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Old Way...

New Way
Those of you who have thumbed through the pages of a Yahoo! Magazine have probably noticed the "Old Way, New Way" column.
pick out a
It,s a funny little look at weather or not computers really make life easier. The author will attempt to do something like
wine or Ouy Oetts for his vacuum
better, som-etimes the old way is best. We thoughl we'd look at this summer's tour by comparing it to the last time the Eagles
out on the road here in the US "big time" during HFO.

Getting Tour lnformation


We actually tried to remember how we did it back in 1994. We asked several people who were
involved ih the infamous road trip in '96 (5 of us rented a minivan and drove up the Eastern
Seaboard) how we knew that the band was on tour. After drawing some blanks, we think it was
because several people from around the country collected local dates and we pieced them together. Rolling Stone may have printed a partial lineup of dates as well. Whatever the case, all
tour information was assembled by hand. We remember going to the local public library to
scour out of state yellow pages to find venue information. We joined AAA in order to get maps'
This time around, ihougl^r, the band made it quite easy. Using Yahoo!, they published an actual
list of dates and cities. They also did an all out media blitz conducting interviews with local TV
stations. We also can't forget the power of the lnternet to organize the dates. People from all
over the country sent information to us and we published it on the Fastlane. Much easierl


Securing Tickets
Complain about Ticketmaster all you want, but we are eternally grateful for the online ordering.
Back in'94, you had to sit on the phone for hours and hours to get seats. You had to take what
they gave you and usually didn't have a seating chart to work with. once, we got the idea to
actuitt-y go wait in line for iickets. We went to a record store in San Antonio, thinking we'd end
up in ifre front row or something, but ended up with the same seats we could have gotten on
the phone. For this tour, you could log on to Ticketmaster, see what was available, consult a
seating chart and buy tickets with ease! Yes, there were a few panicked moments, but everything did work out okiy. Now, of course, we should mention the "Yahoo Presale". what a joke!
Sometimes the passwords weren't updated and sometimes, the people putting the tickets up
for sale forgot what time zone they were in. It was best to avoid the presale, though, because
regardless of what the flashy advertising said, these were NoT the best seats.

Ticket Prices
Ah yes, the controversy of ticket prices. The Eagles have been labeled as greedy bastards by
fans and press alike. They are credited for breaking the $100 a ticket barrier. To get a handle
on if ticket prices have changed, we got all of our ticket stubs for HFO and all of our stubs for
this time out. We did the math, averaged them out and....nothing's really changed. The average price both times was right around $90. Now, we did have some seats for HFO that were
nJt the best available (we've stopped sitting in the rafters after being spoiled...once you sit in
front, it's probably psychologically damaging not to ever again) so we added a bit to each of the
,'cheap seats". We iound that figure kind of interesting seeing as how almost 10 years have
passed and other prices have risen (we had to pay $20 to park in St' Paul!)

Cell Phones!
Just {or the record, we aren't big cell phone users. Nobody really has our cell numbers. They
are just for emergency and traveling. We don't know what we would have done without them
this iime around though. First of all, they make last minute travel plans a breeze. Back in '94,
we decided to go to the New Orleans show at the last minute. We were driving there from Wisconsin. We hab hooked up with a broker and needed to get to him to get the tickets. We must
have stopped at every pay phone between Peoria and Lake the rain no less!
This time when we decided to head up to Wichita with no tickets, we simply used the cell phone
to call ahead io the box office and get tickets. We wondered, though, how dependent on the
cells we had gotten when 5 of us were parked in front of a seafood restaurant in Biloxi all dialing the box office when we heard on the radio that new tickets had been released. We must
have looked like a bunch of Hollywood producers in Park city or something!


lt was beautiful how the dusky purple tones for Sunset Grill became brilliant pinks and oranges of Tequila Sunrise. TX. Granted. This time it was a minimalist vision of well. Texas Stadium was like a large communal sauna. There was the one we mentioned that took place in a mini-van. lt must have been by the sewage plant! The rest of the tour was spent at Motel 6s. we splurged and stayed mostly at La Quintas. We hadn't noticed the steam and the boiling noises (read that sarcastically).kids take their parents.Motels (or Lack Thereof!) We're wondering how many people are in different places in their lives this time around than they were for HFO. First there was the overheating problem! We pulled into the parking lot at the Rice show with the coolant boiling over.000 people roll out of a concert and have not one of them (not even the county sheriff) stop to help. Then the alternator blew coming back from New Orleans. We read books there until closing time and then decided to drive around for a while.see what you can do about that. it didn't feel that way in Little Rock where it was literally almost too humid to breathe down on the floor).. That's for good reasons. We had to be towedl Then outside of Alpine Valley. they played's a KIA Sportage).. the band settled for small. the band relied on jewel toned lights to create stunning visuals on stage. There really was no set design. ln Little Rock and Biloxi. you got to make your own waffle!!!) I wonder if the Eagles got to make their own waffles at the fancy places they stayed at? The Vehicle! We've done three MAJOR road trips. lt was neat watching 25. though. We walked around Galveston during the day and then parked ourselves at the food court of a mall half way back to Houston...... This time around. Glenn spent a lot of time asking the reporters what the weather was like in their towns. intimate AIR CONDITIONED venues (okay. lt was really nice seeing them in these small places.still paying off loans and not really making enough to feed ourselves. there were a lot more females on the floor. For the HFO shows we remember a lot more college ageearly 20ish kids. ln terms of males and females. The bulk of the '94 shows were done in a 10 year old Pontiac Grand Am. but we needed to see the Eagles. there still is a wide age range at the shows. ln HFO. This time. though. We changed the tire. we've been to Tupelo twice in this lifetime!) and Birmingham. just fine.lots of guys high{iving each other on all sides.minimalism. We had previously seen them in Tupelo (yes. That was pretty decent (if you don't count the part when Melissa fell asleep and woke up with a Hostess wrapper affixed to her face). though. We got to Houston the day before the show. (note to the lighting director. the set design was a post-modern.but at some of them.. What about San Antonio where most of my thighs actually melted away in a puddle of sweat (they must have grown back. we think that depends on where you are. Scariest one? Conroe. Nothing broke. we were fresh out of college. Set Design For HFO. but the demographic at the shows really seemed to be older than they were during HFO. lt was sure nice of the parking lot attendant to point that out to us. Thus. minimalist vision of California (at least we think that's what those highway girders and tires symbolized!). Back in '94. we were the only women in our section. the lighting was pretty muted and relied on on stage spot lights (built into the set) and trippy animations projected behind the band.. We sure are. Demographic Maybe it's because we're getting older.. What really had changed and (in our opinion) evolved was the lighting. though. lt was just the Eagles and their ummmm stuff.. outdoor venues and it was freaking hot! Who remembers Clemson? lt must have been only 900 degrees there that day. We did an experiment and found that it took about 45 minutes to drive the lnterstate loop around lights make it difficult to get good photos. Some of the venues were the same... our idea of sleeping in the car came about..thanks! ). People take their kids.. What an adventure! Let's see. You get breakfast in the morning (though most times that consisted of a stale muffin. lt was comfortable (Melissa slept through most of Oklahoma). This time.. Guess it remains that the Eagles really do attract fans of all generations.. because I still have them). We would save money on hotels! Let's flash back to the show in Houston. we got a flat tire.. we had a sport utility vehicle (well sort of. Then we headed east out of town and camped at a rest area. Venues When the band was talking to local media outlets to promote the tour. Wonder who they will attract next time out? . These lights were carefully thought out. This time around. ln Wichita. Back in '94..

We just assumed the band was holding them for their hangers-on.1: ' 111111915'l Reasons for Touring . Joe showed his unique style by wearing novelty pajama bottoms. we envied the people in the front rows... his replacement Steuart Smith isn't Don Felder.a more subtle version of wacky. How he reflects his wacky personality does. What had they done to get such awesome seats? How much did they pay? We found out when we got third row seats through a broker for the State College and Virginia Beach shows.that won't change. when the shows started. the band did a wondrous thing. This time.they loved being up there on stage. but some of the crap that caused them to break up was still there. Henley and Joe clowned around together (they made up gestures for The Long Run!) There was hopping on Dirty Laundry and Glenn grooving during All She Wants to Do is Dance! Watching them onstage you'd have to realize that these weren't the greedy bastards they were made out to be.. Joe put on balloon hats and dragged cardboard culouts of pop culture idols up on stage with him... jackets and lookin' spiffy! Glenn's pink and blue prom suits made us long for the days of the sunglass t-shirt! Yes the hair on these guys is a little thinner and Timothy has a few wrinkles.buff! The stamina they project on stage makes you forget that these guys may be the same age as your dad Camaraderie The band got along great during HFO. we discovered something amazing! The band was holding seats until the week before the sale. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Felder You were wondering when we were going to get to this one. you could end up in the first 3 rows by buying your ticket anywhere from 3 days to 3 hours before the show started.. though. This time around. the band had a brand new album to promote. Henley's arms even looked dare we say it. Joe's "Statement" ffi Joe will ALWAYS be Joe. General Appearance / Wardrobe HFO was about flannel and t-shirts. Depending on what town you were in and how your luck ran. We commend them for their honestyl ffil lllnmlifinww lr"G'Hr-q F:.shitload of dimes" every time they hit the road. they money didn't hurt either. however. We're assuming that the woman who asked us who the drummer was in Biloxi probably didn't know that Felder was missing. though. but if you are more into the lyrics and the entire Eagles experiences. We loved seeing them arm in arm bowing at the end of the shows. To be honest. Well. but you always got the feeling that they were still learning to be a band after such a long vacation. They clapped for each other. we personally witnessed a band representative releasing the seats in Biloxi). these guys look to be in fantastic shape. we noticed that the good ones in the first five rows didn't seem to be coming up. l Enough about us. and happy and not as broke as if they had gone to a scalper! This is a huge thanks to the band (and it was the band and not the promoters who did this. This time. Feldels smile was missed on stage... Frankly.. Joe is looking slim and in shape. when he briefly put on mutton chops for his Elvis impersonation. we aren't huge guitar heads so perhaps we didn't miss what a techie or axe aficionado would have missed. He's Steuart so of course the songs are going to sound a bit different. this wasn't really an issue. let's talk about the band! The reasons for touring this past summer and the summer of '94 are pretty different. though. you can treasure your HFO memories and move on just like the band has. Ouch! At those shows. You'd also read comments in the press where Henley would say that they got along on stage. The North American tour was more about suits. The brokers were foiled! People in the front were lucky. Back in '94. As seats for the shows went on sale. For the most part.. weren't you? Probably the most obvious and important difference between HFO and this show was the absence of Felder who had been fired back in'01 .. For HFO. they claimed they were breaking their album making induced cabin fever. it seemed as if practically everyone around us had gotten their seats from a broker. they stand to make a ". As Henley said at a solo show in Vegas. but for most of the people there. None of the brokers had them. We're also assuming that both times. Joe did let it all hang out in Memphis. There was new music.Fans UP Front! Back in '94 when we sat practically in the parking lot straining to see the band through binoculars. though. lf you were into Felder. The amount of joking around on stage was great to see. then you will probably lament his leaving. There really was none of this this time around.

lovely voiced. Waiting until the end. The fact that they've reworked "Take it to the Limit" with Glenn on lead vocals shows that they can accept the fact that the band has undergone personnel changes. This time gets you up (especially when Henley says.. .these days.wonder what they'll do about that problem for the next tour? Hotel California The opening of the HFO show is something that can still get hearts pumping while listening to it on bootlegs (shhh!). ::. d+ : ' '-r*fn* /4 ts o Music *.Timothy Civilizations will come and go. friendly.. This time the Long Run. they wouldn't be up there on stage.'1. The Past (and Future) During HFO the band seemed a bit uncomfortable with their place in music history. ffi ffi ffi.ethereal. No new music this time out. the band's fuiure was sort of up in the air. Hotel California is the band's signature song and offering it up to a cold crowd didn't always work. While we can see why Girl From Yesterday and Learn to Be Still have been dumped (they're good songs... Granted.. Henley still doesn't like to think about legacy. Hotel California has been relegated to the encore with Seven Bridges Road or The Long Run taking it's place. HFO had 4 new songs as part of the lineup. They have made it . lt was as if they knew they were being judged on their reasons for getting back together and were a bit reluctant lo focus on their legacy.rivers will rise and fall.. You Belong to the City now has a SCORTCHING Joe Walsh solo (and it's not that Glenn couldn't hit the high notes. Glenn even mentions Randy's namel What is most striking is the honest and heartfelt thank you'd at the end of the show. That thunder crashing leading into the opening chords of HFO. Someone has to tell Don ihat the evil lnternet pirates aren't after Eagles music. the band still did solo songs.. but Timothy B. The band also thinks that fans can't handle new stuff . Back during HFO.[$ Here again is another obvious difference between the two tours. the band seems to be poised and ready for whatever the future holds... Schmit will forever remain the same. New Music iilfi1.. but you could take HFO Tim and plop him on stage three months ago and most wouldn't have noticed.. We actually like this idea. Tim still looks the same as he did for HFO.. lt's also a lovely statement of where the band is currently at (more on that in the next paragraph). but an interesting transformation has taken place.. Opening the show with The Long Run pays tribute to the band's past.. We got a fair amount of e-mail from fans upset that they paid all that money to hear solo songs instead of Eagles songs. Boys of Summer features the five man lineup and bunny hop.they just don't get fan reaction) .. They seemed almost as awed as we are that they are still going strong.... it's a pity that Get Over lt is gone.they've sort of become Eagles songs by default.. What was neat and something maybe we didn't notice last time was that You Belong to the City is practically a duet with Glenn as Tim provides the vocals that are double tracked on the album. We absolutely love the Long Run at the beginning of the show.. lt's more than just a "thanks for coming to the showl" They acknowledge the fact that without the devoted fans.. His vocals are still flawless on the same lead vocals he sang in HFO (l Can't Tell You Why and Love Will Keep Us Alive). Joe's songs have been part of Eagles shows for so long now that they really don't seem like solo songs at all (except for Rocky Mountain Way which really doesn't feature any of the other Eagles). :: '- Solo Songs There was some talk during HFO that the solo songs seemed out of place. Now we just need a Timothy solo song in the lineup.% ..making the crowd beg for it makes more sense.. . They'd much rather make Ryan Adams or U2 or Eminem walk the musical plank. Henley says it's because of evil lnternet pirates. nt . "Get up!'') and gets you dancing from the beginning. but you can tell the band is more comfortable with their past. One of those has survived to the present set list. He's gotten a few new outfits (the most noted is a grey crinkly tunic that sort of clings to him). What a masterf ul beginning. it was a different arrangement!). with the promise of a new album and a new tour.