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(Milwaukee Division)

Case No. 2:15-cv-01516-NJ
Plaintiff pro se,


NOW COMES Plaintiff William M. Schmalfeldt Sr. with this most improper MOTION
AND DESIRE FOR A 5150 MENTAL HEALTH HOLD. Plaintiff’s intent with this motion is to
lay before this honorable Court a bunch of irrelevant baloney about Walker’s lack of deference
to a convicted bomber and myself, his most excellent friend, the mentally unstable Pro Se Flaily
Faily F. Lee Bailey, and to lay bare before the Court the incompetence and unstable mental

condition that show that he is incapable of giving proper attention to the actual issues he has
raised in the instant case.



Plaintiff is totally making this up, as you can see from the complete lack of evidence

provided, but Walker has been acting as something of a legal adviser in the cases filed against
Plaintiff by non-parties William John Joseph Hoge III (HOOOOOOOOOOGE) who is actually
many different non-parties as you can see by my reference to him (SINGULAR) as non-parties
(PLURAL) Walker now refers to HOOOOOOOOOOGE as his “paralegal” despite my inability
to stalk anyone well enough to determine whether HOOOOOOOOOOOOGE has any recognized
legal training, or even if there is such a requirement.

Plaintiff does not consider being called “fat” defamatory, because it is true. He does note,

however, that Walker until recently has used his Twitter feed (
as a vehicle to make wide, and consistently hilarious and well-received jokes at the Plaintiff’s
expense for years. (Exhibit 1) But not because Plaintiff has more than a decade of documented
history of being one of the biggest (again, true and thus not defamatory) cyberstalking
jackwagons ever to roam the tubes of cyberspace.

Walker’s “paralegal,” defined by Wikipedia as “an individual, qualified by education,

training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation,

governmental agency, or other entity and who performs specifically delegated substantive
legal work for which a lawyer is responsible,” HOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE has asked the
Carroll County, Maryland, to bring a total of three hundred sixty seven (367) criminal charges
against Plaintiff. Only one of these charges ever made it out of the Carroll County State’s
Attorney (did the State’s Attorney vomit it up? Drop it out his/her backside? Either choice is
disgusting – yet at the same time…thrilling. I should learn to proofread) and Plaintiff was
acquitted at the trial after trying to plead guilty due to Diminished Mental Capacity. And look at
him now, filing these awesome legal pleadings in Federal Court! You’ve come a long way,
baby! HOOOOOOOOOOOGE has secured two peace orders against Plaintiff by confusing a
stupid old Carroll County circuit court judge about how Twitter is used, claiming that it’s harder
to block a person on Twitter than it is to change your telephone number to avoid telemarketers.
And I should know, I’ve had close to 200 Twitter handles myself just to get around people who
constantly block me. And I continuously send Tweets to people I have blocked because I’m a
coward myself with no impulse control or ability to carry on a civil conversation, you bitch.

Walker’s “paralegal” HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE filed a Copyright Infringement

Suit against Plaintiff. Many of the technical and procedural errors made by
HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE can be seen in Exhibit 2. I promise, they are as relevant to the
instant case as the fact that I can chug an entire 1.75L bottle of Johnnie Walker Red (Vroom!
VROOM!) by lifting it with my neck muscles while typing with both hands. In fact, I’m doing it
right now!

Walker’s “paralegal” attempted to seek a “Contempt of Court” charge against Plaintiff in

Carroll County in which, at the hearing, he produced a letter showing Plaintiff had contacted him
against the order of the Court. On information and belief, the letter was not written by Plaintiff

and bears a signature so similar to the Plaintiff’s actual signature that it is obviously a forgery
that could not have been written or mailed by the plaintiff from Elkridge, Maryland where the
Plaintiff lived at the time as a totally disabled Viet Nam Era Veteran with medals that his record
does not reflect he earned. In fact, he was so completely disabled at the time he could not even
leave the house and had to be waited on hand and foot by his terminally ill soulmate, the late
Gail Schmalfeldt who Plaintiff will love until the days he dies, and if you think that sounds kind
of fucked up, honey, you ain’t the only one. She does not remember mailing the letter on
Plaintiff’s behalf, and she said so before insisting that I take deathbed photographs of her to mail
all over the internet, including to Walker’s “paralegal” just two weeks after she died. I can
produced a signed, notarized copy of the Declaration she wrote to this effect just yesterday, on
the 9 month anniversary of her passing which took place while I cradled her in my arms in our
bed while live-Tweeting her death-rattle and deleting vile comments from my blog because I’m a
multitasker like nobody’s business and it wasn’t like she could stop me. The contempt petition
was denied after I tried to plead guilty due to Diminished Mental Capacity. But the judge said I
would have to be headshrunk and that would have wound up with me in a padded cell, so I
changed my plea and got so goddamn lucky and the petition was dismissed. And I only tried to
plead Diminished Mental Capacity once. I can’t actually remember which case it was, so I put it
down twice. But please don’t draw any conclusions about my mental capacity from that. Two
plus two is now, always has been, and always shall be six hundred thirteen. So there.

After his second Peace Order tolled, Walker’s “paralegal” HOOOOOOOOOOOOGE

tried several more times to get further Peace Orders against Plaintiff. By this time, Plaintiff was
aware of Maryland Code CJ § 6-201which states in relevant part (in Maryland maybe, but not in

“Subject to the provisions of §§ 6-202 and 6-203 and unless otherwise
provided by law, a civil action shall be brought in a county where the
defendant resides, carries on a regular business, is employed, or habitually
engages in a vocation.”
As Plaintiff lived in Howard County and HOOOOOOOOOOOOGE lives in Carroll County, his
efforts to secure another Peace Order were barred in Carroll County, and denied in Howard
County. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE appealed all the way up one level to the Carroll
County Circuit Court, which denied the appeal.


At practically every one of his “paralegal’s” court appearances,

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE received direct legal advice and support from Walker, who sat in
the courtroom observing the proceedings (I know this because Brett Kimberlin, who isn’t even a
“paralegal,” told me so), and then using his blog to blame the Maryland legal system for
HOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE’S multiple defeats in horribly conceived incomplete sentences.
Proofreading – I really need to hire somebody to do that for me…I could call him a

In March 2013, when the Howard County State’s Attorney declined to accommodate

Walker and his “paralegal” HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE and dropped criminal charges they
sought to bring against Plaintiff, together they conspired (in much the same way that Brett
Kimberlin and the Plaintiff have “conspired” to introduce reams of completely false and
irrelevant pleadings to this instant case) to launch a campaign to slow down or stop law
enforcement efforts in the county by what is called a “blogswarm” which they called “Everyone
Blog About Howard County” day. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE posted in his blog:

I propose the following. Over the next couple of weeks, I encourage bloggers
to contact the Howard County State’s Attorney Dario J. Broccolino for
comments on those cases and the following questions in particular:

1. Is it the position of the State’s Attorney that operation of a blog allows one
unlimited license to contact another person without regard to Maryland
Criminal Statutes 3-803 and/or 3-805?
2. Does Mr. Broccilino (sp) believe that a public person such as himself may not
seek to demand that someone cease contacting him as provided by Maryland
Criminal Statutes 3-803 and/or 3-805?
3. Is it the policy of State’s Attorney that non-residents of Maryland must or
should avoid entering the state if they are being stalked by a Maryland
On Monday, 8 April, 2013, I suggest that those bloggers who have contacted
the Howard County State’s Attorney post the answers they have received
along with any comments they feel would be appropriate—8 April should
be Everyone Blog About the Howard County State’s Attorney Day.
The Howard County State’s Attorney’s phone number is (410) 313-2108.
The fax number is (410) 313-3294.
The email address is

In his blog, Aaron Walker wrote:
To set the scene a little, on March 1, 2013, I had filed harassment and
electronic harassment charges against Bill Schmalfeldt. As you know by
now, convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin chose that day to stalk my wife as
we were waiting to get a temporary peace order, and he stalked me again the
next Friday when I had to be in court for a continuance of the peace order
The next Monday (March 11), I had to meet with Assistant State’s Attorney
Jim Brewer of Howard County, Maryland. I shared the story with Becca
Lower and she was kind enough to publish it. Do read the whole thing,
please. Brewer told us he was going to dismiss the harassment charges
against Schmalfeldt. So I asked him also about the stalking, telling him what
Kimberlin had done. First he said, “it’s a public place” as if that made a
difference. For instance, in Hackley v. State, one of the acts of “stalking”
included driving down a public street in front of the victim’s home and the
Maryland Court of Appeals upheld that decision. In fact what the Court of
Appeals held was that any activity that created a reasonable fear of any kind
of assault would support a stalking charge whether or not it involved
following a person around or not.

I tried to explain to him this about the law and somewhere in that
conversation is when he uttered that phrase in the face of my tearful wife:
“If you’re so concerned for your safety, don’t come to Maryland.”
You got that? Good, peaceful, law-abiding citizens who don’t want to be
terrorized—or for their wives to be terrorized—shouldn’t come to
Maryland. Indeed by this logic, I guess all the good people presently living
there should just leave.
My flippant attitude is hiding, to a degree, my anger about what happened.
What this represents is an abdication of their duty to protect the public.
So if you agree that this is outrageous, then there may be something you can
do to help. My good friend John Hoge has suggested an Everyone Blog
About the Howard County State’s Attorney Day. What he is suggesting, in
essence is a blogswarm where we all try to get a comment from the Howard
County state’s attorney about the matter and report back what happened.
So please read what Mr. Hoge has to say and consider participating in it. No
state in our union should be off limits to peaceful, law-abiding citizens in
favor of unreformed domestic terrorists. And it is disgusting that we are
reduced to fighting for such a basic
principle. (See

This organized effort to publicize and highlight the lackadaisical attitude of Howard County Law
Enforcement toward enforcing the statutes of the state of Maryland which Plaintiff was charged
with violating and has since been charged with violating nearly 400 more times was joined with,
among other things, an attempt to make a profit off the situation by the sale of merchandise, such
as the “Maryland is for Stalkers” bumper stickers which are still available online for the very
reasonable price of $4.20 each. Pick one up today!


When Plaintiff’s wife died in June 2015, exactly nine months ago (I’m so

saaaaad), Plaintiff concluded that he wanted to move to Wisconsin to be near the one remaining
blood relative who still puts up with him periodically, and to pretend to be near his wife’s
relatives who, on information and belief, figured him out long ago and have blocked his number

from all their phones. So he filed a motion to dismiss with prejudice the federal lawsuit he filed
in April 2015, which renders most if not all of the claims in this instant case blocked by res
judicata or collateral estoppel, but a fine African tinged judge like Your Honor wouldn’t do that
to Plaintiff, would you? He relocated to Wisconsin in August 2015.

The harassment did not stop. Plaintiff continued his daily excursions onto the

internet to hunt for butthurt, and boy did Plaintiff find it. Defendant Johnson, who had been
repeating his opinion that audio skits about child sexual abuse of Boy Scouts sold by the Plaintiff
qualified as Child Pornography, made at least two direct contacts with the management of the
Juniper Court apartment complex, not to the Plaintiff, making his opinion known to the
management of this gentle community of Christian retirees who will be kicking Plaintiff out as
soon as they can reasonably do so without incurring his vexatious legal wrath. Someone (I
KNOW IT WAS HIM, THE BASTARD) also posted on at least one website a list of the names
and addresses of all members of the Cardinal Capital Management board of directors, the entity
that manages Juniper Court for the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi who own the complex, urging
readers to call and demand Plaintiff’s eviction as the “friend of a terrorist” and a man who
creates “child pornography.” None of the steps taken by Defendant Johnson were tortious in any
way, shape or form, but here’s something else I am completely making up off the cuff: on
information and belief, these actions were done under the guidance and blessing of Mr. Walker

A non-party in Shirley, MA, applied for a Restraining Order in his state, knowing

that Plaintiff’s medical condition precluded a long trip to that state, because Plaintiff sent him a
“Tweet” after the non-party demanded he cease. Again, in a wholesale creation of Plaintiff’s

diseased brain, on information and belief, this was done in coordination and under the guidance
of Mr. Walker.

Plaintiff believed that a non-party living in St. Charles, IL, might be the

anonymous blogger Paul Krendler, whose connection to this case is ephemeral at best. In an
uninvited and pointless effort to ascertain if that was true, Plaintiff left two very polite, nonthreatening phone messages with the non-party’s parents, with whom she lives. The non-party
told Plaintiff not to contact her or her parents again, and after Plaintiff did so, in the process
publishing dozens of vile, harassing tweets about her, she petitioned for and was granted an
uncontested restraining order against Plaintiff, a lazy fuck who didn’t bother to show up at any of
the hearings to defend himself. Because the voices in my head declare it to be so and WILL NOT
FUCKING SHUT UP, this was also accomplished in coordination with Mr. Walker.

While Plaintiff was stalking Defendant Palmer he decided that because she had

added a PayPal donation button to her blog, she was operating a commercial blog (offering
nothing for sale) with the Plaintiff’s name as part of the title. This made Plaintiff’s butt hurt with
indescribable pain even worse than what he felt while he was deleting blog comments at the
moment his soulmate issued her last breath and escaped his clutches at last. He contacted Palmer
ordering her to cease and desist. She not only refused, because she was writing ABOUT Plaintiff
and not TO Plaintiff, she in turn demanded Plaintiff cease contact with her, and when he
continued to send her emails, call her on the phone, call her estranged husband, post photos of
her daughter as well as her three year old grandson of whom she is the legal guardian, and
subsequently got a Rockingham County, North Carolina, court to issue a restraining order for
herself and for her three-year old grandson. Plaintiff denies ever illegally contacting or harassing
anyone, let alone a toddler. But Plaintiff lies a lot, especially in legal pleadings, because he is just

a poor unfrozen caveman pro se, your rules and procedures frighten and confuse him. But it’s all
Aaron Walker’s fault! Please just tell the bailiff to shoot him.

Mr. Walker makes Plaintiff’s butt hurt especially bad and he should be

disqualified as counsel of record for defendants and forced to rub me with creeeeeeeaaaaaam! as
he has been complicit and an active participant in the very torts Plaintiff is asking this court not
to laugh at. Plaintiff should be sanctioned and declared a vexatious litigant because he has
exposed himself to this court in more ways than one, including by his in-coherent writing ability.

Thornwood v. Jenner & Block 344 N.E.2d 15 (Ill.App. 2003) provides a classic

example of an in-concert liability claim against a lawyer in the context of a fraud claim. In that
case, Jenner & Block was alleged to have aided one partner in the purchase a partnership interest
from another partner. At that time, unbeknownst to the selling partner, the purchasing partner
was negotiating a deal which was about to make the partnership very valuable. Jenner & Block
was accused of aiding the purchasing partner in the negotiation while knowing that the selling
partner had no knowledge of this impending deal. The lawyer participated in the transaction
including counseling the purchasing partner and drafting all of the documents. The Illinois Court
of Appeals, in overturning dismissal on a motion to dismiss, held that these alleged acts
constituted knowing substantial assistance, which was sufficient to state a claim for aiding and
abetting the alleged fraud committed by the purchasing partner. Plaintiff does not even know
what most of the words in this paragraph mean, but Brett Kimberlin told him it sounded good
and he should put it in here.

By advising his quote-paralegal-unquote HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE in

his hundreds of attempts to put Plaintiff in jail where he so obviously belongs, by providing
material support to non-parties in Massachusetts and Illinois seeking bogus restraining orders as

far as I know, by assisting defendants Palmer and Johnson in the execution of their tortuous
activities, not because there is evidence of it but JUST BECAUSE PLAINTIFF HAS SPOKEN
THESE FACTS INTO EXISTENCE AS A GOD WOULD, this Court would be well within its
rights to find that Plaintiff is an idiot who should have his hands amputated, his eyes gouged out
and his larynx removed to prevent him ever communicating with another human being for the
rest of his life, thanks to his in-continent rhetorical diarrhea. Thus, he should be immediately
removed to the nearest mental institution for a 72 hour observation hold with an option to extend


This Court should consider whether or not Plaintiff is mentally stable or

competent enough to feed himself. And liquor doesn’t count as feeding.

Plaintiff’s involvement in the defense and brass knuckles reputation management

of a convicted terrorist bomb-thrower, perjurer, drug dealer, document forger and suspected
murderer of his then underage girlfriend is well known. As written on one of the several
muckraking websites from which Plaintiff has been unceremoniously fired:

“The Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris France were attacked by terrorists on
the morning of January 7th 2015, killing 12 people, with a total of 17 people
dead before the crisis was over. The attack was supposedly in retaliation for
cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed that the Hebdo cartoonists published.
Law enforcement agencies have clamped down to prevent further violence,
but several prominent right wingers in the United States have viewed this
attack as an opportunity to score political points. One of the more prominent

examples is Aaron Walker, who hails from Manassas, Virginia. For years
now, Mr.Walker has produced “cartoons” (stick-figure drawings, really) of
Islam’s founder that are far more explicit and offensive than anything the
staff ever produced at Charlie Hebdo. Even before the incident was over,
Walker went on a mini jihad on Twitter, posting cartoons from his old
#EveryoneDrawMohammed cartoon database. These depictions
concentrated on one of Aaron Walker’s personal pet peeves when it comes to
the Prophet, namely allegations of pedophilia because of his marriage to a
child bride. Aaron Walker used this meme throughout the aftermath of the
Paris crisis while recruiting others to spread his, um, ‘cartoons’ born from
an extreme right wing ideology. To Walker, the Charlie Hebdo attack was a
personal vindication of his tasteless and talentless efforts to inflame opinion
and invite attacks — on other people. (Exhibit 3) Mr. Walker has been
producing these cartoons for more than four years. Although his work is still
protected by the First Amendment, it’s not comedy or satire. It’s juvenile
extremism designed to invite the worst possible response from a world away.
Walker seeks more than attention; he claims to carry a revolver and actively
taunts terrorists to “come and get me, bitches.” On his
EverybodyDrawMuhammad blog, he called on other people to submit
“fatwa-worthy cartoons” and drawings that would get them put on some
terrorist’s death list. He even claims in his tweets that he wants to die or be
killed. Walker used to be an anonymous figure, but due to a legal fight he
picked in 2011, ‘Aaron Worthing’ was identified as attorney Aaron Walker
of Manassas, Virginia. Walker had lied to everyone about his name. After
fighting numerous legal battles with his arch nemesis through a mentally ill
proxy, his real name came out, and he finally had to explain to his readers
that he had lied to them all along. The reason he lied to them? Because his
wife (who, let us reiterate, checks under the family car every day for bombs
while he stays inside to provide covering fire with his little six-shooter) didn’t
want him to have a public battle with real terrorists. She rather wisely
wanted him to remain anonymous while producing said images of
Mohammed. And of course there is Walker’s rank cowardice which shows a
yellow streak down his back a mile long. However Walker continued to
encourage readers to submit their pen sketches under their real names and
locations to show how courageous they were.”


It is perhaps worth noting that the author of this article Matt Osborne, the Plaintiff, his most
excellent but loosely connected friend Brett Kimberlin and several others are named defendants
in a state defamation action in the State of Maryland. But that’s none of my business.


When his identity was revealed by Brett Kimberlin, the convicted perjurer whose

declaration is attached to the original MTDQ, Mr. Walker displayed a callous lack of concern for
his former coworkers. The attorney hired by his employer to dispose of him attempted to get
Walker to post on his blog that he was no longer connected to the home health care firm, for
which he was employed as a compliance attorney. (Exhibit 4)

Walker’s reply to Mr. Hodges was almost uncanny in its careless attitude for the

lives of his coworkers. He didn’t care less if they were harmed or killed, as he knew, on
information and belief, that the whole episode was a put-up job perpetrated by Kimberlin and the
Plaintiff in a successful effort to get him fired. Walker knew there was no danger to the
employees of his former firm. He communicated, in a private email that was part of a sealed
court file until Plaintiff received it from Brett Kimberlin and published it under the guise of faux
“journalism,” that he was only upset that Mr. Hodges and his former employer were treating him
“shabbily;” his most pressing concern was dinner with his wife that evening. (Exhibit 5)

The e-mail sent by James Hodges, the attorney hired by PHRI to dispense with

Mr. Walker’s services (ECF 17, Exh. 3) in which he outlines the reasons for firing Walker
contained a very telling “P.S.” at the end. (Exhibit 6)



The messages are always sent through anonymous, overseas servers. That way no

one can ever prove that Plaintiff is sending the messages to himself. Plaintiff never uses his own
name. But the messages are in line with the meme being promulgated by Walker and his

On misinformation and disbelief, Plaintiff has sent and received the following

threats through the comment section of his blog, (Exhibit 6):

Bill, your admissions in this post prove you are the DumbFuck Of All
DumbFucks. It’s only going to get worse from here. If you ever get
incarcerated, being a known child stalker is not going to workout well for
you. Your best bet may be to take the cure. I hear it’s painless. (“The cure” is
a constant reference as to how Plaintiff can cure his Parkinson’s disease by
shooting himself in the head.)
His Lawsuit Needs a Name — The Stage I Dementia Lawsuit of Perceived
Conspiracy and Evil Confederates
Only a Dumbfuck like yourself would stoop so low…I bet you get your ass
handed to you! That will be epic! Can’t wait…
As a human judge and jury; It is painfully evident that you really need a new
Or just end it in a Darwin Award sense.
You bring nothing to humanity except your whining and complaining.
You’re lost and will unlikely never be found.
We pray you rest in peace.

Bill, it’s been speculated that one of the reasons that Neal [redacted buy
PROOFREADING PARAREADER plaintiff] has not been apprehended on
swatting charges is that he’s working a deal with law enforcement. So, Bill, if
he starts snitching on Team Pedophile, what will he say about you? Did you
receive any communication and/or communicate about the Buffalo FBI
Conspiracy? Your past as a former Breitbart Unmasked writer may come to
bite you and bite hard. And projecting on Twitter how you would like to you
would like to shake a innocent baby around in your teeth just like a dog
would is not going to look good in court. Your in deep now and you can’t
back out without consequences. What ever are you going do to when they
take your computer. You are more than fucked!
Mark in MD and Bill Schmalfeldt seem to have the same complex issues. If
they can’t decide on which Mommy girls gets the mayonnaise flowing, they
let a loved one die alone and neglected while deciding about which scouts
look like dear old dad!
Hey Bill, I understand that 21 grams is a convenient way to still keep turning
out a Truck Stop Dolly after death. Only deranged cyberstalker; such as
yourself, can really ash up Juniper Court. (The “Truck Stop Dolly” is a
reference to Plaintiff’s late wife, who died on June 17, 2015. This group takes
delight in referring to Gail Schmalfeldt as a truck stop prostitute. Same is true as
to any reference to urns or ashes, but none of it is defamatory because SHE’S
Bill, you are a DumFuck extraordinaire. People have tried to give you advice
but you are too much of a DumbFuck to listen to any decent common sense.
An adjudicated child stalker; such as yourself, who is also documented child
pornographer belongs behind bars being forced to do the the old in-n-out.
You seem to be a DumbFuck hell-bent on achieving this feat. Keep going Fat
Boy more head dent await you.
Your fucking with teh wrong people. Let this go. That is my final warnings.
Sarah is a grandmother for fucksake. Your attacking a grandmother!!!!
Back the fuck off.

Billy, your such the toddler stalker! Yes,you did publish a picture of
[redacted] child as a corpse. Yes you did, you toddler stalker. Is it because of
your homosexual tendencies that seems to be geared toward cub scouts?
Anyway, here little Valentine’s Day card you should find entertaining.
This one is going to bite you in the ass, Dumbfuck! I can’t wait!
Like you’re going to be believed in court…that will be funny to see,
Dumbfuck! A Turd-rolling Dumbfuck!
WHEREFORE, due to his established and alleged in-coherent linguistic ability, his willingness
to stalk strangers who won’t stop saying things on the Internet that give him epic levels of
butthurt, his demonstrated propensity for lying like a Turkish rug, his inability to focus on the
instant case while attacking defense counsel at every turn, and his unwillingness to simply
identify and ignore people who do not matter and can do him no harm without his permission,
Plaintiff prays:


That this Honorable court move with all due haste to commit William Matthew

Schmalfeldt, Sr. to a high security mental institution for evaluation for a period of not less than
six months.

That this court order a liposuction procedure and a lap-band surgery be performed

as soon as convenient so that no hospital nurses, orderlies or other personnel will suffer
permanently physical or psychological damage because Plaintiff is unable to effectively reach
around his own fat ass to apply butthurt ointment.

Pending the sure and certain negative conclusion of Plaintiff’s visit to the Cracker

Factory, that this court further order that the Plaintiff’s hands be amputated at the wrist, his eyes
be gouged out and burned so that no transplant recipient could ever possibly be subject to the
visual manifestations of Plaintiff’s bizarre scouting-related sexual hallucinations, and his larynx

removed so as to completely cut off all methods by which Plaintiff could ever again interact with
the Internet.

Should a direct mental interface to the Internet ever be developed, that this court

appropriately order Plaintiff to undergo a frontal lobotomy, for the good of society and all that is

That this court order Plaintiff to be provided with an automatic butthurt ointment

applicator to compensate for the loss of his hands.

That this court order Plaintiff to pay reasonable defense costs and fees, plus a

3000% penalty just because this court agrees that Plaintiff is a pluperfect asshole and deserves to
be punished far beyond any reasonable claim that the Defendants or their counsel might request.

Any other relief this honorable court deems just and necessary, and if the court

can think of a couple bits of relief that aren’t strictly just or necessary, ah, why not let’s tack
those on, too?

Submitted this 17th Day of March, 2016

William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr.
3209 S. Lake Dr., Apt. 108
Saint Francis, WI 53235
Pro Se Plaintiff

I, William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr., state under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States
of America that the foregoing is true and correct and that all exhibits are true and correct copies
of the originals.
Executed on Tuesday, March 17, 2016.
William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr.
Pro Se Plaintiff

In compliance with Civil L. R. 7(a)(2), I certify that no separate supporting memorandum or
other supporting papers except those already attached will be filed in relation to this
supplemental motion.


I hereby certify that a copy of this pleading and Exhibits have on this day been sent by e-mail
under a joint agreement to Aaron J. Walker, currently serving as Defendant’s Attorney.

William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr.
Pro Se Plaintiff