EDU 225
March 18, 2016
Mr. Martin

Communications Plan
Part 2: Blog
Good communicate between students and teachers is one major component to

success in education. When parents and teachers communicate together they help
students learn more efficiently. Todays technology has helped teachers communicate
more with parents. E-mails, texts, and online surveys has helped parents and teachers
communicate in more of a timely matter. Many teachers use online grades that students
and parents can access from anywhere. Parents and teachers want accurate,
understandable and useful ways to measure and report students’ progress (Kasprowicz,
T. 2002). Teachers have all sorts of digital tools to help them with setting up meetings,
conferences and even homework schedules. Technology has helped parents check on
their students work performance and gauge how well they are doing in school. Regular
communication is very important between teachers and students to make sure the
student is doing well in and out of school. And teachers can also report back to parents
if there are any behavior problems. Many parents want to hear from the teacher whether
it is about the students’ academic progress or behavioral issue. Parents want teachers
to reach out to them before grades are posted to address any issues that might be
corrected in a timely matter. There are recommendations for solving communication
problems between home and school that arise when homework is assigned to students
with mild disabilities in grades 5–12 in general education classes. With new technology
teachers and parents can communicate more efficiently to work toward a common goal
of education (Jayanthi, M., Sawyer, V., Nelson, J. S., Bursuck, W. D., & Epstein, M. H.
Technology not only helps quantity but quality of communication between
teachers and parents. There are many opportunities with technology for global
communities. One way to communicate in a global community is to use Skype. This is a
great learning tool for in or out of the classroom. Students can see and hear a person,
such as a pen pal in a different country. There are other ways students can be
connected to a global community. Students can start a blog and a pen pal can write
letters back and forth, or make it a group project with other students. Technology is part
of our future and it is only going to get better. There are many resources available to
teachers that can be found on-line. With new technology teachers will be able to
communicate with parents and students in the global community.
Teachers today are turning to communication technology to keep in touch with
parents for a more current tool. By intergrading technology into communication

strategies, schools can quickly reach as many parents as possible (Ramirez, F. 2001).
There are all sorts of social media tool, such as Facebook and Twitter that help keep
parents and students informed. Face book is also good communication tool that parents
might already have. It allows you to share information with parents and students. You
could inform parents about filed trips, special events or even school closers. Twitter is
also,another area that parents are familiar with. Twitter is a great communication tool
where you can post links and videos. It can also be used to post special events and
share information about school activities.
Teachers are asked to go where parents would go on-line. They might not check a
webpage, but A blog attracts parents’ attention. A blog that talks about teaching and
learning and sharing knowledge with parents, Blogs can be a very powerful tool
especially when it comes to communication. It is a great way for teachers to connect
with students. It helps parents to support their children’s learning interest. Pinboard
uses images from websites to use and refer back to later. You can create boards to
interest parents on different classroom activities. Pinterest is a virtual smart board, it is
a lot of fun and is easy to use. It gets students interested in technology.
Communication is between teachers, students and parents. Technology has helped
us to communicate in a more efficient matter. We have many social media tool to make
communication easier. More and more teachers are turning to e-mails, Twitter and
Facebook, to communicate with students and parents. Blogs and pinboard is also
helpful tool to communicate with. Skype is a great way to integrate technology into the
global community and also a helpful tool in the classroom. All and all technology has
made communication easier for teachers to communicate to parents and students.

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