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However, there was a person who had seen Old Williams after he

disappeared. His name was Chase Evans, and when he was providing
nectar for the butterflies in the greenest of gardens, he heard a faint
voice, saying, Thank you. Then Chase jumped up in shock, thinking,
Who was that? Then out of thin air, Old Williams appeared. Oh, hello,
said Chase, was that you who said thank you? Williams replied, It was
I. I just wanted you to know how graceful I am for feeding these
magnificent creatures. I suggest that you care for plants and animals.
Williams said as he was observing the garden. Yes sir! They are really
interesting, you know! Then, Williams took a little, blue notebook out of
his pocket, and gave it to Chase. Whats this? Chase asked. It is a
notebook, replied Williams. Thank you, said Chase I believe Ill see
you soon? Yes, said Williams, Farewell. As Chase wrote down his
study on the plants and animals, he never saw the man again, but Old
Williams saw Chase, every week. Then, as Chase became more and more
observed with butterflies, he met the same fate as Old Williams, and
observed the secrets of plants and animals, along with Old Williams. Old
Williams? Chase asked. Chase. Old Williams replied. They were
together, observing plants and animals, forever