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Name: Taylor Nichols

Use the GMO SQWORL of websites (& start with article from yesterday) to
research the benefits and concerns of GMOs and include “quoted” citations with
hyperlinked resources at the end in (parentheses):

Citations for

earlier to grow, healthier
and tastier

Cancer fighting genes

Citations for

“Engineers genetically
modified foods to make
them tastier, healthier, or
easier to grow” (Should the
U.S Support....).


“Most plants produce
substances that are toxic to
humans. Most of the plants
that humans consume
produce toxins at levels low
enough that they do not
produce any adverse health
effects” (GMO: Harmful

“ Scientists have been
creating foods that do
amazing things, like prevent
cancer or deliver
antibiotics” (GMO's that
prevent cancer)

Bad for environment

“But the weeds that these
herbicides used to kill are
coming back bigger and
stronger, creating herbicideresistant “superweeds” that
require greater quantities of
more toxic pesticides to
eradicate”(5 reasons to be
concerned about...)

helps the starved

resistance to disease

Insect resistance

“With an ever increasing global
population, massive 3rd world
hunger, and with an estimation
that a child dies for every two
seconds worldwide from
starvation..”(GMO-Benefits ).

unnamed ingredients

“Europeans are concerned
about their food containing
unnamed ingredients. For
example, if a banana gene
is added to corn, then it
could cause an allergic
reaction in people with rare
banana allergies” (Should
the U.S. Support..).

“Plants and animals that
have been genetically
modified can become more
resistant to the unexpected
problems of disease” (Pros
and Cons of Genetically...)

GMOs contaminate forever

“It is impossible to fully
clean up our contaminated
gene pool. Self-propagating
GMO pollution will outlast
the effects of global
warming and nuclear
waste” (10 reasons to avoid
GMO's )

“Some GMO foods have
been modified to make
them more resistant to
insects and other pests. A
report from the University of
California in San Diego
states that toxic bacteria
(yet safe for human use)
can be added to crops to
make them repel insects”
(27 Big Advantages..)

Farmers can't harvest seeds

“Sadly, GMO companies like
Monsanto take this last step
away from farmers and
raise expenses even further
by forcing the farmers to
continually buy the
premium-priced GM seeds
every growing season” (10
problems Genetically...)

Name of

What did you find out? What makes it a

Benefit or


I think that this was a
benefit because not only
did it save the farmers of
It is combinated with soy to create a substance that is resistant to the crops but save the
production. In saying
the herbicide glyphosate, which is then used to kill the weeds
that because of this they
still got to produce their
item all over the world.


I think that was a
concern because with
this growth hormone you
really don't know if a
factor of the original is
getting taken away. In
saying that you truly
don't know what you're

In order to increase the quality of the milk produced, cows are
othen given a hormone called rBGH (recombinant bovine growth
hormone) which is also banned in many different countries.


This new species of salmon they then injected a growth hormone
into the salmons fertile eggs. And with this hormone they produce

I think this was a
concern because with

fast growing salmon.

These hawaiian papayas were infected with the ringspot virus. In
order to save these fruits they had to put chemicals making it
resistance to these virus. This new transgenic fruit is called the
Rainbow Papayas.

It was combined to make a sort of substance that does not
damage the Alfalfa, this makes it resistant to the herbicide
Roundup, allowing farmers to spray this non damaging chemical.

this growth hormone you
really don't know what
you're eating, what
chemical were made to
transform this species
I think that this was a
benefit because it saved
the farmer planting
these papayas, which
saved these business.

I also think that this was
a benefit in saying that
much like the modified
corn, the farmers still got
to get their jobs, and got
to keep their production
business going.