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Running head: Gun control

Gun Control and Research

Kelly E. Burg
Wayne State University

Gun control

Gun control is one of the most controversial topics that is being talked about in todays
society. There is violence that happens each and every day with the use of guns. Within the last
couple years, there has been multiple school shootings that have occurred. (Kleck, Gary, 2009)
Columbine did not occur in isolation but rather was the most serious of a cluster of seven school
shootings with large numbers of victims that occurred in a 19 month period of time in the late
1990s. There were seven incidents of shootings in or around schools with four or more victims
killed or nonfatally wounded, between October 1, 1997 and May 30, 1999. (P.1448)
The United States has the right to bear arms amendment that allows a person to openly
carry a gun if he or she has a Concealed Pistol License. There are many different steps that a
person must go through before he or she receives their Concealed Pistol License. The different
steps that are included in Michigan when a person is trying to receive their Concealed Pistol
License is a one day 8 hour course that must be completed, an application must be filled out,
there is a fee that must be paid, once the class is completed the person will receive their
certificate, after everything is done the paper work must be taken to the county clerk. After they
will refer the individual to go and get finger printed. The research question that is being asked is,
Should teachers be able to have their CPL in schools due to the amount of school shootings that
have occurred over the years?
The setting that the survey will be handed out at is at an elementary school. The
elementary school will be in a Suburban area. The teachers that will be taking the survey are
teachers that teach grades K-3. The school is located in a low income area, where many of the
students are facing poverty. The client population in the school district is mainly African

Gun control

Americans, they make up over half of the whole school. Caucasians make up a good amount of
the client population as well. There are many other issues that this school district faces such as
homelessness among students, truancy issues, and lack of parent support.
Impact of Measurement
The setting of the school can impact this measurement tremendously. Teachers in the
school district may have been exposed to more violence among students because of the location
of the school. This could impact their answers because everyone wants to be safe. With the
amount of school shootings that have occurred, teachers may believe that is it important to be
able to have a CPL and be able to carry a gun with them. The location of the school also could
impact the measurement. The area surrounding the school is known for violence.
This topic was chosen because of the amount of school shootings that have occurred over
the past years. There have been shootings in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools,
and even college campuses. This can make both students and teachers feel unsafe when either at
work or at school. Nobody should every have to feel unsafe at any of these locations. By being
able to openly carry may make teachers and students feel safer when attending work or school.
Another issue with gun control and schools is that all school zones are gun free zones. By having
gun free zones, people are not allowed to carry their gun even if they have a CPL. Under the
Constitution, Americans have the right to bear arms. This allows a person to openly carry a gun if
having a CPL, but yet it can restrict Americans from carrying guns in gun free zones. Some
people may feel very strong about this, and feel like he or she should have the right to openly
carry a gun any place they feel like they need to.
Expectations/ Conclusion

Gun control

From the survey that is being handed out, the information that should be assessed is about
gun laws, gun control, concealed pistol license, school shootings, and self-defense. These are
selected because they all fall under gun control and gun control policies. Having guns around can
either make people feel safe or make people feel unsafe. The world we live in today is a crazy
place. People never know what can happen around them. Its better to be safe than sorry!

Gun control


Kleck, G.(2009). Mass Shootings in Schools: The Worst Possible Case for Gun Control. Sage
Publicans, 52,1447-1464.doi:10.1177/0002764209332557

Gun control

Gun Control Survey


What is your gender?

3=Prefer not to say


Age? __________


Does anyone in your household own a gun?

3=Prefer not to answer


The United States has the right to bear arms amendment. Are there enough laws in

place regarding gun control?

1=There are too many rules in place.
2=There are not enough rules in place.
3=There is a good amount of rules in place.
4=I have no knowledge of any rules in place.

If a person has a gun on or with them, where should the gun be stored?

Gun control

1=Visible on their hip.

2=Not visible on their hip.
3=Stored away in a case.
4= Should not be able to carry a gun.

How old should a person have to be to be able to receive their CPL (Concealed Pistol

4=31 or older

Before receiving a CPL (Concealed Pistol License) an individual must go through a

class. How long should the class be?

1=1-3 Hours
2= 3-5 Hours
3=5-8 Hours
4=8-11 Hours
8. Do you believe that if there are fewer guns, it will result in less gun violence?
1= Yes
9. How often do you think guns are used for self-defense?
3=Very Often

Gun control

10. There have been many school shootings over the past couple of years. How do you view
this situation?
1=I consider this to be a problem in the United States due to lack of gun control.
2=I consider the shooters to have a mental disorder.
3=I consider the shooters to be afraid of their own safety.
4=I consider this to not be a problem in the United States.
11. Should teachers be able to carry a gun to school if they have their CPL?
2= No
12. How many guns do you own?
1= 0-1 guns
2=2-3 guns
3= 3-4 guns
4=4-5 guns
5=5-6 guns
6=6 or more
13. How many guns do you think is appropriate for someone to own?