meaning that
schools will not be faced with
the task of constructing, and
paying for, separate restrooms.
Private schools are merely exempt from the legislation.
According to NPR, just
hours before the deadline on
Tuesday, March 1 was set to
pass, Gov. Dennis Daugaard
sided with the bill’s opponents
and vetoed it.
“I heard their personal stories,” Daugaard said. “And so I
saw things through their eyes
in that sense.”
She said she will leave transgender policy up to local
schools and districts.

Laws/Codes protecting employees based on
sexual orientation and/or gender identity

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons
Data as of November 24, 2011


March 18, 2016


Airband Recap

I’d Rather Be at Coachella

By Jade Moujaes
Staff Writer

A Guide to Coachella

By Brooke Kaufman
Staff Writer

They say that tickets cost a
fortune, but the memories last
a lifetime. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, affectionately coined by some as
simply “Chella,” has come back
to its home in Indio, California for the twenty-third consecutive year. With a lineup
of over 150 artists performing
songs from a diverse selection
of genres, this year’s celebration of all things free-spirited
is sure to be spectacular.
Over the years, Coachella
has produced some of the most
musically-brilliant lineups of
any festival in the world. From
performers like Amy Winehouse, Prince, Coldplay, The
Killers, Kanye West, Beck, The
White Stripes, Jay-Z, Florence
and the Machine, and the Red
Hot Chili Peppers, it’s no surprise Coachella remains one of
the largest, most famous, and
most profitable music festivals
in the United States.
This year’s headline acts will


Photo courtesy of
mostly include up-and-com- is the limitations of your own
ing musicians, who began to budget, because most lodgestablish their names in the in- ing won’t come cheap. Lastly,
dustry throughout 2015.
comes arguably the most imThere will be indie rock per- portant piece of the ‘Chella
formances from Zella Day, puzzle- the wardrobe. CoachBØRNS, Cold War Kids, and ella is the place where fashYears and Years.
ion becomes self-expression,
EDM parties are also orches- where a person’s style can
trated by DJ Koze, 2MANY- transform their status from
DJS, and DubFire. New and newbie to ‘Chella legend. This
old rap will arrive in the form festival is the place where peoof Ice Cube and G-Easy, and ple go to let loose and dress
old school rock will bring the like they’ve never done behouse down with needs-no-in- fore; so when searching for
troduction Guns N’ Roses. that “perfect Coachella outfit,”
Basically, this year’s lineup is understand that anything you
straight fire.
put on will be acceptable.
In order to prep for the ex- Overall, Coachella is famous
perience of a lifetime, a festival for a reason. For two weekgoer must plan. First, you need ends a year, a small desert city
transportation. Flights, hotel in California experiences inshuttles, car rentals, taxis, or credible musical and artistic
even your mom’s borrowed pandemonium. Starting on
minivan will do just fine- just April 15 and ending in April
know that half the fun is get- 24, Coachella allows its revting there. Next, come ac- elers to live in a world where
commodations. A lot of peo- the only things that matter are
ple choose to camp either on good music and even greater
or off site, however there are parties. No wonder so many of
those who prefer a good hotel us would rather be at Coachelroom. A valuable tip to know la.

This year’s airband was a
hit! It was so popular, that the
late show sold out of seats and
people were denied access at
the door. It was apparent that
everyone had put time and energy into making each one of
the performances lively and
Third place this year went
to the Irish club; they won
this prize with a very funny all boys dance. These boys
showed off their moves in
several songs, including some
classic High School Musical.
Second place went to the se-

nior class, a group that is typically a judge favorite. Finally,
first place went to the Thespian
Club with their rendition of
the “Cell Block Tango” from
the musical Chicago. This is
the first time they have competed in La Jolla High School’s
airband, but their prior theatre
experience made them look
like pros up on the stage.
Jamison Treger, who is an officer for the Thespian Club and
performed, said “It was such a
nice surprise to not only place
in airband, but win! Especially being a fairly new club! […]
Our love of theatre drove us to
ensure it was the best work we
could possibly do.”

Photos courtesy of Kyle Jetter

March & April




San Diego Civic


Spring Break


Spring Break

Parker Auditorium



Generation Axe
The Wiltern


Spring Break


The Lumineer’s
Cleopatra is

Balboa Theatre


The Observatory North

The Killers

Harrah’s Resort SoCal


Elvis Costello




Weezer’s The White
Album is released

Tori Kelly



April Fools Day


Balboa Theatre

Spring Break


Zayn Malik’s Mind of
Mine is released

House of Blues



Rain: a Tribute to
The Beatles

Spring Break


The Struts

Valley View
Casino Center





Improv Show

Justin Bieber





Information Night
for Seniors

The Wizard of Oz





Coachella Day 1
Santana IV is


Coachella Day 2




March 18, 2016

25 T.V. Shows to Watch Before You’re 25
A majority of these shows, well basically all of them, are funny and will most
likely make you laugh and/or feel good. If you haven’t tried any of these shows,
give them a chance, they’re pretty fun.

By Nessie Navarro

Photos Courtesy of Amazon


1.) Friends
2.) Seinfeld
3.) The Honeymooners
4.) Gilligan’s Island
5.) The Office (U.S.)
6.) The Brady Bunch
7.) It’s Always Sunny in
8.) Leave it to Beaver
9.) I Dream of Jeannie
10.) The Fresh Prince of
11.) Freaks & Geeks
12.) Happy Days
13.) Parks and Recreation
14.) The Twilight Zone
15.) Arrested
16.) I Love Lucy
17.) The Odd Couple
18.) The Simpsons
19.) Chapelle’s Show
20.) Flight of the
21.) Summer
Heights High
22.) BoJack Horseman
23.) Workaholics
24.) The Dick van Dyke
25.) That 70s Show






“Deadpool” is Fox’s black
sheep superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds which
opened February 12 and has
since broken 11 box office records. Deadpool is within the
X-Men and Fantastic Four universe, which 20th Century
Fox purchased the rights
to from Marvel back when
they were strapped for cash
and auctioning off some of
their superhero franchises.
Deadpool had a brief and
controversial appearance
in 2009’s “X-Men Origins:
Wolverine” in which the character was practically unrecognizable, leading fans and actor
Ryan Reynolds to petition for
Fox to give Deadpool his own
movie and do it right.
Eventually, they decided to
make the highly requested
Deadpool movie, and the fans
put their money where their
mouths were opening during










Deadpool Breaks the Records...
and the 4th Wall
By Austin Iverson
Staff Writer


Superheroes have taken over
popular culture ever since
Marvel’s “Iron Man” in 2008
and the Christopher Nolan directed “Dark Knight” trilogy.
“Deadpool” is the first of the
superhero movie fever to be
given an R rating.
After speculation was made
that Fox would aim for a PG-

R rating he deserved.
He’s known for his sarcastic
and dark humor, brutally violent vigilante activity, and
tendency to “break the fourth
wall,” or be self aware as a movie character and speak directly
to the audience.
In its opening weekend,
Deadpool raked in $132.7 million, taking “The Matrix:
Reloaded”’s spot as the biggest opening weekend for
an R-rated movie ever. It
was also the biggest opening weekend for 20th Century Fox, Ryan Reynolds,
and the X-Men Franchise.
Deadpool also broke the
record for the most successful weekend for a directorial
debut, as it was director Tim
Miller’s first feature length film
credited as a director, amongst
many other records.
The film was such a success
for Fox, they’ve already confirmed that a sequel is in the
works. “Deadpool” is still in
theatres, but viewer discretion,
it’s a “hard R.”

“Deadpool is more of
an anti-hero, mercenary type with no filter on his mouth...”
13 rating and in effect a larger audience, producer Simon
Kinberg stated during the
summer that “Deadpool is a
hard R” and they wouldn’t be
pulling any punches.
As a superhero, Deadpool is
more of an anti-hero, mercenary type with no filter on his
mouth and an extremely violent fighting style, so fans were
excited to see he’d be given the

In Remembrance of Harper Lee
By Asha Alagiri
Staff Writer
Harper Lee, author of the
classic To Kill a Mockingbird,
has passed away at the age of
89 earlier this year, on February 19, 2016 in Monroeville,
Lee was born in Monroeville
on, April 28, 1926. In 1959
her bestselling book, To Kill a
Mockingbird, was finished and
released. The book earned the

prestigious Pulitzer prize and
its place forever in history.
Since then the book has sold
more than 30 million copies
and has been translated into
40 different languages, and has
even been made into a motion
Last summer, more than 50
years after her release of her
first bestseller novel was released, Lee published her second novel. Go Set a Watchman,
which was actually wirtten before To Kill a Mockingbird, was
published on July 14, 2015.
Go Set a Watchman has sold
more than 1.1 million copies
in the US and Canada becoming HarperCollins fastest selling book in history.
The title comes from Isaiah
21:6, “For thus hath the Lord
said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he
seeth.” The title alludes to the
main character’s, Jean Louise
Finch, view of her father, Atticus Finch.
Harper Lee will always be remembered as one of the greatest authors of our times.