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Introduction to Biochemistry:

Intermolecular Forces

Intermolecular Forces
Attractions between neighboring
3 types:
1) dipole-dipole
2) hydrogen bonding
3) London dispersion forces
(AKA: van der Waals forces)

Dipole-dipole attraction
Attraction between two polar molecules

Dipole - Dipole

Dipole - Dipole

Hydrogen Bonding
Strongest attraction
Between hydrogen and O, N, F
It is NOT a real bond
It is a magnetic attraction

ex) surface tension

Hydrogen Bonding

Hydrogen Bonding in H2O

Surface Tension
ex) bug walking on water

London Dispersion Forces

AKA: van der Waals Forces
A temporary dipole
Weakest attractive force
Present in nonpolar molecules

Comparing Dipole-Dipole and

London Dispersion

Vander-Waals Forces
AKA London Dispersion Forces