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The Revolution of American

Education from 2000-2016.

By:Nicole, Anne Marie, Jenny and Megan

. 2001- No Child Left Behind is enacted, replacing ESEA of 1965.
. 2002- The North American Reggio Emilia Alliance was established in Early
Childhood Education.
.2002- Zelman V. Simmons- The Supreme Court Establishes that certain voucher
programs are constitutional and do not violate the First Amendment.

2000-2004 Cont.
. 2003- The Higher Education Act was reauthorized. It
provided easier access to low and medium income classes.
. 2003- iNACOL launched, and created k-12 online education.
.2004- IDEA was reauthorized, helping special needs students
across America.

2004- The individuals with disabilities Improvement Act changes involving
increased authority for schools including the special education act and the No Child
Left Behind Act. In 2004 it also requires school districts to use the Response to
Intervention (RTI). The RTI tries to reduce the need for special education services.
2005- In the Monkey Trial the U.S court of Pennsylvania declares the case
Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School that there teaching design is a violation of the first

2004-2008 continued:
2007- The House and Senate finally pass the Fiscal year 2008 Labor HHS
Education appropriation bill that includes the No Child Left Behind Act. President
Bush later Vetoed the bill because it exceeded the budget.
2007- J. K Rowling came out with her Harry Potter series captivating the world
and creating a new generation for readers. This gave the printed books a second
chance with young children.



Barack Obama is Elected President

Changes expected to the No Child Left Behind Act
School Shooting
Stephne P. Kazmierczak kills 5 and wounds 17 at NIU



American Reinvestment and Recovery Act

90 billion dollars for education
teacher salary/retention
modernize/repair schools
and Race to the Top initiative (reform for Americas public schools)
provide high-quality education
implement rigorous standard
reward effective teachers
Common Core State Standards Initiative
State-led, but coordinated by the National Government



Great Recession
States have massive deficits


Revision to No Child Left Behind Act

States will be allowed waivers/exclusions from requirements



February 9,
10 states seeking waivers from government
By December,
33 states and Washington D.C. are granted waivers
December 14
School Shooting
Adam Lanza invades Sandy Hook Elementary School
and kills 20 children and 6 adults


2013 Chicago Board of Education

May 22, votes to close 50 schools (unprecedented)
June 14, announces that they will be laying off 663 employees
2015 - President Obama joins the "too-much-testing" movement. He wanted to limit the use of
standardized tests.
2015 - On December 9, the U.S. Senate votes 85-12 to approve the Every Student Succeeds
Act, and President Obama signs it into law on December 10. This latest version of the
Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) replaces No Child Left Behind and allows
more state control in judging school quality.
2016 - More than 60 schools in Detroit are forced to close on Monday, January 11th due to a
teacher "sickout". This called to protest conditions in the Detroit Public Schools, which are"
drowning under 3.5 billion of debt."