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Burgoyne Report

Burgoyne Report


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Documents relating to the Helderberg Crash, November 29, 1987
Documents relating to the Helderberg Crash, November 29, 1987

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Published by: Meckanic on Sep 19, 2007
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r\ani ;r. April 19891*a insrructed lravel lo SoulbAIrici in urLic' LU lo On 14dr rhelvreckag€ whichhad beenretrieved.Priorlo thisvisit I 'nlelLed to Sea(le whereI mcrwirlr Boci.g pe6omel. I nradelwo tdps to SourhAJri.a, one on 14th illay 1939 ' J i c r i c o n ) 4 r' r . '34. Lruririg luLI ny vlsilsI rook 5orreplroLogr!plr.r scledd!r ol which l qill rse lo

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In addirioqt|ere wasnetrine , ro the copper condlcrors wiing rouredover (ft loMa.d of tiie ratr $ppon beao.-someof rhis nelringcourdhavebeencaused by

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Furrherinfornlljon abour rhe degrecof hear lo which $e skin had b.cn qposedw^ g'!e! b' conducrjvity measuremenrs on rtE skinbv Dr C F.\fler. ,!ken

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3.1 The Cr.so on (hc Ca.soLkr, is prodlcedby lhe DCA ro. tlain c.reo Dock Compartnent Tlre cargo lisred widevariety nens as beingnowedin rhe hain .argo lisr a of comprnmedr. Noneol lboselined, howeve., woulC baveposed pa j.ular hazard a qere .onsidercd be ,Dangeous rnd none lo coodt urdq (he Internarionat An Tnnspontuso.iaton (rATA) Regxt,ijons. un,le$tand, I l,oreve.,lhat ihereve.c a number snrall oi barreries asociar.dwirh rhevarious etecrronic .ompurer and nems noredIn tlrefriindeckc.rgocomparhenl, nlo ryp:: v,,r: r:.ove.ed; and (i) Nicid.cadniun atrd(b) Lirhiunjhionrl.hloride. ii li ilr known whcdre' orherul)eswerea15o pr€serr rhecargo.I alsounderra. in rliarrhese br(erieswerc.or stowcd bulk,bul aspart of th€ comD.nenrj in Ior.,hjrlr pfovided rhey powe.. memory eg ca.ds snalt conputers. for Tte bardies werea ot r sdaUsize wouldhaye aid bee!packaged ituiderheelectrurcnems. Thereis some evidence whenbatleries rhehhium{hionytchlorite rrpo rhat of are subj.rted to abuse,dey can expiode. A reporr has been preparedby 11 \l Tnackeray ouilinjngthe probieG and lhen relevance lnis incilent. Ir lo nppc.6 troo h6 repo and flom ode. Iirerarure thatj lt$ough an ,exptosion, lesulling irom abuse a lilhiumrhio.ylcbtoride of batre.,caMor .bsolutety ruted be out,such.noccurrencera.e. is Theotherimplicaiion ofhaving lithiun batteries rhecarSo ihe poren(ial in is itre promolrig aspedsehich po$esses. lirbiun Liftiun like othersinitarmeGls bufn can $ilh great inrensity, lhe adornt oflirhiumi! Oe hhiun-rhionr-l oid. baneies bur .h in th. cargois verysmall.rd cons€quenrty wouldprobably havea sisniijcrlr nor ptomorin8 etlect ilinvolved fte. in ln sumary, rheretore, couldiind no potentiat I igtrjron sources lhh fne for ahongsl those irems ljsEd on the cargolist s having beensrowcd the mlin deck h 3 2 iATA D!nge.ons CcodsRegutrtio.j Iunsponation all dangcrous of goods,Eherherby land, sea o. air is by internarional regulations recomendariods. .nd The regularing bodyfor


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' ';:li:i,";: " :I : : : r '^,;';;:;.' b!,"'.'u 1 . r , p p eor , , . o i l":"ii';": : : r h ' ' ' ' p o , o ,b ;r;; ::,:.;i"iT';;: ;.::* .,:;:t:, : :l

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'DaigcroLs coodt, .r. -"1,"""i1",""AIpon ...nd rr. \r,n-..,*r {,/e5reconhendadons r!n i" as ro - '"b" '",u,_8. ro"d.nE serk_,^, .. a r d securinei and tor rhe ncomrrDk ,uur_ne. w.1,1 g u t d,o ,," w I r ,.*.,o r o r ' e re so;d:;"jlo' c , C o o d r - ., ., . , h ,q, larer, soDe {langero!s o a rg e r u u t J* i t h

'n',"'"'.",; ;;';; o'"d; ;::iil",.:il


';.1.^11,1i1,," . - n u 5 *.*r** '-6 concernjns Gtrpor! l u c e r r f g ,he a t u p o n rh. ot ^^.-,.,

o n pa l u r t _ e",n o r l e r e t o . e ouflng transitrheyftus

innrucrions. Noneof$esubslaices listedonthecarlo listashaury becdnow.d urd have,D ny opiruon. reacted h one w


be physically separared, sometimes djffererrholds. hshing and in securi,rg amngcnents becai.jcd in ..cordance musl our wilhrheoperarots
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,helord,rions lovr8e in rne4rc,rfr. s,miia,I, or :1::-:,tn 1..*"1 c h w o u ' d n o r n g q e J{ h r n
h a r e e e p r o n e o l e t f h e a r i u B u u in o r a S e . b I r nC

.1. CALCULATIONS Tcslscrrriedout bv Dr c Fowlerindicared rharrheskinber*eenBS r80O.l8?0 Dn! asrowas thepanlt benvcen t5R 14R,lad readku sr, rempenlures beiween 2g8, C and:00L-. Itre nn flow acro$the outside rbetus€l!8e of dudngftightwouldhave hdda subsramial cooli.g€ffecto! rhe skjn and so in order ro esrnrare ener!] $e rcqutred-to Imt thc skin ro rhesctemperarures wd ir n€cesarrlo quanrit/ rhn The cahularions mr.jo ro dale took jnto account fac.tbal onty rhc a shall " \ e m 8 5 . 8 0 t ! . 8 : 1 1 qt - . r g ' r " i . i J r , J r n n p r o \ , . r.:m , F r m i . 9 . : . . . : r

*",' ji,.",i- .]M

s ' u w s persquare inetle (t0 w/cm2). c€

r:r.\rr . iei ",1- " ne.,e oo\\. -. +p' " ""erJ r00 {

L .-re. ".J, r.1r) , l el ' e 1 o u t o r r r o nJ b o r r2 ) OK $ r o r r D o _ t| \ , e g a r r , , , l - \ , . n r , . . . : . r a , , 9 5 . . ) d o . h co a B e n 'I r t - a i r / a c o n . L . r e d . a I r.:re or r e ", rtu be.qLN,t1. 'oa lire invotving amchairar rhe low h end o.a large5ereear rhe higherend_

.rr.o,,Ba.Ja e,_a,",;;"^.,,-;; ;,;;;i11. i Jl ;:,:, r d t c m n r r E m f e i c 1 1 J . n . * r h e t r r e r o - t u p r o D ;1"" .Lh

Caltulrtions w{e atsoma{lein o..le. to p.edicture s ze rrr. ot wtich .outJ .cverop ann reach sready r st!tc,sivenrhevenrilarion (




i . 1 T}e Originotlhe Fi.eand FireSpre!.r Tle exrenlhd inredsilyot rhe fke dhage lo ireG of debrt recoverel indi.rled rhatrhe fn. sla.redin t:lle! PR, which!a on rlc fronr righ! sjdeot th. ourn ceck careo comp,i:r!:rl, lrd atl h. neatdanree obs€(ed is co.sjsrenl ,irh lrrespreading rhi:3rca. lron Due io lnc linjred anount ot deb6 rerovered fros rbepalleh and due io rhe mmpk:ry of ti.JL.j|L iirc :prcadnnhnrsuch corfgur.rion,ii a \e!s nor ,r,,jrNe r. i,e'ermnetre er:l positio,i *hicn rheihc in sraned hlh .bsotute cerrajnty.there b:s1er, relules of rhe daddeewbichprecluded ain ce arels or rlre pi cl :re,. beinC Iron tIe sear rIo iir.. ot Tnere *as no elidence ol burni.g ro lh€ floor around Fattei pR lnd consequenrly firehadbu.nraltowievelaround 5 i . l e o f r h c no rhe s p x l l d o o rt r i d burni.g debrisfa en down fron rhe pall.r, wilil lne erceprion ot nrotren nateflatfallirgdown behind 9C net. the (ii) 'Ile.e $as no fne damage aroundthe window traneson lhe riahrsideoi palter PR *hich indicarcd no firc had burnron |he irgrrt that lde to\verrhanlbour stringer r9R. il ike had dctetoped lbis point or if debrisbad ar iallen doqn, flahesqould haveburntrhrougb polycrrbonare ,pulrdo\vn,shade fi€ ovc! rhe Mndow wrrhrelarive easeand aho d4ftoyed $e plastc windows, producing traces otrhatbuningon llie window franes.No such t.lcess.ere ioutrd, (in) In ny opitrioq rhefirc laj staded if rowa.ds lert sideoathe pxttcrn qould rhe pLat a fanlyearlysta8e ir is haveinvolved Paner and likdy rhardebris from !he r e d g eo . f e r f _ , ' e bv o , . | 1 , . 1 cJ i e r a o q . " L sI heal . damage $e itoor lo C (rv) The inrense leat which u6 expedenced the skiobehveen l80l]_t82l] i by BS ar levelof slringer15Rindicated lnar a locatised nad buht adjacent rhis fire ro area. If a firc h.d sla.red lowerdoM towalds ccnrre lhe palterI solld rhe of lave expeded to hrve spread it lpwardsard olrwards rowards top ot rhe rhe pall.r, horder ro fiave cals€drhctocalised dmag€ seen o€Neen r30l]-lS2O tss

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it trouldhlve beenoece$ary have ro arriliciatty channelted iire ros.rds thlr rhe


It is po$iblelharlh; fire adjacsnr BS 18l]0l8tl]caused insutarion o the blanker to lau a$ayberween rhese lrames thc bla*e6 on eirnerstdeof rttisbay neo lnd cooidnave.emained inract Io.longer. Atter. tvety $e btankels rhisir.a all in couldhavefallenawayat abourlhe sam€rjn1e,tn both scenarios tocatise{l a source olnear wasnece$iw ro eirhercausc oi. bltrnket iail wirhourrhe tbe ro orhe:sor to cause re locatiscd h.rr sen on tt,i skin dow. rhe foot of lhe

aonscqucnrir ad ofrhe optnionti,rt lirc;i1e stad€drowardsrhe rop rjghl side I ofPrllet PR in Ihe.r..:r.ri:l !5 lto0l821].

In m! opinio.rheilames spread rtE sj<le rhetusclase rhcrigh!sidcadd up ot on xcr.rslhe crown.Thereis aGoevidence ilaneshadspread lLat oier lhe foNar{t tire farr supporr bean, bcr\veen 1680-1720. g.sesv.rld hav€b(ih up ,tong rlre Hor lenglhof rhc conpa(menrbenearh crownand someinsutalion lbe blankels wolld iiale become detached duli.g tlt rin.. Ttere wasno evrdence, norvever, r! her ol &es developing areas in orberrhanpaltetpR lnd rheheardanree rowfuds rer! rhe or !r3 compandenrwas retarively minorandwasconcenrraredbighlevet. at pR h fry opi.iodth€ flanesfromPalter di€dbackafrera shod rifre tuc ro (he d.plerion ofongen rnd/o. exringuishnenr acdonby rbec.c1v, a retr(ively and slendy staletrreburned inPauelPR. It is po$ibterhatflames werepeaisrenr rhroughour lhe re4a,nder rhc flightunril jdpacr,bur rhefire sizewouldhavetjeenlimir€{jro rhe or tze of a buning arnchairor lrrge set€e dependi.g rne venrilarion on avaitrbte ar

Accordin8 the rrauc.ipt ot |he CockpitVoice Recolder(CVR), ths Fne to Ala.h b€ll fiEr sounded 28.31 at and lhe C\,tt first becam€ affecred the iie !r by 29.40. 800H2Tesl rcne sigdalcomerced), T]re recordrng (ie ended!l 29.52. Th...fore r]relviringto lhe CVR whichwas,ouledatong both sid.s of rhe crotrn becan€ iNolvedin ine aboutI minute I minure scconds ro 20 aftersmoke detecrio..

Cons€qtrently lhe rime rharderecrion bt had oc.!(cd lhe lr.e \ris dcveL.ping r!pirlly rnd ra myopnnonnames hadprobrblyatreadyreached rhe

Th*c ue rwoseneios whichwoutd rheorericr|y explain ine.l,.k *,nng sl'oiry a|l{ aaivdionofrhesookedereclo6. (r)

o rtjeCVR

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