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ACROSTIC POEM ASSIGNMENT: Pick any of the events from chapter 14 and create an

Acrostic poem. The poems purpose is to give accurate information. The more facts
you place in the poem, the more points you will earn. Bonus points will be awarded
for adding more poetic forms: alliteration, rhyme, rhythm, simile, metaphor, or
hyperbole. To gain bonus, you must underline the phrase and identify the term that
Corp of Discovery
Captains Lewis and Clark led the expedition in
One thousand eight hundred and four as a
Reconnaissance of the Louisiana
Outfitted with all the best equipment of the time period, they
Followed the Missouri River to the Rocky Mountains.
Danger from rapids, grizzlies, and
Indian nations which also provided their guide,
Sacajawea, the mother of Jean Baptise and wife of
Charboneau, a French trapper, hired to interpret.
Over the Rocky Mountains on Shoshone ponies with a
describes your attempt.
Very quick decent of the Columbia River
Every member got an equal vote of where to winter in 1805.
Returning along the same rivers after 2 years, 4 months, and 10 days;
York, who had been free and equal in the wilderness, was again a slave.
Topics: Battle of Fort McHenry, Battle of Lake Erie, Battle of Tippecanoe, Marbury v
Madison, Judicial Review, Battle of the Thames, Burr Conspiracy, War with Tripoli,
Battle of New Orleans, Tecumseh, chapter 14, Alamo, Manifest Destiny, Mexican War
1848, Fur Traders,