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It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Mr.

Hassan Qayyum for your post graduate program. As a student
of Electrical Engineering department I’ve known Mr. Hassan for
a long time now.
I taught him two courses, a course in “Data Structures” and
other about “Microprocessor Systems”. He did extremely
well in both courses. In microprocessor systems he topped the
class of strength 60 students and thus got A+ and in data
structures course he ranked 3rd in the class of 60 students and
got A. Beside the lectures I also conducted labs of both courses
and he was exceptional in them too and got A+ in “Data
structures’ lab” and B+ in “Microprocessor’s Interfacing
lab”. In “Microprocessor’s Interfacing lab”, every student was
assigned a lab project regarding microcontrollers and he was
one of those students who completed their project well before
the dead line. His project was “Servo Motor Control through
computer keyboard using Serial Interfacing”. He used
8051 microcontroller for that. It was their first microcontroller
project and I was really impressed that he has learned it so
quickly and done the project so accurately in very short time.
Similarly they were assigned a lab project in “Data structures’
lab” too, which was to implement different data structures such
as priority queue, doubly ended queue etc. , and he submitted
and completed that project well in time.
I’m personally very impressed by intellectual capabilities of Mr.
Hassan. I rank him among top 5% of my all-time best students.
During his final year project he often used to consult me, while
discussing some problem he often come up with such wonderful
ideas that got me with surprise. One of the things which I really
like about him is the way he fills with passion and gets excited
when he learns something new or starts some new project.
What I’ve observed that he is very helping person. I’ve seen
him number of times helping and guiding his fellow students.
And I think he is a very good team player. In addition to that he
is very goal oriented and hard working person.

.He is determined to face higher challenges at international level. I strongly recommend him for your program. He is highly motivated and I strongly believe that he will do really well in your master’s program and will be among top students there too. It will be very pleasing for me to see him pursuing higher education at your esteemed university.