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What Caused

The Mexican-American War?

Objective : Determining the causes of the Mexican American War

A. U.S.-Mexico Disputes
1. The Annexation of Texas
by the U.S. angered the
Mexican Govt.
2. Mexico never recognized
Texas independence &
felt the U.S. had no right
to take its territory.
3. Mexico also didnt
acknowledge the Treaty
of Velasco, setting the
border as the Rio

Dont write this:

Mexican point of view
The loss of Texas will inevitably result in
the loss of New Mexico and the
Californias. Little by little our territory will
be absorbed until only an insignificant
part is left to us.... Our national
existence... will end like those weak
meteors that, from time to time, shine
fitfully in the firmament (sky) and
-Jos Maria Tornel y Mendivil

4. The U.S. and Texas considered the Rio Grande as

the Southern border. For Mexico it was the Nueces.

Area in Dispute

Nueces River

Rio Grande River

Why would the Mexican government not
accept the treaty of Velasco?
Santa Anna only signed the treaty of
Velasco because his life was in danger.

5. Manifest Destiny

The land that the United States desired

out west (California especially) was all
controlled by Mexico.

6. After Texas
Annexation, Mexico
threatened war.
7. U.S. President
James K. Polk sent
John Slidell to Mexico
to negotiate.

John Slidell

Slidells Mission
1) For Mexican to recognize the Rio
Grande as the border
2) Purchase New Mexico and California
(by forgiving about $4.5 million in
debt owed to U.S. citizens by Mexico
from the Mexican War of
Mexican gov. wouldnt talk with
Slidell, angering the U.S.

The Thornton

Thornton was
By about 1900 men.
Skirmish: A small battle

A company of U.S. Calvary

commanded by Captain
Seth Thornton got into a
skirmish with Mexican
forces near the Rio Grande.
Thornton was ordered to scout
an area about twenty miles
northwest of what later
became Brownsville, Texas. In
April 1846, the Calvary,
investigated an abandoned
hacienda (Ranch).
Some two thousand Mexican
soldiers were encamped in and
around the hacienda, and a
firefight occurred. Both sides
fought ferociously, but the
greatly outnumbered U.S. force
was forced to surrender after
several hours of skirmishing.

Polks response
to skirmish
between US
and Mexican
President Polk asked Congress for a declaration
of war

blood has been shed on

American soil".

Congress declared war on Mexico, and the

Mexican War began. (1846-48)

US Problems with
1) Americans had a
negative view of
Mexico because of
the Texas
2) Mexico owed the
U.S. money for the
Mexican Revolution
against Spain

Mexican Problems
with US.
1) Mexico felt that
Texas was being
stolen from them.
2) Mexico didnt
believe in
Manifest Destiny
and didnt want
to give away
their land.

What the vote meant:

Vote YesDeclare War

Treaty of Velasco
is valid
Belief in Manifest
Texas Annexation
is legal

Vote no
Dont Declare War
Will expand slavery
Manifest Destiny is
unfair to Mexico
Treaty of Velasco is a
sham and not valid
Annexation is illegal
without Mexico approval.

POLKs Speech Video