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Name: Juan Rivera

District: LAUSD
School: Emerson Middle School
Subject: Choral Music
Grade: 6th Grade
Date: February 23, 2016
Lesson Plan Number: 2

National Standards for Music Education

Rehearse, Evaluate and Refine
MU:Pr5.1.6a Identify and apply teacher-provided criteria (such as correct
interpretation of notation, technical accuracy, originality, and interest) to rehearse, refine, and
determine when a piece is ready to perform
MU:Re7.2.6b Identify the context of music from a variety of genres, cultures, and historical
California Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards
Students read, notate, listen to, analyze, and describe music and other aural information, using
the terminology of music.
1.2 Read, write, and perform rhythmic and melodic notation, using standard symbols for
pitch, meter, rhythm, dynamics, and tempo in duple and triple meters.
1.5 Analyze and compare the use of musical elements representing various genres and
cultures, emphasizing meter and rhythm.
Creating, performing, and participating in Music: Students apply vocal and instrumental musical
skills in performing a varied repertoire of music.
2.1 Sing a repertoire of vocal literature representing various genres, styles, and cultures
with expression, technical accuracy, good posture, tone quality, and vowel shape (level of
difficulty: 3).
3.0 HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL CONTEXT; Understanding the historical contributions
and cultural dimensions of music

1. Students will be able to learn the eight-note swing feel within the context of a jazz
2. Students will be able to develop the correct performance practices of jazz music
3. Students will be able to understand historical significance of the jazz style
4. Students will be able to sing four-part harmony

Equipment and Supplies:

1. 11 copies of score for All of Me, Arr. Jay Althouse
2. Piano

1. Start class off with a greeting

2. Stretches:
a. Have students stand up with feet shoulder width apart
b. Left and right arm starches
c. Touch Tip of toes
d. Neck rotations
e. Shoulder rotations
f. Tongue push up called The Lion
3. Vocal Warm-up:
a. Begin with vocal sirens.
b. Have students sing do to sol using the syllables doo-da, doo- dit, etc. in the
swing style eight notes.
i. Briefly explain the concept of swinging eighth notes
ii. Write it on the board
iii. Introduce other syllables and different phrasing and articulation
c. Have students snap fingers on beats 2 and 4 while singing
d. Have students sing do to sol with the quarter note triplet feel
e. Scat singing section
i. Briefly describe the function of scat singing
1. Mimics other instruments like horns or woodwinds
2. Syllable can be anything you want
3. When It became popular
f. Begin looking at All of Me

g. Attempt to go through the whole piece and stop if necessary

h. Explain how to cut off the last notes of the phrases on the ands of the beat
i. Look at any trouble spots particularly areas where singers come in on the ands
off the beat as these may take a few run troughs to get used to.
j. Go over spots I feel the class needs to go over while reminding class of good
posture, resonance, and breathing.
k. Play it one last time before I end my lesson and notice if there were any