Raising Awareness for Asian Americans Discrimination in Education

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Organization Information
Title: Raising Awareness for Asian Americans Discrimination in Education.
Name of Coalition: Confronting Discrimination and Social Inequality
Coalition Members: Fue Vang, Janice Phanthai, Jeddy Cordovero, Patrick Bautista, Tien
Nguyen, Uy Vuong
Contact and Website: ethn96g10.weebly.com Email: ethn96group10@gmail.com
Mission Statement: Our group will raise awareness about Asian Americans stereotypes that
exist within the Education system.
Description of the Problem and Theory of Change
The problem that we are tackling is Asian American Discrimination in Education. The
term Model Minority Myth came about around 1970 when impressions of Asian Americans
changed from poorly educated laborers to being extremely well educated people living
comfortably in the middle to upper-middle class of society. This gave people the impression that
Asian Americans are able to do well on their own in education. It leads to this major issue of
equity because it is a misrepresentation of what really occurs in the Asian Community. A huge
amount of ethnic groups fall under the term of Asian. As a result, the groups who have been
properly established are overshadowing groups that have recently migrated to the United States.
Asian groups such as Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans were the first immigrants to come and
their time in the United States allows them to flourish on their own. However, people who have
migrated to the U.S. in recent years are being misrepresented. The successes of the Chinese,
Japanese, and Korean groups overshadow other groups and support is not going to where it is
needed. There is also this misconception that Asian American students are capable of success on
their own. As if they are not capable of failure and are often looked over because it is such a
common belief. There is also the issue of stereotypes about Asians in education. There is this
misconception that all Asian Americans are good in a certain subject, and are expected to be in a
high end careers involving large amounts of calculations. This simply is not the case.An example
of this would be from the article called “Dropout Prevention and the Model-Minority Stereotype:
Reflections from an Asian American High School Dropout”. This article shows an example using
a Korean American named Andy. He was at high risk and because of the common beliefs, staff
and counselors believed that he was doing fine, but that is not the case. In the end, he ended up
dropping out, and he is now currently working with other students who were once in his

In order to fight these beliefs, our Theory of Change is that people will start to understand
if we inform people about the existence of these disparities. People need to learn and see that
Asian Americans are not the Model Minority everyone believed in for such a long time. These
false beliefs lead to Asians who are at risk of dropping out of school and under performing
because people assume that they are doing well. However in reality, this may not be the case.
Students that are not helped usually end up doing rather poorly and become further discouraged
leading to an eventual drop out. There is also the issue in college where subsets of Asian groups
such as the Hmong, Filipino, and other minority groups have extremely low retention rates in
California. In order to do so, we plan on having an Appreciating Diversity event on our campus.
The event will bring up the idea that we are not as perfect as people think we are, that we are just
like any other group. This way, support will go to the people who are in need, and help remedy
some of the issues that the Asian American community is facing today.
Community Partners
We decided to partner with SAFE (South East Asian Furthering Education) because we
same the same goal of raising awareness about discrimination in education. SAFE is a UC Davis
organization that holds outreach programs at local High Schools and Jr. High Schools that
educate students about the adversity Asian Americans not only face in education but in life as
well. Once every year they hold a youth conference for its students and whoever applies that
consists of different workshops that show the experiences of different South East Asians.
Whether it be their adventure to America or the struggles they face now, SAFE puts all these
experience into perspective within 3 days. During the conference, they explain the importance of
education and even though the API community has many obstacles, they show that is possible to
receive an education. SAFE will proceed to help us by giving us ideas about our project and
expanding the way we think about our topic. We will also use SAFE students to participate in our
panel to help the audience better understand our topic and why it is important to be aware of it.
On this panel, SAFE students will collaborate with FCP students to put into perspective the
struggles that API college students face.
Project Synopsis
Our focus is on raising awareness on the discrimination of Asian Americans in education.
In present times, Asian Americans are often seen as successful and intelligent. However, this
does not hold true for every Asian American and falls victim to the model minority theory. The
term Asian American is very broad and fails to acknowledge all the groups it covers. The main
groups that are usually tied to this term are Korean, Chinese and Japanese Americans. These
groups of Asians are relatively more successful academically and economically. Some of the
other ethnicities that are also bunched into the term are Filipino, Hmong and Laotian. These
other ethnicities have low achievement rates and often are unsuccessful when it comes to
academics and more. Besides the fact that Asian Americans are seen as smart and are ignored

when it comes to needing help, some have problems when it comes to getting into colleges and
also have to live up to this stereotype. Race shouldn’t be a factor when applying for a college,
but when too many Asian Americans are in a certain college then sometimes it does. Asian
Americans also have to try and be like their Asian peers who are all seen as intelligent with high
grades. This type of environment creates high stress level situations and pressure.
The way we want to tackle this project is by having a LI event that informs people
about this information. The project is an education project since we want to raise public
awareness and bring light to this problem. The main goal of our group is to actually have this
issue resolved, or somewhat relieved. However, this cannot be solved simply by seven people.
The main goal of this project is to stir discussion amongst not just Asian Americans, but
everyone. With discussion, it can possibly lead to communities. With communities, it can lead to
change. The change we are looking for is one where Asian Americans who are living in poverty,
trying to live up to a stereotype, and are being discriminated simply based on race can live
happier from these issues.
The LI event we will be holding will be in the University Union of California
State University Sacramento. It will be on Friday, April 8th from 1pm to 3pm. To start off the
event, we will first introduce the issue at hand and our group’s goals. From there, we will show a
video. The video will be a clip from a selected movie that correlates to our goal and will lead up
to a discussion. After the video we will have a panel where the people there can ask questions.
The panel will consist of students from the Full Circle Project and members of the SAFE
program, whom we are teaming up with for the project. We hope to lead a strong discussion so
that students will leave with some important information and also spread their thoughts. The
discussion could also lead to solutions to the issue itself. Raising awareness is important, but we
also want others to not just forget about it and throw it off as another small problem.
Some steps that we will take to make sure the project is finished is to first plan out
the actual agenda of the project. For example, the order of everything and how it will flow. This
should require tons of rehearsals. We also need to select a movie clip we find suitable for the
topic and find people for the panel. Other things like refreshments and food will be put last, just
to make sure we have enough money. Planning for a date is already finished. The hard part will
just be making sure people actually come. Overall, we hope for people to know that the project is
to raise awareness on the discrimination of Asian Americans in education and spread the word on
Proposed Budget
Our budget mostly consists of food for the LI event and possibly paying for the gas prices
of the UC Davis students/staff who are coming over.
● Food/Appetizers : $40
● Gas: $5