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some inspo from the awesome and hilar Chelsea Handler. We love it when a plan comes together!. 94 YOUNG. You’d rather spend your cash on sick shoes than a pricey wrinkle cream. your everything.. CURVES NOW Get a boot-camp bod in 30 minutes or less. Bianca Pratt Jewelry necklace. Bec and Bridge top. Givenchy Phenomen’eyes Mascara in Deep Brown. No joke! Nutritionist Keri Glassman’s enlightening secret to help push the scale number south.. but cutting out sweets just isn’t going to happen. Hair: Giannandrea for Macadamia Professional/Starworks. Manicure: Allison Tu. 71 XTINA!! You want to drop pounds. your career. Zoe Chicco cuff. 32 HAPPY TIPS FOR 62 CONFIDENCEBOOSTING CLOTHES They also happen to boost compliments. 30 years? Quick relief for what’s screwing with your spine. Fashion editor: Jacqueline Azria. YASU + JUNKO/ TRUNK ARCHIVE Take charge of your job... C O M / March 2016 CLOCK WISE FROM TOP RIGHT: BRIAN BOWEN SMITH. BRIAN BOWEN SMITH/NETFLIX. like. Givenchy Magic Khol eyeliner in Brown. your love life. huh?) CRAPPY DAYS 142 SEXY Lift your mood. 2 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . FIT. STEVEN LIPPMAN.03/ READ ME FIRST IF. CL AIRE BENOIST. Makeup: Kristofer Buckle for Diorskin Nude/Crosby Carter Mgmt.. COURTESY OF THE VENDOR. Victoria’s Secret bra. TED CAVANAUGH. EF Collection studs. no problem. and Givenchy Gelee D’Interdit lip gloss in Blooming Pink. . Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder bronzer in Douce Croisière. From “Dirrty” to downward dog—the platinum powerhouse is back and revealing the details on her fab new yoga lifestyle. Joie leggings. HOT & ZEN 116 THE BEST WEIGHT LOSS ADVICE No willpower. (Not bad for a dress. KL AUS VEDFELT/GET T Y IMAGES. You’ve got the urge to slap the next person who says “Look on the bright side!” On Our Cover Christina Aguilera photographed by Brian Bowen Smith.. and feel all the good feels with these easy tips. AND…BACK PAIN?! Isn’t this supposed to happen in. 140 72 WAYS TO WIN 45 COVER STORIES AMAZING SKIN FOR JUST $7! Keep your wallet fat and your complexion smooth and glowy with these drugstore buys. READ ME FIRST IF. But first. Eight major reasons you picked up the mag! What to read first? We have a few ideas. zap stress. For Christina’s look. READ ME FIRST IF. try Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux Mono eyeshadow in Couture Beige.


” Heather’s tip: “Snacking right when you’re on the move is all about finding natural sources of protein that are easy to grab and go. Check out Heather’s expert advice for the women of our brand ambassador network—the Women’s Health Action Heroes—and take away protein-powered tips to help you snack smarter. I find myself snacking on a bag of chips or cookies. But after eating these carb-heavy snacks. but it will help you stay fueled through the longest of days. and running. PROTEIN PER SERVING 2g 6g 6g 7g 8g Learn more power snacking tips from Heather and Sargento® at WomensHealthMag. In between classes. WH Action Hero: Lauren S. Skip the potato chips and candy bars and reach for a serving size of almonds with 6 grams of protein or a piece of Sargento® Natural String Cheese with even more (8 grams). Since the best part about pizza is the cheese.” WHEN IT COMES TO PROTEIN. Nationally recognized nutrition expert Heather Bauer arms individuals with tools to conquer common nutritional dilemmas. Her challenge: Her challenge: “One of my biggest struggles is when people bring stuf into the office to share. CHEESE REIGNS SUPREME. It’s hard to say no to gourmet donuts and deep-dish pizza when they’re free! How can I curb these cravings?” “Between juggling school. I’m quickly hungry again and am more likely to crash. Not only is Sargento® conveniently packaged. it’s a tasty addition to everyday wholesome snacking that will keep you satisfied between meals. I am always on the go.ADVERTISEMENT SMART SNACKING SOLUTIONS THE POWER OF PROTEIN Even the healthiest eaters can have a tough time making smart snacking choices when life and work are moving at marathon speeds. blogging. What are some alternatives?” Heather’s tip: “Having a snack that has a natural source of protein and tastes delicious makes it easier to keep your eyes of the tempting treats. work. why not skip the heartburn and have a Sargento® cheese snack instead? With 4 to 8 grams of protein and 14 . Heather Bauer Nutritionist and Founder of Bestowed THE STAFF ROOM SABOTEUR THE ON-THE-GO GO-GETTER WH Action Hero: Kathy R.

it beats out almonds. . It keeps you satisfied. It keeps you fueled. With 8 grams per REAL CHEESE PEOPLE TM KNOW WHEN YOU’RE ON THE GO YOU NEED A SNACK THAT KEEPS UP. eggs and peanut butter – every time.Learn more about wholesome snacking at Sargento. See Nutrition Information for Fat and Saturated Fat Content © 2016 Sargento Foods Inc. Sargento® String Cheese is a natural source of protein.

” p. GET AHEAD. part sweet. experts give crafty ways to solve them all. 172 OUT OF THE DARK It can crush you physically. 160 SPECIAL 166 WOMEN & PORN More of us than ever are tuning in and getting off. ‘‘ Cadets may wear fringy epaulets on their shoulders. WH breaks the silence on miscarriage. 153 PHOTOGRAPH BY STEVEN LIPPMAN . REPORT: HOW WE FIGHT Thousands of women (and men) told us their top relationship problems. YEAH! Basic training (and camo-inspired fashion) has never been so stripped down and sexy. mentally. Fringe along the legs gives khakis a kick in the you-know-what.March 2016 XX WH BY WOMEN IN 2016 BLOWOUT ! 142 GIMME 20! HELL. And so is this news about female troops. Just like you. But how is it affecting our sex lives? 168 DON’T GET MAD. 154 GIRLIE POWER Spring’s best hair and makeup trends are part tough. We reveal the truth behind four career traps and how to advance— for good. emotionally—yet it’s spoken of in hushed tones. all woman. p. 142 6 SO MUCH WIN! Military-style duds are huge.

WELCOME to the MAGIC of MY STYLIST @ MACY’S Let our pros help you. Both for misses. Farm Confete hoodie. NEW @ MACY’S ADIDAS SPRING ‘16 TRENDS THE TOP LOOKS OF THE SEASON & HOW TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER ONE OF THE MOST RECOGNIZABLE BRANDS IN THE WORLD. FREE SHIPPING ONLINE & FREE RETURNS . ADIDAS HAS GROWN FROM A SMALL SHOE BUSINESS TO A GLOBAL POWERHOUSE IN ATHLETICS AND Free shipping with $99 purchase. only. U. Originals leggings. $75. Exclusions apply. IT’S FUN. see macys. 6010012. + WebID 2400366. FAST & FREE! Call 1-800-343-0121 to make an appointment or visit macys.S. + 2400361. $ Advertised merchandise may not be carried at your local Macy’s and selection may vary by store.



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Super-hottie Ryan Reynolds


In Every Issue
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Indispensable expert tips
Find out what’s going on
in the Women’s Health
How soon you can show a
new guy your weirdo habits,
plus other need-to-know
From health to sex to fitness
and more, the juiciest news
and most wow-’em convo
starters this month
EXPERT…on talking politics



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XX by WH

In our first-ever Well-thy Awards
(p. 123), you’ll find sleep helpers, eco
beauty faves, and all-around lifesimplifying products that top wellness
pros rely on. To kick things off, WH
editors share what keeps them happy
and sane right here in our office.

The Beatles had Sgt. Pepper.
David Bowie, Diamond Dogs.
And Pink Floyd, The Wall.
Now, Women’s Health has XX
by WH, our very own version of
the concept album. Our entire
feature well explores what it
means to be a woman in 2016,
which took us into some deep,
knotty territory: what’s really
behind the gender pay gap in
America; why miscarriage—
something that impacts nearly
one in three pregnancies—is
still shrouded in mystery; why
more women are watching porn

and how it’s afecting our sex
lives. Plus! Tons of empowering
ideas for beauty, fashion, fitness,
and more. It all starts on page
140…and, who knows, maybe
it’s the beginning of the return
of actual concept albums. Get
on it, Gwen Stefani.



W Want
Last October,
October, we featured 27 power
men wit
h ground-breaking
evements in hea
health and wellness.
ow we’re
we’re looking
lookin for the Ultimate
Game Changer reader! If you’re
ting new opportunities for
en, advancing
the conversation
in your industry or the world, or
challenging the status quo, don’t
be shy! Enter at WHUltimate by March 14.
The winner will be featured in this
year’s October issue.


W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . C O M


March 2016

Tracy Middleton, health and
features editor: “When I’m
dragging in the afternoon, a 15-minute
walk outside perks me up better than a cup
of coffee. It’s even more refreshing if my
‘work wife’ joins me! And when possible,
I make every effort to leave at five to pick up
my kids. Even if that means I’m back on my
laptop as soon as we get home, being with
them for a few hours before bed helps
with my work-life balance.”
Theresa O’Rourke, executive editor:
“For me, well-thy means being the early
bird. I arrive at the office a good hour
before the rest of the crew. It gives me
time to write/sketch/research. When
things get crazy, Tata Harper Aromatic
Stress Treatment is always within reach.
I rollerball it on my pulse points (or
just take a big whiff of it straight from
the bottle). It has a hit of yummy
neroli that de-frazzles me on contact.
Oh, and Spotify! It has the best
@whileyouwork playlists.”


Sascha de Gersdorff, deputy editor: “Nothing
kills my mood or creativity like an overhead
fluorescent light. I keep the one in my office
off most of the time. Instead, I use three
moderately bright desk lamps, which don’t
create any computer screen glare. Once I made
the switch, I felt calmer, got fewer headaches,
and was better able to concentrate.”
Jacqueline Azria, creative director: “I love my
office to smell like fresh flowers or the beach,
so I spray vegan, organic fragrances on my
corkboard. I like Pacifica Indian Coconut
Nectar and Rich Hippie Flower
Child. And because I’m typically
wearing very high heels, I
always keep a pair of Converse
high-tops in my office.
When I slip them on, I feel
that I am starting fresh
and can keep working
for hours.”


Jen Ator, fitness director:
“I keep a kettlebell as ‘decor’
on my desk (it’s a cute/angry
monkey face), which doubles
as get-moving motivation: A
few times throughout the
day I try to do a quick set of
squats, swings, lunges, or
overhead presses.”



stamina.©2015-2016 East West Tea Company. clarity. ® . immunity. Every intriguing blend of herbs and botanicals is on a mission. supporting energy. ®. body and spirit. cleansing or unwinding.Steep a cup of Yogi tea and you have something more than delicious. tranquility. LLC Every cup is a gift to mind.

D. Down Right Feel Right— Outercourse for Her & for Him We inspire health. Amplifying Performance Consulting DIANA L.D.D. Choose More. Integrative internist. Duke University Medical Center “Meditation. The O2 Diet TANYA ZUCKERBROT. Northwestern University INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE FRANK LIPMAN. Certified strength and conditioning specialist. Assistant clinical professor of dermatology. Marketing Renee Appelle VP.C. Business Development and Partnerships ONCOLOGY JOHNATHAN M. Lenox Hill Hospital. Assistant professor of psychiatry and ob-gyn.S. DELL. coauthor.A DV ISOR S WH ADVISORY BOARD to o yo u d o W h a t d k c r e a t i v i t y? r h elp s pa ANTHROPOLOGY HELEN FISHER. The Doctors. which allows me to focus on a problem without distraction.SC.H. PH. New York City. or even go for a picnic. Florida. pain expert. author. 400 South Tenth Street Emmaus. Moitt Cancer Center Joyceann Shirer SVP. Author. Harvard Medical School.D. A Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Stomach GYNECOLOGY ASHLESHA A. R. WOLF. HealthiNation.S.D. consultant. Tampa. The Dysplasia Clinic at John H.H. It increases focus. Psychology instructor.D. PH. The New Rules of Lifting for Women and Women’s Health Perfect Body Diet HEIDI POWELL Certified personal trainer. peripheral arterial and venous disease director. Board-certified family medicine physician and sexologist practicing in Gary.. For Women Only: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction and Reclaiming Your Sex Life DEBBY HERBENICK.D. M. M. Lenox Hill Hospital. Extreme Weight Loss. Director.. M. Rutgers University. M. Why Him? Why Her? Finding Real Love by Understanding Your Personality Type CARDIOLOGY MAJA ZARIC. Creativity comes from being in the present CLOCK WISE FROM RIGHT: ISTOCK. Lose More for Life FERTILITY SHEEVA TALEBIAN. OST Osteopath. Yogalosophy DVD THE YOGA PRO “I take myself out of my typical environment to a spiritual bookstore or a museum. THE GUT DOCTOR “I play tennis or go skiing. M. New York City.D. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai ENTREPRENEURSHIP JENNIFER WALSH Entrepreneur. Hospital of Cook County. Publisher. consultant. M. author. International. cohost.D. Children’s Hospital Boston. Corporate Sales SEXUALITY JENNIFER BERMAN. M.S. RODALE IMAGES L RUCIA ONE C N. cohost.S. M. Associate professor of medicine.D.D. R. General Counsel. R. PH. LANCASTER. California. consciousness. Digital Miranda DeSantis SVP. Fertility specialist and reproductive endocrinologist at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York FINANCE FARNOOSH TORABI Personal finance expert. Center for Sexual Health Promotion. PH. The Doctors. M.P. Chicago. C O M / March 2016 Founded in 1942 by J. C.. New York City CAREER AMANDA STEINBERG Founder and CEO. Keri Glassman. M. author. cohost. author. Indiana. FUSCO. Blum Center for Health. author. Associate director. patience. PA 18098-0099 rodaleinc. Research professor and member of the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies. U. Interventional cardiology. Feinberg School of Medicine.D. GET T Y IMAGES. calmness. M. The Female Body Breakthrough CASSANDRA FORSYTHE.I. medical advisor. Exercise relieves the stress of everyday life.P.. Rodale Books NUTRITION SUSAN BOWERMAN. Founder and director. author.. Santa Clarita. author. Human Resources Michael Lafavore Editorial Director Mary Ann Naples SVP. happiness and love in the world. M. When She Makes More: 10Rules for Breadwinning Women. PAMELA YEE.” Exercise physiologist. Pogash EVP. Physician.D. Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate MindBody Makeover. department of women’s oncology. New York THE PAIN HEALER MENTAL HEALTH SHARON CHIRBAN. Urologist specializing in female urology and female sexual medicine. author. director. President. founder of The Beauty Bar and Pride & Glory EXERCISE SCIENCE RACHEL COSGROVE.D. Indiana University. Chief Administrative Oicer Thomas A.D. GASTROENTEROLOGY JACQUELINE L. M. registered sports psychologist. author. chair. PH.. owner. Harvard Medical School. PATEL. author. SoMoneyPodcast. and clarity—all of which are essential to the creative process. internal medicine. Rodale VICKY VLACHONIS. associate professor and assistant medical student clerkship director. Board-certified specialist in sports dietetics Robert Novick SVP.D... author. Revive: Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again 14 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . Chief Financial Oicer Beth Buehler SVP. M. M. THREE IO QUESTT OPINIONS EXPER . R. The Body Doesn’t Lie INTERNAL MEDICINE KERI PETERSON. WEIGHT LOSS KERI GLASSMAN.S. Eleven Eleven Wellness Center.D. Center for Women’s Oncology. healing. M. DERMATOLOGY FRANCESCA J. Olympic Committee.D. System director of family planning services. Because It Feels Good RACHAEL L. creator.D.” Maria Rodale Chairman and Chief Executive Oicer Paul McGinley EVP. Cook County Health & Hospitals System.S. M. Results Fitness. The F-Factor Diet YOGA MANDY INGBER Celebrity yoga and wellness expert.D. author. M. Starting with you.” Rodale Inc. practicing in Los Angeles. A Nutritious Life. Rye Brook. ROSS. staf psychologist.. Stroger Jr.D.

.ORG.Roasted Vegetables with Walnuts.5g of monounsaturated fat. as part of a low saturated fat and low cholesterol diet and not resulting in increased caloric intake. may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Green Beans with Olives. FOR THESE RECIPES AND MORE GO TO WALNUTS. See heartcheckmark. TEXTURE AND HEART-HEALTHY * GOODNESS TO ALL YOUR FAVORITE RECIPES. 2. Basil & Balsamic Vinaigrette Pomegranate Glazed Carrots FOR THE BEST SIMPLE VEGGIES EVER A SPRINKLE OF CRUNCHY CALIFORNIA WALNUTS ADDS FLAVOR. Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Walnuts Sweet & Spicy Brussels Sprouts * Supportive but not conclusive research shows that eating 1. (FDA) One ounce of walnuts provides 18g of total fat. Heart-Check food certiication does not apply to recipes unless expressly stated. 13g of polyunsaturated fat including 2.5 ounces of walnuts per of alpha-linolenic acid – the plant based omega-3. Per one ounce serving.

NATASA MANDIC/ for 11 never-heard-that-before facts about your most underrated body part: your nipples! CLOCK WISE FROM TOP RIGHT: BRIAN BOWEN is made with 100 percent organic Guatemalan coffee beans.WomensHealth Mag. Shop.Bad-Day Bubble Bath Soak away the stress. RODALE IMAGES. The day-off activity she considers her “heaven. C O M / March 2016 Winning Workout Nikki Metzger was crowned our 2016 Next Fitness Star. 2016TheNext FitnessStar. and it’s so rich and smooth you won’t need to spike it with cream or sugar. at WomensHealth the new Women’s Health WHoa! Roast ($16. compadre. GARY S CHAPMAN/GET T Y IMAGES. Is It Nippy in Here? How much do you know about your personal set of high beams? Head to WomensHealthMag. A-list attitude? Recommended. We rounded up a list of the most calming ingredients to drop into your tub to get all spa-y. Dumbbells? Required. Women’s Health Ignite ($28. 16 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G .” Watch her video now at WomensHealthMag .com. and now you can mimic her moves (and. Sweet. JUAN ALGARIN CHRISTINA AGUILERA ON… PREP TALK . and share your make-ahead meals on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MastersOfMealPrep. Yep. DAVIES AND STARR /GET T Y hopefully. her abs) with her new DVD workout] Save time and boost flavor with our meal-prep tips at WomensHealthMag. Who wants to prepare a week’s worth of healthy eats on a lazy Sunday? [Crickets. OUR BREW IS LIKE WHOA! We’re a caffeinated crew over here—so much so that we created our own java.

you’re 100% beautiful. Jergens is more than a moisturizer. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 90% OF YOUR BODY? Jergens® Ultra Healing® Moisturizer.©2016 Kao USA Inc. . You’re more than just a pretty face. Deeply penetrates the surface and repairs dry skin with lasting hydration. Skin so healthy looking. Leslie Mann Your hair and face get all the love.

questnutrition. ridiculously funny to speculate on what the really. they taste sweet and satisfy my taste “Just because I’m ripped doesn’t mean I can’t not die in a freak gasolinefight accident.” $141.# And. 18 WHStrong . “My husband [Ben Stiller] is better than I am. It’s “My version of a ‘loaded baked potato’! Sweet potato. amazon. green and purple diced—at WomensHealth Mag.85. mzwallace. #WHStrong” —@leisurelyfit @WomensHealthMag GET T Y IMAGES (TAYLOR. May my feet be light and my pace be swift. It’s huge and it keeps water cold for. eight “I try to keep my snacks protein-based. $ Promise Organic CoconutChamomile Facial Towelettes DriFire Combat Hoodie “They smell really good and get all the sweat and gunk of. cvs.” Luxsure Gold Selfie / C’mon.” $25. P90X3 is my favorite now because it’s only 30 minutes. so I can do it consistently. Workout Bag? Find out the other workout goodies Christine keeps in her “all-time favorite bag in the history of bags”—the MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote.. underarmour. and I don’t think I can accept that. so I became a convert and stole his water bottle. and even though these aren’t made with sugar. I need to practice my ‘blue steel’ pose everywhere. This keeps me dry on runs and it’s flame resistant. COURTESY OF THE VENDORS (GYM BAG ITEMS) The actress—who reprises her role in Zoolander 2—recently got back into tennis. WH ! Parody WHAT’S IN 1 Wilson Juice 100S Racket UnderArmour Insulated Water Bottle “We got it for my son. and I got completely reeled in. get social with us! March 2016 “The P90X commercial came on at two in the morning. killclif.” $6. frsafety. like.” W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . #WHStrong” —@seashineyoga P90X3 4 Selfie Stick “I’m a male 3 “You can find me dancing in the trees. 5 “Guys. wilson. for your reading pleasure.” $2.” $119.. baked chicken breast.” $12 for four. and non-fat mozzarella cheese! #WHStrong” —@thefitgirltalk “I picked a pretty racket—and Victoria Azarenka plays with it!” $179. ridiculously good-looking model keeps in his gym bag—so we made it up. ZOOL ANDER). you’re friggin’ all-stars! Keep posting those food and fitness triumphs by tagging your tweets and Instagrams #WHStrong. Christine Taylor’s What’s in Coconut Cashew Quest Bars 2 DEREK ZOOLANDER’S WORKOUT BAG? We thought it would be really. Action! So many reasons to get inspired right here. really. $225. Even on the treadmill. C O M Readers.50. Blood Orange Recovery Drink “I stopped drinking Orange Mocha Frappuccinos so I wouldn’t get fat.


D. C. M. Depends on the headache. Tingling hands or feet and a smoother-than-usual tongue can be signs you’re low in B12 (often an issue for vegans and vegetarians). IS IT TRUE YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO EAT SUSHI ON SUNDAY OR MONDAY? No—a quality restaurant won’t serve fish past its prime. you’re probably fine. could improve with gentle activity..S. and chewing ice (an odd. though. NYC NUTRITION How do I know if I should get tested for a vitamin deficiency? Is it a bad idea to work out if I have a headache? A /  If you’re eating balanced meals and generally feel well. A mild ache. 20 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . She’ll be able to parse your symptoms and determine a deficiency. Other symptoms can be red flags too: Heavy periods. DAVIES AND STARR /GET T Y IMAGES FITNESS tested if your diet’s out of whack or you’ve been consistently fatigued—both are linked to deficiencies. unexplained phenomenon called pica) could mean you’re iron deficient. CA. then Rachel Cosgrove. thanks to pain-busting endorphins. shortness of breath.Keri Peterson. so start with a couple of glasses of water and give it a few hours. . close your eyes and rest—exercise could make things worse.S. quiet room. Just be wary of cheap specials: Those are the kitchen’s way of cleaning out the fridge.C. internal medicine. Release any tension in your upper back and shoulders with a foam roller. tell your doctor. If something feels of. Get HOLD YOUR HORSE PILLS. owner of Results Fitness in Santa ease into a walk to see if Clarita. and author of The Female Body Breakthrough the pain subsides. Dehydration is a common cause. you could be lacking vitamin D. C O M / March 2016 FROM LEFT: BONNINSTUDIO/STOCKSY. And if you don’t get at least 15 minutes of sunlight exposure per day. Lenox Hill Hospital.. No dice? If it’s intense enough that you need to be in a dark.

salmon. Food with substance TM dogs with character. Which is why they deserve food made with ingredients such as venison. we at Natural Balance believe every dog has something that makes them unique.Like you. duck and sweet potato. .

like sautéing in your skivvies. but pace yourself—think steady stream of info. Anything that you’re sensitive about. does it reach your target audience in a diferent way than the competitors do? Also. THIS FELLA WON’T JUDGE. you never know who knows who! They might be able to connect you with someone who can help. they take sides on your pressing relationship probs. Look tirelessly at the trade newspapers. chances are he’s not the right guy for you. Bottom Line Bust out your eccentricities once you feel at ease. How soon into dating someone can I unveil my kooky habits—like cooking in my underwear? I want to start a business. entrepreneur. Then ask yourself: Does this idea fill a need or niche? Or if it’s not something new. Jennifer Walsh. and at the very least they’ll bring a fresh perspective. Multiple garments? Time to find a new cleaner. dude’s not worth your time. three dates. you should also feel comfortable dropping the fact that you can’t reach for the cookies in your kitchen cabinet without saying “Me want cookie!” in Cookie Monster’s voice. Even if their expertise is unrelated. If he holds anything against you. you must do an elaborate amount of research before development or execution begins. should wait until you’re totally sure he’ll comfort you—not add to the ridicule. or a few weeks in. If he seems weirded out by any of your revelations. consultant. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR THE DRY CLEANER TO SHRINK THINGS? Ugh. These things make you the unique gem that you are. but remember there’s an art to revealing yourself. 22 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . when you decide you’re okay with dropping trou. touch base with your network and ask if anyone has seen a similar concept. Faye is a senior editor at Women’s Health. and founder of The Beauty which will help you see Bar and Pride & Glory potential obstacles. then he does the same. . and magazines for that given field. not gushing waterfall. GDTH: Are you getting busy? Your quirks—even those that don’t induce fantasies of morning sex on the kitchen floor—are the things that should make him fall in love with you. C O M / March 2016 FROM LEFT: XEFSTOCK /GET T Y IMAGES. Here. then get more intimate as time goes on. Start with the smaller stuf.Askanything Guy Next Door vs Clint Carter Girl Down the Hall Faye Brennan Clint is a senior editor at Men’s Health. NEITHER SHOULD YOUR NEW GUY. then you have every right to put him of of you. When you’re comfortable enough to get naked with him. that’s when you can let your freak flag fly. Or that you like to ballroom dance with your Dyson while cleaning your place on Sunday mornings. Because what feels more vulnerable than sex? Not much! So whether that means one date. If it’s one piece you’ve serviced often. websites. Building a relationship is a two-way exchange: You expose a little of yourself (figuratively). yes. How do I know if my idea is too similar to one that already exists? When creating a business concept or model. like a weird nickname that hurt your feelings as a kid. MARTI SANS/STOCKSY ENTREPRENEURSHIP GND: It’s already Go Time. You can start divulging on day one. If anyone you date seems to be put of by them. the problem is likely due to worn fibers.


I end up looking like a cartoon character. chop parsley. ©2016 P&G FROM LEFT: © 2016 PEANUTS WORLDWIDE LLC. What’s going wrong? Most likely. They’re super easy to maintain and will really help get you pro results. Specifically. just ditch the buds around VIPs. leaving nothing but smooth. NoHo Hospitality Group. Nunzio Saviano. which one is the most important to buy? . but you can basically do anything with it—butcher a chicken. Ask for long layers (the diference between the final length and the shortest layer should be four to five inches).Andrew Carmellini. NYC IS IT RUDE TO LISTEN TO MUSIC (WITH EARBUDS) AT MY DESK? At many oices. Talk through your desired final look so he can tailor the length to suit your texture and features. Also: Show up to the salon with your hair naturally dried— no products or styling!—so your stylist can see the way your hair looks on its own. PANTENE 3 MINUTE MIRACLE A deep conditioner that melts into hair. but if it’s the norm at yours. it’s too-short layers causing your hair to look round and poofy. It’ll run you around $200. The best would be a 10or 12-inch chef’s knife. chef and restaurateur. Nunzio Saviano Salon. And avoid razor cuts. I’d recommend a Masamoto from Chubo Knives. PIER /GET T Y IMAGES BEAUTY If I’m investing in really good knives for the first time. which can make curly ends frizzy and unruly. NYC FOOD Any time I get my curly hair cut. yes. hairstylist and owner. cut onions.

*strength against damage vs. non-conditioning shampoo ©2015 P&G . for stronger hair.* So you can love it even longer.strong is When your hair is strong. The new Pantene shampoo and conditioner system has a PRO-V Formula that micro-targets weak spots. you can go further than you ever thought.

in 60 days with a low-calorie diet. it often takes a few tries to blow out germs. tour were adopted. cohost of The Doctors Q A & WE’RE SERIOUS: ASK US ANYTHING! Send your questions to askanything@rodale.. canephora robusta was 10.Real People Amazing Results MONEY 31lbs.D. HOW COME I ALWAYS SNEEZE IN SETS OF THREE? For most schnozes. urologist specializing in female urology and sexual medicine. A painless lesion could be just a one at a local bank and ask pimple or related to an ingrown for a “direct” transfer of hair. in 17 weeks Before After “Now I’m taking pictures and posting them for the whole world to see!” Average weight loss with C. If I could sell her for the right price. But it could also be a Bartholin your 401(k) funds to avoid gland abscess or a cyst. consult your health-care provider. in 17 weeks Before After Help! Is there an easy way to combine 401(k) accounts? Nope. PM IMAGES/GET T Y IMAGES Mary Lost . and 3. I kid). these two tend to be larger. in 8 weeks with calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise. SEX and you can’t outsource it (you must fill out the forms yourself ). And your current employer might not accept 401(k) rollovers. and go away on their own. Emmy– and else fails. They usually Tune in to ofer a wider variety of The Doctors weekdays investment options and for more health and possibly lower fees. Ashley Lost 27lbs. which relationship advice. are most often flesh-colored. How evil is it to sell a family heirloom to finance a vacation? Asking for a friend. Maggie. or other irritants. Another option is to move the money into an IRA. dust. go to money or tweet them to @womenshealthmag with the hashtag #AskWH.” HYDROXYCUT.S. Herpes could be another culprit. Should I be concerned by a pimple-like mound I found near my vagina? It went away on its own.” Individuals used the key ingredient in Hydroxycut® with diet and exercise and were remunerated. just burst into tears and tell Grammy Award–winning them you’ve always thought you comedian currently on her 80-city Like a Boss U. My beloved 95-year-old. Open Brian Lost in 17 weeks Before After “Hydroxycut® changed my life and it can change yours too. M. The process is annoying. Maybe they’ll give you an even better piece to hawk. both of which can early-withdrawal penalties. Still. is a living family heirloom.COM Jennifer Berman. Farnoosh Torabi. it’s better to be safe than sorry: Go to your elders with your saddest I-need-abreak spiel. could translate to more For listings.7 lbs. 28lbs.95 lbs. finance expert and host of the So Money podcast “Adding Hydroxycut® helped me get the edge to reach my goal. I probably would (I kid. Any time there is an unusual mass in that area. if the bump looked like a wart or blister. If all Kathy Griin. develop if excess fluid builds up. boxed-wine-loving mother.

and was remunerated. Now I want to go everywhere! Hydroxycut® really works! Sasha from California Lost33 lbs. To learn more about Sasha’s story.20 YEARS OF SUCCESS AMERICA’S #1 SELLING WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT BRAND Amazing Results “ “ When I was carrying the extra NEW ADVANCED FORMULAS! NOW WITH 50% MORE DAYS OF SUPPLY S W GHT LOS EI N KE T SCIENTIFICALLY RESEARCHED Y IN GRED IE Mix & Match. I did not want to go out much because I did not feel my best. visit: hydroxycut. in a separate 8-week study with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise. © 2015  Now you only need two servings per day versus three servings of the previous formula. HYDROXYCUT. Read entire label before use. and an average of 3.7 lbs.COM ® . Your Way Based on AC Nielsen FDMx unit sales for Hydroxycut ® caplets. People in a 60-day study lost an average of 10. with a low-calorie diet.95 lbs. canephora robusta) with diet and exercise. in 17 weeks DURING BEFORE AFTER Sasha used the key ingredient in Hydroxycut ® (C.

at least 50% less fat than comparable pork and beef products .Meet-cute BETTER.

Bake until granola is golden brown. Preheat oven to 325°F. Unlike most processed options. it’s laced with nutrient-dense superfoods like chia seeds and sweetened with fruit and honey (see ya. In a smaller bowl. 2. 3. Combine wet and dry ingredients and stir. C O M 29 . and ¼ tsp salt. MAKES ABOUT 4 CUPS. whisk together ½ cup honey. sugar crash!). a smallbatch granola shop featured in the new book Made in Brooklyn. granola-fied! CRUNCH TIME If you think homemade granola is uninspired FOOD ST YLING: BRET T KURZWEIL /ART DEPARTMENT. we have a bridge to sell you: the delicious craft mix on the left. 27 g carbs. ⅓ cup unsweetened shredded coconut. 4 g protein P H OTO G R A P H B Y T E D C AVA N A U G H March 2016 / W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . 13 g sugar. combine 3 cups rolled oats. about 30 minutes. 1 Tbsp flaxseed. MAKE IT 1. No wonder it hails from the borough of all things hipster-cool: Brooklyn. and 1 tsp vanilla.The Brooklyn Bridge. 40 mg sodium. stirring halfway through. ⅓ cup olive oil. 11 g fat (2 g sat). Spread evenly onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Munch on it solo or with Greek yogurt for a hunger fix. Let cool. 6. 1 Tbsp chia seeds. 5. In a medium bowl. 5 g fiber. is behind the recipe. Per serving (¼ cup): 220 cal. 4. 2 Tbsp hemp seeds. PROP ST YLING: ANGEL A CAMPOS/STOCKL AND MARTEL hippie food. ¾ cup roughly chopped walnuts. Alex Crosier of Granola Lab. then sprinkle 1 cup dried cherries on top.

with the brightest pieces at the level of your temples. as long you keep the top darkest. After brushing on a thin layer of base coat. DANNY KIM. Previously. On dark hair. the new Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set ($20. The nutty oil contains vitamin E and ferulic acid. which may rev up the levels of collagen and elastin. spinach. “It doesn’t have to be a blonde look. truly camouflaging holes in between until you wash them off. Any other sips with skin benefits? Taking about one and a half tablespoons of culinary argan oil a day can tighten and smooth skin all over your bod. FINALLY! A FIX FOR PATCHY BROWS Pencils and powders are great for beefing up sparse arches— but if your brows are seriously thinning. Ian Michael Black. C O M / March 2016 Got no mani skills— or time? Nails Inc Paint Can Polish ($12. or a major contrast. but these loose fibers deliver natural 3-D thickness you can build gradually. LET’S TALK ABOUT… SKIN-ENHANCING DRINKS At grocery stores and cafés. so long as produce like carrots. and papaya top the ingredient list. nailsinc. PROP ST YLING: ANGEL A CAMPOS/STOCKL AND MARTEL (NAIL POLISH) CONTOURING NO-MAKEUP {beauty discuss .” Subtle darkness slims is a more onpoint fix. and the excess washed off with soap and water. but leave it darkest between the temples and jaw. Hair that is darkest near the nape of your neck softens the appearance of a strong jawline. says a Clinical Interventions in Aging is as simple and quick to apply as perfume. LONG ROUND SQUARE Ask for ombré—its gradient effect can be vertically shortening. hold the can four to six inches away and spray. I’ve seen drinks boasting complexion perks. On fair hair. Drinking two cups of OJ each day can boost carotenoid levels too. 30 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . Nice. lighten your base color by two or three shades. How? A special polymer-silica blend forms a film that clings to any basecoat but won’t stick to skin. PASCAL SEGRETAIN/GET T Y (MODEL). But then…couldn’t I just down OJ for a glow? You could. These are rich in yellow and red carotenoids. Kardashians: There’s a diferent type of highlighter for enhancing your bone structure. explains how strategic streaks can complement your face shape (ovals can pull of any color combo—luckies!). so they cling to existing brow strands in a crosshatch pattern. Ask your colorist to paint in lighter highlights throughout your hair. Aveda’s global artistic director for hair color. a PLOS ONE study found. In our test. brow fillers were available only in shiny. toppik.Listen up. which can brighten your complexion after seven weeks of two-cups-daily chugging. Are they BS or worth a try? Not a gimmick. FOOD ST YLING: MICHELLE GAT TON/STOCKL AND MARTEL (VANIT Y ). TED CAVANAUGH. Its pigmented keratin fibers are microscopically ridged and statically charged. PROP ST YLING: SAR AH GUIDO/HALLE Y RESOURCES. it dried in 30 seconds. unrealistic-looking gel formulas. ask for lowlights between cheekbone and jaw level. says cosmetic chemist Kelly Dobos. says an International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition study.

The BB Contour Trio Stick effortlessly contours your face with an instant swipe-and-blend for a photo-ready finish in seconds.#Insta SUPER BB #INSTAREADY™ 13 $ Rx For Glamour ULTIMATE SELFIE FORMULA FOR PICTURE PERFECTION Radiate #selfie seduction in a flash with Super BB #InstaReady. #RXFORGLAMOUR .

30 IS


And it blows: Thirty-somethings
used to be happier than people
in their teens and twenties, but a
new study found that advantage
has declined over the past five
years (the authors cite financial
and professional pressures).
Chin up, buttercup: Joy is a skill
you can learn, not just a feeling,
says Kristi Ling, author of
Operation Happiness.* How to
turn crappy to happy, below:

We’re not talking about
waistlines, folks: The
Environmental Working
Group recently outed a
list of bread products
containing potassium
bromate, a potentially
toxic additive. It helps
loaves rise higher, but
studies have linked it to
cancer, and the World
Health Organization
considers it a possible
human carcinogen.
The FDA claims that
most of it is destroyed
in the baking process.
But experts are still
concerned: “It’s not just
a carcinogen; there’s
also data showing that it
could lead to thyroid
problems,” says Michael
Doyle, Ph.D., director of
the Center for Food
Safety at the University
of Georgia. Until the FDA
bans it—as the U.K. and
Canada have done—
avoid foods containing
“potassium bromate” or
“bromated flour.”

on positivity when things get neggy by thinking
of three things you’re grateful for in your life—
you’ll take back the power over how you feel and
how you view the world.
Simplify everything. Downer people, packed
schedules, and cluttered rooms can weigh you
down, says Ling. Donate the stuff you don’t love,
cut haters out of your life, and gracefully step
out of commitments that aren’t necessary. Ahhh.

*Operation Happiness is published by Rodale Inc., publisher of Women’s Health.



Paging? Girl, please. Texting
and FaceTiming a licensed
therapist is the new way to
get your head right. WH
senior editor Faye Brennan
tried Talkspace (iPhone and
Android) for a week and
plotted the highs and lows.

with a friend, her
responses weren’t instant.
(Hello? I just poured my
heart out!) Luckily, the
latest app update has a
time stamp that tells you
when you can expect a
reply. Phew!”

“I loved that if something
was bothering me at 10
p.m. on a Tuesday night, I
could text my therapist
right then privately in the
app. But unlike texting

“One day, my therapist
sent me a video message.
It was a bit of a shock: She
was real and knew my
deepest thoughts! But I like
that she asked me to

respond via video too. It
was a reminder that
expressing myself aloud is
just as helpful as writing.”
“The cost ($99 per month
to exchange unlimited
texts, audio, and video
messages) is cheaper than
a weekly co-pay plus
subway fare to the shrink.
But if I didn’t use the app
at least once a week, I’d
worry that I wasn’t getting
my money’s worth.”



Try ho‘oponopono. It’s funny to say, and this
Hawaiian practice can boost your mood too.
When a stressful situation comes to mind (think:
a fight with your mom), mentally repeat, “I’m
sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”
It can erase negative emotions.
Separate feelings from circumstances. You
can’t help how your boss treats you, but you can
help how you react to it. Ling suggests focusing



Discover the difference of natural

botanical ingredients for a permanent hair color

experience like no other.



see can’t
in th alories
Righ ark!




The Takeaway

A 2005 study in the
journal Obesity
Research found no
link between evening
noshing and gaining
extra pounds,
prompting nutrition
pros to declare that
bedtime snacking
while watching The
Daily Show isn’t slimdown suicide. Break
out the ice cream!

In 2008, researchers
showed that people
who ate between
11 p.m. and 5 a.m.
consumed more total
calories per day and
gained more weight
over time. If your
freewheeling diet has
you eating at oddball
hours, chances are
you’re eating more

A new study found
that when people
who tended to eat a
third of their calories
between 6 p.m. and
midnight switched to
a schedule where
they stopped eating
between 7 p.m. and 9
a.m., they lost weight
and slept better.

The time of day
doesn’t matter as
much as how much
you’re eating within
24 hours. To reduce
that amount, stick to
a food window of
10 or 11 hours, says
Satchin Panda, Ph.D.
It may keep your
circadian rhythm and
weight steadier.


Smart move, you Rebel, you! “People panic when they go off
their diet, and then they eat too much and feel too guilty to
enjoy the food,” says Jean Kristeller, Ph.D., coauthor of The Joy
of Half a Cookie. Beat the “I’ve blown it” effect: Make sure you’re
truly hungry, then give yourself permission to have what you’re
craving, checking in as you chew to gauge your pleasure. “A few
mindful bites will likely satisfy you, and you can move on.”

D e b b i e (D i et)


un and games until your crew
y is all f without seeming like that gi orders a lar
ge de
rl. Aw
Ditch u want to abst
hat you eat or don’t eat, an k-ward! The ep-dish

d if t
ly do
force them to confront their own hey do, it’s l lity:
People r food choices
n specialist. Know t
hat the es, says Nic y
d motivatio
se you
becau a counselor an
g “I’m eating healthier”
fortab olas
d try sayin
nt will
sets a negative one for you and the w of “I can’t e
mome at”—the latter


W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . C O M


March 2016

Neon tracksuits may be one
of “25 Things Only 80s Kids
Would Understand” (BuzzFeed,
still can’t quit you), but the speed
walkers who wore them were
on to something: A new study
found that people who walked
briskly for 30-plus minutes a day
for one month had lower BMIs and
smaller waists than those who did
tougher activities, like cycling.
Moderate exercise may be easier
to stick with long term, the
authors say. Just add some hill
intervals to your swift walks, says
trainer Harley Pasternak.



“I was a little bit down on myself for eating
chocolate and Skittles for dinner…but then I just
thought ‘fuck it!’ #makebetterchoicestoday”
—Rebel Wilson (@RebelWilson)




1 800 670 WALK

Jules, 39er, survivor and 3-time walker
Read her story at AVON39.ORG

Washington, D.C.
San Francisco
Santa Barbara
New York

Apr 23-24
Apr 30-May 1
Jun 4-5
Jul 9-10
Jul 23-24
Sep 10-11
Oct 15-16


national sponsor

12 squares =
750 cals!

Add crunch to oatmeal.
Then add dates and honey
to balance bitterness.
Choc-lify fruit
smoothies. Blueberries
and bananas keep
sharpness in check.
Sub for chocolate
chips. Cookies are sweet
enough—nibs add cocoa
flavor without extra sugar.

that 91
A recent survey found
them, but
stamps are
turns out, food time
nothing but
rough estimate of op
mple, can
quality. Cheese, for exa a month
by” date.
or more past its “sell
e by” dates

And “best by
cts? Doubly
on shelf-stable produ e still just
misleading, since the only to
e a carton
unopened goods. Tak it’s good
of almond
crack the
until July. Once you
ug that
seal, you’ll have to ch
to the
better off
and-look test—
sh it.
appearance is off, tra


Chicken-friendly eggs have gone mainstream (fast-food joints
even use them!). The words may conjure images of hens frolicking
on a farm, but that’s not always the case. The lowdown on labels:
This label means that
the hens live in large
barns. They don’t have
outdoor access, and they
get about 1.5 square
feet of space each. Not
ideal for “bwok bwok!”-ing
around, but still an
improvement from caged
farming. They can
move more and socialize,
which makes for happier,
healthier chickens.

In this scenario, the fowls
are housed in barns,
but now they have access
to a minimum of two
square feet of outdoor
space—and vegetation.
More plants to nosh
on means more nutrients
for the hens and for
their eggs. Good news
for you when one of
them lands in your
breakfast sandwich.

These chickens get a
minimum of 108 square
feet of outdoor space,
plus indoor space for
resting and roosting. This
more natural environment
results in less-stressed
hens and, some studies
show, better food—eggs
from pasture-raised
chickens have more
vitamins and twice the
omega-3 fatty acids.


Sources: Adele Douglass, executive director of Certified Humane; Matt O’Hayer,
founder of Vital Farms



Hate to break it
to you: A square of
dark chocolate
isn’t as nutritiously
noble as we thought.
You’d actually
have to eat 12 (!) per
day to reap the
antioxidant benefits
(like heart-disease
protection) of
the cacao bean’s
flavonols, says JoAnn
Manson, M.D., a
Harvard Medical
School professor. Less
processed raw cacao
nibs pack a more
intact flavonol punch,
but since they taste a
bit bitter, here’s how
to sweeten them up.

Shine on
And on and on and on.
packed with protein and
made with Real ingredients.

More power to your morning.


© 2015 The Hillshire Brands Company

• 650mg of sodium • 5g of whole grains • Made with egg white

who’s worked on studies about color and exercise. of course.. so you’ll feel more alert and ready for boot camp or any challenging workout. and calorie burn. which makes us more appreciative. according to data from the Jawbone tracker app.” says exercise physiologist Pete McCall. People are most likely to stick to their workout at 6 a. We associate it with nature. On treadmill lab tests conducted by the companies. and athletic level. Try her shade swaps for any sitch. 40 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . put on YELLOW. muscle activation. crank up the incline to get a burn…and. Literally. but whatever your result. It may calm jitters while reducing how hard you think you’re working. you’ll want to beef up yours with the glute bridge and curl: Lying on your back with knees bent. We were intrigued when we heard several companies had invented leggings with built-in elastic resistance bands to help tone your lower half (cost runs from $98 to $125).) Not a morning person? Tuck your alarm clock into your sneaks across the room. “Adding bands to clothing might create more resistance to movement. BRIAN JACKSON/AL AMY YO UR ST RO NG A RE Early Bird Gets the . your odds of getting hurt dip an extra 12 percent for every added centimeter you jump. slowly push a ball toward and away from you with your feet. but not enough to really make a difference. while another’s running group saw an increase in max heart rate. use the right hues to hack your sweat session. how far you can’t—is a strong predictor of your hamstring-injury risk. sleep in workout clothes. says color expert Caroline Small. The ideal distance depends on your age. PURPLE is clutch for evening yoga. then sleep. save a Benji. it helps clear your mind so you can focus. Instead. size. FROM LEFT: PETER YANG/AUGUST. the others kept sliding down. One pair felt heavy and looked bulky. Rock BLUEtinted lenses for a big race. motivating you to hit the gym on a dreary day. The theory: Your muscles have to work harder to move against the weight of the bands. 10SE CO ND TE ST e Up Wak Body HO W Lace Up Ass Kick How far you can hop on one leg in a single jump—or rather. we’d rather wear our fave leggings. C O M / RED can boost adrenaline and excitement. says a new study in the European Journal of Sport Science. and download an app like Sleep Cycle that wakes you during your lightest Zs. A nerve depressant. But independent experts aren’t buying it. It evokes happy vibes.GS? N I R T S M HA BUFF OR BLUFF? Resistance-Band Pants Bluff—for now. Focusing on your “trouble spots”? Wear GREEN. March 2016 If you’re sluggish. (Kinda duh when you think about it: Any later and you’re slicing minutes of shower time—and everything gets in the way come evening.m. In the end. We gave them a shot— and it wasn’t the right fit. Sweat the Rainbow Back in Black: Played out AC/DC song and workout look. they scored well: Wearers of one brand burned an extra 30 to 40 calories walking for 30 minutes. Since strong hammies are crucial for speedy movements and healthy knees.


> IN AN IGLOO Since the central fire and your body heat would warm you. sensual sex (think spooning to the rhythm of the waves).COM (SMOKING COUPLE). but it can also indicate dissatisfaction or a desire for adventure.’ or are you even more dissatisfied in your relationship?” If your dream leaves you lacking.” says Kelly Walden. Mary Jane. RODALE IMAGES (SAND).The number one Q people ask A-list astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson: What’s it like to join the 50-mile-high club? He explains that intergalactic nooky requires a lot of straps to hold things down.. per se. How can you tell if your scandalous subconscious means trouble? Notice how you feel when you wake up. you wouldn’t want to rock the boat unless you’d like to get caught. S’IL VOUS PLAIT! > IN A CANOE The perfect setting for slow. Rubbing noses optional. some experts say grass can heighten your senses and enhance sexual intimacy. Still. and Relationship Dream Dictionary. (“Couple overboard!”) LET’S TALK ABOUT… Weed: yea or nay for sex? It depends on who you ask: A Skyn Condoms survey found that people who smoke pot daily had better sex compared with nonsmokers. says addiction specialist Adi Jafe. you wouldn’t need to boink in parkas. sets some surreal scenes. One study found that daily or near-daily weed use as a way to manage stress can signal underlying emotional distress. Ph. which can harm your bond.D. but the data was self-reported—d’oh! Studies have also linked toking up with erectile dysfunction and lower sperm count. C O M / March 2016 ANSWER: A! What does it all mean? Not that you want to stray. Sex. which got us wondering— what’s the deed like in other unexpected places? Sexologist Emily Morse. TRUNK ARCHIVE (SLEEPING WOMAN). > UNDER A WATERFALL H20 can wash away your natural lube (and shrink his manhood!). since you’d be able to soak in the view without blocking your flow. INESE2701/ISTOCK (SMOKE) POT AND RELATIONSHIPS . R AUL ROMO/ THELICENSINGPROJEC T. Another thing that could harm it? Hiding your habit from each other. a hypnotherapist and author of The Love. Ph. POP QUIZ! What’s the most popular steamy dream? A B CHEATING WITH YOUR BRADLEY COOPER–HOT NEIGHBOR SEX WITH YOUR EX C D BANGING YOUR BOSS MÉNAGE À TROIS? OUI. “Are you satiated. After all.D. “Dreaming allows you to explore your sexuality without sacrificing the stability of a monogamous relationship. Still. it’s not exactly Miami in there: Light layers would keep your 60°F love shack oh-so hot. So could joints bring us closer? Not so fast. You’d be better off in reverse cowgirl away from the stream. 42 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . like you ‘got it out of your system. it’s time to chat with your other half.

conditioner and spray in a brushing test that measures breakage. compared to a non-conditioning | ogxbeauty *Using the 3-step OGX Niacin3 & Caffeine system of shampoo.ÁKLX the fallout! ogxbeauty. .

8-hour moisture that loves your lips in return.Luscious. 100% natural ingredients smooth satin finish 14 versatile shades . full-coverage color you’ll love.

Happy Wallet You only think your high-maintenance complexion needs high-priced products. wrinkles. NOPE! We had top dermatologists take a trip around the drugstore to bring you targeted treatments with baller ingredients for acne. even rosacea—all $20 or less! By Krista Bennett DeMaio 45 . MWA-HA-HA! BEAUTY TY Happy Skin.FASHION+ JENS STUART/ TRUNK ARCHIVE THIS GLOWY CHICK IS THINKING OF THE CHLOÉ BAG SHE’S GOING TO BUY WITH ALL HER SAVINGS.

M. “You don’t need all that. It’s also packed with skin-plumping lipids called ceramides. “They’re not expensive ingredients. C O M / ANTIOXIDANT SERUM L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Advanced Skin Repair Serum ($20. The other boon for your bank account? Less is more. Not to mention that mass-market brands are known for putting a ton of money and resources into the research and development of their formulas. (A new way of extracting lipids from plant sources have made ceramides more afordable.” says dermatologist Whitney Bowe. 46 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . the diference is that. CL AIRE BENOIST. M.49. at drugstores) “I like that this serum has soy protein—it’s a great antioxidant that helps repair wrinkle-causing cell damage. RETINOL CREAM Neutrogena Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream Night ($15.B E AU T Y 58. “My patients swear it’s better than some of the expensive scrubs. March 2016 P. says Graf. Meaning: less-drying results for your face. garnierusa . apply to clean skin. “My patients love it because it smooths on easily and takes down redness and swelling.” says Bowe. the only thing jacking up the price of a luxe anti-aging cream is the hefty glass jar. This cream contains 2 percent sal acid (the highest OTC level) and soothing green tea. using too many products in their regimen. at drugstores) “My acne patients have used scrubs that left their skin bleeding. This cream has pure retinol (many OTC products contain a less potent version).D. or grocery store. Dermatologists say retinol. yay. you don’t want to actually rupture zits (an open wound takes longer to heal). GENTLE EYE CREAM Garnier Ultra Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream ($15.” says Bowe. a few budget brands ofer the same! ZIT ZAPPER Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment ($6. “My patients tend to overdo it.D. a vitamin A derivative. CHRIS RYAN/GALLERY STOCK (PIGGY BANK).49. M. Now. FROM LEFT) PREVENTIVE PRODUCT Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Overnight Treatment ($6. This exfoliator’s delicate particles (and 1 percent salicylic acid) do the job with kid gloves.) Slather on in the morning under sunscreen. WEEKLY EXFOLIANT Bioré Acne Clearing Scrub ($7. “I like this one because it contains a nonirritating form of vitamin “How you treat your skin today can impact how it looks three months from now—that’s how long it takes for a microscopic clogged pore to turn into a pimple. using your ring finger to gently tap and smooth the cream on. superstore (such as Target or Walmart). what you do. at drugstores) The most efective non-Rx wrinkle-fighting ingredient is sold at Walmart? You bet.” WRINKLES Sometimes.” Before bed.” Here. but it doesn’t make their skin—and makeup—flaky the next day. a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.” says Jeannette Graf. according to a study by The Benchmarking Company . LISA SHIN (CREAMS. in high-end “It’s hard to find an eye cream with retinol at the drugstore—especially under $20—because the ingredient can be too harsh for delicate undereye skin.3% ACNE You can find the dynamic ingredient duo—salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide—from Target to Nordstrom. she says. Apply a thin layer all over every night.” says Bowe. Use only at night to avoid sun-sensitivity. Percentage of women who purchase facial skin-care products at a drugstore. (Ouch!) While it’s essential to slough of the dead cells gunking up your pores.” says Graf.” says Graf. they’re released more slowly into the skin and mixed with hydrators. legitimately stimulates collagen and boosts sluggish cell turnover. at Walmart) The 2 percent salicylic acid is balanced with hydrating glycerin and natural astringents like cedar bark. avon. JAMES WORRELL (SUDS).


“Most online retailers use tracking technology. This formula uses Oleosome technology. Time it right. Some sites will pay you to tell them what you think about past purchases. Weigh in on your entire monthly box and earn 50 points. “Wait a day or two. founder of SlashedBeauty. and alcohol. they get a commission for sending you to the shopping site to buy. working up to twice daily after a week).com. The beauty retailer Birchbox. then added glycerin and dimethicone to help strengthen skin’s barrier.” says Graf. she says. (In turn. but don’t buy it just yet. Q Virtual Realities Budget pros share their best tricks for scoring online skin deals. But not to worry about overkill: “Soy knows how to play nicely with other fading ingredients without causing irritation. . pigment attackers work best in a team. so use it to your advantage. “My rosacea patients tell me this is the only sunscreen they can tolerate. Leave a digital trail. but sunscreen can too. this gel cleanser won’t cause the angry post-wash flush. “Your skin’s barrier is compromised. Give to see if the beauty retailer is a partner. which blocks the pigmentstimulating enzyme tyrosinase. which studies say can pacify fiery patches. According to the site.” What you want— barrier-strengthening hydrators and anti-inflammatories— are just as important as what you don’t: triggers like scent. Shopping deal sites like RetailMeNot . Graf suggests using one daily treatment (apply it once a day at first. This SPF 30 cream also contains nonfermented soy enzymes that may stop pigment from coming to skin’s surface. at drugstores) or ShopAtHome. REDNESS-REDUCING NIGHT CREAM Aveeno Ultra-Calming Nourishing Night Cream ($15. Brighteners and skin sloughers are often bottled together to make a more potent treatment. DARK SPOTS Like Olivia Pope and her gladiators.B E AU T Y ROSACEA CALMING WASH Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser ($10. target. says Miranda Mendoza. is the most efective OTC skin lightener. as Graf explains. the exfoliants remove pigment on skin’s surface and allow the brighteners to penetrate more efectively. Laced with licorice root extract. Go off-site. Put that pricey cream in your cart. and the cotton sheet design helps drive them into the skin.” says Bowe. But don’t buy a whole new regimen. which can be used toward the purchase of a full-size product. at drugstores) When you have And good news: It won’t bleach out darker skin tones. since the sun can create more spots.) 4. an anti-inflammatory that can stabilize those blood vessels. which are more prone to pigment issues. Try one product at a time for two weeks. This cream pairs 2 percent hydroquinone (the OTC max) with exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids and a UV filter (extra protection—woot!). shopping expert at TraeBodge. redness reducer.” says Trae Bodge. That same UV-protective zinc also boosts skin’s barrier function. The scientists at Aveeno removed the ofending part. with a weekly mask as a bonus brightener. “The combo of massaging your skin and warm water can dilate blood vessels. drugstore. CL AIRE BENOIST (CREAMS) Minimalism: fashion trend and. orange extract. it might cause irritation. RODALE IMAGES. “If you just rubbed the plant on your skin. BRIGHTENING SUNSCREEN Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 ($15. and licorice root extract). 1. so moisture can get out and allergens and irritants can get in. “The fewer ingredients you put on this type of Sheet masks typically have high concentrations of ingredients in them (in this case. then add.” says Bowe. a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center.” says Bowe. 50 DAILY FADER Ambi Fade Cream ($7. a pigment-lightening trio of vitamin C. great skin-care sales spike the first week of May (averaging 54 percent off) and the second week of August (nearing 50 percent off). apparently. check out cash-back sites such as Ebates. at drugstores) Sunscreen “is essential. the better. at drugstores) It’s a calm-skin catch-22: Sun exposure inflames rosacea. the equivalent of $ This is one of the few mass-market brands that ofers feverfew extract. says gives subscribers 10 points for every sample they review. just washing your face could be enough to make you see keep tabs on the best times to save a buck. But that can cause irritation if you pile on multiple products at once. The moisturizing and soothing hyaluronic acid and glycerin in this sheet will help prevent your skin from going postal.” 3.” WEEKLY MASK Masque Bar by Look Beauty Brightening Sheet Mask ($10. under your moisturizer. These sites give you money back—anywhere from 2 to 10 percent based on where you shopped. you may get an e-mail or see a promo pop up on Facebook with an incentive to close the deal. which means it has lower concentrations of sunscreen ingredients but still provides an efective broad-spectrum SPF 30. 2.” says Bowe. mint or eucalyptus oils. NONIRRITATING SUNSCREEN Cetaphil DermaControl Moisturizer SPF 30 ($20. Before you buy.

Wisk Deep Clean® with Micro-Cleaners® helps remove more of the unseen some other detergents can leave behind*.(2. but after a .com Life Is Better When You Have Sustained Energy >OL[OLYP[»ZHUV[OLYTPSLHUV[OLYWV\UK SVZ[VYHUV[OLY[PTL`V\NV[V\[VM`V\Y JVTMVY[aVULPUZWPYLV[OLYZI`Z\ITP[[PUN `V\YZ[VY`\ZPUN 4`6UL4VYL*VU[LZ[ T.065 Find Your Aspirational You (JJLZZHSPZ[VMIVHYKJLY[PMPLKZWLJPHSPZ[Z[OH[ JHUOLSW`V\IL[OL`V\[OH[`V\^HU[[VIL -YVTHLZ[OL[PJWYVJLK\YLZ[V]PZPVUJVYYLJ[PVU HUKHK]HUJLKZRPUJHYL(37/(. © 2015 The Sun Products Corporation. T I K S I W Dramatization: Hidden body oils and sweat on cotton t-shirt after workout under blacklight facebook.065*64 '>/. PremierProtein.(*. it’s full of hidden odor-causing body oils and sweat.79646. I H S A W ® ST U J ’T N O D .065 Plan of Action >/73(56-(*. attacking the odor source so clothes are deep down clean. *Compared to the leading variant of the top three liquid value brands. Sure it looks clean. All Rights This shirt is filthy white.65»Z UL[^VYRVMWO`ZPJPHUZ^PSSKLSP]LY[OL YLZ\S[Z`V\^HU[HUK[OLJHYL`V\L_WLJ[ iwantALPHAEON.

Chef Amanda Cohen is the chef and owner of Dirt Candy. to “bring a fluidity to the scent and lift any heaviness. freesia. What signs point to now? Praline. and a powdery Florentine Orris finish. rose. IZAK ZENOU (ART WORK). but Cohen likes combining nuts with sugary vegetables or fruits like beets or raisins. with rosy cheeks and pink luscious lips ready to bite into something sweet. thanks to praline’s saccharine nuttiness. By Hannah Mor rill Artist New York City fashion illustrator Izak Zenou has collaborated with Henri Bendel. and it’s called Seven fig notes.. the more decadent it becomes. a firm that predicts the aromas we’ll all be spritzing each season. JUDY HORTON/OFFSET (PR ALINES). sephora. and the more complicated something is in the kitchen. sorbet—yum! With the help of three visionaries—who play word association with the fragrance notes here—you’ll find the blend that’s perfect for you. among dozens of other fashion and beauty brands. and Guerlain. ARTIST SAYS: Nostalgia “I see a child entering a candy store that’s all powdery pastels. .com). praline is a combination of caramelized sugar and nuts.” “Praline isn’t an easy thing to make.” In this case. Céline. Chelariu likes it mixed with woodsy notes like cedar and sandalwood. TRY: Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere Black ($88. so in that way. YOU THINK. macys. and Gwen Stefani.” Traditionally. sparkling way. 52 WHEN YOU HEAR PRALINE. consider it a sugar addiction. but they don’t know why they’re drawn to it. Jennifer Lopez. It brings attention in a playful.B E AU T Y THE PLAYERS There’s a Magic 8 Ball of perfume. with praline. TRY: Lancôme Trésor Lumineuse ($58. and sandalwood. PERFUMER SAYS: Addiction CHEF SAYS: Luxury “People gravitate toward praline. a praline-andsandalwood scent with black cherries. It is decidedly so. a perfumer at Firmenich in New York City. and then using the praline drizzle on popcorn or cheesecake. It’s almost an Alice in Wonderland feeling of happiness and excitement. it works like an addiction.” TRY: Tocca Emelia ($68. lancome-usa. a vegetable restaurant in New York City. which serves up praline with savory has created fragrances for Victoria’s Secret. COURTESY OF SUBJEC TS (HEADSHOTS) Perfumer Gabriela Chelariu.


C O M TRY: Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucrée ($80. lavender. tumbling piles of red fruits—raspberries.” TRY: Armani Code Pour Femme ($45 for 1 oz. clean red berries (specifically. It’s not an ice cream sundae.. They are too solemn and formal..B E AU T Y PERFUMER SAYS: ARTIST SAYS: ARTIST SAYS: CHEF SAYS: Sensuality Happiness Health Summer “There’s a duality to freesia: It is truly one of the most delicate and beautiful florals. lavender honey. whose blonde leather. tobacco flower. and aquatic notes for a sorbet efect. ateliercologne. shop . YOU THINK.. you get a modern contrast. When green rhubarb pairs with vanilla and watery lychee. . By infusing them with the sweet iciness of sorbet. You never feel heavy or weighed down after eating it. and lily of the valley. / March 2016 TRY: Comme des Garcons Series 5 Sherbet: Rhubarb ($45 for 30 ml. And as the temp rises.” “If I were going to bring flowers for someone who is sick. cherries—that leave you feeling light and refreshed. It’s more conceptual—the idea of ice. I wouldn’t bring roses. you get a rhubarb sorbet–like scent. sephora .” TRY: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Blush ($78. and gaiac wood play up freesia’s sexiness. and fruit as translated by a blend of other ingredients. JEAN BER ARD/GALLERY STOCK (ICE CUBES). clearly. MAT T R AINE Y/RODALE IMAGES (ARMANI CODE). peppery aspect that makes it pair wonderfully with traditionally masculine notes like vetiver. STOCKFOOD/ESING STUDIO/FOOD PHOTO & VIDEO (LEMON SORBET). and yet at the same time remains powerful and sensual. YOU It has pear. Vetiver serves as a base for freesia. I’m seeing I’d bring a bouquet of whimsical yellow freesia. or with mild ones like celery or cucumber that benefit from sweetness. mugler . dior. smoke. Freesia has that sunny quality that’s not too overwhelming. It features crisp. and sorbet isn’t technically a note. “We’ll do sorbets in one of two ways: either with sweet vegetables like corn or carrot. PERFUMER SAYS: Cold To be clear. sugar. or sage. cherries and cranberries).com).” In food. RYAN OLSZEWSKI/RODALE IMAGES (DAISY DREAM) WHEN YOU HEAR FREESIA. 54 WHEN YOU HEAR SORBET.” “There’s just something so vibrant about sorbet.” TRY: Dior Addict Eau Fraiche ($100. leather. the type that starts coming out in April. Q GEORGE STELZNER /IMAGEBROKER /CORBIS (FREESIA). She mixes buds and stems with spicy greens. Grapefruit and bergamot add to freesia’s upbeat vibe.” Warm weather and sorbets are besties. TRY: Atelier Cologne Oolang Infini ($80. Cohen believes floral accents should be very light and paired with strong flavors. Chelariu likes to mix them with “aromatics like basil. STOCKFOOD/STUDIO/PHOTOCUISINE (LIME SORBET). from Cohen’s Dirt Candy kitchen Easter “It’s an early flower. W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . there’s always a vegetable sorbet on Cohen’s menu. Freesia has a crisp. “The whole thing gets topped with a tangy vinaigrette spiked with the floral scent. macys. strawberries. CHEF SAYS: A veggie salad with floral touches. violet.

Inc. one of nature’s most effective tone correctors. The exclusive ACTIVE NATURALS formula has soy. ® ® ® © Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies. 2015 . AVEENO POSITIVELY RADIANT SPF 15 Moisturizer helps reduce the look of brown spots in 4 weeks. healthy radiant skin is a game-changer.Naturally Beautiful Results The secret to radiant skin? Positive thoughts and Aveeno. You’ll see.

s 148 .co a P m .co m ng f rom c ha nd eli s er ration. So sexy. Gerard to co Yosc p u a. They are graphic and whimsical and (woot!) won’t weigh down your lobes. geo L(IS me tri .com arah ile or sf s. $25. HAIR: HANJEE @ HANJEE HAIR GALLERY AT JED ROOT. $68 r ear . MAKEUP: T. stu deco nstructed. C O M / March 2016 PHOTOG R APHS BY A ARON RICHTER . $89. Je we .c om ACCESSORIES EDITOR: JENNIFER YOO.$ lry MODERN ART Lik ea bs tra ct o dr ol -g llarbones. e s-style d ss–di isks feel Diana Ro ab mm er ed LD R li z . bcbg G en e e ne BCB rat ! y i on a r-t . COOPER FOR EXCLUSIVE ARTIST MANAGEMENT USING ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS. AT DEFAC TO USING DIOR VERNIS CHARMER The ho op oe er H) CIRCLE Light. MANICURE: KELLY B.FA S H I O N rtz stones swi H BO ua ose q ER B I OV et h an d Ja me s. you SW IN G ob ER S m Ha GO reb ecc a m i nk o co f. adornmilk.E job magid. bl oom ingd ales. AKE B c. an dt ch i Hoop Dreams he bl y ing d. m 56 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . ech T p L FU SN sk EC de OR at a DS n ve Sev entie va. $ 110 . Rebecca Minkof. Sarah M ag id Push that hair off your pretty face and expose these next-gen earrings. yo ds sc un a. $ gle g 130 u n s .

Find an ALPHAEON . So don’t wait to be the you that you want to be. Achieve it with ALPHAEON. ALPHAEON is about what you want and the way you want to get there. whether it’s through aesthetic procedures. THAT’S WHY I WANT AN ALPHAEON PHYSICIAN. Our physicians are all Board Certified. Achieve it with confidence. Visit www.I WANT TO MAINTAIN BEAUTY & BALANCE. vision correction or advanced skin care.iwantALPHAEON. experienced and passionate about delivering the results you want and providing the care you expect.

KENNETH COLE EARRINGS. $60. $165. MARSKINRY YPPY BY NICOLE BRUNDAGE SHOES. ON GABRIELLE: 7 FOR ALL MANKIND THE TOP MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU The structured quality of a boxy top means edgy details (frayed hem. $ ON ARIEL: PAIGE JEANS. $53. rebeccaminkoff. $95. then pick up a few key pieces (and double taps) for yourself too.” “ON MY FIRST DAY OF WORK. Read their stories. COOPER FOR EXCLUSIVE ARTIST MANAGEMENT USING ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS. DESIGNER “A FRIEND RAVED THAT IT LOOKS LIKE I DO 500 PUSHUPS A DAY—WHICH I SO DON’T. little-mistress. shopsosie. Rebecca Minkoff tank. ShopSosie halter.” . magic. HAIR: HANJEE AT HANJEE HAIR GALLERY/JED ROOT. JOANNA MA XHAM CUFF. MANICURE: KELLY B. RD Style top. faking buf biceps. MAKEUP: PHOTOG R APHS BY A ARON RICHTER ST YLING: GABRIELLE PORCARO. Ooh. leather) are on-limits. lacoste. PRODUCTION COORDINATOR THE TANK Lacoste Live dress. ON CASSIE: SUMMIT BOOTS. stories. AT DEFAC TO USING DIOR VERNIS. PRET T Y LOAFERS FL THE SHORT DRESS MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU The key to a look that’s equal parts playful and grown-up? A fit-andflare style in a fun print. rdstyle. ARIEL. & Other Stories top. ” GABRIELLE. SENIOR FASHION AND MARKET EDITOR 62 MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU A round neck and cut-in arm holes expose more shoulder. $34. MY BOSS SAID SHE LOVED THIS DRESS’S WHIMSY. BUT PEOPLE ALWAYS TELL ME I LOOK SO POLISHED.FA S H I O N Get More “Likes” WH staffers show off the ego-boosting clothes that are compliment clickbait in real life. Girls on Film tunic. APPLE WATCH “THIS SHIRT IS SO


$119. $ “THE LOOSE FIT FLATTERS MY CURVES. True Religion slip dress. forallmankind. PHYLLIS + ROSIE NECKL ACE. high pockets. And so unexpected in metallic or florals! Juicy Couture bomber. ON DEB: RD ST YLE TEE. macys. $187.” FAYE. BUT MY SISTER KEPT GUSHING ABOUT HOW GREAT MY BUTT Siwy gray jeans. lucyparis. EVERYONE ASKS WHAT ISLAND I JUST CAME BACK FROM!” THE JEANS MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU A high waist. truereligion.” DEB. boho appeal of a maxi with the va-voom that only a little leg can give. RACHEL Rachel Roy scarf dress. KLUB NICO SHOES.FA S H I O N THE LONG DRESS MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU A kerchief or slip style combines the relaxed. $199. THE JACKET “I WAS SKEPTICAL ABOUT THE HIGH WAIST AND LIGHT WASH. Lucy Paris bomber. 7 For All Mankind ankle skinnies. SENIOR EDITOR “THE PRINT MAKES ME HAPPY—AND PEOPLE ALWAYS NOTICE HOW GOOD A MOOD I’M IN. $64. kohls. siwydenim. THE2BANDITS BANGLES DEPUTY PHOTO EDITOR 64 MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU Slim but not ON FAYE: 525 AMERICA TANK . the bomber shape is a winner on all. and strategic whiskering perk up anyone’s derriere. COMMUNICATIONS AND SPECIAL PROJECTS DIRECTOR . POUR L A VIC TOIRE SHOES. $ ON LINDSE Y: BCBGENER ATION

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but take a closer look. Yeah. MANICURE: ALLISON TU. her body more at ease. HIROTAK A NECKL ACE Cover Exclusive BORN-AGAIN CHRISTINA Christina Aguilera is a new woman. and her sense of self stronger than ever—and it’s all thanks to yoga. ISSA DRESS. HAIR: GIANNANDREA FOR MACADAMIA PROFESSIONAL /STARWORKS. MAKEUP: KRISTOFER BUCKLE FOR DIORSKIN NUDE/CROSBY CARTER MGMT. she’s still rocking the pinup aesthetic (and that powerhouse voice). Her mind is stiller.FASHION EDITOR: JACQUELINE AZRIA . B y L o r i Maje w sk i PH OTOG R APHS BY B RIAN BOWEN S M ITH 71 .

dewy foundation) harks back to the doe-eyed 21-year-old who gave us the anthemic “Beautiful” way back in 2002. a microphone. you half expect a masseuse to waltz up and ask “Swedish or shiatsu?” at any moment. and every room sparkles with new-agey crystals. where’s her Grammy? “Grammys. you know?” . Max. 8.” The 35-year-old singer is clad in a black.” says Christina. is particularly telling. along with multiple awards—except. But this. depicting a child letting go of a red heart-shaped balloon. floor-skimming cotton dress and supersoft white cotton sweater.” It isn’t until the white-and-gold living room that you spot any evidence that there’s a celebrated musician in residence. and Summer. and that’s okay.” corrects the six-time winner (including one Latin Grammy). Three fireplaces are ablaze. In the grand scheme of things. her platinum hair pulled into a messy-on-purpose pony with whisps framing her face. there’s a grand piano. “It says so much about how I try to live my life. who’s lost count of how many of his pieces she owns. She’s not makeup-free. 72 Maybe we’d all look this well rested if we lived in Christina’s Beverly Hills hideaway. which she earned for her volunteer work with the World Food Program USA. “Just surrendering and knowing that I’ve done my best. her other most prized possession hangs in the family room next door: “Girl with Red Balloon. Along with photos of her children. and a turntable.” a wall-size piece by graffiti artist Banksy. amethyst-lined rocks.” she reflects.Floating down the white marble staircase of her sun-drenched Mediterranean mansion. “I got in with him early—I’m proud of that. “It’s not like you just put them in your house— you have to give them your energy. Just past a massive gilded Buddha. I’m not in control. despite the 73°F weather. “They breathe as you do. 1. one of the Brit’s most famous works.” explains Christina of the hollow. “Would you like to see them?” Christina strolls into her recording studio where high up on a shelf are the half-dozen mini gramophones and her favorite laurel: the 11th Annual George McGovern Leadership Award. including two humongous purple geodes that are almost as tall as the 5'2" star herself. keep your raised foot flexed during this chest opener. DANCER’S POSE To prevent a leg cramp. a barefoot Christina Aguilera smiles and ofers a soft greeting: “Welcome to my sanctuary. not some glamorous mystic guru. but the little she’s wearing (nude gloss. Seriously—the place is so chill.


2012’s Lotus. She shares this viewpoint with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Cross your right knee over the left. then twist to the other side on an exhale. think about shifting your diaphragm down. “Healthy is a state of mind. but women have to find time to nurture themselves. “Health shouldn’t be a tortuous process. lie on your back with your legs extended straight out in front of you (corpse pose) for a few full breaths. 2. return to center. To end. opening your hips. “The fact that my mom was pushed around by my father…I decided early on that I’m not going to be that woman. how well I can pull of a show. SEATED TWIST Bring your right hand to your left knee. The connection doesn’t end there: Former Secretary Clinton. And we’re expected to look amazing after baby. right? Keep our husbands and boyfriends interested—because we’re supposed to get back to sexy and keep things exciting in the bedroom. lift both legs. 6.” she says. Christina decided she was “on a mission” to take better care of herself. a George McGovern Leadership honoree herself.’” But ultimately. Hold for five breaths. CROSSED LEGS Settle into a comfy position. Gaze down and place your hands on the floor under your shoulders and on each side of the front foot. 74 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . 5. about a year after moving in with her fiancé. the first thing I’m like is. And yep. I’m not going to allow myself to be in a situation where I have to rely on this man or that person for financial means. who shares Christina’s fitness philosophy. and it has to come from inside. I’m going to get the work done. HIGH LUNGE After a few full breaths in runner’s lunge.’ That was when I found yoga. striving to make the inhales and exhales smooth and evenly spaced. “I said. I always have to be strong. the voluptuous star is looking quite svelte. have the kids. it just happens to be a nice by-product. you’d be right. lifting both arms overhead. focus inward and observe your breath. 3.” says the singer. Lift your legs on an inhale. In 2014. truth. For five minutes. California. Repeat on the other side. Christina realized that a parent taking time of to bond with her baby isn’t about being feeble or selfish.” she says. There’s such a long list. root your front foot firmly into the ground and rise up. it was for maternity leave. ‘I’m looking to open that next chapter of my life and build something rooted in positivity. it’s not a calorie count—I hate that! I don’t go by scales. and not just in that clichéd selfless-mom way.” she says. with your left foot flat on the wall. but she hasn’t been angsting over losing the pregnancy pounds—for her. then switch legs. ‘Okay. one. “It’s taking care of myself so I can take care of everybody else. “We’re expected to be pregnant. Burlesque production assistant Matthew Rutler. ‘I listened to K AGEN MCLEOD (ILLUSTR ATIONS) MOTHER KNOWS BEST Giving birth to her children shifted both Christina’s perspective and her priorities. Do this for 60 seconds. RUNNER’S LUNGE Stand in a lunge. the givers. I can’t be two-hour hatha-Vinyasa sessions up to five times a week. are you taking care of you?’” . keeping your shoulders down. with your left knee above the left ankle. and love. which took some getting used to for the consummate hustler.” Her doctor put her in touch with Krista Cahill. stretching taller through the crown of the head. breast-feed once we have the babies. “Mothers are constantly expected to be the nurturers. Though she’d vacated her judge’s chair for season four. the providers of a comfortable home. and repeat on the other side. “So I strived to be that workhorse. FIGURE-4 HIP OPENER Lie faceup on the floor. I felt like. and bend them to a 90-degree angle. the duo approaches the process from a standpoint of exchanging “love and good energy. This time. It is not a situp. was the one who presented the award to Christina on behalf of the World Food Program. It may help to place your hands on your rib cage. and Christina decided to support Clinton’s campaign in a big way by cohosting a $1 million fundraiser with Rutler at their home back in November. then repeat poses 3 and 4 with the other foot in front.” But that isn’t to say their routines aren’t challenging: The poses Christina’s striking in the photos on the previous pages are intermediate level and take a fair amount of warming up. Take a few more full breaths. recross your legs so the opposite is in front. If someone has a baby. and I love my kids. Christina became pregnant with their child (her second). “Hillary was like. 4. I go by how I feel in my clothes. between your daily meetings. ‘Okay. C O M / March 2016 Christina followed every ounce of her own advice following Summer’s birth. twisting your torso so your left hand rests behind you. using your hands to gently pull your left leg toward you. Lift your torso. I can’t say no. 30. MOVES LIKE XTINA Instructor Krista Cahill designed this energizing 20-minute sequence to fit into Christina’s filming breaks—and now. SPINAL TWIST Hug both knees into your chest and drop them to one side at hip height. but with her daughter on the way.” Christina and Krista meet for private. 1 2 3 4 6 5 1. 17 months after giving birth to Summer. it was to promote an album. Come back to center. Rather than focus on getting buf or slimming down. a yoga teacher in Venice. a proponent of paid-leave laws and someone Christina has known and admired for years. how good I feel in my body. Having children is the ultimate joy. The right heel should be on a wall behind you to ensure you open your hip. and square your hips to face forward. She’d been the main provider for her family since she began singing at weddings and block parties at age 7. opting to sit out seasons six and seven of The Voice—a choice that gave her some pause.COV E R E XC LU S I V E FINDING PEACE—AND YOGA If you think this ultra-Zen woman sounds like a far cry from the divalicious Xtina of the aughts.

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among others. Christina’s schedule is ramping way up: At the time of the interview.” she says.’ but yoga has helped me to appreciate the moment and be okay with the now. “No matter what chaos is around me.” by A Great Big World. park at least “once a month. ‘Oh my god.” says Christina. Video games! Christina plays “corny mystery games” on her iPhone but she also has an entire home arcade with Mario Kart and the Addams Family.” Q . it gets me back into my body. to encourage other people to find their voice. “I’m not going to collect a bunch of songs from writers and producers and think. I treat myself with luxurious bath oils and balms—I’m always on the hunt for new products. It started with ensuring she and ex-husband Jordan Bratman could remain friends and happily share custody of their son. she’s contributed vocals to an array of smashes: “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5. “I never wanted Max to be around arguing or unnecessary discomfort.” 76 M MISSONI DRESS.” declares Christina. alluding to the alleged domestic abuse she grew up around. because [that’s when] you’re going to get your ‘Fighters. she doesn’t feel the need to rush her next record just to get something out there. who took four years to make her record-breaking 25.” says WHAT A GIRL WANTS “Women need to spend more time loving and trying to pamper themselves. three ways she chooses to chill. I’m going to put my voice on that and call it a day. “I have to be invested. and. Though the pair got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2014.” she says.’” Instead.” S A H Y NS H I T L M A O “HE OME FR C Christina. 3. Christina has rediscovered her own too. [I’ve learned that] the stronger you get within yourself. “I love how genuine she comes across in her songwriting. “The lyrics are like. Their no-pressure approach has even inspired her to write a new song.” Another thing Christina isn’t rushing: her wedding to Rutler. even for date night. I can’t believe Hillary is saying this!’” BEST-LAID PLANS Political soirees aside.’” recalls Christina. 1. where everything is finally falling back into place. “She has a way of singing with such truth. forgiveness for Christina to reach this turning point.” ‘Fighter’ on the way here—it’s a song that inspires and empowers me. she’s borrowing a page from Adele. Disneyland! The former Mouseketeer heads to the Anaheim. Bubble baths! “I find water to be very therapeutic. “My whole life has been about ‘fight or flight. “We discuss it when we’re snuggling in bed…but it’s a casual conversation. everything else just bounces of.” 2. “I could be bitter about my childhood. but if anything.” Through her new music and her yoga practice. they’re taking their time with the planning. As an enduring force in the music industry. I’m thankful that I have that experience. yes. Here. I know my bigger purpose is to empower. introspection. California.” she says. she was busy taping the blind auditions for her return to The Voice (season 10 begins airing February 29) while writing and recording her new album with fellow Voice coach Pharrell Williams. ‘We don’t need a big audience/A dozen roses and a wedding dress…’ It’s about how we don’t need anything ostentatious to celebrate our love. BIANA PR AT T JEWELRY NECKL ACE CENTERED STAGE It’s taken a lot of time. While it’s been three years since her last release (the tepidly received Lotus). I love eucalyptus.’ your ‘Beautifuls. plus pinball machines and a pool table. “I’m like. L ANA JEWERLY EARRINGS. and the one that gave Christina her last Grammy: “Say Something.TO IDE. “Feel This Moment” by Pitbull.

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For lower-body moves (like split squats and hip presses). and core to work harder to support your body weight. Reverse the movement to return to start. raising your feet increases how far you have to move with every rep (a. bend both knees to lower your hips as much as you can (b). (Make it harder by adding a pushup.a. chest. lift your right leg. b a 3 Lie faceup on the floor in front of a bench with your left heel on the edge. then repeat on the other side.) —Marissa Gainsburg Get into a pushup position with your toes on a bench (a). PUMA SNEAKERS Single-Leg Hip Thrust a 82 a Traveling Plank with Leg Raise . arms. and your right leg straight up. woman! “Lifting them onto a step or bench is the simplest way to build strength faster. Without dropping your hips. lifting your hips into the air and keeping your legs as straight as possible (b). then repeat on the other side. It boils down to basic physics: For upper-body exercises (like planks and pushups). then walk your hands back out to start. Virginia. upper back. do eight to 12. this tweak changes the angle of the exercise and forces your shoulders. do eight to 12. Rest 45  to 60 seconds at the end of the circuit. C9 BY CHAMPION SPORTS BR A . which calls more muscle fibers into action. Raise your right arm and rotate your torso to the right until your feet are stacked and your body forms a T. moving from one to the next without resting. b 2 Forget raising the bar—raise your feet. Slowly lower your hips back down. then repeat on the other side. hold for 20 seconds. Two or three times a week. Press through your left heel and raise your hips as high as possible. C O M / March 2016 b Get into a pushup position with your toes on a bench (a). PHOTOG R APHS BY B E TH B ISCHOFF ST YLING: VL ADIMYR PIERRE-LOUIS. (Feeling extra fired up? Increase the cardio challenge by adding 30 seconds of jumping jacks or running in place between each move. placing the top of your foot on the bench (a).” says certified strength and conditioning specialist Don Bahneman. arms at your sides (a). complete the exercises in order. MINUTE WORKOUT STEP RIGHT UP… And enjoy the show: how to sculpt a tighter body without lifting a single dumbbell. That’s one rep. b 4 Reverse Inchworm W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . slowly walk your hands toward the bench. HAIR AND MAKEUP: SYLVESTER CASTELL ANO FOR ROUGE ALLURE/BA-REPS. Bracing your core and glutes.) That’s one rep. do four to eight. ZAR A TEREZ LEGGINGS. knee bent about 90 degrees. Pause. your range of motion). That’s one rep.k. Keeping your chest upright and core tight. hold for 20 seconds (b). keeping your right foot in the air (b). director of fitness at The Energy Club in Arlington. Push through your right heel to return to start.FITNESS 15 1 Bulgarian Split Squat a Stand about two feet in front of a bench and extend your left leg behind you. then repeat for up to a total of five rounds.COM.

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Will you come out of this competition leaner. cal crushing—once and for all. even more badass? With the guidance of WH’s elite experts. C O M / March 2016 THE FIVE NINE Score a Mad-Fit Bod . stronger. B y Mar i ssa G ain sb urg 86 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G .FITNESS March Madness is nigh! Our twist on the mega-popular NCAA basketball bracket ranks the contenders in the most debated fitness topics—abs toning. all bets are on.

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Look for a whey with as few ingredients as possible and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. . from speeding recovery to promoting solid sleep. Ba aig Cr ys sa rbulence Tu of r founde t significant os Training. is many cals as jum nts. moving back (n m your fro g rin and powe s). this race aining mov . up your heart rat ed. Studies have shown that whey protein can help rebuild muscle tissue after intense or long bouts of exercise (about 90 minutes ). but there’s a lot more on TCJ—and so far. wo ur yo r C’s long af te ees kn g: hin Form is everyt ck flat.S. though. our ex S E um G ax m BIG itz bl es To .” than they can llantyne. but plenty of experts swear by their superpowers and athletes . so many claims. has been shown to help lower inflammation and regulate metabolism. glutes (not arm BEST WORKOUT SUPPLE MENT Purists may argue that you don’t need nutritional add -ons. No e. so many options. Fish oil. Still. Its m lies in the aerobic effect l build u’l Yo n: ur rb te af ushing cr ep ke d an muscle rkout. hips ba . Sort it out.FITNESS RNE R RIE BimU perts put O L A C T calories. so her more reps at a hig ms re gy intensity. bra cket! 90 HealthMag. The quintessential supplement dominates. “because it’s a ion. and some suggest consuming it. says dietitian and exercise physiologist YOUR TURN! Samantha Heller. burpe work brutal! But they scle (more mu ery ev y arl ne d = more muscles engage driving ile cals torched) wh P. mo w. may help control your appetite later in the day. have ropes no es are We know. the ot m ct pa im lowcan do average person of swings longer sessions burpees. to make your pick for the Best Workout Song bracket. and is kinder to your joi u can do yo easy to learn. tr dy ain’t winning s up against high-intensity Slow and stea se ci er ex io classic card burns as Slamming ropes ps. equipment requir g! Studies The swing is kin up to 20 elt m n show it ca inute—and calories per m fluid. it’s all good. like in oatmeal. But finding the right one can be tough—it’s often filled with junk. Visit Womens There’s not enough proof yet that gingerroot lives up to its soreness-easing claims. nt be tly sligh ot down). COURT) Research on both juices is limited. with new head-to-head matchups each week in March! ISTOCK (NOTEBOOK .

If you rs. art Stu s nic biomecha ? Ask Ph. Ace Your Actual NCAA Bracket Favor teams who shoot a high percentage from the two ‘lines’—the foul line and the three-point line.challenged). ESPN college basketball analyst Yep.BEST UPPE R-BODY EXERCISE On this court. Look at a coach’s past tournament experience and win total—not just the team’s regular-season record. But don’t pick that 12-seed to move past the Sweet Sixteen.. Last year. Leaders who have. Controlled wa ll. it’s The suitcase wha?? t the top abs move tha ve mo abs an like l fee doesn’t lking at all. and fires up your butt faster than any other move. tris. with a heavy dumbbe ll in one be tle ket or ag. The triangle type wins on paper. and upper chest.D. Pick a 12-seed to beat a 5-seed in the opening round—it’s happened 17 times in the past 10 years. your coach. and glutes engaged. says “Glute Guy ” Bret Contreras. Had your money on squats. say. Ph. db san rying a hand (like you’re car the suitcase) challenges k of your front. but very few women—or men!—have the strength to do a decent set. says professor McGill. requires little coordination (a perk for the balance. Charlie Creme. poses next to no injur y risk. which tends to place extra stress on your knees.. without flexing your spine in a way that could cause injuries. Joe Lunardi. you ’ve gotta master the clas sics . we me ybook.. C O M 91 .they rarely do. It’ll tone your shoulders. 10 percent of their career W’s during March Madness usually find a way to go far. ESPN women’s bracketologist This bilateral move builds strength evenly on both sides and can be easier to execute correctly than a deep squat. sides. says John Porcari. er. A widelegged position helps with balance. back flat. 40 million Americans played along. It leads in glute activation. March 2016 / W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . Know squat about who to pick and how it works? Let ESPN’s top analysts help. you ne To win it all in this div Running in a pushup position engages your lower abs as much as reverse crunches do. plus help develop functional strength (which makes things like carrying your groceries in one trip much easier). Ph. It’s almost impossible to win if a team is outscored in those categories. Quality beats quantity: Keep your core tight. eh? Turns out. and bac of spine core.D. BEST ABS ed to enlist your ision. for your personal pla For a booty that defies gravity. executive director of the exercise and health program at the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse. Choose teams that rebound well. Got back issues an doc.. bis. EXERCISE entire core team. ESPN men’s bracketologist BEST BUTT EXERCISE activating (and building) your glute muscles is key.D. ESPN play-by-play veteran Sean Farnham. Getting easy baskets from rebounds and preventing the opponent from scoring generally make for big success. a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Q Beth Mowins. the itty-bitty thrust—lifting your hips off the ground using your tush—is the move to get behind. the final four had want killer arms and shouldeus reliving high school gym class.

With a positive outlook and heat therapy. 4 Stimulates the sensory thermo receptors on nerve endings in the skin. . oxygen. can be effective for some pain management.POWERED BY 5 WAYS HEAT HEALS: 1 Before exercising. which block your body’s pain transmitters from sending pain signals to your to discover more ways to manage your muscle aches and pains. 3 Increases blood supply and stimulates the elimination of waste products to relax soreness and stiffness. Use As Directed. Heat therapy has been used for centuries to combat women’s backaches. muscle pain. water and salt in single-use heat wraps to allow real heat to penetrate deep into tissue. applying heat can relax tight muscles and improve flexibility. Visit ThermaCare. increasing blood flow to the source of pain to accelerate healing and relieve pain. like that found in ThermaCare® HeatWraps. 2 After an intense yoga or spin class. joint pain and more. soothe and unlock tight muscles. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to penetrate deep into the muscle right where it hurts. applying heat can reduce soreness and relieve aches and pains. DISCOVER THE RELIEF AND HEALING YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR WITH INNOVATIVE THERMACARE® HEATWRAPS. you are well on your way to a fast recovery. Clinical studies show the use of continuous low-level heat therapy. to relax. ThermaCare® patented heat cell technology combines iron. INNOVATIVE HOT SOLUTION FOR PAIN HEAT THERAPY THE LONG-TIME HEAT THERAPY TECHNIQUE THAT HAS BEEN USED BY WOMEN FOR PAIN RELIEF IS MAKING A COMEBACK. Nobody should be sidelined with pain. 5 Delivers soothing warmth to relieve menstrual cramps and associated back pain.

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.S. which stresses the joints in your back. Quick. The harm can happen suddenly or over months or years.C. boyfriend-style types into the rotation. New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine in New York City. Weak upper limbs leave muscles taut and unable to contract properly.. Edgar Ross. Urban Wellness Clinic in New York City. Alternate sitting and standing every half hour. excess lbs.D. then stretch for 30 seconds every hour to ease tension where your back meets your pelvic bones. just work looser. one in three women is currently in spinal agony. You don’t have to perma-shelve your favorite pair. D. Sources: Kenneth Hansraj. That spells throbbing and a heightened risk for neck injury (double ouch)..C. M. and you can outsmart the ache. C. Frank Valente. New York City chiropractic sports physician 94 KL AUS VEDFELT/GET T Y IMAGES NECK Don’t be so quick to blame “tech neck. But skinny jeans? Nooooo! Their constricting fit alters your stride. Add pushups and biceps curls to your strengthtraining routine.. D.. the second most common reason for doctor’s visits. and something 80 percent of people will experience in their lifetime. causing pain and throwing of posture. leaving it unsupported and sore.H E A LT H End Back Pain—Now It’s the number one excuse for missing work. shallow inhales and exhales don’t engage the muscles around your central spine. But! Study this guide to the surprising triggers and best treatments. UPPER PELVIS “Sitting disease” is the new smoking. SHOULDERS Nothing hammers this area like an It bag—or the wrong bra. Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. If you’re rocking spaghetti-width straps (especially C cups and larger).” That achy stifness could be coming from your… arms. Go for thicker (at least half-inch) straps. a small section on each shoulder bears the entire weight of your boobs. In fact. By Jessica Migala MID-BACK Breathing: It’s both culprit and cure. M.C.P.. but a standing desk can put just as much pressure on your back’s disks if you’re on your feet 24/7. LOWER BACK Stuf you already know isn’t lowerlumbar friendly: high heels.D. Emily Kiberd. Your move: Practice deep belly breathing until it’s second nature.

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see your doc.D. says neurosurgeon Patrick Roth. If the discomfort doesn’t abate. Hold for 15 seconds. half of back pain suferers feel relief. per the U. some 34 million Americans went to one. C O M / March 2016 ACUPUNCTURE No one knows how needling works. “Doing light exercise like walking sends a message to your brain that says ‘I can do this. injections.D. the other half feel nada. possibly because it boosts levels of a neural protein that regulates pain. it really comes down to the one-on-one.” says Sheila Dugan. around 20 percent cheaper than seeing an M. pick a chiro who has completed four years of grad school at an accredited college and passed the national licensing exams (the American Chiropractic Association can help you ID one.H E A LT H SPINE TUNING We now collectively shell out $50 million a year on Rx meds. and olive oil. Planks target all of your ab and back muscles. OTC DRUGS Anti-inflammatories work just as well as hard-core opioids (!) to quell back pain. And back patients who kept up an optimistic attitude during treatment had a stronger recovery compared with those who felt skeptical or hopeless. neck. sugary snacks. but research shows it does. But new research reveals you could save that cash—and constant back agony—with these less-intense therapies.’ which sends a message back to the body that says ‘Let go of the pain. Department of Labor. adjusting your spinal column into position—and prescribe exercise to treat back.). which can be. more plants and anti-inflammatory foods such as salmon. Try naproxen or ibuprofen for a few days. Patients agree: After chiro treatments. YOGA Research shows 12 weeks of yoga can significantly reduce backaches. Experts believe inflammatory grub (red meat. CORE WORK The Adjustment Bureau If a natural route is more. stabilize the spine. Q CAVAN IMAGES/OFFSET Gone are the days when chiropractors were often shunned as quacks. and joint pain.S. (Just ask!) To find the root of your pain. refined grains) may ratchet up pain levels in your back. researchers now believe that moving around puts you on a faster path to recovery. all told. as you get stronger. MOVEMENT a physical exam… one needs 12 visits”). and the profession itself is poised to swell by 28 percent in the next decade. and surgeries—to little effect. M. No time for a class? Another study found three months of back and leg stretches were equally efective. a rehabilitation specialist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Check these boxes to find the most helpful fit: er. nuts. acatoday. add five seconds every few days. Contrary to the old bed-rest advice. . Still. Start by doing them every other day. aligned with your ideals. A NEW DIET Specifically: less processed stuf. and can alleviate lower-back woes.’” says Roth. The trend mirrors a shift toward less-expensive drug-free and surgery-free treatments (most insurers cover chiro visits. These pros can perform spinal adjustments—literally. M. he takes your history and does 96 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . In the past year.D. …and then doesn’t default to a one-size-fits-all plan (“Every He has experience in a movement therapy like Pilates. “I’ve worked with excellent chiropractors who are very knowledgeable about the biomechanics of the body—but I’ve also known some not-sogreat ones. The chiropractor is recommended by a trusted friend or cowork He’s taking continuing-education classes..

Learn more at .

H E A LT H Group On! One is more than the loneliest number— it’s potentially the unhealthiest. heart disease.” And not just for basic survival. Remember day care? Okay. Group hugs. Romantic relationships aside. 98 TRUNK ARCHIVE By Jamie Hergenrader . coming right up.. probably not. most kid activities you can recall have one thing in common— groups.D.k. How about science fairs? Carpools? Your gradeschool soccer team? Chances are. and new research in the field of emotional synchrony (a. We’re talking slashed risks for anxiety.” says psychologist Tristen Inagaki. other people. Time to embrace a pack mentality. having a few supportive pals boosts happiness. For good reason: “We are a social species. a professor at the University of Pittsburgh. even cancer.a. Ph. “We have evolved to rely on. to need. our social and emotional ties to each other) shows hanging in larger packs—whether it’s a 20-person cycling class or a thousands-strong concert—is clutch to mental and physical wellness.

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The perks are even bigger when a crowd—be it 1. (In otherwise healthy people. slowed tumor growth.D.D. Ph. Personal goals and success reign.g. each person’s joy can be amplified by that mirroring efect (this.. which. is why some TV sitcoms have laugh tracks—learn something new every day. STUDENTS Taking a class. including diabetes. per research. Q HIVE MINDS No need to get all BFF— or even talk to a soul—to score group rewards. R ANDI BEREZ/ THELICENSINGPROJEC T. M. As they always say: Strength in numbers. reply to others. in turn. studies show they’re less likely to sufer from depression. In all cases. Nerves. a sign) in detail to distract your mind from the mayhem. THE NOUN PROJEC T (ILLUSTR ATIONS) C’mon. We wouldn’t wish ’em on anyone. use these tips to keep your cool. or support from. And those who cheer at live games (or from a sports bar stool) thrive on a tight feeling of community. show up as often as possible.H E A LT H Now. As the room LOLs together. or 10. Even somber gatherings can deliver health boons. Social support means lower stress. low-key club (think: a dozen-member cooking class). Census Bureau. soothed. a professor at the University of Southern California. let’s be clear: Standing in a bathroom line at Six Flags on a Saturday in July ain’t going to score you anything beyond annoyance.. AIR GRIEVANCES Inhale through your nose for a count of four.” says Amy Banks.000 people—is pulled together by a common purpose (beyond. don’t ya?). having less long-term stress cuts risks for a slew of health conditions. Public swimming pools.. connects you to people learning the same skill. In practice. an assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University. a psychiatrist at the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute in Wellesley. One-of crowds like plays and festivals can momentarily slay stress. Fearless extroverts can throw themselves into any en masse activity (see “Hive Minds. Just the act of sharing an experience lights up a so-called mirroring system in the brain that fosters feelings of empathy.) Find Your Tribe In theory. 100 SEE AND SAY Mentally describe a nearby object (e. Horde-averse introverts may be more comfortable grabbing a friend and signing up for a smaller.D. about one in four now live on their own. BELIEVERS Research shows frequenting religious services or ceremonies can augment your immune system and increase your feeling of social support. getting with the gang is easy. But being in a group doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of self. hitting a busy movie theater solo.. and are respectful— you’ll put yourself in a position to reap the benefits of social interaction. Those then signal your mind that you’re with others who “get you.S. for example. “The real benefits happen when people feel a sense of connectedness to. whether yoga or pottery. and more people are spending more time alone. depression. you know. and obesity. then exhale for a count of four. Still too much? Head online. The process works with friends and strangers.000. Teeming airports. others. cancer. Ph. having to pee). VOLUNTEERS As few as 100 volunteer hours a year can lead to better health. Massachusetts. once a week—might give your well-being and your happiness a permanent lift. still yields a boost. Spending time together lowered the women’s stress levels and calmed their sympathetic nervous systems. SPORTS FANS First of. If you find yourself stuck in one. Get Happy . As long as you’re engaged in a virtual community—you post frequently. Simply find one to suit your mentality and motivation level.” says Laura Richman. Press it gently for 10 seconds. THIRD-EYE UNWIND The spot between your brows is a stresszapping acupressure point. even better. by the way.COM. GOOD ADVICE FOR BAD HANGS Packed subways. “We have built a culture that says we must stand on our own two feet. Giving to others activates the brain’s pleasure center and quashes stress levels. per the U.” and voilà: Stress levels can fall while “happy hormones” such as dopamine may rise. you could face subconscious social roadblocks. One new study of ovarian cancer patients found that those who joined support groups lived nearly a year and a half longer than those who didn’t. But committing to a group venture once a month—or.” at right). says psychologist Karen North.

The low carb leader. residents only. Love.“Reaching my happy weight while enjoying pizza and pasta isn’t wishful thinking.” Alyssa Milano I got to my happy weight without giving up pizza or pasta. Limited to U. Offer may be modified or withdrawn anytime without notice. Idea. Limited time offer.S. Lose weight happily with No obligation required. It’s Atkins. That. while still letting me cut carbs and sugar. Download our free app and Quick-Start Kit at Atkins. . Limit one kit per household per year. Only Atkins has the delicious dishes I love.


these in-sea son in pairin gs ca gredien t n go servi bot ng u h p co wa y zy c cris om s— p re f fre By shm ort o Jo r y en t.FOODNOW M Your answer ng’s i r m p i s g h h t t i change w unpr edicta ble weather. Thankfully. an ni ng PHOTOG R APHS BY MARCUS N IL SSON 103 .

cut into matchsticks ¼ cup grated Parmigiano Reggiano 1 lemon. combine chicken broth with asparagus stems. and ditalini and cook until asparagus is tender and pasta is al dente. C O M 2 / Add asparagus tops. and simmer for 15 minutes. .Earthy and green. beans. Divide among serving plates and top with radishes. cut into matchsticks In a large bowl. chicken. Just remember to season well with salt. meet crispy and peppery—you two will get along great. since asparagus packs more than almost any other veggie. There’s also plenty of fiber at this flavor party. MAKES 4 SERVINGS Per serving: 230 cal. Season to taste with salt and pepper. 21 g carbs. Parmigiano. one of the main ingredients in most storebought stocks. and a squeeze of lemon. 10 g fat (1. chicken. 5 g fiber. 3 g sugar. spinach. 23 g protein / March 2016 1 bunch asparagus.5 g fat (1. 422 mg sodium. cut into wedges 1 / In a large pot. 8 g fiber. 26 g carbs. tops chopped and stems reserved 1 can white beans (15 oz). MAKES 4 SERVINGS Per serving: 280 cal. rinsed and drained 2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice 4 radishes. combine asparagus. rinsed and drained 1 cup shredded cooked chicken breast ½ cup ditalini or similar small pasta 4 radishes. season to taste with salt and pepper.5 g sat). Bring to a boil.5 g sat). and beans. 29 g protein JEN WHITE (T YPOGR APHY ). 104 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . trimmed and sliced on a diagonal 10 oz baby spinach 2 cups cubed cooked chicken breast 1 can white beans (15 oz). Remove and discard stems and bring stock back to a simmer. reduce heat. Out of broth? Use H2O. 3. about 12 minutes. 3 g sugar. Ladle into bowls and top with radishes. TREVOR WILLIAMS (ILLUSTR ATIONS) STOCK OPTIONS 4 cups low-sodium chicken broth 1 bunch asparagus. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice. and toss. 470 mg sodium.

Inc. every morning is a chance to start fresh and set the tone for the whole day.® A l i t t l e g o e s a l o n g w a y. @THOMASBREAKFAST #BAGELTHINS . For me. All Rights Reserved. That’s why I reach for Thomas’® Bagel Thins® bagels. Spinach. Thomas’ Bagel Thins bagels start my day right. egg whites and low-fat Swiss cheese on Thomas’® Everything Bagel Thins® bagel is 180 calories. © Bimbo Bakeries USA. inside taste I love into a 110-calorie option I can’t resist.

6 g fiber.FOOD When you don’t fry them. 2 Tbsp unsalted butter 3 large leeks. coarsely chopped ¼ cup + 1 Tbsp olive oil. 8 g fat (4 g sat). arranging in a circle on each. Discard thyme sprigs. sprinkle with chives and add a dollop of yogurt. C O M / March 2016 1 / Preheat oven to 375°F. 15 to 20 minutes. you don’t need cream’s extra calories to master a velvety veggie soup. halved and sliced 4 cups low-sodium chicken broth 2 lbs gold potatoes. white and light-green parts only. divide potatoes among serving plates. Leeks pull their own weight with antibacterial and antiviral properties. Make one out of anything in your crisper drawer by following this formula. and top with greens. mustard. 17 g fat (2. partially covered. Cool briefly. potatoes. about 20 minutes. about 10 minutes. 22 g carbs. and puree potatoes. or 1 shallot. To serve. Coat potatoes with 1 tablespoon of the dressing and toss arugula and radicchio with remaining dressing. MAKES 4 SERVINGS Per serving: 341 cal. 3 g fiber. Toss potatoes with 2 teaspoons oil and a pinch of salt and arrange on the other half. 8 g sugar. Season to taste with salt and pepper. chopped) until soft + Add any veggie (4 cups. and bring to a boil. white and light-green parts only. 778 mg sodium.5 g sat). puree caramelized leeks with vinegar. 3 g protein 3 /To serve. Heat fat (2 tablespoons butter or oil) + Cook aromatics (1 onion. melt butter. until potatoes are extremely tender. peeled and diced 2 sprigs fresh thyme 1 tsp salt ¼ cup snipped chives ¼ cup plain low-fat yogurt 1 / In a large pot over medium heat. divided 1 lb gold potatoes. 12 g protein . chopped) + Cover with vegetable or chicken stock and cook until tender. Season with salt and pepper. THAT’S RICH! As the soups on these pages show. 60 g carbs. 2 / Reduce heat to medium low and simmer. 193 mg sodium. then blend. and remaining ¼ cup MAKES 4 SERVINGS Per serving: 247 cal. 3 g sugar. cut into wedges Salt 106 2 Tbsp white wine vinegar ½ tsp Dijon mustard 6 cups baby arugula (4 oz) 1 cup shredded radicchio W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . Add broth. and salt. Roast until leeks are caramelized and potatoes are tender. 1 leek. 2 / To make the dressing. thyme. Done! 1 small leek. Add leeks and cook until softened. spuds can be remarkably healthy: Their resistant starch can help burn body fat. oil. Toss leek with 1 teaspoon oil and arrange on half of a baking sheet.

all sessions are based on or visit a TELUS store. . ® Leap to telus. © 2016 TELUS. Ready to take your workout routine to the next level? Our TELUS Learning Centre experts will set you up with fitness gear that’s right for you.Time to gear up. TELUS Learning Centre® is not available in all locations.

653 mg sodium. 2 Tbsp unsalted butter 1 yellow onion. 3 g sugar. 11 g fiber. Puree. these through hearty Extra protein! And nuts are a natural chowders. about 10 minutes. parsley. Serve soup with a sprinkle of feta and 2 slices of baguette. Strain and plunge into the ice water to shock. one minced 32 oz fresh or frozen peas 4 cups low-sodium chicken broth 2 Tbsp minced mint 8 baguette slices. For texture and flavor. Bring to a boil. about 2 minutes. or avocado. shallot. 268 mg sodium. torn into bite-size pieces ¼ cup parsley leaves 2 Tbsp mint leaves ¼ cup crumbled feta . Add peas to the boiling water and cook until they turn bright green. combine oil. Plain popcorn The perfect whole-grain partner for any tomato-based soup or salad. peas. ½-inch thick ¼ cup crumbled feta 1 / In a large pot over medium heat. and rub each while hot with the whole garlic clove. 3 / Toast baguette slices. Toasted walnuts Chopped pickles Crumbled turkey bacon A vegan source of Their acid cuts omega-3s. ½-inch thick 1 clove garlic 1 cup fresh or frozen peas 2 heads butter lettuce. try a tablespoon or so of these crunchy (and healthy) sprinkles. and mustard. 1 / In a jar. and broth. about 5 minutes.FOOD This lean green duo is good for body and mind: Peas pack immune system–enhancing vitamin C. TOP TOPPERS “Gimme some garnish!” cry salads and soups. lettuce. vinegar. then stir in mint. MAKES 4 SERVINGS Per serving: 219 cal. reduce heat. C O M / March 2016 Pumpkin seeds Mild enough for zesty chilies or citrus-based dressings. and iron-loaded too. 13 g carbs. about 30 seconds. 47 g carbs. Add onion and cook until softened. 20 g protein Q FOOD ST YLING: VIC TORIA GR ANOF/CORNELIA ADAMS. Plus: a great foil with bold flavors gut-balancing for brothy soups like sharp cheese. Keep warm. mint helps sharpen mental focus. PROP ST YLING: ROBYN GL ASER /CORNELIA ADAMS ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil 2 Tbsp sherry vinegar 1 Tbsp minced shallot 1 tsp Dijon mustard 4 baguette slices. 110 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . Cube and set aside. Cover and shake until combined. 2 / Add minced garlic. combine peas. 13 g sugar. MAKES 4 SERVINGS Per serving: 347 cal. melt butter. and 3 / Bring a pot of mint. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Add enough water to a boil and have a separate bowl dressing to coat. probiotics. of ice water ready. 3 g fiber. Serve topped with feta and croutons. 6 g protein 4 / In a large bowl. and toss. 16 g fat (3 g sat). Drain well. 2 / Toast baguette slices and rub each while hot with the whole garlic clove. chopped 2 cloves garlic. and simmer until peas are tender. 10 g fat (6 g sat).


112 PHOTOG R APH BY MARCUS NIL SSON FOOD ST YLING: VIC TORIA GR ANOF/CORNELIA ADAMS. R. Trust. Confused yet? Let us help. And some products don’t live up to their claims. One report found that only five of 11 tested products met quality standards. Turn the page for six types that’ll rev up everything from your energy levels to your love life. And they go way beyond whey. PROP ST YLING: ROBYN GL ASER /CORNELIA ADAMS By Allison Young . But before you sprinkle with abandon: “Powders are not well regulated.D. a New York City– based nutritionist.FOOD Eat My Dust The trendiest superfood supplements aren’t hard to swallow: They’re powders. or bacteria (eek). others contained lead. arsenic. ground-up goodness you can easily add to any meal. these latest vitaminand mineral-rich powders are worthy of adulation—they’re less processed than pills and are no sweat for your tum to absorb.” says Tamara Duker Freuman. Our newest (edible) crush? Pulverized nutrition.. As in.


but (stay with us!) bee pollen is worth its buzz.D. and leucine. But beware: Too much may raise blood pressure or mess with your liver. ground acai sans added sweeteners. especially for people with whey allergies. it’s an amazing source of soluble fiber (one tablespoon has more than an entire pear). the Amazonian powder delivers amino acids for repairing muscles post-workout. then mix into baked goods (brownies. TRY IT…whisked into chili or regular or chia pudding. The only thing not to love? If you’re allergic to pollen. Whiz. don’t fret. Dust of your cofee grinder and give these other healthy powders a whirl! 114 Oranges Slice the fruit paper-thin. ACAI One teaspoon of this sweet-tart dust has the same inflammationfighting prowess as many more common berries. a Nashville dietitian: It typically disappears when mixed with food. TRY IT…stirred into nut milk or peanut butter. PIY Or: Pulverize It Yourself. calcium. says Duker Freuman. and through-theroof levels of immune-system– strengthening vitamin A. COCOA BAOBAB The ground pulp of this African tree fruit has one of the highest antioxidant contents of any food. One study found that around half a teaspoon a day for 12 weeks helped women on antidepressants get their sexual mojo back. THE NOUN PROJEC T (ILLUSTR ATIONS) The calcium-rich. Go for regular or raw but not “Dutch process” or “alkalized”—those treatments slash its flavonol content. It tastes lightly floral and boasts ample protein. or soups. After cooling. While the slight fishy flavor can turn some people of. W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . popcorn. says McKel Hill. You’ve heard about cocoa’s hearthealthy flavonols. PROP ST YLING: ANGEL A CAMPOS/ STOCKL AND MARTEL. SPIRULINA This powdered freshwater algae is seriously swimming with perks—we’re talking almost 10 times more iron than spinach. you must steer clear. for helping you bone. Quinoa Naturally gluten-free and vegan. “Plus. a metabolism sparker that shows promise as a fat burner. all the O-3s. Grind it into a fine dust. or added to water for a DIY sports drink. but it’s also a super source of fiber— one tablespoon has more fiber than half a cup of brown rice—and magnesium. energizing B vitamins. as well as fatty acids that give your mood and brain a lift. TRY IT…sprinkled on pesto. four grams of protein per tablespoon. it makes a great protein-powder substitute. and a solid defense against constipation. stirred into tea. possibly. . and iron without the worry about getting a dark seed lodged between your teeth. Bonus: A high pectin content makes it a great thickener. buzz to a powder so you can add a hit of vitamin C to smoothies or almost any dish. Plus. TRY IT…mixed with yogurt or salad dressing. C O M / March 2016 Chia Seeds Finally. TRY IT…dusted on oatmeal or cereal. store in an airtight container.FOOD MACA BEE POLLEN Yes. TRY IT…frozen in juice pops. fiber. Consult your doctor before taking any supplements. cakes). it’s made with insect spit. R. The palatable citrus taste doesn’t hurt either. and scoop at will for a muscle-building boost. malt-flavored Peruvian root is good for bones— and. a mood-elevating mineral. then dry it in a food dehydrator or on a rack in an oven at 150°F for several hours until crisp.. Buying tip: Look for freezedried. Q P H OTO G R A P H B Y T E D C AVA N A U G H FOOD ST YLING: BRET T KURZWEIL /ART DEPARTMENT.” says Duker Freuman.


Because my candy realize that blueberries would contract was built on be just as satisfying. Instead of “I can’t eat pie. No more shu-ga for this girl. healthier.” mean added stress. In response.W E I G H T LO S S Maybe it was my budding nutritionist instincts.D. These restrictions. in a WH poll.” But one piece of candy won’t make you Since habits are handled obese any more than not by a diferent part of the eating it will brain than the reduce you to section that your “ideal” runs selfThe ranking adults gave proportions. explains why you don’t need to put doughnuts—or any food—on lockdown. we take the blame. which can trigger cravings for exactly the kinds of fatty. we put a lot of stock in the idea of willpower. R. not a single Swedish Fish passed my lips—for exactly one day. Not by faceplanting in a tub of frosting. and especially when it comes to weight loss. but it still has limits. one Swedish Establishing good habits Fish led to “I guess I’ll just can make thinking of berries versus pie instinctual. or organization (as the majority of respondents in one national survey did). “more willpower” topped responses about what it would take to get you to eat better. Done. that being tough enough to resist temptation is the only way to slim down.. The Willpower Myth One key thing the research on self-control has yet to prove? That it actually helps you lose weight. All that negativity is compounded by the constant focus on what you can’t have (that cupcake) or won’t do (eat carbs). I came up with a brilliant (I thought) way to evict myself from the Freshman 15 club. “I’ll just enjoy a bit. > RESTRAIN DRAIN 116 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . finish the bag. It can also be worn out by nonfood situations: We spend about three hours every day resisting impulses—happy hour instead of gym time. can’t have it” cycle. but by shifting your thinking. your body releases cortisol. you’re flexing this one every time you see mouthwatering images on social media or pass fast-food joints that make junky grub available 24/7. And true to my word. splurging on pricey shoes instead of saving. but in college. cut yourself some #1 YASU + JUNKO/ TRUNK ARCHIVE Willpower is like a muscle— you can increase its strength. believing we’re lacking discipline. motivation. C O M top of a fried “muscle. it comes from a place of power (“I’m choosing this”). not defeat (“I might as well”). control. In fact. And that shouldn’t I” part will make you of your mind. maybe a little When you do eat something slimmer. You get it: How many times have you sworn of nachos or chocolate or bread or whatever? As a society. fruit after a meal changes they wanted to you’ll be able means you won’t Source: Stress in America survey by the American to make more even engage Psychological Association empowered the “should I or and Harris Interactive choices. If only it were so easy. willpower alone. Keri Glassman. And. you may even / March 2016 slack. getting “a lack of willpower” When you into the groove among reasons they stop obsessing of reaching for hadn’t made the lifestyle about willpower. sugary foods you want to avoid! > A DIFFERENT KIND OF POWER Now imagine giving up on willpower. When you’re not stuck in the “want it. on . It all draws from the same mental reservoir. unlike your quads or glutes. I wrote a willpower manifesto— “Keri will not eat any candy for the rest of the semester”—signed it.” Then when you indulge. and taped it to my wall. No wonder you’re tapped out by dinnertime! Yet when willpower falters. and definitely a you wish you hadn’t (and you whole lot happier.” try. Q will).

Urgency and Gas Introducing IBgard®. In Level Up Your Life.Life Is a 1 in 6 Americans have it. he actually turned his life LQWRDJLJDQWLFYLGHRJDPHÁ\LQJVWXQW planes in New Zealand. but may not be able to do so at any specific time. books. Constipation. For the past 5 years. Use under medical supervision. The company will strive to keep information current and consistent. and the world needs more heroes. Available in the digestive aisle at Will you heed the call? ON SALE N O W W HE R E VE R BOOK S A N D E -BOOK S A R E S OLD *Based on a randomized placebo controlled study in 72 IBS patients. getting stronger.IBgard®delivers ultra-purified peppermint oil quickly and reliably to the small intestine – where it’s needed the most. ‡ Follow us @rodalebooks on Sign up today Photo © Will Byington 202885404 Results may vary. Among Gastroenterologists who recommended peppermint oil for IBS. Not only that. Diarrhea. including abdominal pain and discomfort. IBgard®was shown to start working as early as 24 hours*. at 24 hours and at 4 weeks. and movies as inspiration for adventure rather than an escape from the grind of everyday life. Steve will teach you exactly how to use your favorite video games. Patients taking IBgard experienced a statistically significant reduction versus placebo in the total IBS symptoms score. ANGRY GUT? Press Start! You may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) If so. DQGHYHQÀQGLQJ1HPRRQWKH*UHDW Barrier Reef. gambling in a tuxedo at the Casino de Monte-Carlo. Triple Coated Sustained Release Microspheres Calms the Angry Gut®* Ask your doctor about nonprescription IBgard® Adventure is out there. Medical foods do not require preapproval by the FDA but must comply with regulations. Hundreds of thousands of everyday Joes and Jills have joined 6WHYH·VUHEHOOLRQWKURXJKKLVSRSXODU website. too—losing weight. and living better. NerdFitness. Alpha ImpactRx ProVoice October 2015 survey. and leveled up their lives. . IBS Symptoms Include: Abdominal Pain. you are not alone. a medical food for the dietary management of IBS. Bloating. In a clinical study. author Steve Kamb has transformed himself from daydreaming wannabe into a real-life superhero.

Find your go-to. HANDSTAND. It helps with form and strengthens muscles. April begins working out: 30 minutes of cardio daily. “I like using resistance bands with clients who are just beginning to lift. but it took a double whammy of life events for her to actually prioritize her health.” says she flip-flopped between binge eating and stints of calorie deprivation. April improved her lifting by following pro tips from Instagram trainer Massy Arias. where bullying led April to gorge on junk food. FLEXING BICEPS. After other gym goers start asking for tips on form. April decides to become a certified personal trainer. and veggies with lean protein for dinner. She favors Ezekiel bread. brought April’s weight to more than 200 pounds by age 16. “No matter how many times I fell trying to perfect this handstand. WITH RESISTANCE BAND). and vinaigrette. Throughout high school and college. YOU WIN “There’s nothing I can’t achieve. Beautiful Bodies. ditches processed carbs. a green salad with chicken and nuts for lunch. COURTESY OF SUBJEC T (GREEN SAL AD.” SO MUCH INSPO! JOHN LOOMIS (PUSHUP. April realizes she’s reached her goal of 145 pounds.” BEFORE 240 lbs top three Tips: April’s strategies for crushing it AFTER 145 lbs APRIL ALEXANDER was raised by a mom who cooked fresh. . egg whites. almonds. She also meets with a nutritionist. In 2013. Start simple. BEFORE SHOT) April 2014 Down to about 160 and steadily losing a few pounds per month. January 2014 February 2014 Eager to drop even more. I told myself I’d get back up because I’m not a failure. C O M July 2014 December 2014 Seeing her muscle definition encourages April to strength train five days a week. April bumps up her lifting to four days a week. compounded by her poor diet.W E I G H T LO S S WH Online Get inspired by more success stories at WomensHealth Mag. WEIGHT LIFTING. and tracks her meals to shed 58 pounds in six months. “People telling me that I’ve motivated them—that’s the best reward. cherry tomatoes. plus three days of weight lifting. and fruit for breakfast. She starts eating organic. balanced meals. / March 2016 Stay persistent. A disdain of gym class and sports. and well into her career as a government contractor. now 33. April loses her mother to a heart attack. One of April’s favorite lunches is a green salad decked out with strawberries. YOU LOSE. who notices April is overdoing her protein and adds more complex carbs to the mix. which spurs her to finally change her habits. 120 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . and she’s built up 10 clients for her training business. the then 30-yearold Virginia resident balked when the scale tipped 240 pounds.” October 2013 After losing her job in June. Then came middle school.

MULTI-GRAIN MEDLEY | BROWN & WILD | WHITE . Try varieties like our 100% whole® W NE BASMATI | JASMINE | © 2016 Riviana Foods Inc. With Minute® Ready to Serve Rice at your desk.Promote yourself to boss of lunch. visit minuterice. microwaveable rice in just 60 seconds. you can enjoy perfectly portioned. For all the ways to love Minute® Rice. We can help. gluten-free Brown & Wild Rice.

boarding.Best. Madison. Best A+ rated company (2014). WI. Best A rated company (2013). an A. Ever. and Nationwide Is On Your Side are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. 3 Use any vet.M.7063 *Items such as grooming.M. Pet insurance. CA. ©2015 855. 15ADV3644 . Get a quote today. waste disposal. Insurance plans are ofered and administered by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company in California and DVM Insurance Agency in all other states. Get back 90% on vet bills* with our new Whole Pet plan. tax. straightforward coverage. Nationwide. BestPetInsuranceEver. Brea. or pre-existing conditions are not eligible for coverage. National Casualty Company (all other states). Underwritten by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (CA). anywhere. See policy documents for a complete list of exclusions. 3 Simple.630. an A. the Nationwide N and Eagle.


will make disappear: Bury them in soil and they’ll totally break down in 90 days. $12. with vitamin B3—thought to help treat zits and lighten dark spots. $186. Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Oil Cloths. time. POLISH REMOVER. this is a lipstick I don’t feel weird about swallowing unintentionally when I eat. “The sumptuous blends are formulated with no preservatives or colorants. $25. nonaerosol formula—with organic corn starch. so it’s less likely to trigger allergies or irritate the eyes.” —Cybele Fishman Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner. But this zinc-based derm fave is light and absorbs quickly. and smells like lavender? Consider us converted. SUNSCREEN) Makeup isn’t the only thing these wipes.(and third-!) day oil and 124 An acetone-free polish remover that actually gets rid of stubborn This .” —Renée Loux Red Flower Organic Perfume. EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF For beauty gals not about to sacrifice efficacy for natural ingredients—but also vice versa!— we present the stellar seven. $26. lengthening mascara is made from antioxidantrich black tea and berry and cocoa pigments. PHOTOG R APHS BY TOM SCHIERLITZ MAT T R AINE Y (DRY SHAMPOO. 100percentpure. redflower. Karma Organic Soybean Oil and Lavender Nail Polish Remover.LIFE “Because it’s made with certified organic ingredients. powered by jojoba and sunflower oils. $10. making them sustainable. acureorganics. softens cuticles. and nontoxic. eltamd.50. slippery elm. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Black Tea. and clay—sops up second. Acure Dry Shampoo. karmaorganicspa. and the ozone layer: This talc-free. CLEANSING CLOTHS. kaianaturals. net-a-porter. $32. $ Save Mineral-based sunscreens can be chalky and goopy.

that’s a big problem.Our eyes take in a lot. they’re our #1 sense. and OPTI-FREE family is the #1 doctor recommended brand. disinfection and comfort of OPTI-FREE ® more than any other BRAND PERFORMANCE DRIVEN BY SCIENCE ™ OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (MPDS) is the #1 doctor recommended contact lens solution. KS&R December 2014. so you can see why doctors trust the cleaning. In fact. Any eye DOCTOR RECOMMENDED worth their phoropter will send you straight to the eye care aisle for a bottle of the most solution on the shelf. Based on a survey of 307 Eye Care Practitioners. ©2015 Novartis 4/15 OPM15018AD . So if your contacts are irritating.

so you don’t have to resort to commuting in those “Melanie Griffith in Working Girl” sneakers. More affordable than many standing desks. TIEKS SHOES). MITCH MANDEL (STANDING DESK) Too much time on your keister can raise your blood pressure and usher in other health woes. Cheaper than a spa day and way more practical (and portable!): This massage-slash-ice-therapy roller ball glides over tight spots to relieve achy muscles. store-us . $8.LIFE Call us Luddites. this adjustable pick can sit on any flat surface. this hemp mat is a heavenly “If you work from home or can close an office door. Enter this genius. Its 6. instead of just think about doing. but sometimes it’s faster to jot down a paper note than open up an app. from $175. sklz.” —Lauren Zander Spoonk Organic Hemp The soles of these fold-up leather ballet flats have supportive memoryfoam padding. .com Because spending 40 hours (at least!) a week anchored to your computer is often a necessary evil. zinganything. tieks. Post-it-like pad that adheres to the back of your phone. ilovehandles.000 plastic nubbins provide a head-to-toe massage that releases feelgood endorphins.” —Abby Lerner Zing Anything Citrus Zingers fruit infusion water bottle. SKLZ Cold Roller Ball. Varidesk Pro Plus 36. or oranges—has made staying hydrated something I actually MAT T R AINE Y (MAT. $16. limes. $350. $40. varidesk. help is here. Tieks by 126 “This bottle’s built-in juicer—the perfect size for lemons. $70.spoonkspace.

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” —Colleen Clark Paderno 4-Blade Spiralizer. 2011 Domaine Carneros Estate Brut. BREAD. CONDOMS. and because it’s all in one pot. $18 for . $50. PROP ST YLING: SAR A WACKSMAN (LIPSTICK . these beeswaxcoated cloths can be shaped and sealed around grub (or bowl tops). “Carbs are my comfort food. Wash and reuse until the wax wears “I love to cook but don’t have time to slave over dinner. and honeycomb pair delectably with soft cheeses or oysters. HEAD TO TODAY..LIFE Turn food scraps into rich soil with this stylin’.COM. prep a speedy meal. guiltfree—they’re biodegradable! Bees Wrap. beeswrap. $* A sustainable alternative to plastic food storage. publisher of Women’s Health. and show Mother Nature some love. Its notes of pear. $150. SPIR ALIZER). FOR DETAILS. amazon. Inc. $33. AL ARM CLOCK . Ironwood Small Wood + Stainless Steel Countertop Compost Bin. rodales. but this BPA-free. MITCH MANDELL (PRESSURE COOKER) Organic wines come with a stigma: They taste ick. MAT T R AINE Y (COMPOSTER). then toss them. 130 *Rodale’s. My Instant Pot allows me to prepare meals in half the time. dishwashersafe gadget helps me replace some of that pasta with healthier veggies. MASCAR A . domainecarneros. Sooo far from true with this fancy fizz. and Easy Green Living are owned by Rodale. Rodale’s Organic Life. CHAMPAGNE. Gear to help you eat healthier. PHONE. there’s much less cleanup!” —Natalie Morales Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker. tissue-boxsize composter that keeps odors in check. VIBR ATOR. golden TUNE IN TO NBC’S TODAY THIS MONTH TO SEE HOW YOU CAN BE “WELL-THY” ALL YEAR WITH NATALIE MORALES AND WOMEN’S HEALTH. PERFUME. CITRUS ZINGER. COLD ROLLER BALL.

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Plus. soda. Beth starts her day with a tea containing ginger. abode. and a double oven PHOTOG R APHS BY AMY N EU NSING ER FASHION EDITOR: GABRIELLE PORCARO.W E L L -T H Y H O M E Women’s Health and Domino have joined forces to take you inside the gorgeous spaces of inspiring women— and bring you their top (totally attainable) home decor and wellness tips. My Name Is Doris (out March 11). she followed the raw-foods 132 FAVORITE THINGS A few of hers: a copper kettle. with its double oven and glass-fronted refrigerator—was the perfect place to hone her newly acquired chef skills.” says the 30-year-old actress. lemon. Make yourself comfortable. the kitchen—her favorite room. but Beth Behrs tells WH that at home. and doughnuts until. “I knew this was my house the moment I walked in. her life. “Keeping things clean and basic makes me feel much less stressed. MORNING GLORY To boost immunity.” Beth confesses. during the second season of Broke. white enamel. couldn’t find a cause. By Tracy Middleton Beth Behrs believes in love at first sight. She subsisted on pizza. “I used to be a junk-food-aholic. she contracted a virus that caused her skin to break out in head-to-toe red flaky patches. nixing junk food—and learning how to cook from scratch—is the real secret to transforming her skin. MAKEUP: K AYLEEN MCADAMS FOR HOURGL ASS/ THE WALL GROUP. PROPS: R ACHEL CR AVEN House Special . When her M. her body. HAIR: AVIVA PEREA /STARWORKS.” she says of her L.D. She’s a cupcake-baking entrepreneur on the hit series 2 Broke Girls. The lush green landscaping and cloud-white walls were instantly calming.A. and cayenne. who stars in Hello.

All trademarks are owned by Frito-Lay North America. Inc. © 2015 .

com Industrial metal is surprisingly homey. $168. butternutbrooklyn. she whips up a smoothie made from berries. “I use it every day to make hummus.” (To all the non-GoTers out there. Enamel Tea As functional as it is pretty. so we whip up a batch of butternut squash chili and gather around the table in the dining room. spinach. C O M / March 2016 MADEWELL TOP. or mostly vegetarian. like me. Many of my friends are vegan.) She stuck with the hard-core regimen for a month until her complexion cleared. arteriorshome. domino. The other: her boyfriend. $85. with a stay-cool handle. soup. dwellstudio. is Beth’s go-to stress buster. It’s about moderate. WHITE OUT SAFARI CHIC ON BOARD VINTAGE POINT Minimalist. Betty. and almond milk in her Vitamix. it’s a fictional disease that leaves skin cracked and— you guessed it—gray. CLOSED JEANS. “Within two days.” she gushes. actor Michael Gladis. Classic Wide Cutting Board. and coconut oil are always on hand. fresh smoothies.” she says. BY THE BOOK Beth’s sustainable-food superheroes include Mark Bittman and Alice Elegant brass figures control 134 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . It’s the one thing I couldn’t live without in my kitchen. “I realized the food I was putting into my body was causing this Game of Thrones greyscale reaction. $1. my skin was almost totally clear. Gazelle Bookends. Instead of reaching for sweets after a killer day of filming.” But don’t expect her upcoming memoir-slashlifestyle guide to be all quinoa and chia seeds. then downgraded to a more manageable clean-eating plan. “We entertain a lot. FRIDGE CLUB Almond butter. slow changes—and still enjoying wine!” Q TOP DOG Snuggling her pooch.W E L L -T H Y H O M E vegan diet suggested by a naturopath. .230. ANTHROPOLOGIE APRON BRING IT HOME Style that’s clean and cozy? Domino’s editors show the way. Reeves Polished Nickel/Glass Pendant. “You don’t have to give up meat to be healthy and happy. and smoothies. $175.

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> Your favorite dish to cook? Water. He has the foresight of a supervillain but the altruistic nature of a hero. nothing beats New York City. Nothing beats Lincoln Center and whatever they’ve got going on there at any given time. so being home feels like a vacation. P H OTO G R A P H B Y T U R E L I L L E G R AV E N ST YLING: BRIAN BOYÉ. then?] No. Sometimes when you see great chemistry on-screen in a film. and cofounder of PayPal] is one of my superheroes. I’m not very good at that.H OT FA M O U S D U D E with… Ryan Reynolds. husband of Blake Lively 1 You’re playing Deadpool. So Elon Musk [CEO of Tesla Motors. But who is your hero? I tend to like those who walk the line between superhero and supervillain. [WH: So you don’t cook. GROOMING: KRISTAN SER AFINO/ TR ACE Y MAT TINGLY. like I’d fire a Roman candle from my asshole of of some high-rise. These are uptown problems. what would it be called? Probably Canceled. 136 5 Where do you take Blake when you want to impress her? I mean. but then they eventually repel. > If your life were a reality show. Al Gore is another. But no. I travel a ton. But now. . 3 If you had a month off. I’ve been flying back and forth to Australia [for work] and raising a 1-year-old daughter. for what he does for the planet. But still. I’m a bit of an environmentalist. SpaceX. I wish I had something crazier. MAJESTIC T-SHIRT. natural. your third superhero character. I see the wear and tear. > Shower song? “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips. there’s a tremendous amount of friction ofscreen—good or bad. 3X1 JEANS 5 J UICY QUESTIONS 4 Opposites attract: true or false? I think opposites do attract to a certain extent. the first thing you’d do is… The me from five years ago would have said a motorcycle trip across some continent other than North America. I just want to be home with my family. 39. > Twitter or Instagram? Twitter. star of Deadpool. —Faye Brennan Fast Talk > Makeup or natural? Oh. 2 What do you think when you look in the mirror? Lately it’s exhaustion staring at me. It’s not a lasting thing.


but the biggest favor we can do to help each other is to move out of the way. embrace it.’ You can have feelings of competitiveness or jealousy with other women. My sister. And let’s be kinder to each other. who is an attorney. Women have to ask for what they want. Then she said. But rather than bemoaning all the unfair advantages. It’s unfortunate how they found out. When I first started doing stand-up. No one can steal something that was never yours. I wanted to scream and say. one of my closest girlfriends landed a big agent and television deal at NBC. but never act on it.BY WH WOMEN IN 2016 Kick it off. After the Sony hacks leaked how much male actors were making. let’s be proactive. ‘Do you think I’d be successful if that’s what I sat around thinking about?’ We’re at a place in history where.” 140 . In the eight years I hosted Chelsea Lately. Let’s lift each other up so that in 50 years. Each time. when a woman speaks out. Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron both asked for (and received) equal pay. I felt I was the one who worked harder and so clearly wanted it more. Make the path bigger for all of us. told me it was natural to be jealous. and see where that takes you. and then be prepared to explain why they deserve it. men will be asked how hard it is to be a man in a woman’s game. I was jealous and ashamed of being so. I thought: There is no greater time to be one. When we make room for others. Chelsea Handler! “When Women’s Health asked me to write the intro to their ‘Women in 2016’ issue. but at least it resulted in parity. ‘Acknowledge it. a new direction we hadn’t yet considered opens up. and in a public way. Men usually don’t have to do either. Let yourself be good simply for the sake of it. she has the power to change things. I can’t tell you how many times people asked me how hard it was to be a woman in a man’s game.

Always Overnight pads have a 75% larger back* for up to 10 hours of protection while you sleep. ‘The Gecko’ © 2016 Procter & Gamble ‘The Starfish’ ‘The Cliff Hanger’ . *vs. Always Ultra Thin Regular with wings.‘The Kicker’ ‘The Flamingo’ ‘The Bat’ ‘The Irish Stepdance’ ‘The Doggie Paddler ’ However you sleep. you’re protected.

and if you haven’t noticed. Puma. training thousands of frontline troops. Tee Major Fitness. in Los Angeles—has served as a personal trainer for the U. Navy.S. and Reebok. Army and a group fitness instructor for the U.S. The native Texan— who runs his own personal training biz. YOU READY TO ENLIST OR WHAT? PHOTOG R APHS BY STE VEN LIPPMAN MEET TEE MAJOR That would be the commanding gentleman to the right—a guy with quite the fitting name and a fine body of work. New Balance. the camera kinda loves him: Major has modeled for Adidas. Air Force and U. . Nike. YEAH! WE’VE FOUND THE BOOT CAMP WORKOUT TO END ALL BOOT CAMP WORKOUTS—AND THE MILITARYINSPIRED FASHION TO SHOW OFF THAT HARD-EARNED MUSCLE.S. Oh.XX WH BY HELL.

143 .

$160. $98. greglauren. $30. Greg Lauren . mpgsport. $75. citizenwatch. ua.ARMED AND READY (Previous spread) The modern way to wear military? With a hit of athleisure. On Tee Major: Tailor Vintage shorts (worn throughout). Under Armour printed sports bra. Sporty touches like a neon windbreaker give distressed army pants a much needed lift. $235. Citizen watch. MPG Sport windbreaker. Alala yellow sports bra. $1.

$99. these drop-crotch pants lend the militaristic impression of layering without bulk. seeeyewear. Danner boots. See Eyewear. $1. aritzia Electric & Rose 145 . $62. MAKEUP: MAI QUYNH FOR L ANCOME/STARWORKS ARTISTS Because they’re two-toned. danner . Greg Lauren pants. $ electricand rose.HANG TIGHT FASHION EDITOR: JACQUELINE AZRIA . HAIR: DAVID COX FOR KEVIN MURPHY PRODUC TS/ART DEPARTMENT. $140. Golden by TNA for Aritzia knit top.

streetsaheadinc. and jumpsuit. $ .375. $110. Palladium boots. greglauren.SPECIAL FORCES Battle ropes carve out lean legs and a taut core. palladiumboots. $1. IVI sunglasses. $275. $190. Itty-bitty olive-green fatigues emphasize the spoils. Streets Ahead wrap belt. Greg Lauren

com.TACTICAL MEASURE Wear a one-piece swimsuit as a bodysuit. $360. Kovey swimsuit. Tissot watch.31. tissotwatches. bikini. Moss A. lurv. The jacket. 323-464-1185. Burton $28. makes it more ’90s grunge than over-the-top racy. $495. Lur’v leggings. $71. $ 147 . burton . slung low around the waist.


palladiumboots. Rothco cap. bedstu. Switch out the rugged boots for sneakers and score a lounge-like vibe. cabionline. Or dress things up with raffia wedges. $9. $ Palladium Cabi tank. kaufmansarmynavy . $85. Bed/Stu $150. greglauren. it’s truth! Or…or…or…so many options! Greg Lauren jacket. they play of an army parka with a feminine drape collar.TAKE A LOAD OFF Fashion peeps love to say prints can be a neutral—and in the case of these camo joggers. $135. 149 . G-Star Raw pants.

fringe along the legs gives khakis a kick in the you-know-what. titleboxing. In the street version. $1. $38. Critics claimed the policy was racially biased against black troops. .com ’Bout Time The Marines recently lifted a ban on women wearing their hair in braids. polo. splendid. Splendid tank. $50.FIGHT CLUB Cadets may wear fringy epaulets on their Title Boxing LLC sneakers. Polo Ralph Lauren locks. and twists.

So rather than. military training—or boot camp. Your mission: Complete three rounds in 30 minutes or less. Hearing that gloomy chatter? Repeat a positive mantra (like “You can do this” or “One more rep”) for one minute. “It’s about working smarter. what comes to mind? Demi Moore as GI Jane cranking out endless pushups? Recruits crawling through barbed-wire mud pits or climbing over sky-high walls? No doubt. many women are their own worst enemy. That’s one rep. Your biggest opponent here: the clock. which can help you push through and silence the haters in your head. The group camaraderie. and explosive power moves. say. as it is broadly known—has long been synonymous with bodyweight exercises performed to complete exhaustion. then press into your hands and raise your hips toward the ceiling. test upper-body strength with pushups or endurance with a long run. more sculpted you. It’s how he trains his “everyday” military athletes (i. not just harder. Pause. “The goal of every workout should be to make you feel stronger and empowered.e.” says Major. then return to pushup position and slowly walk your hands back toward your feet and stand. Walk your hands away from your feet. but it’s more about building them up—not breaking them down. a b c THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON BASIC TRAINING The variety. bending your knees slightly if needed (a). But the way you talk to yourself during these drills can have a huge impact on your workout’s effectiveness. Unfortunately. keeping your legs straight (like you’re in downward dog). Inchworm Stand with your feet hip-width apart.” says Tee. Do five. You’ll need to move quickly.BOOT CAMP. our stud of an instructor. “We’re training our military more like top athletes. all designed to make them stronger. this workout requires you to stay focused and grit through those moments when you want to give up. less fatigued.” What’s in it for you? This total-body routine. speed work. those not currently deployed). faster. then slowly drop your hips and raise your chest toward the ceiling (c). “We still need to keep them on their toes and improve physical and mental toughness. Boot camp–style workouts have plenty of mental bennies. When it starts to feel tough. perform the exercises in the order instructed as one circuit. into a pushup position. REBOOTED When you think of “military” workouts. “By using the stress of a 30-minute time limit. But the payoff is worth it—a more flexible.” Two or three times a week. which Tee created exclusively for WH. we start to get negative. stopping to rest only when absolutely necessary.. But basic training is moving beyond the cinematic drill-sergeant cliché. and less prone to injury. then fold forward and place your hands on the floor in front of you. more powerful.” I L L U S T R AT I O N B Y K A G E N M C L E O D 151 . keeping your core tight (b). says Tee Major. today’s troops are getting tougher by being smarter: They’re incorporating mobility exercises. as well as troops in areas with limited resources.

until you have run to the last marker and back. then switch sides and repeat. sprint to the second marker and bend your knees to touch the ground there with your hand. keeping the lunge slow and controlled to help improve mobility and strength.Train Smarter Burpees tend to get sloppy—fast. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides (a). Do 10. Keeping your right leg nearly straight. then slowly reverse the movement to return to start. That’s one rep. then place your hands on the floor in front of you and shift your weight onto them (b). This prevents tweaking your back or hip flexor. then position three additional markers roughly equidistant between them. or long driveway) and place two cones or markers 50 yards apart. Train Smarter It’s easy to slack at sprinting (and not even realize it!) when you’re on your own. imagine the burpee as a series of distinct steps and focus on hitting each one rather than rushing through. and lower your body as deep into a squat as you can. Do 10. pause. Track each shuttle run with a stopwatch and see if you can beat your fastest time each round. Instead of thinking of it as one seamless movement. Quickly reverse the movement to return to start. That’s one rep. Standing at the first marker. b a b a c Deep Lunge with Rotation Burpee Step your left foot forward and bend your left knee to lower into a forward lunge. Repeat this pattern without stopping. bend your knees. Sprint Shuttle Find an open space (like a court. then bend your torso forward and place your hands on the floor on each side of your left foot (a). running as quickly as possible to the third marker. rotate your torso to the left and raise your left arm toward the ceiling (b). Push your hips back. then immediately sprint back to the first marker. and then the next farthest marker and so on. . Train Smarter Channel your inner yogi. Step or jump your feet back into a pushup position (c). touching the ground again. field. then back to the beginning.

Squeeze your glutes and thrust your hips forward to swing the weight to shoulder height. Do 10. and Major Lisa Jaster. your elbows brushing the insides of your knees. That’s one rep. but women were still barred from special operations units like the Navy SEALs and Army Rangers—the Army’s most exclusive squad. b a a Renegade Row Get into a pushup position with your hands resting on dumbbells and your feet slightly more than hip-width apart (a). three women have graduated: Captain Kristen Griest. REPORTING FOR DUTY Never has women’s role in the military changed more drastically than in the past three years. Press through your heels to stand.d a c b a a b b Kettlebell Swing Kettlebell Goblet Squat Dumbbell Deadlift to Curl and Press Holding a kettlebell with both hands at arm’s length in front of you. bend your elbows to curl the weights toward your shoulders (c). Their real-life victories have paved the way for true equality: This past December. Pause. then repeat with the other arm. knees slightly bent. Today. bringing the kettlebell between your legs. Reverse the movement to return to start. then press through your heels to return to standing. Sit your hips back and bend your knees to lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor (b). and all other former boys-only clubs. the Pentagon lifted a 65-year-old policy that excluded women from serving in frontline combat (because they didn’t seem “capable”). 1st Lieutenant Shaye Haver. and continue swinging back and forth for 10 total reps. hold a kettlebell at chest height with both hands. initially as a test to see how they could perform (less than half of all students pass). Keeping your chest up. bending your knees slightly to bring the weight between your legs (a). and hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides (a). Marine Corps infantry. but the Green Berets. push your hips back and bend your knees to lower your body toward the floor (b). stand with your feet slightly more than hip-width apart and push your hips back. A big win. Do 10. That’s one rep. Reverse the movement. the secretary of defense made the landmark decision to allow women service members to join the military’s most elite forces—not just the Army Rangers. keeping your arms straight and core tight (b). then press them directly overhead until your arms are fully extended (d). Slowly lower the weight. the notoriously grueling Ranger School was opened to women for the first time. yes. Standing with your feet slightly more than hip-width apart. Q 153 . Air Force parajumpers. elbows bent and pointing toward the floor (a). That’s one rep. Do 10. Brace your core and keep your hips parallel to the floor as you pull one weight toward the side of your rib cage (b). Stand with feet hip-width apart. Last spring. In 2013.


shiny little piggies don’t go to market.These sleek. and they sure as hell don’t stay home. Pair with deep lipstick and you’re ready for whatever the night may bring. .

KEVIN LYNCH/FOX SPORTS (ANDREWS). Together. SHOSHANNA DRESS BUBBLEGUM LIPS .+ SMUDGY LINER Lipstick the color of Hubba Bubba? Oh. they’re timeless. nostalgia! Middle school! Trips to the mall! Messy liner recalls morning-after-the-party college days. 156 WALTER MCBRIDE/ WIREIMAGE (ADUBA). KEVIN MAZUR / WIREIMAGE (VONN).

my hair has a nice wave to it. It’s a way to put my personality out there. THE ACTRESS THE ATHLETE THE SPORTSCASTER (EMMY AWARD WINNER. Those people keep me motivated every single day. “Oh. and I like to put on fake eyelashes. you don’t need makeup!” But I don’t think being sexy undermines my character or my performance as an athlete—it makes me feel better and makes me feel like I’m putting my best foot forward. WINNER OF FOUR WORLD CUPS) (FOX SPORTS. They are the reason why I study so much. I’ve also noticed that wearing makeup gives me more confidence when I’m skiing. It’s taking the time to say. being surrounded by a group of women.” The industry is changing. and my face is fine just as it is. I’ve seen my face. I keep my hair long enough so you can see it under my helmet. There’s something ceremonial and ritualistic about it: going to get your nails done. she’s into clothes…so she’s not serious about sports. [Of set]. and there are people who don’t think women should be working the sidelines at games at all. but it’s still a struggle. It’s taken me years to feel like it’s okay to want to look pretty on the job. gutsy women speak out. I relate that to the feminine experience. I love the process of putting on makeup and getting dressed up for award shows. I’m never going to be embarrassed for wanting to look good on camera.strong FEMALE LEADS Loving lipstick doesn’t make you any less powerful. “What is beautiful about me?” Standing in celebration of yourself doesn’t take away or detract from your feminist position. and I care so much. It was. COHOST OF DANCING WITH THE STARS) uzo aduba lindsey vonn erin andrews I play a character who wears a prison jumpsuit every day. but I don’t always love being in my ski gear. . You’re really looking at your face and your hair and choosing to accentuate and honor who you are. and I take my job so seriously. I love sports—in my Dancing with the Stars dressing room I’m watching football—but at the same time. if I forget my lipstick when I leave the house to buy groceries and a friend calls to meet up. Three inspiring. I’ll wear a loose braid so that when I take my helmet of. she’s into makeup. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK) (ALPINE SKI RACER. picking out your dress. Doing this helps balance my strong side and my feminine side. You can be girlie and still be interested in how the defense is going to stop the ofense on Sunday afternoon. I don’t have that terror—What am I going to do? Do I need to race over to Sephora and ask one of the associates to do my face? As much as I have come to realize that I don’t need makeup. You can look beautiful and still be powerful. There’s something freeing about being on TV with little to no makeup. Some of my best friends on the World Cup used to make fun of me when I first started wearing it. it does make me feel beautiful. They were like “What are you doing? You’re skiing. So I was the misfit in this industry. You used to have to be a tomboy to fit in. Bloggers will take shots at what I’m wearing. I love racing. I get my nails done and have hair extensions.

More like potent.DOLL LASHES + ROCKER BRAIDS Raggedy Ann lashes and thin braids—offset by roughly textured hair—hardly look prissy. .

your liner should match the lipstick. grab a small section of hair that starts two to three inches up from the nape of the neck and clip it out of the way. drag a dense black eye pencil along just the lower lashes. Mist your hairline and part with hair spray. “I apply it sparingly. blend bronzer and rosy blush. • Use a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick to touch up the perimeter of your mouth. chanel. JAY GODFRE Y TOP • On towel-dried hair. Tap highlighting powder onto cheekbones. • On each side of your part. LISA SHIN (MASCAR A). VAMPY LIPS • Spread on dark matte lipstick with a lip brush. aveda. mist damp hair with texturizing spray. • On cheeks. • Starting mid-shaft. maccosmetics. Dark skin? Choose a liner that matches your complexion.1 BUBBLEGUM LIPS 2 LOW PIGTAILS RYAN OLSZEWSKI/RODALE IMAGES (STILLS). For fair skin. If you have light to medium Pin the ends under the elastic. like Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Sea Salt Texturizing Spray ($6. so the lips don’t look overlined. and before it dries. skinny braids: one on the right side of the neck. clinique. (Cool undertones = more blue than yellow.33. • Swipe on a creamy lipstick. go for a peachy-brown shadow and mascara. ROCKER BRAIDS • Starting at the roots. sephora . at drugstores). wrap two-inch sections of hair around a curling iron with a three-quarter-inch barrel. Q 159 . Try Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil ($29. • Pull remaining hair into two tight ponytails. SMUDGY LINER • From inner to outer” says Bass. • Dip a small. “gently pinch lashes together in sections using your thumb and your forefinger to create a clumpy efect.” says makeup artist Gita Bass. Try (5) CoverGirl Super Thick Lash Mascara in Very Black ($5. Tousle waves. Try (4) L’Oréal Paris Infallible MatteMatic Eyeliner in Ultra Black ($9. • Apply shimmery tan eye shadow and volumizing blackestblack mascara. and blow-dry with a flat paddle • Create two 3 ge† THE LOOKS 5 DOLL LASHES • Sweep primer onto top lashes. • Make a center part. says hairstylist Marcus Francis. walmart. flat brush into black shadow and smudge the liner. and light pinky-brown lipstick. Unclip the sections of hair you’d put aside and wrap each around the base of its • With bright matte lips.A. • Keep the rest of your makeup sheer: champagne eye shadow. ulta. Gob on thickening mascara.C Lipstick in Saint Germain ($17. Uzo recommends applying a sheer foundation so skin looks Try Clinique Lash Building Primer ($15. Try Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Midnight ($29. Try Drybar Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse ($26. rosy cream blush. go for burgundy. “A pink shade with cool undertones flatters all skin tones. one on the left. choose berry. at drugstores). Part hair in the center and blow-dry. Work two medium-size dollops of mousse from mid-shafts to ends.) Try (3) M.50. securing each with an elastic. and smooth a drop of the serum or oil over each pigtail. run a few pumps of hydrating oil or serum from mid-shaft to ends. apply just one coat of mascara. • For lower lashes. Try Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint in (1) Hangry or (2) Frenemy ($20 each. PROP ST YLING: ANNIE EDWARDS.” says Nars makeup artist Uzo. for dark skin. On eyes. 4 • Line lips for definition. as close to the lash line as possible.

XX WH BY 160 .

And we unearthed plenty of surprises. (Sex? Totally in sync. happier. check out the survey results and follow our experts’ advice to foster a stronger. B Y FAY E B R E N N A N . In that spirit. There aren’t. But they’re worth fighting for. As you already know. Social lives? Put on the gloves!) The easy way out would be to say there are easy solves.400 men and women about the problems couples argue over most frequently.In matters of love. them's fightin’ words! Women’s Health teamed up with Men’s Health to poll more than 1. and healthier bond with your guy. relationships are hard work.

D. CASSIE SKOR AS (ILLUSTR ATIONS THROUGHOUT) 61% The majority of women and men say they check in with each other about twice a day. BAUER SYNDICATION/ TRUNK ARCHIVE (COUPLE AT DESK).. Experts couldn’t agree on its exact age but ballpark it at a few centuries old. I WISH WE COMMUNICATED LESS 2% 8% How can you tell when your partner is upset? THEY MAKE PASSIVEAGGRESSIVE COMMENTS THEY GIVE YOU THE SILENT TREATMENT THEY JUST TELL YOU THEY RAISE THEIR VOICE THEY ARE MORE SARCASTIC 162 PRESENTING. it will tank the security of your relationship.” XTAC TO/GET T Y (NOTEBOOK PAPER TEXTURE THROUGHOUT). No shame in that game. The cause was scores of women realizing that.” The straightforward approach hopes that passive-aggressive comments are next to meet their long-overdue demise. But the fact that it’s numero uno in our survey means we still haven’t got it right. such as distancing yourself from your partner. one that many women often relied on to express or cope with hurt and anger. Sure.O. Ph.. is disastrous. who knew of the silent treatment. If you let it go unchecked. Instead. a clinical psychologist and author of Stop the Fight!. and (duh!) more fights. TREVOR HUNT/GET T Y (NEWSPAPER TEXTURE THROUGHOUT). partners are losing the ability to evaluate each other’s emotional states—something that eye contact and facial expressions would convey.” explains Michelle Brody. the next time he does ring-a-ling.REVELATION #1: We’re fighting more about daily communication than money. it’s a classic relationship issue. says: “Any behavior that keeps a couple in distress. finally died today.” says Tatkin. anything. I WISH WE COMMUNICATED MORE 37% 26% NO. Tatkin. so he’ll be highly motivated to do it again. jealousy. This leads to errors in judgment about how to respond to each other.. make sure to express how happy it made you. Our findings in detail: Are you satisfied with how often you and your partner communicate? YES 67% NO. With less face-to-face convos and more texting or Gchatting. “Secure-functioning couples tell each other everything and deal with distress quickly. an assistant clinical professor at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine and author of Wired for Dating. And tech advancements are not helping. their guys obliviously carried on watching ESPN. “He gets to feel the reward of giving that to you. A WISHFUL OBIT! THE FEMALE SILENT TREATMENT HAS DIED The avoidant behavior. ‘I’m not happy’ is a good place to start. Please direct all condolences to the support group “Men Are Not Mind Readers. reached out more. Psy. “Saying. says Stan Tatkin.. .D.” The silent treatment is survived by the straightforward approach. But more than a third of gals still wish their S. while they wordlessly seethed. Common sense dictates you should just ask your guy outright to call you on the reg—but that actually isn’t efective. relatives. which is already in use by some women and has a significantly better outcome.

Two nights a week of your undivided attention. As a 2014 study suggests. Thou shalt make modifications to the original plan agreed to in Commandment 1 as necessary.. thou art on bathroom duty). . and every Sunday afternoon…for snuggles. just remind the offending party of Commandment 1). In other words. Would a date night help? Negotiator #1: Yes. You’re seriously never home. we slipped out of biblical character there. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF CHORES A S G IVEN B Y THE G ODS OF G OOD R ELATIONSHIPS 1. I don’t like it. Terms of agreement: Clear. Thou shalt not divide tasks by gender stereotypes. 5. Negotiator #2: One night a week. but rather by who cares most about them (adamant about streak-free mirrors? Congrats. “There tends to be less conflict about work because both sexes have careers to juggle and more mutual empathy about it. But then you’ll let me go to Sunday movie night with my crew? Negotiator #2: Yeah. Negotiator #1: Fine. Don’t believe us? See below. while spats about work (which previous research has shown is a major source of stress for couples) weren’t as prevalent. Thou shalt not react to unfinished chores with nagging or yelling. And stuf. and we’re spending too much time apart. It just means thou art badass at multitasking. Here’s how to make peace. I don’t either.” say Bob and Judith Wright. Thou may have different standards for “spotless. How often do you argue with your partner about. and we both need time with our friends to recharge. But our free time? We’re prepared to duel over it. 3. Satisfaction level: High. Negotiator #1: That’s only every other week. And you’re missing the point. relationship counselors and coauthors of The Heart of the Fight. Negotiator #2: Hey. Thou shalt leave the damn dishes in the sink if the offer of sex is on thy table. the higher the love. say Jim and Elizabeth Carroll. but there’s nothing we can do about our jobs right now. stars of WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp and coauthors of the new book Marriage Boot Camp. (Sorry. some messes can happen: How often do you and your partner argue about household chores? CONSTANTLY: 2% SOMETIMES: 32% NEVER: 24% FREQUENTLY: 13% RARELY: 29% CHRIS CR AYMER / TRUNK ARCHIVE (COUPLE IN BEDROOM) Which household chore is the biggest point of contention in your relationship? CLEANING THE HOUSE OR APARTMENT WASHING/PUTTING AWAY THE DISHES DOING THE LAUNDRY Social battles are really about expressing (and meeting) each other’s needs for time and attention. the more fair the couple views the division of tasks. We’ve both been working like crazy.” 4. Thou shalt view picking up thy partner’s slack during particularly busy weeks as a sweet act of kindness. That Swiffer? Not a weapon after all. Thou shalt approach chores as a team by making a plan for who shall conquer what and how often. 10. Our numbers show that many couples are not fighting about tidying (woot!). Deal: Reached. Bickering over plans with friends ranked surprisingly high on our list. Negotiator #2: Um. Extra-long kisses count. Escalated tension: Zero. Negotiator #1: You go out with your friends way too much. It fuels resentment and kills motivation (rather. 7. 2.REVELATION #2: Our social lives? Making us nuts. I was home on Friday night when you were at your cooking class.. we know we can’t change each other’s day jobs. SOCIAL LIVES? WORK? HOBBIES? CONSTANTLY FREQUENTLY SOMETIMES RARELY NEVER NEGOTIATING 101: A SIMULATION REVELATION #3: Chores ain’t no thang. and vice versa. I’ll move my boxing lessons to then. Thou shalt express appreciation for chores completed. That’s just silly.) 6. Still. Thou shalt not interpret having more chores than thy partner as a sign of being undervalued in the relationship. 9. Thou shalt value consistency and practice over perfection. 8. Thou shalt not interpret undone chores as a personal slight or dis.

” Naturally. Fully owning their financial well-being prevents foolish mistakes. He’ll be more inclined to honor it and make it his next priority.THIS JUST IN! SECRETS OF FISCAL BLISS REVELATION #4: The biggest myth about couples and fighting? Money. REVELATION #5: We’re pretty much simpatico in the bedroom. I’m the saver. pile up. you would like to… Well. as the demands of life.” Doyle says. but he goes out and buys an expensive new TV. Well.” says Brody. If you could change one thing about your sex life. aging parents. the number one reason is: IRRESPONSIBLE SPENDING Who you callin’ irresponsible? “There’s a diference between careless spending and your partner buying something that just doesn’t match your priorities. When men and women argue over finances. It’s just not something you value (but those pricey balayage highlights last week? Totally worth it!). They solve money issues by working together to find a balance between both values.” says Tatkin. “That frequency could be common among younger couples without children. That said. For example. desired frequency of sex is a major factor in how satisfied men and women are in their relationships. children. Secret #2: These pairs are up front and honest about their money habits and financial states. our results refute them. an intimacy expert and author of First. which forces them to be on the same page (and can make them feel closer too). tell him how much you’ve been looking forward to a romantic getaway. They know that surprises or withheld info can destroy trust. That hasn’t changed in years: According to a 2011 study. and yes.. says Laura Doyle. you want to save for a trip. Secret #1: Couples who seldom argue about money don’t hold on to the mindset of “He’s the spender. Kill All the Marriage Counselors. HAVE SEX MORE FREQUENTLY 29% 17% 44% BE MORE ADVENTUROUS How often do you and your partner have sex? 11% LESS THAN ONCE A MONTH: 15% 1 TO 3 TIMES A MONTH: 24% ONCE A WEEK: 21% HAVE MORE FOREPLAY 4% HAVE SESSIONS LAST LONGER 5% 21% 6% CHANGE NOTHING 17% 11% 2 OR 3 TIMES A WEEK: 28% 4 TO 6 TIMES A WEEK: 8% AT LEAST ONCE A DAY: 4% We know what you’re thinking: “That often? Who are these people?!” But as Tatkin explains.. and consider your wish granted. Sign the treaty on the opposite page. But that can be fixed. but it wasn’t necessarily a bad decision. Experts have unveiled the keys to financial peace! And they’re sharing! If we had a dollar for every time we heard finances are the top relationship buzzkill. “Rather than trying to control his purchases. . (Too close for ya? Having private accounts and one joint one for shared purchases can also work.) CONSTANTLY: 3% FREQUENTLY: 11% SOMETIMES: 31% RARELY: 29% NEVER: 26% Secret #4: Their motto? “If one of us goes down. How often do you and your partner argue about money? Secret #3: They put everything into joint checking and savings accounts. You may not be thrilled about a 2012 survey that showed married couples have three money-related arguments per month. looky here! We all crave the same things in Naughtyland: more sex and excitement. we both do." says Doyle. say Jim and Elizabeth Carroll. the opportunities to get it on take a nosedive— one possible reason “one to three times a month” was the runner-up.” says Judith Wright. “this doesn’t mean money isn’t a problem—couples simply may not be speaking up about it. and another study that suggested these quarrels are the top predictor of divorce.

So we will try his suggestions of dancing. you can both agree to seek only emotional connections. or “anything goes” when you’re out of town. according to our survey. “The arrangement doesn’t have to be permanent. connection. emotionally and physically.” says Northrup. Still. folks! This is why.” or “I want to do it somewhere that we could get caught. It’s not just the action that happens between the sheets. But they do suggest that women are more willing to do something about it if they are unhappy. and pleasure. trust. on the other hand. pay attention to what we’re looking to get out of each experience: intimacy. believes those numbers could change (and fewer people would default to splitting up for good) if they had more knowledge of. For instance. Her theory as to why: Women are routinely evaluating the ups and downs of their relationships to decide whether or not their romantic investments are paying of emotionally.YOUR SEX TREATY OF 2016 REVELATION #6: Many of us secretly fantasize about splitting up. “I want to pretend we just met on a plane. Signed into naughty law with our John Hancocks [tee-hee] by: ________ (You) _________ (Your partner) ABOUT IT THINK ABOUT IT “SOMETIMES” THINK ABOUT IT “SOMETIMES” “SERIOUSLY CONSIDER IT” “SERIOUSLY CONSIDER IT” “These numbers—and the divorce initiation gap—don’t prove that men are happier in marriage. You can try it out for six months. safe sexual partners.” and then work together to bring those fantasies to life. taking a bath together. 89 percent of women and 80 percent of men said they would have a problem with it if their partner wanted to see other people. says Tatkin. DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR TO ABIDE BY THE FOLLOWING PLEASURE-ENHANCING MEASURES”: When it comes to contemplating breaking up or divorcing their partner… “NEVER” THINK “NEVER” THINK ABOUT IT To focus on quality rather than quantity. On our next night alone. IN PURSUIT OF A HOTTER. and talks about. To aim for adventure. are crucial. The One Place You Won’t Go It gets a lot of buzz in Hollywood (Brad and Angelina. when an argument does happen (despite our best eforts on these pages!). Men. (Womp. DONJA PITSCH/ TRUNK ARCHIVE (ARGUING COUPLE). Will and Jada… just a few rumored to be in one). “WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS FOURPOSTER WEST ELM BED.) And women do so even more. plus heavy doses of self-reflection. Doyle says. This echoes a recent study from Stanford University that found that 69 percent of divorces are initiated by wives. Foreplay also includes the buildup of sexual tension throughout the day. a marriage and family therapist. “Men will continue to try to make their partners happy. But statistics show that only 4 percent of Americans are currently in an open relationship. We should not be ashamed of our kinkiest desires! In fact. PETER DAZELE Y/GET T Y (WEDDING CAKE WITH KNIFE) To redefine foreplay. This provides your man with a road map to a clear solution. and in our survey. Of course. or sending seductive texts or selfies to get each other more hot and bothered. But are relationship disagreements to blame? Let’s take a closer look. to consider the issue resolved. we should share them with each other. even if they’re not succeeding. “He must not be attracted to me” or “Maybe we’re growing apart”) and instead. Laura Northrup. and establishing clear expectations with outside partners can make these situations extremely complicated and fragile—or simply not worth it. these arrangements. According to Bob and Judith Wright. tend to compartmentalize issues. During that time. Q 165 . Constant communication and emotional work with your partner. we should let go of thinking about what not having a lot of sex means (as in. we will raise the stakes by whispering. Now. jealousy. so one major pain point—while it may cause them emotional stress—is less likely to doom the entire relationship. Or you can let your partner fulfill a specific need—such as a foot fetish— just once with someone else. LISA THORNBERG/GET T Y (PAPER SCROLL).” says Doyle. That shift can help us understand why it’s important to both of us to rock each other’s bods regularly. and you with the reassurance that the benefits of your bond far outweigh the speed bumps. let’s bring it all full circle. then stop. womp. MORE ACTIVE SEX LIFE.” explains Doyle. says Northrup (which is why many couples also go to therapy or a support group). couples need to be clear and direct about what they need. it’s up to you whether or not you tell friends and family about your new deal.

” “They must picture themselves being the center of WH BY More of us are logging on to get off. I totally understand this.” “I’m shocked.” “That is HOT! ‘Honey. Having other guys with one woman is stressful. My boys aren’t doing the job. “Women have a tendency to be bisexual. but how healthy is the habit for you—and your relationship? WH delves into the effects of rated X. let’s get a babysitter tonight!’” “Maybe more women fantasize about catching their husbands with the babysitter than I suspected?” 166 . B Y FAY E B R E N N A N We had guys share their (hilariously clueless) reactions to women’s most often searched terms on PornHub.” “A bit threatening.

and both sexes are internalizing the notion that it’s normal and legitimate. so more women are watching it. Ph. there are a lot of laughs. that act doesn’t speak to me.. anti-porn activist and professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College Megan Fleming. there can be some problematic behaviors that can lead to depression and anxiety. There’s this authenticity piece: There’s no shame or guilt in expressing their sexuality or Fleming: In my gets 60 million worldwide visits daily. There is no Yelp for porn. It also helps them explore their fantasies and discover what they’d like to experience with their partners.D.” or “Yes. (2) At press time. (1) Kink is in for many women: The top DVD purchased by females on AdultEmpire. I like my porn pretty hard-core(1).D. Ph. having a doctorate. And that’s because it’s not okay to come into the office. Yes. but I don’t know of that particular paper. I think women are also looking to see a connection [between two people] to feel a sense of intimacy and pleasure. No one makes millions from showing up and having sex on camera—some people still have other jobs. They are overworked. and it’s not black-orwhite or all-or-nothing. Fleming: In my practice. but for others.” The vibe on-set: “In the few years that I worked for other companies.” Porn is the wallpaper of our society. How she got into porn: “I was very comfortable with my body. I’d like to try that. What’s behind this uptick? Dines: We live in a “porn culture. anything that couples can use to promote a frank and honest convo is a great tool to enhance their bond. Of course women like watching people have sex because we’re sexual beings and we’re wired to enjoy it! We want to watch it to get turned on and masturbate. There is a total absence of an open conversation around sex in the real sex-tech entrepreneur and founder of MakeLoveNotPorn. “No. and I was driven and motivated to succeed: I wanted to become a household name and create a culture where people felt comfortable in their sexuality. and the percentage who are willing to admit their habit to the Pew Research Center increased from 2 percent in 2010 to 8 percent in 2013. That’s why I hate the terms “porn for women” and “feminist porn” because they imply that we’re only into white sheets fluttering in the breeze and loving that’s soft. 16 percent of women ages 18 to 39 view porn once a week. this (3) Tumblr. Join the conversation! Watch more of this passionate debate and share your own thoughts at WomensHealthMag. a lot of women are struggling with their libidos. I value research. a raunchy BDSM title. and 24 percent of U. just like men do. says Erika Lust. We know in our bodies when something feels good or bad. This is empowering women to have a voice in their own sex lives and to know their “No”— as in. study was not yet published. stand by the watercooler and ask. Previous research has found that watching porn is linked to better sex for women in committed relationships. On my company’s sets now. But I’ve also had clients who use it to discover their turnons. Gallop: That’s what we’re Dines: But let’s go to the empirical evidence and find out what happens when women look at porn. I think that’s the reason lesbian and gay porn is some of the most viewed by women. reveals what drew her to the biz and what it’s really like to ef on film.Gail Dines. We work hard. why don’t you seek it out in your own life? You’re not going to experience intimacy. Watching porn is not the issue— it’s the effects of watching it. having sex on camera exhilarated me—I felt like I was a boring girl who stepped into a phone booth like Superman and became an alter ego of myself. So porn exists in this shadowy underworld and therefore lacks socially acceptable curation.S. we don’t talk about it—or what we’re watching. According to a 2015 study. Joanna Angel. “I’m really bored with the porn I’m watching. We have to make a conscious efort to stop so the male talent can concentrate on getting their erections!” Q 167 . So porn is a tool in a toolbox that helps them keep their sexual pilot light on. Specifically. For instance. and the more bodyloathing they experienced (2). Any suggestions?”(3) Fleming: Well. exhausted.” There’s a whole range of sexuality. using their bodies. which of course isn’t healthy. trying to solve at MakeLove NotPorn. Reddit. Gallop: There are way more women watching porn than what those statistics represent. For is The Submission of Emma Marx. while other successful porn stars have multiple revenue streams from licensing or book deals and money from appearances. it’s a turn-off. Absolutely not true. and connection by watching other people have sex. viewers are female. a shooting day can be as long as 20 hours. an adult film actress and director and creator of porn site Burning Angel. Because we as a society are so repressed about sex. and 4chan are surprisingly popular online hot spots to stumble upon erotic images and videos that tickle your fancy. Anal? Clear turn-on or turn-of. clinical psychologist and sex and relationship therapist in New York City Cindy Gallop. and having trouble relaxing. BDSM can be erotic for some women. the more depressed and anxious they became. Dines: But if you’re looking for [that] in New York City WH: Let’s begin with a few numbers: PornHub. an erotic film director. empathy. and we’re building our brand 365 days a” The biggest myth about women in the adult industry: “People think we’re overpaid and underworked. the less interested they were in having sex with people. [a new study] found that the more porn women watched. But what is making those women turn to porn? They may want to compare themselves.


accumulated earnings. it will be 118 years—nope. we often get punished for using the same exact words—verbs like earn.” Neale advises. the onus is on you to understand—and level—the playing field. says Reisch. We’re showing you how to rise above all that negativity and land the position you deserve. puts the burden on public and private companies to prove they haven’t discriminated against women. We say: not acceptable. but it can provide much-needed context. in addition to a salary. 169 . but ultimately. Men are four times more likely than women to ask for a raise. and sad-trombone statistics about working women never fail to piss us of. Resources like Glassdoor and Payscale can give you a baseline for your industry. as can talking to your peers. “Women are hesitant to ask. And global consulting firm Accenture now identifies pay discrepancies. not just their titles or positions. guides women through all stages of their careers. Enough is enough. and Washington. (The new law has employee’s backs in another way: by ensuring that they can openly discuss salaries with coworkers without fearing for their jobs.DON’T GET MAD. a professor of management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Gap made its figures public in 2014. and has pledged to grow the percentage of females it hires to at least 40 percent by 2017. “They don’t want to feel bad if they’re underpaid. justify—as a male counterpart. shareholders of Walmart pushed for greater salary transparency last year. OLEG GOLOVNEV/SHUT TERSTOCK (BUSINESS CARDS) THE PAY GAP We’ve all heard the awful numbers: Pew Research pegs the pay gap at 84 cents to a man’s dollar.) Following California’s lead.s in business 25 years ago and vouches that the openness has benefitted each person. Legal reform is on the rise too: California’s Fair Pay Act. Colorado. companies will be expected to pay them the same. GET AHEAD. But this fear maintains our disadvantage. which can snowball over time.D. a White House report has it even wider. the World Economic Forum estimates. Start by educating yourself. thus. Maddeningly. When she was negotiating with Stanford. bummer headlines.” says Margaret Ann Neale. Getting around this status quo is a matter of collaborative problem solving: “Present ideas that help your manager while also getting you what you want. and explained exactly how the resources she requested would solve the university’s issue. and they don’t want their friends to feel bad if they make more. Old-school stereotypes. Someone’s gonna need new business cards. as a higher starting salary predicts subsequent salaries and. Neale did just that with a group of 10 women who earned Ph.” Make a pact with a few trusted pals on your career path to continuously share details about your compensation.” says Jennifer Reisch. legal director of Equal Rights Advocates. with women at 78 cents. BY CARLIN FLOR A JAMIE CABREZA (DESK TOP). and Rhode Island are expected to do the same soon. deserve. not an exaggeration—before men and women earn equivalent salaries for the same work. we’ve been socialized to view discussing wages as gauche. Then comes negotiating. which went into efect in January. she noticed that the department was having trouble securing jobs for grads. She proposed lab space and other benefits she would need. A growing number of companies agree and are already implementing change. All good news. If two people do comparable work. Pennsylvania. “The law makes it clear that you have to look at the substance of what people do. Yes. And apparently. New York enacted the Achieve Pay Equity bill last year.

cofounder of corporate consulting and coaching firm The Handel Group. Certain statements get tossed around off-handedly as part of casual workplace conversations without much or any thought to the actual implications. there’s small talk— and then there’s smallminded talk. economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett has found. That’s the highest percentage of childless women since the bureau started counting in 1976. and thankfully. moms were talking all the time about what their babies were eating. ‘I don’t think you should do that. “A better way of coming at the situation is to ask something like. If you’ve had either B-word slung your way. they are negatively correlated for women. Of course parents need support in order to raise children well while staying in the workforce. Tell your cubemate you’ll gladly cover for her when her kids are sick but would love a hand when you’re stuck with a “I wouldn’t have guessed you’d be interested in X topic area.” while even in 2016. and you’re giving the other person a chance to share her perspective. “You’re not inflicting judgment. A man can assert himself and be labeled “confident” or “strong. for example).S. find ways to change the rapport.” it’s a sad fact that while success and likability are linked for men. and the U. but single women also need wiggle room to pursue outside interests. “What you’re really saying is. Create a list of key players and strategically build your crew in a way that helps you rise.” she says.” Contradictions much? However unintentionally. not just besties. “The organization was family-oriented. we make no secret of the fact that we’re advocates for working parents (hello. 170 “bitch”—consider whether it’s actually nastiness or just a straightforward. MOUTHING OFF At work. and get a quarterly meeting on the books (avoiding meetings is a bad idea. but it wasn’t set up so the staf could support one another when someone was out. they’re often thrust into the role of “workhorse. If you don’t get along with certain essential people. sometimes strong women (who’ve been told they’re “too” strong) overcompensate by either going totally sweet or full-on nuclear. it’s best not to presuppose what does or doesn’t strike someone’s fancy. we women feed into and uphold these stereotypes: A Gallup poll found that 40 percent of us prefer a male boss. Sure. Dubbed the “likability bias. Shepherd resented how her own out-of-office passion—a sketch comedy group she cofounded—wasn’t taken seriously: “People would comment in a negative tone. And always ask yourself: Would you be making these same judgments about a man?) One more office-drama factor to remember: If you want to work your way up the ladder. cofounder and CEO of Rent the Runway. In Hyman’s case. (If you’re on the other side of the coin—dealing with a coworker who’s known as a If you want to work your way up the ladder. they’re riddled with bias. ‘You seem really committed to that theater. For one. You and Donna have had a few tussles? Engage her by asking about something personal (her new condo. says Lauren Zander. If a woman takes decisive action to improve the bottom line—such as when Jennifer Hyman.” Take Molly Shepherd. with women being particularly efective at the helm of female-dominated enterprises. 47 percent of women between ages 15 and 44 have never had children. he’s been called a jerk. Even if it’s not as basic as a female colleague working on a traditionally male beat (or vice versa). know you can change perceptions and still be true to yourself.” “You don’t really want that job. we’re guessing said person wouldn’t go after the gig if she couldn’t see the positives there. But there’s a whole other demographic that struggles with that delicate balance too—simple in a diferent way—and it’s a growing group: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. do you?” Uh.’” Neale recommends approaching the situation not as a war between parents and the child-free. SINGLE WOMEN’S STRUGGLE At WH. Ask an objective colleague if they think you’re missing something in your delivery. even if they’re difficult—face time is the only way to break through with crucial team members). ‘You seem too committed to your son. “Instead. a fund-raiser for Emory University in Atlanta. an assertive woman is called “ballbuster” or “bitchy. enter into the conversation with something more neutral like. Today’s open-concept offices mean everyone can hear everything.OFFICE DRAMA “Are you lazy or just incompetent?” That’s one of the zingers Amazon CEO Jef Bezos has hurled at employees. Problem is. overshadowing her bold leadership. Census Bureau shows that as of 2014.’ Meanwhile. but as another problemsolving collab—one you can ideally work out directly with your colleagues. which can leave employees on the receiving end of your comments feeling exposed and flustered. you’ve got to make the right connections—you need to make allies. Love Jef but know he’s a slacker? Grab lunch but don’t make him your workplace confidante. about 50 percent of American adults are single (and more of them are women). “What attracted you to X position?” WRONG WRONG WTF? WTF? . no-BS approach. Second. who faced this situation in a previous job. made organizational changes that led to 2 percent of her employees leaving—the criticisms are framed as personality problems rather than “eccentric genius” characterizations.’” says Lieberman. ‘What got you interested in that?’ or ‘What led you to this project?’” says Lieberman. But as inclusivity and diversity coach Simma Lieberman points out. 31. #PaidLeavePays!). and no one said to any of them. you need to make allies— not just besties. always deliver feedback (good or bad) in a one-on-one setting. compared with 27 percent who’d opt for a female. but both men are largely lauded for their accomplishments—their outbursts justified as necessary to get results. stories of former stafers “sufering from PTSD” even surfaced in the press.” Back up the Stereotype Express for a sec. just as Steve Jobs was. there’s been a cultural movement toward helping create a more humane work-life balance for career women. We ranked four common offenders from just-plain-wrong to WTF. But here’s the data-driven truth—a review of over 80 studies from Northwestern University found that men and women can be equally efective leaders. which was great for parents working there.

I can’t acknowledge that maybe you were more qualified. once all her work is done.” Speak way up if you want to snag big projects—don’t allow your managers to make assumptions. women need to strive to bring more men into their networks to recruit the most efective sponsors.” or people who truly advocate on your behalf and open doors. it’s still used with shocking regularity. LORENZO BRINGHELI/ TRUNK ARCHIVE THE NEW AGEISM We’ve all seen the headlines about the age-based bias that Baby Boomers are facing. making it tough to stay on a fast track at work. but experts say you can’t talk about one without the other. Shepherd happily picks up the slack when her boss needs to go to a parent-teacher conference. Q “She only gets ahead because she communicates like a man. says Zander. the biggest gap between men’s and women’s likelihood of advancement occurs when employees transition from managers to senior managers or directors. WRONG WRONG WTF? WTF? 171 . you have to be fluid. A study from Development Dimensions International and The Conference Board’s Global Leadership forecast found that millennial women leaders are more satisfied with the pace of their career progress than their Gen X counterparts. Elissa Shevinsky. Company culture appears to be the main culprit. ‘I see your potential. but some are tending to elderly parents. Relatedly. men have predominantly male networks. has been part of many conversations among female colleagues who’ve had to battle the assumption that. Since we all know that’s false (right? right??).org and McKinsey report found that while women’s and men’s networks are similar in size. but guess what? If more men are currently in leadership than women. so we know that historically men tend to be more direct and forward. 100 percent of men that McKinsey polled—who wanted that next role believed they’d get it compared to just 79 percent of women. a principal at McKinsey. Zander advises “moving the unsaid to the said.” says Yee.” “She slept her way to the top!” Rumor mongering plus slut shaming? Come on. but a far more insidious kind is impacting Gen X women in their prime promotion years. The issue is partly rooted in specific industries. a cofounder of JeKuDo Privacy and McKinsey & Company survey. not the office. but you have to “tip your chin up.” Okay. and concluded that the barrier to women moving up from there was a lack of “sponsors. “A lot of women don’t have people to help create those opportunities. “Men look around. Alas. not gender. Then there’s this: Not only are Gen X women at the age where they’re having or caring for their own kids. “It’s much smarter to think of communication in terms of styles. so why are they not breaking through to that higher tier? According to a LeanIn. they raise their hands and say they’d be excited to have that next role. Win-win. it’s hard to advance to that next level. Then find out what he or she needs and how you can help. but this phrase is insulting to other women in that it suggests it’s the only way to advance. it’s time to recast the convo: Grab coffee and pick her brain for strategies you can crib.” says Lieberman. Chances are.” says Lareina Yee. In turn. while women have mostly female or mixed networks. That’s what Shepherd eventually did: She switched employers and now. Men aren’t afraid to make these types of connections explicitly because they could be beneficial. Makes sense. And that typically strikes during our thirties and forties.” right below the exec suite. If you feel like you’re caught in that zone. Just as important as raising your hand? “There needs to be someone there to notice you raising your hand and say. which can be useful in certain scenarios. the LeanIn.” says Lieberman. “What this translates to is that if I’m a woman and you’re a woman and you get a position that I wanted. The latter have more experience. and realize that your work doesn’t speak for itself—you do. 36. they’re going to focus on a family. versus mentors who advise you generally. is able to run of and build a stage for a show while her boss holds down the fort.” says Yee. It might appear that this data points more to sexism than ageism. people— this double whammy should’ve died in the ’80s along with stirrup pants. as 72 percent of the women perceived bias in their performance evaluations.” To that point. Hewlett and her colleagues conducted a study focused on the “marzipan layer. because you can apply those to various people in different situations. given their age.sudden task the night you’ve planned a dinner party. You could be working really hard. She points out that the dismissive barb is rooted in that generations-old fear that there’s not enough success to go around. One hundred percent of men—seriously. she’ll be game to share her tips. women shouldn’t be either. and a third felt excluded from social networks at their jobs. with the tech field particularly guilty of slighting both Gen Xers and millennials.’ If that isn’t happening. “To really be successful. I’m going to create opportunities for you. Target a higher-up you admire and ask if you can meet on an ongoing basis.





When a million people
SAME THING, you expect
the chatter to be DEAFENING.
All over the news, among your friends,
on your social feeds. But for many of the
estimated 1 million would-be mothers
who, each year, without warning or
explanation, lose a baby they never had
a chance to meet, it’s the silence, as the
cliché so aptly goes, that’s deafening.
It’s a silence born, first and foremost,
from the word itself. “Miscarriage implies
that the loss has to do with the way the
fetus was carried,” says Zev Williams,
M.D., Ph.D., director of the Program for
Early and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
at the Montefiore Medical Center in New
York City. The medical term for a woman
who’s had multiple losses—habitual
aborter—is even worse.
Compounding the quiet: People are
often told to keep a pregnancy under
wraps “until they know it’s a keeper,” says
Williams. This advice, meant to shield a
woman from having to un-tell people she’s
expecting, hints that miscarriage is
something to be ashamed of.
Women also keep mum because they
sense that talking about miscarriage
makes others uncomfortable, says LA
clinical psychologist Jessica Zucker, Ph.D.
After her own miscarriage, she felt people
“moving away, as if my loss were somehow
contagious.” Perhaps that’s why the celebs
who have recently gone public with their
losses—Beyoncé and Jay Z, Mark and
Priscilla Zuckerberg—have done so only
after a successful birth or pregnancy.

The conversations we do have are
riddled with misconstrued science and
myths. Some 55 percent of people wrongly
believe that just 6 percent of pregnancies
end in miscarriage; more than two-thirds
incorrectly think they’re brought on by
actions like heavy lifting. Even caregivers
are confused. For instance, plenty of
docs still advise against first-trimester
massage, even though no study has
proven it risky (see “Nope,” below right).
These erroneous “facts” only add to
pregnancy’s inherent anxiety. Small
wonder, then, that nearly half of those who
miscarry feel guilt, while 41 percent think
they’ve done something wrong—even
though the vast majority of miscarriages are
not caused by a mother’s actions.
Plus, there’s this: For some women, “a
failed pregnancy can feel like a failure to
be a fully equipped woman,” says NYC
psychiatrist Amanda Itzkof, M.D. Others
judge their own reactions. A woman
who loses her baby at six weeks may think
she shouldn’t be as devastated as one
who loses it at six months; another may
feel guilt that she’s not grieving enough.
All of this has created a sisterhood of
secret loss, leaving women feeling
shell-shocked and alone, some with
depression that may linger for years. It’s
time for a diferent kind of sisterhood: one
that recognizes miscarriage for what it
is—a complex, natural process that can be
shattering but should never be shameful.

Why Did This Happen?
Random embryonic gene glitches are the single most common cause of miscarriage. Beyond that, even
doctors are sometimes baled—but they do know that these factors can contribute.

The miscarriage rate surges
to 40 percent for mothers
over age 40, whose eggs are much
more likely to be damaged.
What you can do: Ask for a full
pre-conception workup. If you’ve
already miscarried more than once,
your ob-gyn may test for (and
treat) age-related hormonal dips in
progesterone, a hormone that’s key
to maintaining a healthy uterus.



Smokers have twice
the rate of miscarriage
as nonpufers, and each daily
smoke during the first trimester ups
your risk. Why? Nicotine and other
toxic cig chemicals can damage the
placenta and cause bleeding.
What you can do: If you haven’t
already done so, kick the butts—
including e-cigarettes—and try to
avoid secondhand smoke as well.


Research on java
consumption is mixed,
but one large-scale study found
drinking more than 200 milligrams
of daily cafeine (i.e., two standard
eight-ounce cups of joe) doubles
your risk, possibly by restricting
blood flow to the placenta.
What you can do: Stick to a
maximum of one cup of cofee per
day, or just switch to decaf.


According to one new study,
knocking back four or more
drinks per week during the first
20 weeks may increase miscarriage
risk by 2.7 times, since lots of booze
could harm a developing baby.
What you can do: All major medical
organizations say that the safest
bet is to completely lay of the
sauce. But talk to your doc; some
allow an occasional glass of vino.

Used to be that women never even knew they’d had a very early miscarriage. These frequently blamed things won’t hamper a healthy pregnancy. M. ob-gyn with HRC Fertility in Orange County. I peed on a test stick and got a positive. running. What you can do: Switch to products marked “phthalate-free”. or in the wrong place. another one was negative. Will it happen again? One miscarriage doesn’t up your risk for another.D. Hormonal changes can cause minor spotting.. yet fewer than half of those will miscarry. Jane Frederick. your doctor may want to test for genetic. THE NOUN PROJEC T (ILLUSTR ATIONS) Sources: Robert Atlas. Real Answers What exactly is a miscarriage? In medical terms. That said. Swedish massage. or immunesystem problems. 175 . it’s called a stillbirth). which relaxes muscles and improves circulation. M.D.. new research shows both low.. and avoid plastic products labeled “V” or “PVC. (or. hormonal. Up to 75 percent of miscarriages are so-called chemical pregnancies. but call right away if the bleeding is heavier (enough to fill a panty liner) or if you have painful cramps or pass clots larger than a pencil eraser. but once you’ve conceived. What you can do: If you’ve had multiple miscarriages. ask your obgyn to check for these ailments.” page 177). If you’ve had three or more miscarriages.D. Often. two days later. which might irritate the cervix. but today’s übersensitive OTC tests can detect the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) days before a missed period.and moderate-intensity workouts (such as swimming. Does spotting always mean miscarriage? More than a quarter of expectant mothers spot in the first trimester. STRESS The high cortisol levels that come with chronic stress can prevent ovulation. trigger contractions). but experts say it can improve mood and lower stress. which can often be controlled with Rx meds.D. and 70 percent of women who lost two or more pregnancies. diabetes. damaged.” UNTREATED MEDICAL CONDITIONS Endometriosis (a common gyno disorder). feeling frazzled won’t end the pregnancy.. EXERCISE So long as you have your doc’s blessing. California Nope. I miscarried a few months back. later. M. The majority are caused by random chromosomal flaws—parts of embryo genes that are missing. Zev Williams. as can having sex. it’s a spontaneous loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks (after that. which happen as the uterus contracts and empties itself.Common Questions. If this happens. AGNES THOR.. A full 95 percent of women who miscarried a single time. in which a fertilized egg doesn’t implant in the uterus and is expelled in a process that feels just like a period. director of the Program for Early and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (PEARL) at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York City.D. some women have no symptoms and discover a miscarriage only when an ultrasound shows the fetus has no heartbeat. and cycling) are okay. MASSAGE Not only won’t a rubdown cause a miscarriage PHTHALATES Day-to-day exposure to these chemicals (found in many plastics) is linked to an elevated miscarriage rate before 13 weeks. making it hard for an embryo to implant and grow. new research finds. Did I miscarry? It’s likely. check in with your M. and thyroid disease can all hamper proper development of the uterine lining. go on to have healthy babies. a doctor may need to surgically clear out the uterus with a procedure called a D&C (see “No More TMI. Most docs still advise waiting to test until the day your period is due to eliminate stress and confusion. can be especially good for moms-to-be. chair of obstetrics and gynecology at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. eat fresh foods (they’re less likely to be covered in plastic wrap or packaging). Ph. the first signs you’re miscarrying are bleeding and cramping. Just be sure to choose a certified prenatal massage therapist. high blood sugar. In such cases.

Both can breed resentment. Particularly if you’ve been referred for genetic testing. or if your sex drive doesn’t bounce back in a month or two. 28. I started to bleed—brightred blood that wouldn’t stop. I just needed to process it. told friends and family. I didn’t feel negative or positive. and we talked about it. 45. including miscarriage. emotionally. I had to spend the weekend pregnant. my husband and I were elated when we got pregnant the first month of trying. “A woman may feel like her partner can’t truly understand her experience. becoming a mom wasn’t a priority. This can make significant others feel as if they’ve lost a spouse as well as a pregnancy. the ultrasound technician went silent. We haven’t decided whether or not we’ll try again. I’d never sleep again—that even after we broke up. it wasn’t even a fetus yet. and I needed a transfusion and a stay in the hospital. There was no heartbeat. and they scheduled a D&C for Monday. New Rochelle. her partner may assign blame (“You shouldn’t have been working out”). so we tried. but I hadn’t. I bled for a few days and had a bit of cramping. The miscarrying woman may fault her body for failing her. When I miscarried at nine weeks. but not. my husband. We saw the heartbeat. . one person is outwardly sad and the other deals with it more privately). Then five days later. San Diego JOSEF HOFLEHNER /GALLERY STOCK Double Loss Three women with very different experiences show that pregnancy loss can be accompanied by a range of emotions—all valid. but in my mind. of course. —Michelle Maidenberg.” Three years ago. I felt better immediately. He really wanted kids. Then. it just happened so fast. it just wasn’t meant to be that time. I felt this crushing wave of emotion out of nowhere. therapy can be crucial in helping deal with any emotional fallout or the news that one or both parties has a genetic issue. and even bought a house to raise our family in. Cleveland “It just wasn’t meant to be. My doctor told me that most women are able to go home the same day. When the test showed I was pregnant. while I was driving. 176 “Becoming a mom wasn’t a priority. Now we have a 2-year-old son. it’s really strange to have a postpregnancy body. at work. says Itzkoff. My breasts tripled in size overnight. Cried together. Be aware that you and your partner may process grief differently and may not always be in the same place at the same time. I knew I’d be able to get pregnant again (we’d conceived easily a few years earlier with my son). but there were complications—I lost a lot of blood during the procedure. Two weeks later.” says psychiatrist Amanda Itzkoff. That’s when it really hit me. all normal. It was Friday. I met. I broke down sobbing. A miscarriage unites some pairs—and tears others apart. Here’s how to help your relationship survive.Couples who miscarry are 22 percent more likely to split than those who have successful pregnancies. and I got stretch marks. but I still wear an angel necklace that my aunt bought me to commemorate the baby I lost. My body thought I’d had a baby. especially if the would-be birth mother starts to shy away from sex out of fear of miscarrying again. or because intimacy reminds her of how she got pregnant in the first place. I was in a relationship with a man who didn’t want kids. and recede into herself. I didn’t know how much I wanted children. My baby wasn’t moving. Now.D. I knew how common it was. I felt like I had lost a child. I was able to move on pretty quickly. I spent so much time thinking about the negatives— a baby would wreck my body. M. I pulled over and called my husband. New York “I had to spend the weekend pregnant. but I didn’t need to take of work. A day or two later. If you are fighting or feel disconnected. 36. After that. Conflicts can also arise when a duo has mismatched coping methods (e. How much I wanted that baby.. A few years later. even though I haven’t had a child.g. it was a developing fetus. —Dana Norris. his ambivalence rubbed of on me. at a routine 17-week checkup.” For six years. my milk came in. you may want to try couples counseling— even just one session. I was sad. The D&C itself was awful. —Brittany Meiling. but not. after I went home.” As a psychotherapist who counsels people through trauma. then married. Then there’s the blame factor.

and your OB will dilate your cervix and clean out your uterus. • I’m deeply sorry for your loss. explain and bow out or feign a family obligation. psychologist specializing in infertility and loss in New York City FINDING THE RIGHT WORDS We understand: No one knows what to say to a friend who miscarries. even if you go on to have a healthy pregnancy. • I imagine you feel like sh-t right now. you’ll be given anesthesia. The solution: these honest.No More TMI Real talk from experts on what. in any order. Ph. no matter how far along you were. but I just had to remind you how wonderful you are. your body will likely expel fetal and placental tissue on its own..D.g. • Call me morning. Anticipate emotional triggers that may make this worse. Postpartum depression (PPD) is a real risk: Any time you’re pregnant. and how to cope PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL If an ultrasound confirms that you’ve miscarried. But as always. unless there’s a rare complication. These emotions will likely come in waves that may continue for years. says Jessica Zucker.” It’s normal to feel shock. relatable phrases. Q 177 . losses that don’t resolve on their own. M. to expect after a miscarriage. If you’re around six or fewer weeks along. seek out a therapist with miscarriage counseling experience (try resolve.. and miscarriages in which all pregnancy-related tissue doesn’t come out (your doc can figure this out with a blood test). the sudden drop can leave you feeling depressed. For later miscarriages. During this outpatient procedure.drjessicazucker.D. • I love you like crazy. If grief impairs your daily functioning (e. since it can increase symptoms of depression like fatigue. your ability to work or care for kids or yourself). If social situations like a friend’s baby shower or a first birthday party spark sadness. for any length of from Zucker’s line of miscarriage sympathy cards (shop. noon. With miscarriage. the pregnancy hormones that contribute to PPD are there. But ignoring it can minimize her experience. Afterward. get the green light from your OB first. Some women find it comforting to hold a ceremony memorializing the loss. or night. It will look and feel like a very heavy period with cramping that can range from light to labor-like contractions that can last up to three weeks. California Source: Rebecca Kennedy.D.. • I’m always here. exactly. there’s no standard “stages of grief. ob-gyn with HRC Fertility in Orange County. After most pregnancy losses. while seemingly reassuring statements (“You can always try again”) can compound pain. denial. like your would-be due date. stock up on pads (no tampons or menstrual cups—they can introduce bacteria to your open cervix) and ibuprofen. it’s safe to try again as soon as you get your next period (usually within a month of the miscarriage). Ph. Just don’t isolate yourself too much. with no increased risk of miscarrying again. Source: Jane Frederick. and sadness. you’ll need a dilation and curettage. known as a D&C. most women experience a few days of light spotting and minor cramping. Wait until you’re mentally ready before trying to get pregnant again. and sadness.

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Don’t label people as pro-life versus pro-choice or pigeonhole them by asking them binary Qs (“Are you for or against gun control?”). GET A SIDE BEAT AND MASTER IT SNACK ON SOCIAL MEDIA So many issues. she likely isn’t wrong about PHONE). you might end up understanding their perspectives better. Treating it as a news source limits the breadth of your knowledge. so acknowledge that. but in a national survey. The Times—and nonpartisan sites like FactCheck. Look.YOU: THE INSTA NT EX PERT AND NOW… TALKING P  LITICS EL EC TI O N 2016 HOW TO HAVE AN INFORMED. but we also need additional regulation methods and initiatives that explore the mental health issues that often lead to such violence.” TERRORISM Raised voices? Passive-aggressive digs? Not happening! Treat it like a discovery. (Oh. WHAT TO SAY: “Spending needs to be capped.” Sources: Angie Drobnic Holan. The Wall Street Journal. Recognize that most issues are complicated. The New York Times: All have a track record of objective coverage. Michigan?? We gotta get a president who’s tough on terrorism. That puts the other person on the defensive. ALEX TAI/ THE NOUN PROJEC T (ELEPHANT. ( and PolitiFact. C O M / March 2016 WHAT YOU HEAR: “Did you read about that pro-ISIS rally in Dearborn. as well as real-time election updates. Even if you disagree. yes. according to PolitiFact. Rather than being a master of none. recognize red flags. I just don’t think it’s up to the government to regulate to track the status of specific bills and votes in the House. associate professor of political science and communication studies at UCLA EMARTO/ISTOCK (BUT TON). nearly half of Americans use Facebook to access news about—feature hubs that verify (or refute) claims made by candidates. It was an anti-ISIS rally. Throw the other side the occasional bone. and that particular rally? The picture was doctored. Download iCitizen (free. Others got them from friends and family. EDWARD BOATMAN/ THE NOUN PROJEC T (NEWSPAPER.S. but the candidates haven’t given specifics on how they’d handle it. REACH FOR THE BIGGIES AS YOUR MAIN CONSUMPTION SOURCE The Washington Post. But the iOS and Android). when you inquire about others’ experiences. editor of PolitiFact. Accept that nothing is black and white.g. and you’ll be able to contribute more efectively when the dinner-party talk gets heated. INSIGHTFUL—EVEN POLITE!— CONVERSATION ABOUT THE ELECTION These are three of the most controversial (and misunderstood) topics. sides. according to a Pew Research Center survey. spends more money on both Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. Consider these your entrées. 40 percent of prison inmates admitted they got their weapons from the black market. so many bills.”) 182 W O M E N S H E A LT H M A G . Repeat back something to let her know you hear her POV. Study up! Before you can banter smartly about politics. go deep on one issue that you feel connected to. ask yourself: Is this validating my beliefs? Or is it presenting bipartisan facts that force me to confront difficult truths about an issue? The latter will help you have more constructive and balanced chats with people... FB is a private feed of mostly like-minded friends. OKAY.” GUN VIOLENCE WHAT YOU HEAR: “We need background checks and gun control!” THE REALITY: The majority of Americans agree that universal background checks are necessary.D. how about spending it on creating jobs?” THE REALITY: One viral (and false) news item claimed 57 percent of the federal budget goes to the military. which lets you customize your main feed based on topics you care about most. such as exaggerated language (“immigration is higher than ever before”) and blanket statements (“Republicans believe…”). but it’s just as crucial to consider the global economy’s impact (e. so much friggin’ jargon. CAN WE THE ECONOMY WHAT YOU HEAR: “Einstein idea: Instead of blowing the budget on wars. you’ve got to feast on the right info.g. Most issues are 50 shades of gray. Plus. Whatever you’re reading. and check OpenCongress. Lynn Vavreck. Problem is.) WHAT TO SAY: “Our new prez needs a plan. China) on future job growth. When you read a post. We need concrete details from our leader. and snacks.. “I understand why the sanctity of marriage matters to you. You’ll stay invested as the race plods along.” THE REALITY: One PolitiFact analysis shows most of the GOP candidates’ plans aren’t so different from Obama’s. DONKE Y ) NAVIGATE . WHAT TO SAY: “Background checks could help. Ph. not a face-off. Inviting questions (“What did you think of last night’s debate?”) rather than stating opinions helps steer the conversation into an open dialogue.


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