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1. John
: Do you know this animal?
Joshua : Yes, I do
: What do you call this animal?
Joshua : Kangaroo
: Where does it live?
Joshua : It __ in Australia.
a. living
c. live
b. lived
d. lives
The dialogue for questions no 2 to 6.
Salsa met Intan in the green grocery.
They talked about their favorite fruits and vegetables.
: Hi, Intan. Nice to meet you here. __ (2) you like Durian?
(3). I don’t like the strong smell of it. What about you?
: I really like it. I think durian is a delicious fruit. By the way, what
do you
: Oranges and watermelon.
(5) your sister like them?
: Yes, she does. Mmm, It is enough for me, I have to go home
now. See you later.
2. a. Doing
c. Does
b. Do
d. Did
3. a. Yes, she does
c. No, she does not
b. Yes, I do
d. No, I don’t.
4. a. buy
c. buys
b. bought
d. buying
5. a. Doing
c. Did
b. Do
d. Does
6. a. You are welcome c. See you
b. Nice to meet you d. Ok, let’s go now
The dialogue for questions no 7 to 8.
: Would you come to my house, tomorrow?
Delon : What date is it tomorrow?
: It is December the twentieth.
Delon : I am sorry, I can’t.
: Why?
Delon : My family will have a birthday party for my sister.
: When was she born?
Delon : She was born on December the twentieth nineteen ninetyseven.
: So she is eleven years old now.
Delon : Yes, you are right.
7. Can Delon came to Dafa’s house tomorrow?
a. Yes, he would
c. No, he wouldn’t

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5 13. They have two daughters and one son.X : What do you think of the children playing football on the field ? Y : I think they ____ happy. They married in 1987. My Aunt is forty years old. brushes c. 11. 2. d. My uncle is 48 years old.Tika : This is Miss Nilana.X: What do you do before going to school? Y: I always ____ breakfast every morning with my family. older d. X: ___ was she born? Y: She was born on December the twentieth.How old is Mr. a. cleans Page 2 . Miss Nilana : ____. younger 12. Nice to meet you too. How is he? b. How old are you? 15. my English teacher Mr. a. a. So my aunt is ___ than my uncle. How old is she? c. How many people are mentioned in the text? There are ___ people in the text. He was born on February the 14 th 1960. How are you? d. 27 d. a. Delon’s sister d. 8. a. How old are you? d. What c. Where 10. 26 c. a. Who d. Dafa’s sister c. 4 d. My Uncle is forty eight years old. My aunt is 40 years old. Tika’s father. Luqman is my Uncle and Mrs. heavier b. combs b. It’s nice to meet you. How do you do? c.b. washes d.Gaby always ____ her teeth to make her mouth fresh. he can not. She was born on October the 2 nd 1968. a. had 16. Where was she born? b. Yes. his sister 9. a. have b. X: ___? Y: She is eleven years old now. When b. Andi : How do you do? My name is Andi. are www. Having c. Luqman when he got married in 1987? a. his brother b. 2 b. is c. 28 b. 3 c. he can. Who will have a birthday party tomorrow? a. 11 to 13 Mr. When was she born? The text for questions no. Karina is my Aunt. taller c.inggris-online. No. has d. 29 14.

Get your book and open at page 10! Page 3 . turn right c. a. can you swim? Gabriel : Yes. anything else Mom? b. Thanks.Tourist : How do I get to the police station from here? Tata : Just go straight to the T-junction then ____. I don’t think so d. Takes d. Spread It is very cloudy and there is not enough light in the classroom. washing c. turn left d.a. thanks b. Wash d. Taking b. 1) Spread a little loutter on one side of bread.X : Will you bring me a cup of tea. The soup will be ready in some minutes. dear. What is the best instruction for the situation? a.What is Dea’s mother doing? a. Switch on the lamp d. sweeping b. dear ? Dea : Sure. Clean the blackboard! b. turn around b. I can swim well. OK. please! 22. do The text for questions no 18 to 20 How to make a sandwich. Cut and wash the vegetables. Sure. please! Dea : OK. Will you help me. Take c. cleaning d. Close the window 21. Cook c. I will c. Dea : It’s ok Mom. Took 19.What is request sentence in the dialogue? a. will d. Mother : Will you help me. Can you swim? www. dear? c. a.The teacher is explaining the lesson in the class but the students make noisy. No. I want to make a soup d. 20.b. anything else Mom? Mother : Enough. 24. The soup will be ready in some minutes 26. Be quiet and listen to me. dear. Do your homework! c. please? Y : ___ .inggris-online. Mom.a. milk or chees on one of slices.Michael : Gabriel. 18. Mother : I want to make a soup.What is the best instruction for the situation above? a. Eat b. You are right 23. No. Open the door b. go ahead The dialogue for questions no 24 to 25. 2) __ (18) two slices of bread 3) Place the other slice of bread on the top 4) ___ (19) chocolate. Turn off the air conditioner c. cooking 25.

I don’t have it b. Gabriel : Can you play tennis? Michael : Yes. a. car c. he does b.Michael : ___. I do c.00 Farel : OK. he is not 32. I don’t like it The dialogue for questions no 34 to 36. Dika : We will go there by bus.inggris-online. he is d. We’ll have camping for three days. he does not c. It’s very difficult for me. that’s a mouse deer. Yes. Do you agree? Y: ___. a.X: Look at that. 4 28.Shane : Brown. bus d. The mountain is very beautiful.How long they will stay there? There will stay there for ____ days. plane b. No. I am sorry. please c. No. Yes. Dika : Farel. you must be ready at 06. I will b. 6 30. I can. www. I think so 33. Devan : Is that a sheep. I will go to the museum tomorrow morning. Yes. I can’t c. travelling c. If you join us. 27. I can The dialogue for questions no 27 to 31. 3 b. No. No. I can not b. 5 b. d. ship 31. I will go to my grandmother’s house in the village. I will be ready tomorrow morning.Does Farel want to join with Dika’s plan? a.How do they will go there? They will go there by ___. a. 1 c. camping 29. It is a nice view. 3 c. Yes. Page 4 . hiking d. a. would you like to join us tomorrow? Farel : What will you do? Dika : We’ll go camping Farel : Where? Dika : We will go camping to Tawangmangu. Will you come with me? Brown : ___.What will Farel and his friends do? They will go ___. 4 d. going to the beach b. a.How many people are mentioned in the dialogue? a. 2 d. I wan’t. That’s a god idea d. I don’t think so d. Yes. Gabriel : Let’s play tennis together. Mom? Mother : No. a. Farel : How will you go there.

A Lion is a ____ animal. She said to her fiance.How many animals are mentioned in the dialogue? a. Princess Purbaarang and Princess Purbasari. Mother : Yes. Suddenly. Purbasari lived in the forest Page 5 . When Purbaarang knew it. Then Aki and Lutung went back to the Kingdom of Pasir Batang. mountain c.Devan : Look. Aki Panyumpit sat under a big tree and was very unhappy. Lutung helped Purbasari to have a better living.Where are Devan and Mother now? They are in the ___. but its skin is stripes. She made Purbasari’s face ugly. Lutung Kasarung King Prabu Tapa Agung and his queen lived in the Kingdom of Pasir Batang. Aki and Lutung went to the forest to meet Purbasari. The last one was to compare husbands. What’s that mother? Mother : That is a zebra Devan : It looks like a horse. park 35. He also made her beautiful. Indrajaya. breeding 36. When Lutung was in the town square. 34. Purbaarang was very angry and she wanted to send the monkey to Purbasari. “I’m happy she is ugly now” Purbaarang said “Good idea now send her to the forest” said Indrajaya.inggris-online. about her sister. Princess Purbaarang was not kind. She called Aki Panyumpit. He. she got angry. Queen Purbaarang had a new plan. Let’s go there Mom. Dear. 2 c. 3 b. They had two daughters. His name was Lutung Kasarung. a. an old man. a. tame c. Mother : All right. Guruminda’s mother asked Guruminda to go to the forest Buana Pancalengah. But he should change his form. At that time. mom. the Heaven something happened. There were three kinds of challenges. then became a monkey. West Java. Devan : OK. Devan : What is that? Mother : That is a lion. One day. pet d. 4 d. 5 The text for questions no 37 to 48. She wanted to be the queen. wild b. Then. the King and queen went to a forest for good. Who had the most handsome husband. In another place. www. a big monkey came to him. movie b. It is popular as the King of the jungle. something happened. zoo d.

he didn’t c.Did Guruminda is an ugly man? a. bad 45. they do not b. they were not d. she does c. Purbasari’s brother 47. she is 49. No. in the mountain 48. No.Purbaarang is a ____ Princess. they do c. Guruminda d. West Java c. Yes. in the Heaven c. No. she does not b. the King of Pasir Batang c. No. Aki Panyumpit b. Pesisiran 40. he was d. with the help of Lutung’s mother in the Heaven. Yes.Where did Purbaarang sent Purbasari to? She sent her to ___. 37. Guruminda c. Purbaarang’s husband d. Lutung Kasarung 39. Yes. Prabu Tapa Agung c.Were Princess Purbaarang and Princess Purbasari sister? a. At last Lutung Kasarung or Guruminda lived happily ever after with Purbasari in the Kingdom of Pasir Batang.Where is Lutung Kasarung from? a. Purbaarang’s servant b. he was d. beautiful c. No. Umbrella is used when ___ a. Central Java d. No.Is Purbasari a beautiful and kind Princess? a.Unexpectedly. Yes. a. he did c. the Kingdom b. Yes. the Heaven d. Prabu Tapa Agung d. Telaga Pasir d. he was not 46. Ki Panyumpit 43. a. he was not 44. No. she is not d. in the forest d. he did b.What was the King’s name? a. Pasir Putih c. Indrajaya b.What’s Lutung Kasarung’s name? a. Yes. the forest c.inggris-online. Yes. East Java b. good d. cloudy day c. Fog makes the day ____ www. Page 6 . Yes. rainy day b. windy day d. the beach 42. Pasir Batang b. fogy day 50.Where did Guruminda and his mother live actually? a. they were 41. No. he did not b.Did Guruminda help Purbasari to have a better living? a.Who is Indrajaya? He is ___. in the Kingdom b. kind b. Sumatera 38. Lutung Changed into a handsome man.What was the Kingdom’s name? a.

dark Page 7 . cool d. bright b.inggris-online.a. wet www.

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