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Name Vera Chen

School Address
5825 N. Woodruff Ave.
Lakewood, Ca 90713

School Phone number 562-925-5073

School Website/Student email address

Current Saint Joseph High School
ISOs Components
Woman of Faith
- Long Beach Church Fellowship helper 2015-2016
Woman of Heart
- Thanksgiving vagrant succor 2015
- Cypress Boys & Girls Club volunteer
-Cypress The Grateful Hearts second hand shop helper
Woman of Intellect
- Group member on AP Statistics 2015-2016
-Group member on AP environmental science 2015-2016
-Group member on Honor chemistry 2015
-Group member on Honor Pre-calculus 2014-2015
- Health Marijuana Pamphlet
-US History project Dianne Feinstein biography
Woman of Courage
-Presentation-Economic (automatic bath machine, demand-supply)
-Presentation-English2 (Henry David Thoreau introduction presentation)
Woman of Community
- Cypress marathon competition helper 2014
- Supervisor in Guangzhou metro station 2013
- Librarian of Guangzhou Community Library 2013
- Librarian of Cypress Library 2014