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Believing in & Sharing the

Power of Vision

Imagineering: Social
March 12, 2016
Chancery Office

Ecce nova omnia facio

Ecclesial communications
Electronic communications

Imagineering is a portmanteau (a
linguistic blending of words) combining the
words "imagination" and "engineering".
Imagineering is the implementing of
creative ideas into practical form.


Without commitment there can be

no success; without faithfulness no
commitment is possible.
To ensure commitment, make sure the
leaders of the team know what it will
cost them.
To ensure commitment every one

Celebrate what was right with the world

rather than wallow on what is wrong with it.
Vision controls our Perception and our
Perception becomes our Reality.
Social Communications is not primarily about
Tools & Equipment. Vision and Reality Content
are our primary tools. (Avoid perennial state of
We need to reshape of our vision, paradigm.
When the Vision is clear, then Passion and
Creativity are there as well.

Decree on the Means of Social Communication
(Inter Mirifica), issued on December 4, 1963
Pastoral Instruction on the Means of Social
Communication (Communio et progressio) in
January of 1971
Constitution on the Church in the Modern
World, the Decree on Ecumenism, the Declaration
on Religioius Freedom, the Decree on the
Missionary Activity of the Church, and the Decree
on the Pastoral Duties of Bishops.

Inter Mirifica has just two (untitled) chapters. The first

focuses on moral responsibility in the use of the
media. The second covers the use of the media to
enhance and expand the apostolate.

the principles of the moral order must be

applied to the media
two aspects to this application:
1) the subject-matter, or content, which each
medium communicates in its own way; (WHAT)
2) the circumstances in which the content is
communicated. (WHY & HOW)

Council stresses 3 points:

1) The right to information on the subjects that are
of concern to men either as individuals or as
members of society which demands that the
content of the communication be true andwithin
the limits set by justice and charitycomplete

Council stresses 3 points:

2) The need to establish a proper relationship
between the rights of artand the moral law,
especially given increasing controversies arising
from an erroneous understanding either of ethics
or of aesthetics, for the moral law alone is
superior to and is capable of harmonizing all
forms of human activity, not excepting art (6);

Council stresses 3 points:

3) The importance of avoiding representations of
moral evil which, instead of leading to a deeper
knowledge and analysis of man and to a
manifestation of the true and the good, actually
undermine the good of souls through
presentations which lead all too easily to base
desires in man wounded by original sin (7).

We need a minimum of mentality the

mentality of a journalist
Eg. 2006 Bp Lagdameo training of church
workers trained (catechists)
Result: failure
In 2007 CBCP media changed paradigm, they
hired journalist; more difficult to train catechists
journalism than to teach journalists the minimum
of catechism.

Journalist Values
Immediacy: hours after> result
Persistence: looks into problems and works
on it
Truth centered:
Value of Church: hide things under the rag
Value of Journalist: speaking the truth
Not what people like; but what is truth with charity
Eg: Paedophilia has been there since time of
immigration from Ireland to US. Canon law could not
solve this. New York Times solved it by telling the Truth.
But saying the truth has its price, sometimes costly.

Pope Francis, Card Tagle, etalcontent all there!
Why just follow secular media to dictate what is
The Church is credible; still credible. We have the
On line radio, social media tools will reach
millions esp. ofws
What radio did in decades, social media did in a
few months!
Targets: Year of the Eucharist, Mercy and Family.
So much content this year! Follow through!

Bp Soc Villegas:
Evil thrives in a vacuum. FB, twitter, social media
are human inventions. As human inventions Christ
must enter there. If we will not put Christ there, if
we will not put Faith there, or spiritual insights
there, some other people will put in erroneous
misleading teachings there. And the way to
overcome evil is to saturate the world with the
power of good. So the more good things we infuse
to social media, the better for the church and the
better for humanity also.

Cardinal Tagle:
Let us not look at this whole new world as an
enemy. There is much good in it. It is one of the
signs of the times giving us hope and opportunities
for mission. So the social networking world is both
a means of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ
to a vaster audience. It is truly an instrument of
evangelization but at the same time it is a field that
needs to be evangelized.

Thank you!