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Republic of the Philippines


College of Teacher Education
Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance - Will Durant
January 18, 2016, I was assigned to conduct a class discussion and I also the one who will make
my lesson plan. After flag ceremony, I started my class in Grade V daffodil 7:30 to 8:40. While I am
discussing my lesson which is the uses of rocks, my cooperating teacher seated at the back side of the
classroom and then she observing me while Im teaching Science. She also gave me grades. I started my
class with the prayer then greetings, checking of assignment, review and my motivation is song about the
uses of rocks. I was conducted the whole parts of my plan until I met the giving of assignment.
Then my next class was in Grade V Sampaguita, I also do the same process and lesson that I did
on Grade V Daffodil.
After recess was on Grade V Rosal, I also discussed to them the uses of rocks while my
cooperating teacher observing me.
Then after that, my cooperating teacher asked me to handle Grade VI Rose until 12:00 in the
afternoon. I asked them to arraged the letter into block system which their previous topic.
After lunch, my cooperating teacher asked me to answer the post and pre observation sheet. And
we have a short conferrence about what she have observed and qualities that I should maintain and
qualities that need some improvement.
I observed Mrs. Rosalinda Contreras on her class on Grade V Sampaguita and her subject was
Arts. After the discussion, she asked me to check their assignment.
Then their next class was Hekasi, Mrs. Josephine Tumambing discussed about imfluential woman
in the Philippines.
Then the principal have her room to room visit for the students and pupils to know that they are
not allowed to buy food outside the school for their own sake and safety. They didnt allowed to buy in
unauthorized vendor to avoid food poisoning.
This help me allot to improve my skills on teaching. I also learned allot from my cooperating

During confference

During Discussion

During my discussion

Republic of the Philippines

College of Teacher Education
The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you - B.B. King
January 25, 2016, I was assigned again to discuss on Science. I made my own lesson plan
and my cooperating teacher checked it while she observing me. My first class was Science on
Grade V Daffodil. I started with the prayer, followed by greetings, checking of attendance,
checking of assignment, motivation which is game. After the motivation, is the group activity
then they presented their work in the front of the class. Then I discussed the Agents of
After my class on Grade V Daffodil, next was on Grade V Sampaguita. Same process
also and same topic.
After lunch, I told Grade V Sampaguita to get their book in Reading and read the story
King of the Seed. Then, my cooperating teacher disccused the things that I should maintain
and improve on my teaching skills.
Mrs. Josephine Tumambing have her discussion . She disccused about the rerform.
Their next class was music, conducted by Mrs. Contreras. She asked her student to pass
their projects that are given to them. I didnt observed her discussion because Mrs. Megs
Manalo, a teacher of Grade III Dama de noche asked me to took handle her students because she
has an important meeting.
This day, I learned a lot of things on my cooperating teacher.



Group Activity

With my Cooperating