Course Code: PED 133
No. of Contact Hrs./Weeks: 54
Course Title: Educational Technology 1

Total No. of Units: 3

Course Description:
This course is designed to introduce students with the basic learning theories and
principles as bases in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of
instruction using educational technology. They are exposed to both traditional and
innovative technologies to facilitate and foster meaningful and effective learning.
Researches and field observation on the effectiveness of any supporting material in
teaching are utilized to further enhance and facilitate the delivery of instruction in the
teaching-learning process.
Course Pre-requisite: None
I. Course Objectives: At the end of 18 weeks, the students should be able to:
a. Acquire adequate understanding in the importance of technology in education.
Realize the value and importance of technology in education.
Develop skills in the development and utilization of technology in education.
Utilize research output and the web in the choosing, designing technology in education.
Design both conventional and non-conventional technology in support to the delivery of
Develop assessment tools in the evaluation of technology in education.
A. Orientation
1. Course Orientation
2. School Rules & Regulation

B. Technology in Education
a. Meaning
b. Evolution and Development
C. Traditional Educational Technology/Materials
Cone of Experiences
a. Direct and Purposeful (Games & Experiments)

Multiple Intelligence b. Audio Materials c. graphs. ICT in Education a.b. Contrived Experiences (Three Dimensional. Exhibits g. Trends in Educational Technology a. Mock up. Unit VI Technology and Student Assessment a. Blooms Taxonomy G. cartoon. Multimedia/Hypermedia F. Internet c.) D. Dramatized Experiences (Pageant. Learning Styles c. Socio-Drama) d. etc. Rubrics b. Interactive Materials E. Educational Technology in Instructional Planning a. peg board etc. Projected materials b. Demonstration Boards (chalkboard. Field Trips f. Still Pictures(drawings. Checklist c. Blogs . Computer b. Diorama) c.) e.