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Keeping Up with the Joneses

MARCH 2016

And when he had thus spoken,

he showed them his hands
Luke 24:40a

Dear Family & Friends,

I recently viewed the new movie
For me the defining
moment of truth for the roman
soldier searching for the body of
Jesus came when, after seeing Him
alive talking with His disciples, he
watched as the Lord showed them
his nail pierced hands.
extended, opened, and pierced hands
of Jesus offers proof of His death
and resurrection, promise of eternal
life, a personal invitation to come to
Him, an offer of help, hope, peace,
comfort, security, and much more.
Great joy is ours when we put our
hand in His.

February ended and March began with two good missions

conferences and one speaking opportunity in a new contact
church. All were times of blessings, encouragements, visiting
friends and making new ones. Now we are back to the work of
the ministry here at home getting ready for spring. I hoped this
letter would include news of a permit in-hand to begin building
the two pavilions, soccer field, etc., but it looks like it may be yet
another week or two before that happens. Please pray that we
will be able to get these things done and have ministry on the
property this summer. Meanwhile, there are MUs to service,
repair, and prepare, contacts to make, and mobile meetings to
schedule. Several new movie are out this year that we will be
able to show (War Room, Risen, Gods not Dead 2, Woodlawn,
and more).

God with usas you can see from the photos our family

definitely is experiencing this. Above, we are creating a new

prayer card which we trust will encourage many friends to pray
for us and the ministry of Drive-In. Left you see four of our nine
children skydiving (Timothys birthday adventure, with Samuel,
Jennifer & Joshua getting in on the action!) Our youngest
granddaughter, Annaleigh Kate turned 1 this month! Evan &
Oscar have birthdays and Tim & Carolyn celebrate their
anniversary. My sister Lorie came from Wisc. to spend a week
with us! Joseph is enjoying playing baseball with his school,
Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. When we lose
support from even one or two, it has a noticeable impact, and
reminds us just how important every gift is. God bless you. Please
pray with us for more supporters.
In His service together,
Mike & AnnaMae and family

1321 Upper Kingston Rd Prattville AL 36067 (334)361.1227