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Collective Bargaining and Unions

Complete the following questions using the Collective Bargaining Agreement from the school
district you are observing. Please cite the page number you located each answer.
1. What school district did you research? Provide the exact web address or link to the
collective bargaining agreement.
The school district I researched was Lombard District 44.
2. What is a collective bargaining agreement? What people/groups of people are
involved in the collective bargaining process?
A collective bargaining agreement is an agreement in writing between an employer and a
trade union setting forth the terms and conditions of employment or containing provisions
in regard to rates of pay, hours of work or other working conditions of employees. The
people/groups of people that are involved in the collective bargaining process are the
working people, and their unions. As well as the employers that the unions negotiate
contracts with to determine their terms of employment, including pay, health care,
pensions and other benefits, hours, leave, job health and safety policies, ways to balance
work and family and more.
3. What are the teachers contracted hours and days (hours/days teachers have to be in
the school building)?
The teachers contracted hours and days are that the teacher work year will consist of 180
teacher attendance days. Page 4
4. How much planning a preparation time do teachers in this district get each week
(this may be different at each grade level)? Is any of the time designated for certain
activities (i.e. common grade level plan time, data discussions, etc.)
Full-time elementary classroom teachers may, under normal circumstances, use for
preparation time and other instructional responsibilities the periods during which their
classes are administratively scheduled to receive instruction from Art, Vocal Music, or
Physical Education special subject teachers. 50min. Full-time special subject teachers at
the elementary level shall receive administratively scheduled planning time reasonably
equivalent insofar as possible to that provided to other elementary classroom teachers for
preparation time and other instructional responsibilities. Full-time middle school teachers
may, under normal circumstances, use for preparation time and other instructional
responsibilities the periods of the school day which are administratively scheduled and
designated for such purpose. 50min. Page 11 and 62
5. What is the current evaluation process for teachers?
FORMAL EVALUATION During the school year, each non tenured teacher will be
formally evaluated at least once. Tenured teachers will be formally evaluated a minimum
of once every two Years.

12.2 NON-TENURED TEACHERS It is mutually desirable that non tenured teachers be

evaluated as often during the school year as individual circumstances may indicate.
12.3 EVALUATIONS IN WRITING Formal evaluations will be in writing. A copy will
be supplied to the teacher. A copy, signed by the teacher and the evaluator, will be placed
in the teacher's personnel file.
12.4 TEACHER'S COMMENTS A teacher who has been formally evaluated shall have
the right to comment in writing regarding the evaluation. Such comment shall take place
within ten (10) school days of the evaluation review. The comment shall be attached to
the copy of the evaluation which is placed in the teacher's personnel file.
12.5 FORMAL OBSERVATION There shall be at least one formal observation of a non
tenured teacher's professional performance. The teacher will receive a copy immediately
thereafter. The evaluation shall be reviewed with the teacher within twenty (20) school
days from the date of observation.
formal observation shall take place between October 1 and April 15. There shall be at
least one (1) day advance notification given to a non tenured teacher on the date of the
initial formal observation of that teacher.
12.7 ASSISTANCE The evaluator shall attempt to provide the teacher assistance to
improve the quality of teaching and to eliminate the difficulties which may be noted in
the evaluation.
12.8 INFORMAL OBSERVATIONS Nothing in the foregoing Article and paragraphs
thereof shall be construed to limit informal observations and evaluations.
12.9 EVALUATION COMMITTEE The Association and the Administration has
established an evaluation committee. This standing committee shall be on-going and shall
consist of a teacher representative from each building, appointed by the LEA, the Chief
Negotiator, two administrators, and one board member, or such number and composition
of Association and administration representatives as may be required by statute. This
committee shall meet at least once each year for the purpose of assessing 34 our
evaluation system and recommending any changes in the instrument or procedures. With
the exception of the Chief Negotiator (who shall be a permanent member of the
committee) each teacher member shall serve for a period of time to be determined by the
Evaluation Committee. If meetings are held during the school day, committee members
shall be provided release time.
Page 34-35
6. What does the document say about class size? Is there a limit? What happens if that
limit is exceeded?
The document did not say anything about class size or limits but on the Illinois report
card site
source=Environment&source2=AverageClassSize&Districtid=19022044002 it says that
the average class size for district 44 is 25.
7. What type of mentoring program or training do new teachers go through?
When hiring new teachers or teacher assistants, the Administration shall make a
reasonable effort to invite a representative number of teachers who are directly affected
by such new hires to be present during the interviewing process. It is recognized that the
input of staff with respect to team configuration assignments is of great benefit whenever
appropriate and feasible. At the discretion of the administration, including but not limited
to the consideration of such issues as private personnel matters, appropriate methods of

staff involvement regarding team configuration shall be determined in order to gain such
input from the teachers who are directly affected by such change. Notwithstanding this
provision, the Association acknowledges the Board's management right to make hiring
and team configuration decisions. Page 12
Student teaching/training
1. Only tenured teachers or teachers with equivalent service will be requested to serve as
supervising teachers. Acceptance of student teacher supervision shall be voluntary.
2. The Administration shall receive applications for supervision and training of student
3. Teachers having applied shall be considered for the supervision and training of student
4. Any payment from a college or university for the services of a supervising teacher shall
be deposited in a fund to be distributed equally to all supervisory teachers.
5. Any teacher who volunteers for student teaching supervision shall be informed as to
the benefits, if any, available for such teacher. Page 11
8. Are teachers allotted sick and personal days? If so, how many?
Teachers are allotted sick and personal days. Teachers get 14 sick days, 5 days
bereavement leave, and 3 days of personnel leave. Page 25
9. What is a grievance and how is the process carried out?
A grievance is any claim by the Association or a teacher that there has been an alleged
violation, misinterpretation, or misapplication of the terms of this Agreement. The
process is carried out by the parties hereto acknowledge that it is usually most desirable
for a teacher and his immediately involved supervisor to resolve problems through free
and informal communications. When requested by the teacher, the building representative
may accompany the teacher to assist in the informal resolution of the grievance. If,
however, such informal processes fail to satisfy the teacher, a grievance may be processed
as follows STEP 1. The teacher or the Association may present the grievance in writing to
the supervisor immediately involved who will arrange for a meeting to take place within
five (5) days after receipt of the grievance. STEP 2. If the grievance is not resolved by the
procedure set forth in 7.2.1 above, then the Association may refer the grievance to the
Superintendent or his official designee within six (6) days after receipt of the written
answer in paragraph 7.2.1 or within eight (8) days after the meeting, whichever is later.
STEP 3. If the Association is not satisfied with the disposition of the grievance in Step 2
or the time limit expires without the issuance of the Superintendent's written reply, the
Association may submit the grievance to final and binding arbitration through the
American Arbitration Association (AAA). Page 17-18
10. How are teachers compensated in this district? Please provide the salary of a first
year teacher that holds a Bachelors degree for the 2014-2015 school year? What is
the salary of a teacher with a Masters degree and 15 years experience for the 20142015 school year? Based on the number of days per year required and hours per day
required calculate the hourly rate for both scenarios. Take the number of days
multiplied by hours worked (i.e. 180 days X 7 hours a day = 1,260 hours). Divide the
salary by the total hours (i.e. $48,000 / 1,260 = $38.10/hour).

The salary of a first year teacher that holds a Bachelors degree for the 2014-2015 school
year is $46,036. $14.40/hour is the calculated hourly rate of a first year teacher that holds
a Bachelors degree. The salary of a teacher with a Masters degree and 15 years
experience for the 2014-2015 school year is $81,891. $56.86/hour is the calculated hourly
rate with a Masters degree and 15 years experience. Page 57
11. How are extra duties (coaching, clubs, lunch duty etc.) compensated?
Any special assignment listed in Appendix "B" which will be in addition to the normal
teaching schedule shall not be obligatory but shall be with the consent of the teacher,
except for those teachers for whom extra duty and/or special assignments are made a
condition of their employment contract. When positions become available, they shall be
posted on the District's website for a minimum of five (5) school days, with an electronic
copy to the District e-mail address of the Association President. Any teacher may apply to
the Superintendent or his designee in writing for the vacant position. The following
selection criteria will be considered; however, final assignment rests with Superintendent
or his designee: 1) tenure, 2) seniority, 3) experience, and 4) qualifications, as compared
to the other candidates. In the event qualified applicants are not available and it is
determined by the Superintendent that the assignment is necessary in the overall
educational program, the Superintendent retains the prerogative to assign an individual up
to one year with notification being as far in advance as is reasonably practical. Page 3
Extra Pay for Special Services 2012 - 2013 (9.4% TRS included)
Base Instructional: 4,262.71
100.00% 4,262.71 Band / Orchestra plus 1/2 for each add'I
100.00% 4,262.71 Basketball
100.00% 4,262.71 Volleyball
82.50% 3,516.73 Drama If it includes a winter and spring production. Otherwise 1/2
82.50% 3,516.73 Yearbook Middle School
75.00% 3,197.03 Track
70.00% 2,983.89 Cross Country
70.00% 2,983.89 Newspaper Middle School
65.00% 2,770.76 Cheerleading
60.00% 2,557.62 Jazz Band scheduled before/after school
60.00% 2,557.62 Chorus Middle School, before/after school
50.00% 2,131.35 Student Council Elementary & Middle School
42.50% 1,811.65 Patrol Elementary
23.60% 1,006.00 New Teacher Mentor
22.25% 948.45 GWMS Chorus Piano Accompanist
20.30% 865.33 Survival Skills Coordinator
20.00% 852.54 Great Books Elementary
11.80% 503.00 New Teacher Mentor, Yr 2 Supervisory
100.00% 4,262.71 Athletic Director
100.00% 4,262.71 Team Leader
80.00% 3,410.17 Bus Supervisor
67.00% 2,856.01 Cafeteria Supervision Middle School
50.00% 2,131.35 AV
Flat Fee - Alternate
$ 562.83 Parade

$ 37.62 /hr Detention, Int. Sub, Summer Staffings, Chaperone, Crowd Control, Club
Sponsors, Scoring, Supv. For BB and VB, only, Intramural Supervision
2004-05 CPI was 2.4%.
2005-06 CPI was 1.9%.
2006-07 CPI was 3.3%.
2007-08 CPI was 3.4%.
2008-09 CPI was 2.5%.
2009-10 CPI was 4.1 %, but 3.2% was used per Article 15.1. (Any increase shall be equal
to the CPI or the percentage increase in base salary Appendix A, BA, Step 0 whichever is
less) 2010-11 CPI was 0.1%, per Article 15.1. (Any increase shall be equal to the CPI or
the percentage increase in base salary Appendix A, BA, Step 0 whichever is less) 2011-12
CPI is 2.7%. 2012-13 CPI is 1.5%. Page 59 Appendix B
Extra classes taught
If the position is secured by a currently employed District staff member, he/she will be
paid 20% of his/her current salary for each extra class taught. While attendance at all
team-planning meetings will not be expected, the affected teacher/team/administrator will
jointly make the decision as to how many team-planning meetings are to be attended.
Any such vacancy shall be staffed on a voluntary basis. If a former District 44 teacher is
hired, he/she will be paid at the current BA+O rate. Page 4