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In what ways does your media product use,

develop or challenge forms and conventions

of real media products?

Follows basic structure beginning middle and end

Challenges current music video made by artist his is just dance sequence our
one contains narrative and performance


Visually appealing

Beginning middle and an end

Ambiguous ending with no clear telling of what has occurred

digipak contains artist, track list

Visually appealing with nice fonts

Develops from simple 4 panel digipak to 6 panel digipak

Tzvetan Todorovs theory Equilibrium


Visually appealing

The music video contains a beginning, middle and an end.

Contains Narrative and performance shots.

The narrative directly relates to the lyrics.

The cuts between shots occur between beats.

The scenes have been recorded in romantic locations

Continuity in the music video

Location and setting

The music video was filmed in a few different locations.

The scenes with the main artist was filmed inside a nice looking location which was located in
secret park. This was to provide the audience with a setting to start the music video off with
while also being visually appealing.

The second location is inside another park in the same general area to show a form of continuity
in the locations used with the narrative and performance scenes. This scene was filmed inside a
park because a park can have the connotation of being a romantic setting.

The third location used was the fence which had locks on the fence. This location was in
Shoreditch. The lock fence was chosen to show to the audience a representation of love.


The costume which is worn by the artist in the performance section is casual and smart
clothing, such as the snap back, shirt and the black smart trousers. This costume was to
show our artist as being in clothing which is comfortable and casual while looking stylish.
This was something which the target audience was looking for in the music video.

For the narrative section the audience which both the male and female wore were both
casual clothing which would people would normally wear in a casual setting. This is to
make both the artists be shown as being natural.


The props which were used in this music video were the use of having a mobile
phone to show the communication between the male and female in the narrative

Another prop which was used is one which has a significance throughout the
storyline which gives it a more deeper meaning, this was found to be in relation to
Rick Altmans theory with a set of pleasures. It gives the audience an intellectual
puzzle. It was the use of the Lock.


As is conventional in Music videos is having sections of the music

video which have been dedicated to the artist having a
performance shot.

We started to expand beyond normal performance shots of being

in a stationary position so we had filmed the entire performance
sequence in a one shot take.

This was then used as a base layer to slot the narrative sections
into their locations.


Leading on from the previous slide, a conventional aspect of

music videos is having narrative within the music video. This is to
show a visually appealing story which the audience can connect
to within a short time frame.

The narrative section of the music video follows through with the
lyrics in the music video to show a progression of the story in
conjunction with the lyrics.

Ancillary Task

Before this was done I had researched into already created

digipaks and adverts which had been made by professional

Another thing which we had to do was create a digipak and

advert to show our skills in how we can display in a more print
method the themes and ideas which were captured throughout
the music video.

I had made sure that the codes and conventions of the ancillary
tasks were shown.

For the digipak and advert, I had focused on the visuals as

containing the artist and in the setting which was apart of the
music video(s).

Codes & Conventions

Having the record label on the advert

A barcode for scanning

Image(s) of the artist in different poses and angles

Where the products can be located and purchased

Having the text aligned into a perfect position

An array of different fonts used for the writing

Having continuity between the advert and digipak

Showing a link between the music video and the digipak and


For my digipak I had followed the general conventions of a digipak and put a slight spin
on it which has hardly been used in the digipaks which I had researched.

For my front cover I had used the main artist with the lens flare, this was an extremely
visually appealing image. Another thing which I done that went against the codes and
convention was having the album name as the front cover instead of having the artists
name on the front cover. This was to have a focus more on the album compared to the
artist which most people would know who the artist is based on the artists look.

Digipak Back cover and middle

On the back cover of the digipak, it shows the artists name and the track list on the side which are
featured in the album. The back cover is mainly used to show the songs which are in the album in
the artists album. This also shows the barcode and the studio name which is a convention on a

I broke the normal convention of a digipak by having the artists name being shown on the back
cover of the digipak instead of the front of the digipak. This was done because I wanted to portray
this section of the digipak on the back on the back compared to the front.

The next section of the digipak which was the middle cover of the digipak was made just to show
an appealing image with the image of the snap back which states never give up.

Digipak- Inner panels

The inner panels which I have chosen is a single image which covers 3 panels. This image has been
placed in a way which the spines of the inner panels go over the section of the image which is a
black colour, this makes it so that the image has a sense of flowing through the entire inner panels.

In the middle section of the inner panel has the section which will be placed for the cd, this will be
the middle part of the image, and the cd will have the image which is behind this section as being
the cd skin, this is to make the image flow with the cd.

On both the side panels is to show a thank you for the artist to his fans, this also is placed in a way
which does not go over the skyline.

This is because most other artists dont have this section on their digipaks which I felt to be
something which connects the artist to their fans. This is something which goes against the normal
conventions of a digipak which is done by most people.


For the advert, I had found no concrete examples of adverts which would be located
on a music magazine advert so I had to base this advert on what I would assume the
advert to revolve around on a music magazine.

This contains, the artist name, album name, when the album is going to be released,
and on which platforms this is going to be released on such as a ITunes, Spotify
YouTube and google play store.

In terms of the image I decide to follow the code of having continuity between the
digipak and advert to show that it flows together, this meant that the image that I
used as the main image for the digipak is the same one used for the advert.